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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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instant. dozens of the arrest across america failed to stop the end of corporate office to gather movement from swelling with activists say it's now simply too big to fail. syrians are split over the seven month long uprising while the capital wants the president to give more time to reform cities outside damascus are tired of the regime. and he prays preparations for the euro two thousand and twelve for bowl championships are under pressure from amel rights activists accusing the forties of burning stray dogs alive.
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coming to live from moscow i'm going to josh welcome to the program they answer corporate protests in america have spread and so have the rest of the accusations of police having canada's dozens more activists have been taken into custody across several cities one new yorker was forced things down into the pavement after apparently being run over by a police motorcycle but hundreds of demonstrators camping out near wall street for a month that's claimed a victory over a man michael bloomberg is a fiction or under the pretext of a cleanup was overturned when the cards owner said the protesters can say for now the movement against corporate influence has gone global spreading to dozens of cities worldwide the american members of occupy together though claim they're still being ignored by the mainstream media but is more important that an activist was praising the information blocking. them. from the mass
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demonstrations of support. to the disturbing images of police force day after day the world has been able to watch occupy wall street in action. revolution t.v. is a live lead street documenting the ongoing corporate resistance and civil unrest growing and growing in the big apple it's not about one political party or this or that it's actually creating a platform to have this debate without them being manipulated by the powers that be five years ago blood type was a derivative street or on wall street today the thirty nine year old is among those camped out in zuccotti park protesting against the financial institutions he once worked for i saw. a bit of glee combined with the call hierarchy system combined with a stool he the biggest bomb in the waters of us in the saga of all the colony
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co-founded i launched global t.v. series weeks ago we're going to bring people into explain what's going on when the occupation movement began in new york will surprise people how to shoot video music the other that they just applauded and how to make it go viral and the whole idea is that you creating it's opinions record in the with this now that the movement has exploded worldwide the web channel will be broadcasting live streams for more than seventy countries and six hundred cities we're going to see what it was going to do i think out there with all the others where it does what it would it be going up what's happening there and taking best dreams of putting them on the global rules to travel to this sort of a model for a replacement for steal their attention burke says mainstream media outlets will be unable to marginalize or spin the peaceful uprising as people from all over the world take to the streets demanding elected leaders begin working for the majority instead of the financial elites it's
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a worldwide movement as if these principles of equality are going to be the find everything more because maybe it's the creating the united nations the typical united nations united people the people of the occupy movement take their first fight with the world's most powerful economic and political force and this is the first criticized and now spreading across the planet bring up or die an artsy new york. both major parties in the u.s. are accused of marginalizing the protests and observers say they're not surprised us activist and blogger jail aaron explains why washington and once the occupy movement evicted that's happening is that they're the. ones using its police force is to crackdown on these legitimate protests there in their own bio and they're peaceful and they're responding to it by you know arrest and protesters spraying them and preventing them from actually carrying out their grievances it's a protest against the current status quo it's
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a protest against this system you know it's a protest against. this control two party establishment that owns you know both houses or both republican and democrats it's a protest against that that's why you know i don't consider this to be a loop or movement as is mother sits social. where the u.s. base anti-corporate occupy movement going global reporter laurie harshness took to the streets of new york to ask european ex-pats what they think about the protests the protests. as the occupy wall street movement sweeps the us what does the rest of the world think of it this week let's talk about that the banks are stronger than the political. and this is not court i think it's the same situation in germany you think yes and many people are very. angry it's the truth.
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the people with the money they also provide the tropes. conflict of interest very often but you know i can't tell if you think it's a good thing and i. can understand why people do it yes do you feel like england is ready for protesting or protests all the time about everything. so protesters the protesters the photos doesn't mean a lot to me tell you we have a feeling that i mean we're not really aware of what's happening around the world outside saw it makes you feel like americans care yes and something sometimes i think that's we italians do not care that much now it's ok to put hardworking in actually doing something everyone wants to come at a university and land a top job. but it's not just about jobs it's about banks having too much political
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control is it just about being so or is it about corporate corporate is why i think it's about it's this disparity but it's capitalism we want we all want capitalism we all want to mark receive now but we also want we want to more social society where we have equality you can have boys anything is this for all of mixed message coming out because you've got so many things they're asking for get out of afghanistan through this through that i think to the financial side perhaps unlike a more people on their side do you think something like this could happen in sweden people there are pretty complacent. yes well do you think that americans became complacent and that kind of contributed to the problem. i can't speak for all americans you know they did see a movie it was the fall of the wall street. he was poor is everything it's good you know it's a way of life. no matter what people think of occupy wall street the
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bottom line is here in the u.s. the movement seems to have only just begun. to have for this hour here in r t r to me it's the russian man who has fallen victim to both believed but lived through two of the country's worst terrorist attacks his stories coming out shortly. seven months of the uprising in syria have seen three thousand people killed according to the latest u.n. tally i was rumors of army the factors driving the opposition the gap between the two sides the conflict is widening access are syria has been fighting our flower capital as for are we supporting a president other parts of the contrie refuse to tolerate his regime and the longer . we're here in the center of the syrian capital it is very quiet today it's a day off for most people but of course beneath that calmness the conflict in the country goes on between the government and its supporters and the opposition now would it one thing is clear that when we try to approach people here and bring up
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the issue of the casique it almost always currency into a heated debate a very emotional discussion depending on the standard they take you know that she meets i see their appointments not all positions we don't know who they are yet syria is under attack for strong suits but we will not give up in the heart of what i was the opposition comes down be rational and go into dialogue with the regime i was the government will accept the opposition and be more open minded. again we are going to mass the opinion we hear most here is that people are asking who is the opposition who is causing this instability and many of them bring up the words armed gangs they think these are just people who want to. destabilizing the country of course is a position of the government had taken from the very beginning of the conflict but it is a different story when you go outside of the capital we went to the city of other star and it was decided five days of fighting between security forces and anti-government protesters and we felt the tension there there were still a lot of armed forces i'm according to of course again the government be said that
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they were fighting against armed groups that were trying to create trouble for the locals there that according to some activists so they are saying that these are not armed groups of piecework peaceful protesters as well as army defectors from the strong army defecting defector contingent in the i'll just on it's very difficult to verify the exactly what happened in the city because people are very hesitant to talk again to resole lot of military the army still in that city of but that is what's happening on the ground it's not very clear it's hard to get the truth on each matter but on the political level though president bashar al assad has said that he will set up a constitutional committee within the next couple of days to debate with the opposition various sides of the opposition on constitutional reform or the dialogue should have a program and a timeline we must clearly understand what kind of results we want to achieve now one of the sticking points of the constitutional reform is article eight mistakes
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of the ruling baath party is the leader of the state and the opposition says that this no matter even if a multi-party system is introduced without repealing this article it will change anything but again that depends on the dialogue that both sides are going to have to take and full size pro and anti government size always say at the end of the day it's not what is said it's this is series of both sides in doing what they say they will do so it's down to the action in the next few months or spartans tests are reporting there and you can watch her other reports from syria on the conflict there and to do that. here's what else you're online. an apple a day. the mind has kept the doctor away harvard medical school counselor and searcher says attempt audience steve jobs desire for unconventional treatment may have caused his death. watch the dramatic footage of a fire jet that left crowds on the want to crash down to earth at an air show in
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central china more stories on r.t. dot com. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. wealthy british soil. sometimes. on. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report. and watching our t.v. russia's ruling party has published its program to have the two thousand and twelve elections announcing what important as a presidential candidate although his nomination has been questioned by media reports suggest united russia ignored its own charter or you know crosswise out responding or has shed some light on the confusion that so few who are is putting his bid for the kremlin in question now. well the united russian political party has published its all its all program which these states that it supports what you know which is tended to see as a russia's next president and this did cause a lot of speculation in the media suggesting that the party may have broken one of its own rules because one of the articles it was charter states that all candidates have to go through primaries which was really great wasn't which and didn't and.
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if were actually a rule that article eight also the charter it please state that it does not apply to presidential candidates this was confirmed by the prime minister's press secretary needed to school he said that actually he assured me that which is candidacy would be registered in accordance with the charter and with you all and leading to the school also said that when it comes to what do inclusion. he's been sort of going through primaries every day for the past twelve years. title one is a party fighting elections with twenty twelve no words what's this program. the party has listed in several tool program eight key vectors of policies we just pointing to pull forward if it wins the upcoming parliamentary vote and some of the
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key ones for modernization in all spheres which basically means that they're planning to continue with some of the key policies put forward by presidents need to be there for strengthening our first the fight against corruption sustainability of a multicultural multiethnic and multi religious society and an independent foreign policy i just remind you. the parliamentary vote in russia will be held on december twelfth and the united russia party is why its lists are going to be headed by president putin the vizier to see me at the seat of the prime minister if why do little boys and whims of the big presidential vote which is going to happen in mortgage well actually you just reminded me to the movies if initially
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proposed like the one pushing for russia stop job in september at the united russia . convention and it was backed by all the delegates. now we'll just have to see if times one will come true. all right our thanks very much indeed for solving your skin off reporting there from moscow. to other stories now here in washington says it will send a team to moscow to line the details of an alleged iranian plot to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador in the united states tiranny is were charged with trying to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack something to iran is dismissed as baseless but president obama said america has proof and its promise to make the iran pay for its behavior i further isolated the u.s. is now considering blacklisting iran central bank which some analysts suggest severely damaged the country's economy i'll close to
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a national security reporter says washington first has to wait to see the reaction of the international community. the types of things that been discussed thus far would be quite powerful and would be potentially devastating to iran's economy promoting multilateral sanctions on bank markazi of the iranian central bank and now that could have the effect of affectively collapsing the iranian currency and devastating their economy if anything that might what happened in iraq as for iran's response i think there's a lot of variables there and a large part of it i believe will go back to how large of an international group and coalition. the obama administration can bring together at the united nations to sign onto to a response which is seen as provocative and potentially undermining both the iranian economy and the government living through the nightmare of north caucasus terrorism not once but twice russians there you know as the of suffer of the horror
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of seeing his wife and son die. and then several years later received injuries to his eyes and legs in a market bombing or he's making a question about wanting to hear his story. some say that lightening never strikes twice but there is one man who knows that's not true. i still can't talk about those we didn't eat didn't sleep we just we through the entire city was gripped with fear my two sons and my wife were hostages if getting caught up in one horrific act of carol wasn't enough serug a has suffered. i felt like i was flying then i heard a loud crash i was lying on the grains i tried to get up but i couldn't i saw five or six parties next to me were women those are the memories of just one man fate
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hasn't been kind to him most people remember the russian republic of north or such years two biggest terror attacks from t.v. reports had lived through them both until september two thousand and four forty six year old sounds he had everything he wanted from life a loving family two sons and a job he enjoyed but in a flash that life was gone his wife and his eldest son were burnt to death on the last day of the infamous three day course each the older of the shoulders i should have gone to the identification of my son because i couldn't i told my brother to look at his leisure suit and he had a birthmark fear that's how we knew it was him his second son was shot in the lap while trying to escape but managed to crawl out of the flames alive but sergei can never forget the horror of those days after the siege he was granted a disability status due to postural massive depression and has been an able to work
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for the last seven years but forced to give and north the south here it wasn't over on the ninth of the turnberry two thousand tonne the capital was shaken by in other deadly acts of terror that's what markets was without warning killing nineteen people and got morning frayed cause of a gate right in the middle of it. several shards of shrapnel were removed from his lax he was taken to moscow for an operation to save his eyesight after that he spent several weeks in hospital as part of a rehabilitation program nearly everyone these days is familiar with the terror acts but only from news reports and that's as close a small speed will average gatt and so good wishes he was one of them and how is your life now would you call this life i don't. pursue. i guess over one hundred and then fall back into the next city gives life was ripped apart
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through no fault of his own but now he only prays he finds enough strength to rebuild it isn't a question our reporting from north the sets here. now look at some other stories from around the world in libya the first gun battle in tripoli since it was taken over by the national transitional council two months ago as reportedly and it leaving scores of people injured with us to say the shooting started after a man was spotted raising the green flag of gadhafi regime a lot of the capital's buildings meanwhile the fierce battle for the city of syria's goes on pockets of resistance continue to fight the new government. obama is sending troops to uganda to help fight the lord's resistance army group of portably responsible for mass rapes murders and abductions a small number of american soldiers are already in the country and will be joined by about eight hundred others of allah says they'll stay there for as long as
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necessary last month's u.s. congressman ron paul openly criticize the states for spending too much money on those before he's pointing to the nine hundred u.s. bases in one hundred thirty countries. and them claiming to be from a qaida has been this three being aid in somalia as part of an apparent p.r. campaign. thought to be a u.s. citizen handed out food clothes money at a fully equipped ambulance at a refugee camp near the capital mogadishu and international aid agencies are prevented from entering the area it's believed to be a first aid to a nation to a country where a sound seven hundred fifty thousand people face starvation. bread is the fanservice really of fox has resigned over allegations he gave a close friend to axis two official meetings and ministry buildings fox has admitted he brought his foreman best man at a very long on overseas trips and has apologized for allowing a blurring of his public duties but personal loyalties it's
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a blow for the governor governing coalition and could affect efforts to reform the military. as host nation of a euro two thousand and twelve football championship ukraine is building stadiums and cleaning up to make an impression but there is a hidden victim stray dogs are being removed killed and burned immobile crematorium and animal rights activists are so angry that one of the tournaments taken away you may find some of the images of legs here chefs report the serving. the way first president michel platini was all smiles while inspecting cleaves new stadium the grounds of the huge twenty two well through championship sky don't match but a box of a much smaller size has been delighting the authorities in rural ukraine several months ago local t.v. in the town of capital reported a purchase over twenty thousand dollar immobile crematorium utilizing biological waste namely the dispensing of dead stray animals.
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discriminatory among wheels and are now able to cull the large areas including neighboring towns we had many objections but they all come to nothing in our fight against bites from strange dogs and the spread of infection tens of thousands of stray animals roam the streets of ukraine cities in this a chance cologne hundreds of residents are bitten by dogs every year in the towns of the first shoot the animals dead and then destroy their bodies in the morgue. but in reality it turned into gruesome killings sparking outrage among the animal protection societies just as it initially the locals believe that the dogs are still alive but we don't have any evidence of what poison is used to kill them so we cannot say for sure that the only officials way regulating the number of these animals is to sterilize rather than to kill them and we will stop demanding this happens in europe over the past few decades stray animals practically disappeared
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there. the animal lovers outcry had a massive response on the internet and online petition was signed by almost two hundred thousand people some of them suggesting you were twenty twelve should not be held in a country that is so cruel to its creatures that if ever they do manage to cancel your two thousand and twelve is not unexpected but as a rule never some citizens don't work back in two thousand and ten animal defenders addressed officials of mr plant you need to then ask deputy prime minister kolesnik . to stop this outrage against animals it's been a year and we haven't seen any results so far and it has been a sustained campaign at getting you atheist chief to use his influence to stop this cruelty animal rights groups have been staging loud look small protests against schools and for three years but the multiplying number of those signing the petition now would alarm europeans food news governing body had first there had been strong doubts about ukraine's ability to host the championship some had even
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suggested it be moved elsewhere now with all the new stadiums in airports springing up but it seems there is no going back even with all the course to deprive ukraine of the tournament but animal rights activists say they will continue putting pressure on the authorities both in fear and at u.a. for to have their voice heard alexi russia ski odyssey reporting from kiev in ukraine. and just a few minutes our documentary about a colombian criminal who was a millionaire by twenty two and went on to become the world's most wanted drug lord for that oh here and our saturday's headline status.
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the longest big game hunting history. she was trying. storms and data. but sprung the traps they lay for him. on the radio we have the surge walks around the area. while we threw the ball was missing. one shot turns to. the global drug industry's godfather became the most one to trophy of the worlds thousand hunters. escobar to grace hunt and are to.
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jump the official antti application chobani phone i pod touch from the i choose option. which all sheesh life on the go. video on demand oxys minefield costs for an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the call. line. would be soon which brightened if you knew about song from finest impressionists. who threw stones on t.v.
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don't come. off. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls street play at. least in chance a good chance to choose just to get booked for exactly the status of the human experiment it's to live with the weakness you produce. this rap music in which it snows i'm slowly trying to local economy and it's all changed since us financial temps the ability to maintain oxygen to long kids and. wants to be seen trade imbalances risk to keep the nation's close to collapsing you subprime loans close. to fail circulates against the legacy u.s. crash. scene still exists plus.


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