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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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the investment climate to support these nisus. we should not forget about those it's all hard for those who don't have the highest wages. but our country consists of various layers of various people we should work on building in multan democracy when we should not copy. a a us democracy or someone else's democracy i do remember those one person i will not name him. when i ask him on what kind of system should we have. i was then member of the administration and that person told me it should be just the same as in the us i asked him whether he was. saying that in earnest he said yes you could replicate that. but
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as far as i'm concerned. i'm of a different opinion we should create. martin political system jim a crack system. with suits implement and traffic to our own. fights poverty which is still a huge problem in russia although there will be soon which events and progress we should it's work on improving living standards but another topic i'd like to bring up here and. and i've been doing this. it's fighting corruption. a lot of times that's i've been criticised people say that you will not achieve anything you will not be able to feel overcome corruption it will only undermine
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your authority. you can say you straightaway. don't look back. i went to stand the scope of the problem we understand that. the majority of our life in our society consists of a lot of corruption schemes but we started talking about that ten years ago we didn't talk about that but now we have taken some of it we've got some laws and we should continue fighting against corruption we should do it in a serious manner and we cannot put all of the bureaucrats all of the officials in jail who are fire all of the policemen and hire new ones will not be able to do that as our neighbors deeds we have a vast country of course we will continue to argue to discuss the pace of
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reforms. but believe that these reforms should be a revokable. part of the t.g. task east's you. set up a modern system of state governance from the more i dig into it the more i feel that there are so many in your perfect system there are so many flaws here because i didn't have any illusions when i began my climbing the state's career i was quite a successful person. lawyer i was is this also a score in lore. and i thought i knew how this state works but i was wrong it's in debt it's much more complex and it's not small monstrous and say that's why we need to. rethink the
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system of state governance with that seeking it's too critical extends but it should be a steady sustainable reform. one of my suggestions so show like to discuss with you. then he suggests. talking of a grand government and extended government which would. work. when people jointly with the main party which could form this government the united brusha party with civil society with tax personnel analysts. and we need to pull through it is with all those votes is who are ready to vote for us and given those who are. criticize that who sees the we are if they are ready to join our. other to discuss this with you so that.
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at this stage of election campaign we kids. mull these things with everyone i mean such things which include also the structure of the government the major principles of an efficient government we want to know want to discuss it with you with other people with this is the civil society our state governance should work. so please join the discussion. you are mostly welcome why i'm a huge fan of various forms of chats various forms of social media the internet but there was page huge attention to feedback such notions feedback from. order people from the grassroots why
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simply because the modern world. cannot work the other way the powers that be cannot work in a different way otherwise it would be great and that's why any power in any politician should be ready for a dialogue otherwise it would find itself inside to be done with history. you can look at what's happened in the middle east and north africa. these are vivid examples. the authorities that's where they're holding all power it's enjoyed support huge support really and it seems that kind of power would stay forever but in a matter of weeks it's all went down to the drain because it wasn't. prepared
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you need the major challenges he faced. and it's. people faced so that's the idea i want to discuss it with you. of course. should look look this is like too many hopes it could be only. if we win. of elections it's obvious of course. we have representatives of different political forces of the united russia party and i'm the top of the you know to russia to secure its. maybe it seems strange to you. the members of the media russia party and those who support you know to crush brassy and those who don't like you to hate it but. it was
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a decision that was carefully thought through. first of all let's not forget it's that's not a drug. provided or made me the candidate for the presidency but it was a clear cut decision on their part and. talking of all of my initiatives wanted to be passed united russia supported all of my appeals and thirdly. we need to have. powerful force political force and i think well i don't know what's happened in the future in. within ten years time but there are what should be several strong political parties. one of them is united russia.
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because. that's the way history as it were to terrorists. well that's natural that's how it's happened. i believe if we. discussed this topic of the grand government the. close by united russia but. i think it's would be quite normal that you keep it discussed by other forces by the movements. and that's the strong part behind this idea. that's what made this idea so strong talking of united russia. as being the head of the least i think that russia should change that's the will of the of the moment it should be come less bureaucratic. naturally. seeds involving the various various kinds
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of people you know russia should includes ministers governors but that should be. should not be strongest pace. should be strong in nature legs coming from the grassroots. coming from ordinary people that's why i supported the. concept of primaries we needed russia and i believe that these preliminary voting has brought some results unexpected results some people who were . didn't manage to stand the test were offended. nevertheless the faster we go we move on in this aspect of this process the stronger political system we will be. political forces need one thing they need to have more influence and have more freedom at the same time.
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to mean for our political parties and it's also relevant to the. mass media to the municipal authorities to various sto szell the situations three of these years i've been trying to support these ideas to put my weight behind these ideas and also to puts your support behind it. first words of support from many of you and i really appreciate it what else needs to be done we shouldn't. continue to change. our political structure whatever the criticism that been some results we've managed to cut the threshold. for the state to you were a political parties will yield certain results we've cut and all the possibilities for treating. what. i
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hope will be really transparent elections when you can't any sort of various requirements it's just a provocation. any political party. should sat's certain girls before it's election but these plans should be feasible realistic. they should conform to the electoral. potential. anything else is just a hoax. thank you and now a couple of words about a different topic any person sometimes reflects on what's he managed into and what he's not doing i think we've been able to achieve quite a lot. that's not
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a matter for been preparing for my address to the federal assembly we have some practical things we practically achievements we have some positive changes in demographics the death rate is going down it's not just in decimal points. a significant reduction. life expectancy has increased when i just started working in the government i was. really horrified by the statistics. the average life expectancy in a country was sixty three point five years and male life expectancy was just fifty nine years well of course due to the that habits. for women peace figure was about sixty seven let's take the figures we have now of course it's not
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perfect but we've seen a change the average life expectancy. after we take all those maternity programmes sixty nine years that's the average life expectancy. this even the soviet union has never managed to achieve such a figure six nine years. women have very figure of seventy four years well a nice example nice model for men to copy live. living standards have improved we are not in a rally of course but i would like to mention this is despite the crisis. our cellar is average salaries of course went up from seventy thousand twenty one thousand roubles we managed to keep the ruble in the narrow corridor we've managed to five b. unemployment. the g. eight summits we've discussed that at the g twenty summit we also discussed that. i
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think the unemployment rates was he's the same as we had before the crisis i think this is a testimony to the hard work of the state to move to the on the overall federal assembly of the governments of myself and all those who worked on the problem. they committed some reforms in the judicial system in the legal system after try to consolidate their positions the country of the international arena. taking reasonable practical but also a solid approach in some cases. we had to. rebuke and to resort but we've spent these years in vain we have some a good image. we're not sure it's here but we're no longer viewed as some
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for us as some strong parrot it's trying to boot others to bully others. everything he's. important all of these issues which of mentioned are crucial and this will take a lot of time and a lot of efforts we need some kind of global energy. i do believe we have it's i do believe these are all sussed that can be solved but we'll solve them if we're together. and that's why i've. kind came here. and i want to ask for your support of this work i believe this is something you care america for a country and if we stand together i'm sure we'll be able to ensure
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victory no doubt about that. that sets. but thank you. and now let's move on to. the dialogue to the q. and a session. dear president. as you've rightly said there are different people that are gathered here today. and some of us treat each other well and others just don't know each other very well. but i hope we're not going to fight today. but so far this is a uniting reason for us to get together that brings us together actually all of us here. get that here because we see that we see a part of what we want to contribute into what you've started doing this is very
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important. the emerging his vision process is that has been started in the way it has in store it. also was that sure isin a real shorty's because you could have just strengthened administrative structure of the state but. make it more transparent and more open to people and you wanted to make the criminal code more humane and to eliminate that. unfortunately every businessman still feels but you could have just diversify the economy going away from the oil pipe but you decided to follow a different path of strange thing and investment into the advanced technologies and such challenges that award enable us to imply our potential as the most cultural and educated country and. here i believe it's very important. i make a signal that all these kind of things will carry on and will continue the way they
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are and presently. by gathering here i think we have. you know just our ambitions to vote for you in general we want to work together and we are willing and ready to work together because look what has been started. in answer to the key challenge that exists in russia today. in russia we over these years there grew quite a quite a good middle class which is up to thirty percent in our countries we calculated not long ago and well i'm quite. figures there are different management measurements but the middle class is the one that can have a choice and we can have issues because of our education. and because our middle class has become a saw
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a large. it's not just like in the middle of a scene surety the guarantee of stability of our society our middle class is eighty to ninety percent consists of people with very high level of education and the middle class matches the creative class to a large extent and therefore this kind of middle class which also wishes not just for the stability not just the people who own shops or immersions but people who really want changes and who want to participate in these changes and i believe that the key priority of the top priority that we would like to say here is and then middle class in our country ease ready for changes is prepared for the changes we feel that we need not just the guarantees of stability but when you think guarantees of development and away are raiding not just to vote for you once as a say once again we are also willing to be not just for you but to be with you to
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be alongside you. and this is something. i personally feel right now. with one think very much of. what we discussed sort of things with you because. i really appreciate what you just said. to be honest many who are i believe our situation the situation the country can only be changed by very active village church people your all those present here are these kind of people we should not become frustrated become gloomy we should not criticize tony everything we should move on we should develop. of course thank you very much for your words of support. we are not been able to reach everything of course . that's what i've mentioned but. despite that i think we've managed
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to. set a couple of trends within these years and. i think a lot of people have a lot of questions of the what's going to happen next the majority of active population and there are a lot of them it's the needle class you just mentioned not just the middle class he won't face kind of development developments he has much have a few scenarios it could be a conservative scenario that we don't understand what kind of scenario it would be . the other option would be a more aggressive one you know like to. have your support in implementing the family's initiatives going. along this aggressive scenario because they moved the key role will be played by those political forces
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that will have the majority of votes if we manage to wean in this election if the united russia party wins in this election if we win it in the presidential vote it's will ensure further development but. of course it's really important to assign various key positions to certain people and us need your support in this aspect. what. are. you. do with r.t. ally promote her and if you're just joining us we've been watching the russian a president dmitri medvedev i think his supporters say let's just briefly go about some of the items to be cut down on a president elected so i think of a broad range of issues let's start off with a bra. the russian president the outgoing president saying that it's it's important for the most popular member in russian politics to aspire to run the country and
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that medvedev has huge trust and admiration for prime minister vladimir putin they've been friends for twenty years their brothers in arms. saying that he does want to stay in politics and to continue to work for the future of russia on the issues of politics economics the culture of investment. strategies in modernization are in effect but they cannot simply work overnight and must go must work on building a modern democracy not copying america's version rather one that caters to the needs of russia if you have saying that russia is a vast country one method of efficient management would be to set up these to. a modern system of state governance and more details on our website i will touch on briefly november the nineteenth will be the main announcement from the united russia party as exactly who will lead the party i december is the parliamentary elections and then march the presidential elections are due stay with us here on out here again more details see dot com.
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