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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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but it's not just wall street that's being occupied it's tensions are running high in cities across the country like denver colorado where police violently arrested protesters in the middle of the night on protesters don't seem to be backing down anytime soon the latest on this growing movement. americans not. and if you can beat the mainstream media might as well join all critics say this movement doesn't have a message the occupied wall street journal definitely has a few things to say we will read between the lines.
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as the movement tries to shake things up and bring about change to the way wall street does business a new ad is out trying to paint the protesters as anti semitic so is there some truth to this media blitz or is it all along. and where in the world are the protests going on at the n.c. corruption movement claims more territory is it really gaining any ground we'll have a report from india. and the u.s. is raining down on africa this as president obama sends one hundred u.s. advisors and combat troops into uganda to assist in a rebel takedown but right now. it's friday october fourteenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm christine frizz out there watching our team let's give you the latest on the occupy wall street movement really taking over this country at this point with
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occupations now in dozens of cities nationwide on this friday day twenty eight of occupy wall street i want to show you what it looks like this morning at zuccotti. park in lower manhattan because i don't see every day thousands of people standing their ground hoping to fight even action from the park since new york mayor michael bloomberg originally said they would have to leave so that the park could be cleaned he said they would be able to return but they wouldn't be able to bring their tents or their tarps so the protesters clean the parks themselves and the mayor let them stay but also in new york a video that is going viral today. this is the video of a new york police officer apparently running over an occupy wall street protester in on with his motorcycle not sure of all the details here but these are certainly pictures that are being seen by a whole lot of people and generating some anger. on to seattle now where ten people
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were arrested last night police also took down a so-called tent an occupier was staying in however after that happened police back down saying those protesters can stay indefinitely not the case however in denver colorado where useful or not the park the protesters were staying in was cleared by state and local police at three o'clock this morning everyone we understand police set up a large perimeter around the park moved in slowly and cleared everyone out in some cases even dragging them by the arms carrying them to nearby tractors and driving them away tents were torn down and more than twenty people were arrested and one of the major ways the stories of the protesters and their demands are getting out is through their own publication the occupied wall street journal it's put together published and printed in new york and r.t. correspondent on the stasi a church took a look at what goes into its making it work was into it and how it's making
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a difference. every revolution has a manifesto occupy wall street does not yet but they do have is the occupy wall street journal. attracting readers from all walks of life like bees to honey a newspaper documents the story of the occupation in the words of those out on the streets calling for change in the u.s. . very good i care and i. think. it's a wonderful no thank you and i think. their idea that it's offered by the people here is i think it's probably the best source for people it doesn't rely on advertising like most others now in decline seventy five thousand dollars in donations for reason of link of an eye to start up the project. context of the revolution thoughtful articles and practical information on getting involved through its pages people reading this on subways and parks on streets or the kind of poor people who are curious who have heard there's
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a lot of noise being made at wall street what's this all about words that imprint that shock and make the reader think we've all been cheered for runs the paper at a secret location among them managing editor michael levitan a former freelance reporter for newsweek the l a times and the associated press it was essential to get something in people's hands that they could pass distribute and this sort of was attacked. for sure not body mind but a representation of what's happening in the square that isn't being told in the mainstream media the newspaper as well as the revolution were inspired by the arab spring this is for a fundamentally an outgrowth of events that happened in north africa in the arab speaking world this year two thousand and eleven is more credible that people's publisher echoes this the barque regime can follow this regime come for jim grant says the occupy wall street journal has electrified americans of all ages and back
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. grounds what most americans believe is not allowed on television they'll have the same commentators telling us the same issues over and over pointing fingers telling us who to hate and fear we need to provide something for the people all across the country that encourages them to directly participate this seems to have worked for choi who was once homeless or my law partner here four years ago that i was really liking pennies for the hamburger meat gone and i can't forget as well as poor lead off bank worker who's going to come in and check it out it was going on so if you can is listening. to keep thousand copies of the first edition we're gone moving to keys for the one hundred thousand copies of the second one tens of thousands of issues to hundreds of thousands be occupied lost street journal has a national in the days to come underground broadsheet put together in the big apple with source of news to be spread all across the west is the future are cheap. and
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it is of course a major team effort in putting this together our next guest is one who contributed to this in a major way donating a lot occluding his printing presses to help print the paper of this revolution earlier i spoke to a room gupta head of the independent newspaper it's only why he chose to get involved with this movement. but we felt that there need to be voices and stories coming out of the occupation itself that every day it was being represented more important misrepresented by the mainstream media and so there needed to be some sort of way to get the information out to the general public what this was really about where the stories of some of the people who are in the square and what do they want what are their ideas and we wanted it to be focused on the general public so we're producing a high quality newspaper and so there are lots of people who are really involved in this but the independent did play a key role in terms of bringing many of them together one of the latest sort of
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outcries about occupy wall street in the last few days is the message according to the mainstream media the lack of message to me about how you are getting across how you hope to be getting out of us and what you have to say to those who say that these you know hate the protesters don't know what they want well it's simple there's no one demand because there is no one problem for the global economic crisis and the reason this is successful it is a leader leaderless movement of it allows people to come in and express their own ideas their own opinions to have a feeling that they actually have democratic invasion and so you have people coming in and saying like i don't have a job or i don't have a meaningful job or i can't get into college because i can't afford it or i'm coming out of college with huge debts and with no prospects i don't have access to health care i don't at housing my home has been foreclosed upon and all these problems the people who are down there are saying this stems from wall street and i
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would largely agree that the problem of how wall street is and shrine is the center of our economy is the cause of all these problems so of course there's not going to be one and several several demands out there i want to hear i want to talk to you about certainly we are in the midst of a political season tensions are high. between political parties between ideals. we knew it would happen and it has. a different kind of messaging war that's being waged this one and put together by they're called the emergency committee for israel this is a republican group and the ad claims that the occupy wall street protests in lower manhattan is anti semitic i want you to take a look at that and then we'll talk about it sure what.
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leaders turning a blind eye. is really. president obama. what do you make of this well i've been down at the occupy wall street part for almost three weeks straight and i have seen people i think. pretty much come from the right wing these are the. some of the ron paul types of people who are yelling about international banking conspiracy and they all have their signs and slogans coming from the right wing and sure you know there's been tens of thousands of people who pass through this part of this this is a broad swath of humanity you can always find if you crazies i've been covering the
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tea party for the last two years i can go to any tea party rally in five plenty of nuts but i don't think they form the core of what the movement is about i think the tea party needs are taken seriously just as the occupy wall street movement what is the point of this and i mean president obama and nancy pelosi basically to control them but what about this notion that people are trying to. making guys are the people down there protesting at the scene as a mom an unruly mob filled with hate well this is great when fear mog fear mongering be excel at it the right wing politics are a really based on exploiting group difference and then when you intersected with this fanatical pro israel stance and then you're going to get people who are trying to push this push this message i think it will fall flat on its face because it's simply not true and here is something we did speak to a protester down there young jewish man i want to play out his response to this ad and these ideas. there is
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a very well chris rock concert here and so we are here part of this it is the product of a very curious look at the. bridge. you're welcome here yes that's certainly and that's certainly true you know it's just like new york has something like over twelve percent jewish there's a very strong tradition of left jewish activism and i mean the number of friends of mine who are jewish i mean it's not even worth commenting upon but there are hundreds who i know personally who are down there it's just it's not an issue it's the writers trying to fabricate it as an issue certainly now and talk to me a little bit about i know tomorrow we are scheduled to see this potentially blow up in terms of size and strength and then around the world really my last gasp and i were just talking about how every saturday you know people who do have jobs are coming down on saturdays and so there's so much bigger we saw those arrests on the brooklyn bridge and what do you expect to see this weekend and in the coming days
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well it's definitely growing every single day the fact that the city threatened to shut it down and then had to back off because of the cue just outcry against it has only helped grow even more and now what we're seeing is that much of the rest of the world is for spawning of course the wall street protests are built on what has already happened with the arab spring and in europe but now it's ricocheting back in a very positive way and you are really seeing that there is a global ninety nine percent that's not just in the u.s. and that is also really i think one of the messages that is getting out very effectively that there's one percent of the population who controls all the wealth and power in the world i mean you are you said you've been there for three weeks and playing out here in d.c. right now obviously if i'm heading back there i know on an occupation tor going to be visiting occupations around the country in the next few weeks right i'm going to go to head of the independent newspaper and sharing his insights with us about what he's seen thanks so much. thank you and if you want to know what's going on with
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the occupy wall street movement when we're not on air to tell you you can follow my colleague our senior producer lucy caffein all of us in the midst of it all in new york with the very latest hottest news from the protests again if you'd like to keep up to date with the newest developments policy at lucy capitol. hill had here on our team from new york to new delhi the occupy wall street movement is going global people are rising up to say enough is enough so you want to look like on the ground in india coming up next.
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to the capital i'm mr. was there a reason roughing it. was. what the body seems to know. but never break the pace but how are the argument that they're being overly dramatic. sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew. i charge was a big. the
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i did my wall street movement is no longer limited to just this country but the economic uncertainty and overall dissatisfaction with the status quo continuing to grow abroad as well people in canada the u.k. and even asia are starting to speak out tomorrow october fifteenth has been marked as the day for protesters to unite for global change with protests expected in more than eighty countries as arjun correspondent chris rather shows us one stop in the global movement in india. that energy that's happening in new york city and across the united states is definitely spread here to asia and actually use the use the movement here has mobilized on facebook and on twitter and they're planning an actual occupy type a sole hong kong by jakarta even if mom of.
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the movement in asia is growing there is a lot of support for it here in india you know there and there are a lot of similarities between the goals and the mass ijaz of the people india and i did save here in india we saw a massive anti corruption movement here in india recently that was fronted by our now worth thousands of young people showed up to support his past against the government so many of those people are said to come out to this movement as well and many people compare that corruption movement here in india to the arab spring and now people are saying it's very it has very close ties to what's going on on occupy wall street so as i said very very close similarities there it's also important to note that despite india as a growing economy we talk about the growing middle class here it has one of the
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youngest workforce is in the world people here are a little bit suspicious of these multinational companies the corporations that they're talking about over in the united states specifically american companies you see it happen a lot here just recently i went to hyderabad then met with some of the malice which is actually a growing movement here in india there against globalization and their main point is that while i guess economy might be growing the rich in india are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and it's the foreign corporations that are really benefiting from india's young workforce and not india and that. that's a point that i think has really struck a chord with them and many people here in india and it's not just the now with average indians have come out protesting against coca-cola for example for supposedly over using water when there's been a lot of scarcity that i've reported on in much of this country we've seen monsanto
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the american multinationals the company who many in this country believe has a huge monopoly on the seeds of the farmers need to grow their crops and then in addition you think about bhopal as an example bhopal the union carbide corporation company an american company was actually accused of killing thousands of indians in that gas tragedy back in one thousand nine hundred four so there are many many examples you look at all these huge multinational companies including pasco that's trying to build a twelve billion dollars steel plant here in india and many villagers have been protesting that as saying that the steel plant is trying to take away their land so the occupy wall street movement is getting a lot of support here in asia and surprising support or might be actually china a new movement of leftists in china or socialists critics of the country's capital of capitalist style economic reforms are also beginning to lend support to the
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occupy wall street movement they're even reporting that this is a quote unquote great revolution against capitalism around the world the activists have held protests in the province of corning to some news websites however a lot in the mainstream seem to be ignoring these these protests despite the growing popularity since that region seems to have a lot of protests in the past and they have been in the past referred to as math incidents as opposed to mass protests but it's shaping up to be quite a weekend here in asia those protests that i mentioned in hyderabad mumbai to. hard up are all that to happen on saturday so i think people will be keeping a very close eye on what's happening in asia and there are very close links to feelings here with what's happening in new york as well i was largely correspondent priya sridhar reporting from india so i have here on our team the drums of war are
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beating again this time in africa so as president obama sends a hundred u.s. and by users and combat troops into randa to assist in a rebel takedown there's a question why are we getting involved now.
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little. given we are in the park right. i think iraq to be the one to well. we never got there for safe. freedom.
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well an announcement today by the white house that the u.s. will be sending one hundred combat troops into central africa in the coming days they'll be tasked with training and advising forces battling the ugandan lord's resistance army those army rebels are said to be among other things murderers kidnappers and rapists they also plan while they're there to help remove the head of the army on the battlefield joseph koni now we want to talk more about this and shed some light on what may be behind this to help me do that i spoke earlier to robert naiman with just foreign policy as u.s. military advisors head into uganda south sudan the central african republic and the congo i asked robert this question why africa and why now here's what he had to say . first of all the more longstanding cause the u.s. policy of opposition in virtue of the lord's resistance army. and i think it's worth bearing in mind course the us has got
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a lot of military conflicts going on there not a place but it is a kid. it's not an international law it's not just troops into uganda against the will of the government and it's in cooperation government. and here at least not our glee contradicting us mark because he's already existing your worst law. says the u.s. should come back the lord's resistance army and present him go down a lot and it is better to speak or being no longer had always been a policy of the last what about the timing why now well the point of the queen is two things the claim of the administration the keepers to be heard is the existing efforts have not been so efficient in some of those sectors. it's worth noting that this is also where human rights groups have been saying that
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human rights watch is the administration so this is what pushing through or what are calling for us to be you know directly involved in combat and presence there u.s. troops are broken in combat they're going to be rising. combat up their character or something i mean all those things aside whether or not it's legal and you mentioned the us how landfall right now and a couple other military conflicts iraq afghanistan libya this could potentially cost a whole lot of money i mean how do you think the president can justify that right now. well it's important to have a sense of scale the you know you think just sending a hundred it wiser so you've gone into united states as a hundred thousand troops in afghanistan got forty one thousand troops in
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iraq in the context of the u.s. military budget this is the congo and. i would you know i would rather see ten interventions like this and see. you know u.s. troops come out of iraq by december as was promised as in the agreement to see the u.s. troops come out of there in a standby probably fourteen or sooner as people all around the world are expected. so i wouldn't put it on the same play as these other interventions with the u.s. you know involved in directly killing and we're it's very clear that the people of iraq people in afghanistan don't want u.s. troops and i want i want i want i want something else going on in some of these countries around africa and that is a major economic development on the part of china i'm wondering should we make any
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connection between what's going on with china and its development projects and this new plan on the part of the obama administration well the united states always takes into account. of course you know what's going on in the region and what its interests are. well you know in the case of the intervention in there was a long history struggle where the seeds created this command for africa and then they couldn't be said anywhere in the region because it was so controversial and then after the intervention in libya the u.s. military officials were saying see this proves we need to keep doughty in our so we can always true that the military. oh things being equal it late into
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a large there are opportunities to do. things and they're going to be successful and prove the prove to congress you know from the military and show lucian's with countries doing so you should have a good relationship with us. for years to help us from course there is always true . robert damon policy director of just a foreign policy and stay tuned for our team next week for a brand new line up first they call the occupy wall street protesters dirty dirty hippies and then they call them dangerous now the opponents of the movement are pulling out the big propaganda guns and pulling out as to discredit the protesters so while the emergency council for israel sets out on a smear campaign we'll take a look at who's really behind this media blitz plus for politicians it's a game of smoke and mirrors for the rest of america it's a bitter dose of economic reality unemployment is that nine point one percent and
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going nowhere fast so as the government downplays the jobs crisis is the u.s. limping towards catastrophe. and whose movement is it anyway the tea party and occupy wall street may seem like two completely different schools of thought but can you really spot the difference between the two we will go on in the streets of washington d.c. to see which flavor is your cup of tea. those are just a few of the stories we have in store for you next week along with much more news and in-depth interviews so make sure you keep it tuned right here on our to america and that is going to do it for now but for more on the stories we covered go to r.t. dot com slash usa also check out our youtube page youtube dot com slash r t america we got lots of great footage on there from occupy wall street and so much more you should also follow me on twitter at frowsy.


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