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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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great. soldiers. going global hundreds of cities join the occupy movement as people around the world say no to a culture of corporate control has boiled over in rome with the riot police using tear gas against protesters. and in other news here on syria divided the seven months long revolt sees the regime's supporting capital ready to wait for reforms. sided damascus want the president gone now.
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plus ukraine's attempts to spruce up its image ahead of it hosting twenty twelve football championships comes under fire from animal rights groups the government of burning stray dogs. worldwide news twenty four said this is all it's evolving from the sky with me. we've had enough that's the message being sent from many around the world to big business and the government as people in almost a thousand cities take their anger to the streets the occupy together movement which began in new york is now demanding global change i bet it is in the thick of it in the heart of london. well the slogan of the protests here in london is paid
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back now of course referring to the trillions of dollars paid in bonuses to senior banking executives over the last decade or so now in a time when taxpayers' money is continue to be used to bail out the banks at this time of crisis so that's what they're angry about now they've taken their protests to central london in the financial district the stock exchange the bank of england and here outside some paul's cathedral over here because they're actually being hamdeen by police caution we having some trouble covering the event actually because even though we're pressing a crazy pressure not actually being allowed for you know i understand from twitter there are three other police cordons in place branded this texas that's the that refers to the controversial police tactic handing in the protesters now these other cordons are in place outside the bank of england the london stock exchange according to twitter there's a there's thousands they're here on the steps as opposed to say group is around five hundred they're sitting there camped out with rucksacks tents sleeping bags they say they're not going to go away. joined now by author and journalist afshin
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rattansi to talk more about this now ashton there's not much coverage from media and then the media that is here is having some problems i was wrong with their coverage of this event in the british media is it getting enough london of course one of the epicenters of financial global capital this demonstration very different from london like the demonstrations of the late vijay cheese because they are targeting capitalism at its heart the city of london far more powerful arguably than the houses of parliament where we normally have demonstrations because these are the people the pay the elected representatives of the scotch would you saying this event that was getting the coverage it deserves as you alluded to a very dangerous tactics by the british police they are now allowing people through the living journalists through to that we get minimise numbers being covered in the mainstream media across the country to limit the understanding by the british people of how there are people supporting the ninety nine percent as they call them very dangerous tactics set. no freedom of the press today in the city of london
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helicopters overhead police kettling trapping the protesters in and not allowing protesters to grow more protesters through the road do you think they'll actually achieve anything here what will they actually get out of this it's difficult to see how demonstrations themselves in themselves are going to change change things because the nature of democracy is so destroyed in this country we know from the rupert murdoch scandal the way the british police were paid off by the media themselves their civic society in this country is super up and so destroyed and so out of touch with the lives of ordinary people who are suffering because of the obsession the religious obsession with catching the cutting the debt rather than keynesian keynesian economics. it's difficult to predict exactly what if utilized for these pages but it said to get a grip and just quickly this police tactic is that going to possibly move the militants that we saw with a rifle in the last two months ironically the deputy prime minister sporadic did
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riots because of cuts before the general election i think we're going to see more and more civil unrest on the streets of london and beyond in this country action resigns he thanks very much for speaking to us each other so we go from london the moment i will try and bring you more updates from not only the stock exchange but also bank of england where thousands of protesters are now being handed by police. i was asked is are going to now let's cross over there are. a lot of the anger about europe's financial meltdown has been centered on brussels the political heart of the e.u. hi daniel as we've seen the protests is going on in certain cities around the world any any signs where you are of concern among the politicians. well yes just as an l. turning up here at the central part of brussels they've come just a few hundred metres away from the european parliament building and they're creating here what they call an alternative parliament the people's parliament if you like one the process to say are not for the financial elites it comes on news
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of the latest banking outrage one of builders leading lenders takes here has been bailed out by the government it's an estimated cost of five thousand euros per person so the taxpayer is having to pay once again for bankers mistakes and there's been concern over the fact that the c.e.o. of the bank received as estimated six hundred thousand euro bonus last year despite leading the bank to into this crisis there's a huge police presence around me you see police on all sorts of vehicles to make sure they can contain them hey mean the protesters if they try to try to break out from here would also to say they've banned this group in fact this is illegal because they say there is no running water for them that's the excuse according to protesters for stopping them from actually officially camping here pitching our camp now we've been speaking to some of the protesters who have come from several different cities but the politician should speak for the people and not for the bankers i think that if we see if we can start there should be
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a really good beginning group of sentience to. be done in the front seat and we. need again to see them that can just. reach. bankers. and. ministries that. people actually never like banks look at the. this is an international movement people have. tried to get to this because this is considered the whole problem the e.u. had called to see if you like people of color for spain. really is a victory for us. they have been essentially protesting since may sixteenth of this year in fact for several months protesters were camped down here in the main square of the spanish capital where the sold the have to stand at that camp but for months they were out here they were demanding that the government do something other than
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implementers severe a sturdy measures because those have left people value jobs without homes without any opportunity for essentially a normalized people have been evicted from their homes because thousands literally have been losing their chance to to pay rent the chance to pay their mortgage loans the spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in the eurozone in fact it is the highest at twenty one percent it has a men's unemployment rate for the e.u. for citizens it's over forty five percent so of course that means that the most energetic part of the population the young and educated people are left about jobs and what does that mean that means that they're going out on the streets and they're making their voices heard they're just starting to get together from different places from different neighborhoods in madrid in fact it's not just the spanish capital that's going to participate in these marches it's basically several dozens of towns and cities across the entire country here in madrid b.
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couric meeting in their various neighborhoods because they have to have special quarters that up all over the place and they're going to walk down to the center to put the ball it's more or less conrad now there's still some people out there of course but there's going to be thousands literally thousands as there were months ago we're going to come here and they are going to voice their their opinion of what the government is doing or rather not doing loud and clear so we're still have for a very busy and very interesting day in madrid of course we'll bring you more as. we as we get from this capital. so as the occupy movement goes global let's try to track down exactly what's going on where people in almost a thousand cities and eighty two countries from asia and the americas to africa and europe are all united in protests in italy the police there are used tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds in the capital rome we're getting reports of about two hundred thousand people are marching there right now protesters i did smash up some shop windows and torched some cars as
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a demo against corporate greed and austerity measures did turn violent plumes of smoke was seen billowing near the coliseum and other parts of the city center then to germany thousands marched through frankfurt to the headquarters of the european central bank while others joined demonstrations in munich in cologne and crowds in athens also they raged against the bankers finance ca's and politicians they accuse of ruining their economy and condemning millions to poverty and hardship through greed and to hong kong people gathered in the financial district around the buildings of multinational corporations the protesters also taking to the streets of tokyo decrying big business and income inequality as well as directing their anger at nuclear power companies taiwan's capital taipei also played host to an occupy movement many rallied outside the city's financial tower which they see as a symbol of corporate greed. from the east to the west we put our focus now on the
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united states so where the occupy wall street movement all began in new york protesters are on saturday planning a mass march on a branch of chase bank to close their accounts followed by a rally at the military recruitment center in times square on friday scuffles broke out between police and activists as hundreds marched through lower manhattan at least fourteen people were arrested as the headed to wall street fresh accusations also of heavy handedness were leveled at the n.y.p.d. when. it's the most of a man being run over by a police scooter and another bit of footage of some being punched in the face by followers claims of police brutality last week officers were seen pepper spraying protesters in new york and beating them with. aussies and more importantly it has met a man who's made it his mission to let the world see what's really going on. from the mass demonstrations of support. to the disturbing images of police
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force day after day the world has been able to watch occupy wall street in action through global revolution t.v. a live web stream documentary on the ongoing corporate resistance and civil unrest growing and growing in the big apple it's not about one political party or that it's actually creating a platform to have this debate without it being manipulated by the powers that be five years ago live type was a derivatives trader on wall street today this thirty nine year old is among those camped out in zuccotti park protesting against the financial institutions he once worked for i saw a movie the believe combined with the call to system combined with the stool would be the biggest bomb in the what is it was in the saga world economy co-founded i launched global t.v. series weeks ago we're going to bring people into explain what's going on when the
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occupation movement began in new york we'll se people how to soothe the audio needs of the editor that this is our borders and how to make it go viral and the whole idea is that you creating is that in your throat and with this now that the movement has exploded worldwide the web channel will be broadcasting live streams for more than seventy countries and six hundred cities we're going to see more people that's going to be a thing because they will all the other square of felt much as we can. figuring out what's happening then taking their streams of putting them on the body will be shallow so this sort of a model for the replacement for c.n.n. says mainstream media outlets will be able to marginalize or spin the peaceful uprising as people from all over the world take to the streets demanding elected leaders begin working for the majority instead of the financial elites the worldwide movement if these principles of equality are going to define everything
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because we're busy creating the united nations it's a bit like united nations united people the people of the occupy movement take their first fight with the world's most powerful economic and political force and this is the first criticized and now spreading across the planet. artsy. and throughout the day our correspondents in europe and the us will bring you the very latest on the occupy together so do stay with r.t. live global coverage. structures like growing poverty in the. countries waiting for hours cutting jobs and social spending people across the globe against their government's economic policies follow the worldwide action against austerity live on cartoon. quarter past the hour here i'm also going to get to some other news for you after seven months of the regime demonstrations out over three thousand killed in
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crackdowns that the u.n. has warned that syria is heading for a full blown civil war with rumors of army defectors joining the opposition the gap between the two sides in the conflict appears to be widening. reports while people in the capital are calling for dialogue other parts of the country are demanding an end to the rule of president. well here in the center of the syrian capital it is very quiet today it's a day off for most people but of course they need that calm as the conflict in the country goes on between the government and its supporters and the opposition now what it wanted is clear though when we try to approach people here and bring up the issue because you can almost always carry into a heated debate a very emotional discussion depending on the standard they take those she meets and i see that they're not all positions we don't know who they are yet syria is under attack but we will not give up. in the hood look i was the opposition comes down be rational and go into dialogue with the regime i was the government will accept the
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opposition and be more open minded. but again we are going to mass the opinion we hear most here is that people are asking who is the opposition who is causing this instability and many of them bring up the words armed gangs they think that these are just people who want to destabilize the country of course this is a position that the government had taken from the very beginning of the conflict but it is a different story when you go outside of the capital we went to the city of understand it was a site of five days of fighting the three security forces and anti-government protesters and we felt the tension there there were so a lot of armed forces according to of course again the government they said that they were fighting against armed groups and were trying to create trouble for the locals there but according to some activists they are saying that these are not armed groups of these were peaceful protesters as well as army defectors with a strong army defecting defector contingent in the interest on it's very difficult a very fight the exactly what happened in the city because people are very hesitant
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to talk to get a result lot of military the army still in that city of but that is what's happening on the ground it's not very clear it's hard to get the truth on each matter but on the political level though president bashar al assad has said that he will set up a constitutional committee within the next couple of days to debate with the opposition various size of the opposition. constitutional reform. the dialogue should have a program and a timeline we must clearly understand what kind of results we want to achieve now one of the sticking points of the constitutional reforms is article eight which states that the ruling baath party is the leader of the state and the opposition says this no matter even if a multi-party system is introduced without repealing this article it will change anything again depends on the dialogue that both sides are going to have to take in full size role and see the government's the size always say at the end of the day it's not what is said it's this is serious both sides in doing what they see people
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do so it's down to the action in the next few months. after i started reporting right there are you with r.t. live from moscow and today president dmitry medvedev has addressed to his supporters taliban russia's course of modernization will continue he's preparing to take over as head of the ruling united russia party as for december's parliamentary elections r.t.s. you're going to regret over was there. these meeting could be described as an informal gathering of the president with what he describes as his supporters and those ranged from musicians and bloggers to he has of such companies as you call provider representatives from oil and gas companies those who support change supports me this was the key message of the president and the change according to dmitry medvedev is modernisation these informal meeting with journalists and interpret nurse was actually the first developed admits from a very pronounced at the united. way he would not be writing for a second presidential term but so in
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a way it was the place and the time to cross the t.'s and dot the i's so why would a politician whose popularity ratings with the voters are still so high give up the country's top job. and he said. i don't want to underestimate my own potential which is not usually realized to the full actually i can trust recruits of millions of people who brought me to power voted for. change as well as those people who believed in the need for our country's modernization and our economies modernization and our societies modernization i feel that i'm responsible for actually making a decision to stay in politics to continue my work and the ruling party strategical on with me from the bed as its new leader aims to show that the country would want to reduce its direct presence in a quantum e would want to reduce its state or which promotes independent professionals to the board of directors of state owned companies. reporting right there what are
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still to come your way later this hour here on r.t. but animal rights activists are all fired up over reports the ukraine as it's preparing to host the euro two thousand and twelve football series is all about throwing stray dogs into incinerators. ok now for some other headlines from around the world for you in brief time for the world update here on r.t. at least nine demonstrators have been killed dozens injured in violent protests across the yemeni capital sanaa security forces reportedly used live rounds tear gas and water cannons in the city center president saleh has been battling street demonstrations for months resisting sustained international calls for him to stand down. meanwhile fighting continues as the fierce a lengthy battle for the city of sirte drags on several people were also injured when gunfire broke out in tripoli for the first time since being taken over by the national transitional council when it is say the shooting began when
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a man was seen raising the green flag of could have his regime on a rooftop but the new government is still facing pockets of resistance all across the country. so natural leaders from the world's twenty richest nations meet in paris to try and find a fix for the world's financial woes the delegates are debating how europe should deal with its debt crisis some hope to get the i.m.f. to cough up more cash even though it's already funded about a third of a cost of bailing out struggling countries pressure has also been mounting on the eurozone to resolve its debt crisis made fears that economic stagnation could spread to neighboring countries. iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini lashed out at the united states for accusations could be a growing government was involved in an international assassination plot in an address to supporters the leader labeled american allegations a conspiracy against iran designed to isolate the country i mean time u.s.
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president barack obama says the plot to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to washington is an example of the iranian government's pattern of quote dangerous and reckless behavior. ukraine is a cleaning up ready to host next year's euro two thousand and twelve football tournament but that includes the burning of stray dogs in a mobile incinerator with locals claiming in some cases the defenseless animals are being burned alive or you may find some images in alexia shots report disturbing. the way first president michel platini was all smiles while inspecting key of the new stadium the ground of the huge twenty twelve championships five don't match but a box of a much smaller size has been delighting the authorities in rural ukraine several months ago local t.v. in the town of mrs jones capital reported a purchase over twenty thousand dollar immobile crematorium three destroying biological waste namely the dispensing of dead straight animals.
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discriminatory among wheels and are now able to cull the large areas including neighboring towns we had many objections but they all come to nothing in our fight against bites from stray dogs and the spread of infection tens of thousands of stray animals roam the streets of ukraine cities in this a chance cologne hundreds of residents are bitten by dogs every year that sounds authorities plans to first shoot the animals dead and then destroy their bodies in the mobile comments but in reality it turned into gruesome killings sparking outrage among the animal protection societies just over to the should the locals believe that the dogs are still alive but we don't have any evidence of what poison is used to kill them so we cannot say for sure that the only a few should way regulating the number of these animals is to sterilize rather than to kill them and we will stop demanding this happens in europe. over the past few decades stray animals practically disappeared there. the animal lovers outcry had
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a massive response on the internet an online petition was signed by almost two hundred thousand people some of them suggesting you were twenty twelve should not be held in a country that is so cool to its creatures that if. you do manage to cancel your two thousand and twelve is not unexpected but as a rule letters from citizens don't work back in two thousand and ten animal defenders addressed officials of mr platini then as deputy prime minister kalashnikov. to stop this outrage against animals. we haven't seen any results so far and it has been a sustained campaign and getting new agers chief to use his influence to stop this cruelty animal rights groups have been staging small schools in for three years at the multiplying number of those signing the petition would alarm europeans food news governing body first there had been strong doubts about ukraine's ability to host the championship some had even suggested it be moved elsewhere now with all
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the new stadiums in airports springing up but it seems there is no going back even with all the course to deprive ukraine of the tournament but animal rights activists say they will continue putting pressure on the authorities both here and . to have their voice heard. alexi russia ski r.t. reporting from kiev in ukraine. now at twenty five minutes past the hour here in moscow both stories eye catching videos blogs and i was always twenty four seven at r.t. dot com here's are just a couple of items online for you right now moscow's preparing a military response to washington's missile defense system in europe which it sees as a threat to its national security. and find out why one of the coldest and most inhospitable places in europe now extends a warm welcome to hundreds of immigrants from all around the world it's all online for you so you don't. get back to our top story here on r.t.
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as the u.s. based and corporate occupy movement goes global the resident host laurie huff took to the streets to ask new york's visitors what they think of the ongoing protests. as the occupy wall street movement sweeps the us what does the rest of the world think of it this week let's talk about that the banks are stronger than the political people this is not i think it's the same situation in germany you think and many people are very. angry you know it's hard working internationally and something everyone wants to come out of university and when we talk to. them it's not just about jobs it's about banks having too much political control is it just about being so or is it about corporate corporate.
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it's about it's it's disparity bridge that's capitalism we want we all want capitalism we all want but we also want we want to more social society where we have a quality you can have books anything is rather a mixed message coming out because you've got so many things they're asking for get out of afghanistan do this through that i think really should keep to the financial side perhaps and i get more people on there do you think something like this could happen in feeding people they're pretty complacent. yes do you think that americans became complacent and that kind of contributed to the problem. i can't speak for all americans i do know that i didn't see a movie it was a follow up to wall street. comment a body was called. yeah you know it's a way of life i think that's what. the world no matter what people think of occupy wall street the bottom line is here in the us the movement seems to have only just
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begun. and it's good to have you with us live from moscow i do stick around if you can for our global coverage of the escalating protests happening all around the world. right now back up.
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