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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EDT

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around the clock around the world this is r.t. live in moscow the total number killed in the syrian conflict now stands at well over three thousand activists say at least twelve people have died in fresh violence after security forces opened fire on protesters were calling for nationwide demonstrations in support of army defectors who have joined the opposition government insists they're not revolutionaries but armed gangs that threaten the public. has more. about one hundred eighty kilometers north of damascus is a city of unrest on the site of five days of recent deadly clashes between security forces and protesters in which at least thirty died it's close to the cities of homs and hama where most anti assad protests have been taking place evidence of fighting in oliver stone is plain to see there was an air of suspicion the tense mood only broken by children now smiling but only two weeks ago these youngsters were witness to violence in their hometown like this eleven year old we heard very
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heavy fire we heard airplanes but didn't see them it sounded like they were flying high we were really afraid and we were crying the whole time. the child was one of the few to talk to most of us on locals we met were hesitant to say anything about what happened telling us they didn't want to get into trouble. the areas governor gives his explanation why the military arrived there were groups of people who had their own demands they had these demands for a little while and then it all escalated when they arm themselves we saw that the situation had become a threat to the people and that's why we decided an intervention should take place . where inside syria or if your. son was going to be this is your way of what the work needs to see here this was what was basically. from our
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side here. but opposition activists insist that these were not on gas or terrorists but army defectors so far the government has said little on the subject of decisions from the military i think it's a kind of a strategy by the government. weakening the moral of the of the. divorces so if they talk about the friction then. it become a signal that could be there will be more the friction so instead. armed gangs or was this kind of this will serve the purpose but under the circumstances the morale of most affected by the violence in understand is that of the locals doesn't cilia in syria. trouble is flared in the us between protesters from the occupy wall street movement new york police at least fourteen
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people have been arrested and scuffles broke out as hundreds of activists marched through lower manhattan to wall street but in a port naras in new york with the latest. those pasha's broke out a few hours ago as hundreds of demonstrators walked in marched through lower manhattan and then some marched into the street and now for the other were reports that there were images of police on scooters are driving into some of the protesters a report of one of the protests are there for run over by al by the scooter that was driven by a police officer ah there were some also reports of police officers punching some of the demonstrators in the one one man taken into a potting wagon was seen with blood gushing from his his head and there were also reports that some of these demonstrators when they were marching through lower manhattan power were throwing some glass bottles turning over garbage cans police
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say that at least four scene of the people taking part in the march or arrested now of course this is just the latest wave of clashes between police officers and the protesters camped out here for four weeks but it came after what is being dubbed a huge victory for the occupy movement it was early in the morning that the protesters were supposed to be picked it from their park that they've been camped out in four days while the city said they wanted to lean up the park this was a request that was made by the property owners now the there was about two thousand people in lower manhattan in support of these protesters protecting that barricading them a human chain was formed around the park because the protesters said they were not going to leave they leave the park on their own and about a half hour before they were to be evacuated or removed from the city made an announcement that the police would not remove them that the property owner said
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that they would deal with that demonstrators directly as they have been camped out here for weeks taking part in the occupy wall street movement grazie. awareness about the dissatisfactory pelts among the majority of americans when it comes to the gap between the rich and the poor when it comes to corporate influence over u.s. politics and this clearly is being regarded as a huge victory for the oppenheim movement that it continues this is going to stretch your way beyond america's borders with the next twenty four hours because up on saturday this movement is going to global odd out six hundred cities to be proud of seventy countries around the world will be taking part in this type of demonstration protests have been planned everywhere from rome to london to upper lip and people are going to be gathering in different squares the streets pods around the world to be talking about their own or their right to democracy the way
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that they would like to see their country govern the way that they would like their elected officials to be opting out be competent people that elect them not be up to the financial elites so this is not over by any means it is going to be expanding it is going to be going global and of course our team will be covering the story. made a porno of their lives she just said the occupy wall street movement is preparing to go global and alex he will be closely watching the ranis taking place later in europe and the u.s. state missile special coverage. blood flowing into the feeling. anger is by the country's wage inflation as well cutting jobs and social spending people are clueless the globe against their government's economic policies followed a worldwide action against austerity. the european central bank has called on national governments to do their part to ease the debt john
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coltrane spoke to head of a key meeting of world finance ministers who have gathered in paris to hammer out solutions to the crisis our europe correspondent daniel bushell has more. patience of european central bank does seem to be running out it says that it can't really take the whole burden on itself it really needs the governments to come through the european governments come through and take some action because the latest country problems with spain it's seeing problems with its solidarity a failure of solidarity has had a downgrade of its rating a game which is going to make it even harder for it to raise money and pay off its debts were expecting protests perhaps the biggest protests so far over new austerity measures in spain now russia's prime minister has come out and said that europe's governments could solve this problem if they wanted to. the crisis is more political than a financial issue according to different estimates between one and one and
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a half trillion dollars is needed the number is big but the user can handle it it's a political issue because in order to gather those resources the leading european countries must offer a shoulder to those in trouble takes political courage so governments in europe are accused of passing the blame no one wants to take responsibility but russia is one of many countries which is concerned by this because of course when the european economies are suffering the rest of the world has a knock on effect told to go is the latest country which is new also there are two measures that means more taxes potentially education health costing more and we are expecting coordinated action coordinated protests across europe including in lisbon over those austerity measures over the course which are thought to be extremely painful for the population now we've also seen the tree shape saying that he does expect those governments to come through with those cuts in order to balance this budget there has been talk in portugal might just be too painful for the people who
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take these austerity measures my colleague has spoken to some of those who are victims of the crisis i'm afraid i'm afraid of the future and i'm afraid that. they are. people and. they are not going to be able to. lucia's an active member of the portuguese indignados delusion movement its participants believe the government is hell bent on pleasing the rich and powerful and ignores the needs of the people the worst rate of unemployment in thirty years at over twelve percent rising taxes and falling wages are the reality of portugal's a bleak present situation things are so bad people are no making comparisons with cataclysmic periods in their history and looking to them for inspiration in a few centuries ago was in a situation similar to its present state because it was lagging the capital was all but destroyed by an earthquake one mad marquis to. them that's his stature right
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there managed to pull the country out of the crisis three hundred years on however if you believe anybody will be able to perform a similar monumental task the portuguese in the not o's say the solution is to create more jobs and cut unnecessary expenditure but the government was forced into seventy eight billion euro i.m.f. bailout earlier this year following in the footsteps of greece and ireland to pay it back to the stairs because have been introduced which will see longer working hours less holidays and even an end to the christmas bonuses which most workers enjoyed at the age when you are meant to start your life to have your own space your own you know. to have a kid so you know. if you can you can't do it because to do it because you can't afford to do it and as the crisis grows so too do the ranks of the outraged members of the indignados national government. peter. rabbit all the
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problem is the price. of the call for global direction and october the fifteenth from the occupy wall street moved. new york is expected to get a loud response in portugal but for many of those who will fill the streets here it's not so much about evolution as it is about turning it into a simple fight for survival it even goes lisburn. by the way there's more in the stories we're covering for you online plus much more head to our t.v. dot com it's online all the time a couple of stories that we include in washington doesn't rule out russia could be a target of its european missile defense system can find our response on the web site. and it is michael schumacher sets the fastest time during practice for the korean formula one grand prix martin he talks to his brother who is also a formula one champion racer. the u.s.
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president has taken a firm stance against iran promising tough sanctions against the country over claims it was plotting to kill the saudi ambassador to washington to ring into a charge with trying to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack something tehran has dismissed as baseless but barack obama says there's enough evidence of iran's guilt and is calling on the international community to make it pay for its behavior by further isolating tehran u.s. is now considering sanctions on iran's central bank promising even more pressure eli clifton a national security reporter says the details will lie in the response washington gets from the international community. the types of things that have been discussed thus far would be quite powerful and would be potentially devastating to iran's economy promoting multilateral sanctions on bank markazi the iranian central bank now that could have the effect of affectively collapsing the iranian currency and devastating their economy if it's anything that like what happened in iraq as for
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iran's response i think there's a lot of variables there and a large part of it i believe will go back to how large of an international group and coalition. the obama administration can bring together at the united nations to sign onto to a response which is seen as provocative and potentially undermining both the iranian economy and the government. now let's have a quick look at some other news in brief from around the world and first to libya where fierce fighting continues in colonel gadhafi as hometown of sirte gun battles have broken out in tripoli for the first time in two months revolutionary forces have opened fire at suspected snipers loyal to gadhafi one fighter says shooting began after a man was spotted raising the green flag symbolizing the ousted regime it's the first serious outbreak of violence in the capital since the rebels seized control of tripoli back in august. britain's defense secretary quit
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over allegations he gave a close friend access to official meetings and ministry buildings fox has admitted that he brought his former best man adam overseas trips and apologize for allowing a blurring of his public duties with personal loyalty to the former transport minister philip hammond has been appointed as the new defense secretary. telling prime minister silvio berlusconi has survived a decisive parliamentary vote of confidence which was key to continuing his political career in face calls for his resignation by political rivals and members of the business community amid a series of damaging scandals and a weakening economy the securing of the vote of confidence in ours but a scary need to stay in power through to the end of his term in twenty thirty. well that brings up to date for the moment and i'll be back with a summer home a new stories about fifteen minutes from now in the meantime we explore the renowned most film studios and chat with actors and directors in this week's
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edition of. great.
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so to. go. hello and welcome to the must go out show in this week's episode i'll be exploring the subjects of cinema from the soviet classics to today's modern russian and international blocked. but i played in the capital i would start off here at the home of the country's filmmaking industry. this impressive outdoor sets to picture destroyed street the world war two it's currently being used for
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a new russian feature film of course it's the magic of movie making styrene pasta cost and paint. is now one of the largest and most advanced movie studios in europe and indeed in cinema has come a long way in the past one hundred years for much of the soviet union still content as a subject to censorship and bureaucratic siege to show many outstanding films were made several gained international attention and praised for example the creators of fly literally pound sand in one nine hundred fifty eight autoconf skis nine hundred seventy two film saleratus such films have a cult following today and still watch and loved by millions around the world. back to modern day most film and movie making in russia is now free from any restrictions technology has greatly improved the cinematic experience too and here you can see
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a film in post-production. moving to the film studios museum now and he can see famous cars costumes carriages and a whole assortment of fascinating movie memorabilia. all exhibits that are displayed in our museum can be used for shooting movies and filming crew can come to our museum choose their tents they need and take them for the period of filmmaking. the museum is a great showcase for those with a nostalgic love of the soviet silver screen. note or the museum is open to the public you must come here as part of an organized tour as the russian hollywood a trip is not just a cinematic blast in the past but it's also for many a detailed look into the kids' passionate and often epic. world. traveling three hours south of the russian capital and we've arrived at our next destination. a simple field in the moscow region has been turned into
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a backdrop featuring several tanks army vehicles dummies and trenches. we were at the outside location of a new film called white tiger headed up by the famous soviet and russian director. it's an adaptation of a story but. today over one hundred people are involved in the twenty second battle sequence the movie recreates the events of nine hundred forty three and this is the largest collection of such working tanks in the entire world russian and german actors are used in the film in the project has been given just a three month timeframe a bit of a problem this weekend as the crew needed to be rainy. and lights camera action after several rehearsals it's time for recording black dark smoke has been ordered to make the background gloomy and post-production will alter the blue sky line later on. to many of the actors it's the first foray into the world of
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russian cinema others are seasoned veterans and take all the waiting around long hours in a comfortable costumes stright. safety is crucial when dealing with large explosions fire a moving machinery the whole scene has been choreographed and timed piece by piece nothing can go wrong. everyone and the place is cameras ready cop aboard marked and action. the director of his one very special and international film awards during his career as a successful filmmaker producer and screenwriter. has also been the director general of the muslim studios since nine hundred ninety eight his dedication to cinema is profound let's meet the man in question great to meet you. thanks for your time now your first film was in one nine hundred seventy nine how has
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filmmaking changed over the past few decades. it was. a lot of them of those begin in soviet period the first four films i make five of us bulls and six made during the soviet period proposal malva and i were going ization all film industry it was very appalled full so we had film in the stores where a ball full. advantage of the few never think about the money ok the minus so the system was censorship and it was enough tough censorship so especially for young filmmakers that was the problem to find the theme. when the you can see something what you want to see. that's why for instance i began from beginning from shooting for musical films is called going with this it was much easier. if you made such freedom censorship
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didn't mind a lot to mobilise because i believe the film you're currently working on is the first one about war is that correct this one and this one is it's water from the first go through my eyebrows used one for food but never should like to direct it it's it's adventure does take them as we make the film better for anyone to say. can be with the soul the sings very good but if you have failed banks it's bad because they feel they have them driving the billowy and so it's many it can help the canola gee it can help if you have something that is really. in the shelter about good luck with bats and thank you very much your time here and the best of luck with the project you think the american. moving on and what a cinematic experience he's all right with mentioning in moscow. one of the most
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secret city experiences system go is is just think i max cinema is. some of the most up to date technologies films integration resolution is shown on a huge screen several stories high. special movies on science and nature showing a dynamic cinema's many hollywood blockbusters are now also set up to be imax film an. experience he's watching films in the so-called secular cinema. exhibition center. built in one nine hundred fifty nine it still functions as a three hundred and sixty degree cinema with eleven screens and stereo sound not as popular as it was in the city's times cinema is still an interesting place to visit and watch one of its special twenty minute movies. and finally the russian state university of cinematography. also known as piggy is
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the country's oldest and largest cinema school for higher education founded in the n one nine hundred ninety it was the first state education establishment in the world now graduates of its very include directing script writing acting and producing work in a cinema and television industry all around the world. cinema would be the same without special effects spectacular heights or dramatic sequences . that in mind of travel to an area just outside the center of moscow the house is just a school and training academy. here experts work in sequences that are rigged so they look hazardous well so having a full range of safety precautions and mechanisms the sword fighting here is in some ways nothing more than a current graft dance sequence. but i like to try out two stunts today first
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involving fire. now on with the spy protection suits like they used to tape instead of velcro buttons all say well i'm told worryingly enough that it's faster to cuts in an emergency now i'm beginning to be consistent. i'm told to walk in a certain way and not to make any sudden movements or flops my oxygen will fuel the flames with everything ready is slowly put onto the back of my suit and the flame is next. was a living. thing but that was. an experience and all controlled by fully trained experts i could even feel the
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flames heat. and as the movies like night and day watch and how i ended the summer make an impact on the international scene many film projects continue to storm move one when various global needs. pap's money freedom and technology will bring a new golden age to russian cinema i think a russian you know russian film industry has enormous future because you know. russian content will always in russian language content will always appeal to the audience to the local audience is just the way it is it's not not going to change no matter what anybody says. plus i think the government's really helping out in terms of you know making bigger budget patriotic films as. these the quality of these films in terms of what the western audience would like
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to see. doesn't match so. the look of the russian food russian film is more or less so over the film it's it's something which appeals to so with but not to the books office opinions just well at least i knew the system talked to says here first. well unfortunately about some time we have left on this big program on the subject of cinema i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the current. scary. us to korea to stop maybe.
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monitoring. the story cold. friendly. dynamic.
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this is r t with you twenty four hours a day top stories now the syrian activists report. says the total death toll now stands at more than three thousand positions since it's been joined by army defectors but the government dismisses the claim saying the fighters are just gangs . of protesters clashed with police in new york as they march to wall street these fourteen people have been arrested since the occupy movement looks set to go global . and the european central bank says it's not done enough and it's time for governments to take the lead in saving the region's economies spain's credit score is slashed. from.


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