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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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the longest big game hunting history. he was trying to staunch that day to. what sprung the traps they laid for him. on the radio we have the surge walks around the area and we're always from the always missing. one shot trying to. cut the global drug industry's godfather became the most want to trophy the world's bounty hunters. the escobar craze hunts and parties.
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on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. streets they have. the chance to get the status of the human experiments good. business rap music awards it just goes to. global economy and it's on changelings us financial temple. to maintain our confidence in hmong kids and. easing
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trade imbalances were so few nations close to collapsing in such close. to fail circlet banks again feel like things us crashed seven it. seems like los angeles in athens three the same just programs increase the total economy. the official. i pod touch from the. cianci life on the. video on demand keys mind bold colors and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. machine on. the crew and on her telephone three days waiting for some response or
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acknowledgement to the request of me talk. and distrust runs deep in the escobar client. but on the fourth day there's a firm call album arena finally agree. nice to get together at her house. it's now very good album arena i've been asked about his coconspirator during the time he has been hunted or as she puts it. they shared many secrets and to this day she still has the greatest operation for her brother. almost nobody knows that i have kept all these souvenirs. these all belong to pablo at one time i picked them up from his various hiding places. also had a brother. who was ten years old a. video of him from this time is rare but roberto escobar was
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a key member of the contacts he would also play an important role in his brother's flight from justice his speciality was accounting and his name was roberto escobar clients who had been among the fifteen people who helped organize the finances of the cocaine empire. before taking a leave album marina had claimed her brother can be reached through a contact in the united states. i would like to speak. out to him to be your own roberto to talk about publicly when you speak with i mean you'd also need to pay some money i don't know how much the. this is to. eventually a deal is reached with a person we actually want to interview the woman agrees to provide his fine numba.
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a low. he's going again i'm a french journalist how do you. find hard edges off and we meet at your office or somewhere that's convenient. yeah no problem can you tell me where we can actually . go to the asp on a service station i'll have someone make you that means thank you very much john rebecca. the meeting is due to take place in a residential district in the central med am the only condition is no cameras. but nonetheless decide to film the meeting anyway. don't roberto has no wish to dwell on the days when he was part of the cartel and
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pelting cocaine although he has agreed to an exclusive deal with hollywood producers to sell his life story. the story of pablo's time on the run is something i'm familiar with. in fact i probably know more about it the most . beginning in one hundred eighty three i spent most of my time with we were the best of friends two brothers that were inseparable we did everything together including during the time when he was in hiding. the remaining fifteen minutes of the interview proved to be less fruitful he does agree to tell us though that while pablo was on the run he was always able to stay in touch. from his presence so roberto used a phone that he had missed t.v. sets to communicate with his brother. had made a phone to my t.v. set all right we put up a mom turned it into a telephone. visitors will only see on t.v.
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. me to talk with my brother any time. i change my voice and ask. how you doing what are you up to write them. nine hundred ninety three mark one year since i had escaped from but had to draw. a special unit has no idea where he is and he moves around the city on the very nose that the police. the government decides to tighten the screws. so you see the shia a triple of the reward. is now worth five million dollars. the authorities refine and perfect their electronic surveillance escobar as one of the first to own a cell phone but he knows he has to keep on the move and keep his conversation
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short to prevent the police from pinpointing his position and. one day an american technician it was up in the airplane he's got a precise position. he's located hiding place. there and there is no record it's going to. be defeated it's in mountainous difficult terrain. we organized a helicopter operationally up in a secrecy torture just a short while later we hear someone warning him on the radio saying for war they know where you also go they're on their way people and it's also by the time we arrived here. it's obvious there's a moment the unit a traitor who keeps the head of a cartel informed the instructors the police are about to sweep the colonel quickly
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parents i'm out here to actually have the police here is going to judge an. informer was a young police exhilarated and i was known as a skilled wood carver. sculptor little figures of policeman you know you had a cop that he said he'd hang around with us all the time at the police station and the right of. the informant was in escobar paid using the money to rent an apartment in this building just behind the barracks. and. soon as this policeman knew an operation was made organized he used to run home. using a radio code called. left tenancies school and talk and less code and say things like. the doctor as they used to. there on their way making straight for you. so when we were heading up towards the
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target would sometimes see people's heading past going the other way. that the traitor is eliminated from the manhunts cameras here i mean peter. if you look at the no joke now target is a guy called el chapo at the going through our information he's hiding in this area . or was the terrorists' hands on terrorists who placed on the bomb. we don't understand i want to start going to go but i've been assuming this is a photo album with iris operations and suspects. so i think this is the guy we want to catch tonight. as a complete change of tactics the idea is to isolate escobar by rounding up his key
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men one by one mario cast down all alias and chapal is tonight's target. the operational against in a chopper is a success and many others followed the cd members of the cartel are eliminated one after the other popular escobar is severely weakened so two words the escobar was running without strong. fear begins to creep in and the predator becomes the prey. and a new enemy begins to emerge the so-called group of the persecuted also knows me as the pig who knows where. the path is what criminal minds who it wants be a limited cartel that left for one reason or another and they began to challenge and then fight escobar. their bosses or to form
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accomplices of escobar and have it not the visitor annoyed and cruelty. like the police the papers knew all the secrets some habits of the leader of the cartel. the blood letting certain starts as a paper has gone down anyone that's close to the godfather. saw this change the dynamics of this esquire now started worrying about his own family. has used the same tactics used by escobar by targeting the family's. case in points as the apartment owned by is not a is blood or not at the time as good as wife and children had been signed nobody is hurt but the attack is on. one day they set up
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a bomb in the room in the painting by dali which was estimated to be worth five million dollars as good as wife is devastated she calls public look she says they've destroyed the dolly what are we going to do about it. gradually escobar begins to fear for the lives of his loved ones every day the reason i was down for . as long as a son and daughter in colombia i cannot relax. he decides to summon to germany in europe. on the twenty seventh of november maria victoria from pablo and little man away aboard a flight to frankfurt under police escort and filmed by the t.v. crews. escobar braids a sigh of relief but although he doesn't know it yet a countdown to his ira has already gone sure will such a slow see whose wife and kid would leave for a safer country. they will be more like but there's no country that wants the.
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plane goes backwards and forwards and eventually returns to colombia no one wanted anything more to do with pablo escobar. and the diplomatic pressure of a german government sunday escobar family back home on the twenty ninth fiesta bowl is about in colombia the police protection they have no idea they have walked straight into the trap set by u.s. and colombian authorities. tell us a little they are asserting that once they'd been expelled from germany and were back in colombia they'd begin pressuring escobar in a big way. when they lie in the escobar family is whisked away to a police safe house in bogota. they have become prisoners. of. the same time the pakistan up the pressure and attack the hotel with grenades over
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again no one is injured. in his lab escobar is terrible with worry forgets even the most basic security. we're talking every day at search for progress on the same frequency and that's how we started intercepting his communications. with a special investigation unit that's the turning point in the battle every man is mobilized every needs deployed. in front for vocal reconnaissance vehicles a crew of the streets and maybe an effort to locate the godfather as soon as he opens his mouth. if you like being equal we were listening in twenty four hours a day by that time in the search service our units were on full alert ready to intervene whenever a call was intercepted. on the first of december police technicians identified
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five phone calls made by ascot from different locations in the city center t.m.b. when lenient see him he was always on the move calling from a car that was constantly traveling. with the police finally figure out what to ask about his tricks to avoid being tracked down the fugitive had for months been using a simple but effective rumors that of using one of the city's numerous cats that would drive around nonstop make brief cools from his cell phone. after four days spent listening in we were very tired we thought we'd never be able to track him down. but then suddenly on day five we intercept as latest phone call and an amazing thing happens it's a signal from a fixed line so we know he's funding from a house. the
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first police on site confirm the information and brief their superior officer at once. no one really is here in the thing so he tells me that's it i am at the house and right in front of it i think i can see him inside that he's near the window with a telephone and his hand. it's a confirmed scientific community advances led by major. most of us has entered our most of which we were cautious when we got to the house the first thing we saw was the taxi which he used to take in. school talent kit and then i had public talking on the phone and he was up on the second floor. so we was
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heartless i had my rifle i was in front we were weaving i'm slowing down to absolute silence this was your. peter pan i see. it's dollars and he's right in front of me. you're not the eleven i have a clear shot not a boy. like that for them and then he turns around as he sees me and he says what's happening to me drops the phone pulls out his revolver and opens fire. i run upstairs clutching my pistol and i shoot him and say seven ish older system to play with and the other. yet been the policeman behind me takes his rifle and isms fires a wonderful scene mace part of the liquid with people shoots him here right at the
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time put the bullet goes in here and exits the. cylinders and he suddenly throws himself through the window. just got. i jumped out too which was difficult because the windows were much higher. so i'm grateful when take the gun away from him. and then i take the radio call my bosses and shout. long live columbia. dead. within thirty minutes all one thousand men of the special unit have arrived on the scene. the city appears to congregate at the house and at the news of. sun up lord others are in tears. his face hidden an american agent steven know if it makes his way through the
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crowds of soldiers he wasn't about to let the culmination of sixteen months work go by i'm recognized everybody's very happy everybody's very exhausted. you just can't imagine the pressure of that we felt had been lifted off our shoulders. much less how the common national voice must be from. one thirty pm on the second of december one thousand nine hundred ninety three marks the end of the largest manhunt in history. was the escobar is buried the next morning just outside maybe ten thousand people show up for the funeral home any escobar had been an idol. come. up to one corner of the female members of the family almost crushed as the
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crowd tries to touch the coffin one last time. sixteen years off of the death of the most wanted man in the planet's one mystery remains unresolved what happened to the godfather's fost for sure where did he hide the five billion dollars that legend has it he was worth. you'll get a you'll see them before i think his family has most of the money because a lot of power as good as money was of a founding columbia that if you really had all those new orleans the i mean even if
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he probably didn't know how much exactly even if it was just worth awfully couples he and his wife and children would have to be multi-millionaires today and tina would be. we wanted to check general mazas comments. one is our ace the capital of argentina. after his death as good as widow or maria victoria and her two children subtle here in some conflict they changed identities and blended into the background area victoria changed her name to maria isabel. was better known today as sebastian marroquin. it took us more than a week to try to come down to ask about family now battles in real estate and maria victoria has set up an interior decorating company along with her son in the heart of palermo a trendy part of the city. where outside and decide to make some phone calls.
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to the studio good morning can i speak with the best american please he's not in you know when he might be back is he in town i think is on a trip i don't know where exactly is going abroad. but ok well thanks very much. forced to wait it seems a good time to find out more about the activities of the escobar family in argentina we spoke to a journalist who's been reporting on the families since they first arrived. these are one hundred bison. when i first came here they started hanging out with the locals in particular and accountancy at the beginning maria victoria and he were just friends and they became lovers for monies they bought an apartment silent became a bad lover asked me to. the apartment becomes the center of maria victoria
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and her love is money laundering operation. going on bia the accountant begins to travel back and forth to colombia carry a trunk full of bank notes and the latest. and they learned basically your luggage has a false possibly contain as much as four hundred thousand dollars between ninety five and ninety nine and with barely over four years in proof they smuggled in at least two million dollars there are some estimates that it could have been more than ten million. at maria victoria's law of a certain bitrate the accountant is really only interested in the money in the cons greedy and effectively blackmails mrs escobar for no less than five years. in one thousand nine hundred nine there's a dramatic development as the entire escobar family has arrested maria victoria a song on pablo as well as the blackmailer. they're released almost immediately the judges were never able to prove their wealth came from the drugs trade. since then
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the accountant has mysteriously disappeared and maria victoria has never been seen in public. the next move is to head towards eskimos office building. the days tick by without years. by day four we're now caught acting on a tip from bun powerbroker who's just arrived back in more desirous and would like to meet up. there's no mistaking his father was they look so similar in profile of father son as my past from his slight. these days he's a successful designer in argentina. we have to i'm meeting with the son of the
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godfather equipped with a hidden camera. a man who's trying to rebuild his life is notoriously shy of the media so our meeting is significant. i call you sebastian owen pablo. said i asked him one pablo to me as ancient history that was my life before. now your father built up a considerable fortune what happened to his money were you able to use any of it. the answer is simple. the war cost a huge deal of money. my father was immensely wealthy but he stopped dealing drugs and invested all of his money into that war. weapons and the manpower cost enormous
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amounts of money. beyond the cost of the weapons and explosives and a considerable amount of money was used to corrupt people. so he bought the whole country off. the whole country all of it. i remember very well being in my father's office once i saw an endless stream of important people for example he was inside meeting with an official and outside the policeman scolding him were keeping guard after their boss had finished they went in to be paid that's the way it always was one day policeman and how they politicians one day i saw a former president of the republic he would pay off everybody that would say here's a check thanks very much. arjun time justice eventually throughout the case but as the only son a popular escobar there are many who have doubts of where his not he came from.
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you know we've been accused of maybe what was a figure about a million dollars over a period of five years. all i can say is if it's true then we must be the worst money on recent history since if you try and loan the money that comes from a cocaine trade. one million dollars is nothing just pocket money for a cup of coffee. so what did happen to ask about those billions of a number of accounts or buried underground somewhere or are they just illegible. nobody knows about maybe from this woman maria victoria but maybe godfathers widow . she refused to talk with us here the images we have of these few seconds in the streets and what has areas. she has the key to some of the secrets.
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but he died about maybe in a rooftop in one thousand nine hundred three and escobar the greatest drug trafficker of all time took some of his secrets to his grave. issues the so much to me is going to make a lot of people a very sad but the euro crisis is a high noon moment for a euro zone looking for the stave off another recession on juggling indebted sovereigns fund.


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