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resoundingly over to the culture of corporate control reverberates across the globe was hundreds of cities joined the occupy movement. and in other news the syria divided the seven month long revolt says the regime supporting capital ready to wait for reforms while cities outside damascus want the president alex. plus ukraine's attempts to stop its image ahead of its hosting of the euro twenty four football championships come under fire from animal rights groups that use a government of burning stray dogs and live our top stories this hour. around
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the clock around the world this is r.t. live in moscow a global outcry against corporate greed has risen up and almost a thousand cities worldwide people have taken that anger to the streets saying their governments have been taken over by big business and the occupy wall street movement began in new york quickly spreading across the u.s. to sanjay's denver and washington among others and since going global with asia joining in the demands for change in europe to hundreds of cities are taking part in protests well now let's take a closer look at what's happening around the world with correspondents we've got marina of course in new york and also a little later daniel bushell in brussels but first to you marina. of course new
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york is the birthplace of this movement in a month of rallies and demonstrations are we seeing clashes arrests and indeed several cases of police brutality so what's the situation there now. well bill the situation now is extremely crowded i'm standing here in sioux qadi are where the occupy movement was born four weeks ago and i have to tell you this crowd is the largest that i have ever seen and others barely any room to stand in this park right now where protesters have been camped out for four weeks raising awareness of what they say are corporate greed they call it corporate greed corporate influence on u.s. politics but there are probably about that you know the police a thousand or two thousand people here but this is not the only place in new york city where protesters are gathering about a mile away in a washington square park a crowd of about a thousand people have gathered together. to reinforce the message of the occupy
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movement there was also a march that was taking place a few hours ago two hundred people walking to chase a day with a drawing there odd their bank accounts withdrawing their money and withdrawing their accounts there but all of this of course is leading up to a mass convergence that is planning to take place in times square thousands of people possibly tens of thousands of people are expected to show up so far as i mentioned things have been peaceful there is all large police presence in and around all over the city here and on wall street and all over all good so far we are not hearing any reports or see any reports of conflicts we did have a chance so to speak with with some of our those that have turned out today they're calling themselves revolutionaries not protesters here's a little bit of what they have to say.
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people aren't getting what they deserve people are still struggling they work their full time jobs they work overtime and yet there's people who can't even. you know hour a week to work. and i feel like that's a problem when everything is split streamlines i have to pay i have to pay for my car and pay for my health insurance to pay for my ransom my food in my utilities and i'm not the only person there's all these people out here that feel the same exact way and they just want to be represented. so a bill that's just a little bit all the lights on thousands of people are talking about here on the streets they also are armed with fact they approach journalists and say you know that the richest four hundred people in the u.s. make more than the bottom half of the population living in the u.s. and that's what this group is focusing on take huge to see that disparity between the rich and poor you know there's a feeling of victory among this crowd because they feel that this occupation
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movement has gone global but there's also a you. feeling of frustration because they are frustrated are allowed to officials are leaving this place. thanks very much indeed for that live ok. well as was the real point in new york we also have daniel push in brussels and madrid and also on the ballot in london so much is in the u.s. peaceful now as we just heard from marina what about europe as i say i bet it is there in london and i know we saw huge public unrest just a few months ago that in the capital city how things looking where you are at the moment today. was a worry that tempers could boil over a little bit earlier as police introduce a very strict code in other parts of places were not allowed into the protests no were they allowed to exit in a few arrests were made in the at least three were made that's according to the
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police twitter feed but since then the police presence has definitely dropped off there are there is still a number of police here but after that the crease and the cordon has been relaxed. the tempers has definitely relaxed too and the feeling amongst the protesters in the square behind you behind those police vans is quite buoyant actually it's almost a carnival atmosphere that people are chanting and playing drums and and and singing and dancing even as well and at the moment some news reports are saying is up to three thousand protesters there is difficult but a number is certainly a thousand they're gathered on the steps of the owners and paul's cathedral very nearby to the london stock exchange now talking to those protesters in terms of an out and out commerce sort of an end goal it seems to be slightly unfocused their protest but that's not really the point you soon realize that talk to them the point here is for them to register their anger because that's the thing that's galvanizing everyone here the thousands of protesters are gathered here they're
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angry that their money in taxpayers' money has continued to be spent to bail out banks they're angry that the people in charge of those banks who they see as the architects architects of the economic crisis are being rewarded with bonuses and they're angry that the way the country is being run in and the phrase is continuously being used today is that we are the ninety nine percent what that refers to is that they're the majority who make up this country yet that they do not have a say in how the countries run so they're saying it's now time to take back some cow now i'm joined now to talk more about this by t. matthews who is a prominent anti cuts campaign team thanks very much for speaking to r.t. now first of all what prompted this process and how's organized well as tom silva see by occupy wall street and the other occupations that we've seen in america and across the world and over see previous anger that's been expressed by students and anti cuz activists so that was the beginning the real emotional basis of it and an international day of action was called for the fifteenth and that seemed play was
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one hundreds of events and actions taking place across the world today what is it exactly that you want and how are you going to figure that out i think you're right to say that it's mick. two things we both want the politics to change so that's the way our fairs are run so we need to facilitate a space whereby the ninety nine percent can be heard we need to increase participation so the whole point of the demonstration is to make people feel empowered feel that they can have a say in the way decisions are made that's the basic fundamental right a need in society today and that's why we're starting with our process here clearly then once you've established that process and it's repeated hopefully as many places across the world in our country then you will start to see the policy changes we really require and also supported by the mass of people that means massive reforms to the banking system and so the cops program and. the democratic reforms in this country how far even paid to go here i see people are still of ten so they really going to camp out here i think so i mean people have been saying our
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people have been bringing food and drinking people being in pain being generated power generators and statement toilets all the things they need to sustain themselves because this is not just about a day it's not a flash in the pan this is about a permanent change the way society is run and people take it very seriously and are very angry but also very buoyant and as you say enthusiastic making a change and a very committed staying here present as possible in the weeks running up to this the mainstream media in britain and i would say ridicule this move in a little bit do you think they retaken you seriously. i mean for me i can oppose down to your point about the ninety nine percent for me that is the bad ass the real constituency i worry about is more about how we reach and bringing more people into the movement now what needs to happen is the mainstream media needs taken seriously or realise that we have a massive for the population in this country around the world so for me the best thing the mainstream media can do that and yes take it seriously and so by gallup
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it goes back to the fed i'm more worried about what the public think i think that support us and as a spy. to matthies thanks very much as things are. so just going to hear people who . soon realize that people really do think they're going to affect some sort of change their lives really digging their heels in people i've spoken to they said are tense april stows even brought they kids here they really prepared to go to whatever it is whatever measures it takes to to affect that change there is an issue of this being private property there is some concern from the police that they will have to be moved on and people are prepared to go wherever they were they were they can to really have their voice heard either thanks very much indeed the ballot live there in london while much of europe saying it has been focused on the political center of the matter is calls brussels and the new question is there the new politicians listening to all of this. protest is all turning up here the central park across those of sorties initially refused them access saying there was
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no running water for them which was met with a lot of skepticism protesters thinking it was just an excuse but they have been given permission now to camp here to create cooling and alternative coalmines which serves the people not the financial elites of course the latest banking outrage here is one of belgium's leading lenders pyxia has been bailed out by the government to mr mated call to the taxpayer five thousand euros per person and meanwhile a c.e.o. was promised a six hundred thousand euro bonus last year for leading the banks to the brink of collapse takes his headquarters here in boston i think we can see pictures of this activist actually broke windows they sprayed slogans several were arrested vandalized the building of dixie or paint protesters are calling themselves nor those in the ignorant to the economic crisis caused by pain because they say one of them is they who is actually
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a wristed today that sort of thing and what happened when you were arrested. well it was actually a very funny situation i was just walking past the decks your head coaches the police. try to start arresting three young people three youngsters you had paint on their hand. they were. these people might have been crazy to you and so i was just put in a whole bunch of ten people who was arrested i'd have any paint on my hands but i guess it doesn't matter in a police state whether you really do vandalize or not what really mattered was to take as many protesters as possible in and to intimidate them and make sure that they don't come back next time around. that. i have come here today i was here a week ago i've been here for a week now i've come here because i think it's really important that someone does something about about the current situation it's more it's more than just protest
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against the the entire elite in system it's an active proactive position of taking part in a movement that is offering something better. than this move was actually achieved right well i think i think very much can be achieved by this movement i think the scale of the movement is fairly yet understood by most commands ace's i mean when you see what's happening all around the world in india and in chile and so on i think clearly we have the potential to achieve something worldwide i think something worldwide it could be achieved one simple example would be restructuring the world financial system a reform of the i.m.f. first and foremost i think is one of our first objectives i think is a world kind of movement even though it's not all movements it's clear that we do have ideological. brotherhood kinship in ideological terms in terms of wanting to put the cows really in and of the citizens as opposed to the hand of the rich sensitive because we don't believe their representatives really
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represent is that kind of one of our slogans they don't represent one of the indignados there think you know the just is peaceful at the moment but as the numbers grow. plans to stay here all night they're pitching up camps so as the numbers grow we will bring you the latest news thanks very much and the daniel bushell there in brussels and now to elena klitschko she is in madrid the capital of a country which has europe's worst unemployment at twenty one percent just how much momentum is there among activists in. well i have to say that in fact there's a love of i would say there in full force right now there is that tens of thousands of people on the on the implicit insult which is that's really the heart of the standards kept out of if you can hear it right now but they're there and people are cheering and bagging on the walls on the buildings because this is actually mazing like opera house just that he said that in london the mood is sort of festive and
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that is exactly what we are feeling ferrite now in fact the protesters have brought out a string orchestra with them we have been performing for the last hour and a half people have been singing songs even dancing for them it's not so much a demonstration of outrage at this point for them it's a celebration of the global community of people uniting the world over to bring about change and that's what the posters that we have seen are talking about and top of it that people sure managed managed somehow to put together not just the home issues like you have said unemployment and outreaches to housing costs that those are not the only things that they're protesting against in fact we have seen some of libyan and palestinian flags brought out there have been posters which say that capitalism is destroying those countries so as you as you can see people in spain have actually managed to put the recent political events along with the occupy movement along with the indignados movement and it does not look like
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they're going to go home anytime soon i think we're in for a very interesting vigorous night of demonstrations right now it's very peaceful although just about a month ago demonstrators were dispersed by police but at this point it looks like out there are set out here to camp out to play music and to make their voices heard and in english go in madrid that the new bush rule in brussels on the ballot in london arena for the. site you will for the moment. well as the occupy movement goes global let's try to track. what's going on and where people in almost a thousand cities in eighty two countries from asia and the americas to africa and europe are united in protests dozens were injured in the road as italian police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds protesters smashed shop windows torched cars and hold bottles as the demo against corporate greed and austerity measures turned violent the defense ministry building was also sort of blase plumes
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of smoke was seen brewing near the coliseum and other parts of the city center. in berlin police clashed with protesters after they tried to break through security barriers to running the parliament fences away as police try to restore order and crowds in athens raged against the bankers announcers and politicians they accuse of ruining their economy and millions to poverty and hardship trusters of also taken to the streets of tokyo crying big business and income inequality as well as directing their anger at nuclear power companies taiwan's capital taipei also played host to an occupy movement many rallied outside the city's financial tower which they view as a symbol of corporate excess. well throughout the day our correspondents in europe and the us will bring you the latest on the occupy together ready so do stay with us here on r.t. for our special coverage. sponsored by growing poverty unemployment feeling. anger is by the country's wage inflation as well cutting jobs and social
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spending people across the globe rise up against their government's economic policies follow the worldwide action against austerity live on cartoon. to other news this hour after seven months of anti regime demonstrations and over three thousand killed in crackdowns the un has warned that syria is heading for a full blown civil war and with rumors of army defectors joining the opposition a gap between the two sides in the conflict appears to be widening as all of these tests are silly reports while people in the capital of calling for dialogue other parts of the country are demanding an end to the rule of president the sack. well here in the center of the syrian capital it is very quiet today it's a day off for most people but of course beneath that calm as the conflict in the country goes on between the government and its supporters and the opposition now what it one thing is clear though when we try to approach people here and bring up the issue of the cause they could almost always turns into a heated debate a very emotional discussion depending on the stand it may take three months i see
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that there are implements not all positions we don't know who they are yet syria's undercharged responses but we will not give up in the in the huddle position calms down the rational and go into dialogue with the regime i was the government works of the opposition and be more open minded. but again we are in damascus opinion we hear most here is a people are asking who is the opposition who is causing this instability and many of them bring up the words armed gangs the big that these are just people who want to destabilize the country of course this is a position that the government had taken from the very beginning of the conflict but it is a different story when you go outside of the capital we went to the city of understand it was decided by this of fighting between security forces and anti-government protesters and we felt the tension there there was a lot of armed forces according to of course again the government they said that they were fighting against armed groups who were trying to create trouble for the local so that according to some activists so they are saying that these are not
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armed groups that these were peaceful protesters as well as army defectors with a strong army defecting the factor contingent in all just on is very difficult to verify at least the exactly what happened in the city because people are very hesitant to talk again there is still a lot of military the army still in that city of but that is what's happening on the ground it's not very clear it's hard to get the truth on each matter but on the political level though president bashar al assad has said that he will set up a constitutional committee within the next couple of days to debate with the opposition various sides of the opposition on. constitutional reform ok we're in a dialogue should have a program and a timeline we must clearly understand what kind of results we want to achieve a lot of the sticking points of the constitutional reform is article eight misstates of the ruling baath party is the leader of the state and the opposition says that this matter even if a multi-party system is introduced without repealing this article it won't change
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anything but again that depends on the dialogue that both sides are going to have to take and both sides pro and anti government sides always say at the end of the day it's not what is said it's the sincerity of both sides in doing what they say it will do so it's down to the action in the next few months. that's not silly that here in moscow present an interim event is addressed his supporters telling them russia's course of modernization will continue is preparing to take over as head of the ruling united russia party for december's parliamentary elections are going to try over this and in the course. these meeting could be described as an informal gathering of the president with what he describes as his supporters and those ranged from musicians and bloggers to the hads of such companies as polk river representatives from oil and gas companies those who support change supported me this was the key message of the president and the change according to dmitry
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medvedev is modernisation these informal meeting with journalists and interpret nurse was actually the first after which from a very pronounced at the united russia party congress that he would not be running for a second presidential term but so in a way it was the place and the time to cross the t.'s and dot the i's so why would a politician whose popularity ratings with the voters are still so high give up the country's top job. he said. i don't want to underestimate my own potential which is not usually realized to the full actually you can frustrate the hopes of millions of people who brought you to power and you voted for pin their hopes of change as well as those people who believed in the need for our country's modernization of our economies modernization and our societies modernization i feel that i'm responsible for it and i taken a decision to stay in politics to continue my work and the willing part is to teach applied with me from the very as its new leader aims to show that the country would want to reduce its presence in economy would want to reduce its state own shares
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and promote independent professionals to the board of directors of state owned companies. coming your way later in this hour animal rights activists all thawed out bats over a force of ukraine is preparing to host the euro twenty twelve by throwing stray dogs into mobile incinerators. so that story still to come but first let's have a look at some other headlines in brief from around the world financial leaders from the world's twenty richest nations met in paris to try and find a solution to the world's financial woes the delegates pledged to siphon cash into the i.m.f. to ensure it was able to bolster the flagging economies of the euro zone most unstable countries he was supposed to punt coughing up more money as it already met about a third of the cost of bailing out struggling nations france's pylons minister call for decisive measures to tackle the eurozone debt crisis. at least nine
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demonstrators have been killed and dozens injured in violent protests across the yemeni capital sanaa security forces reportedly used live rounds tear gas and water cannons in the city center president saleh has been battling street demonstrations for months resisting sustained international calls for him to stand. here while fighting continues in libya as the fierce lengthy battle for the city of sirte drags on several people were also injured when gunfire broke out in tripoli for the first time since being taken by the national transitional council when to say the shooting began when a man was seen raising the green flag of gadhafi regime on a rooftop and the government is still facing pockets of resistance across the country. iran supremum leader ayatollah ali khamenei lashed out at the united states for accusations that the iranian government was involved in an international assassination plot an address to supporters either labeled american allegations a conspiracy against iran designed to isolate the country as president barack obama
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says the plot to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to washington is an example of the iranian government's pattern of dangerous and reckless behavior. ukraine is cleaning up ready to host next year's euro two thousand and twelve but that includes the burning of stray dogs and a mobile incinerator with locals claiming in some cases the defenseless animals of burned alive may find some images and actually have a shot he's report disturbing you a first president michel platini was all smiles while inspecting cleaves new stadium the ground of the hewer twenty two well football championships final match but a box of a much smaller size has been delighting the authorities in will ukraine several months ago a local t.v. in the town of recent jones capital reported a purchase over twenty thousand dollar immobile crematorium for destroying biological waste and namely the dispensing of dead straight animals. we put
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discriminatory among wheels and are now able to cull the large areas including neighboring towns we had many objections they all come to nothing in our fight against bites from stray dogs and the spread of infection tens of thousands of stray animals roam the streets of ukraine cities in this accounts cologne hundreds of residents are bitten by dogs every year the sounds of the first shoot the animals dead and then destroy their bodies in the morgue. but in reality we turned into gruesome killings squatting outrage among the animal protection societies closer to the locals believe that the dogs are still alive but we don't have any evidence of what poison is used to kill them so we cannot say for sure that the only efficient way regulating the number of these animals is to sterilize rather than to kill them and we will stop demanding this happens in europe over the past few decades stray animals practically disappeared their. the enema lovers outcry
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had a massive response on the internet an online petition was signed by almost two hundred thousand people some of them suggesting you were twenty twelve should not be held in a country that is so cool to its creatures that have been able. to manage to cancel your two thousand and twelve is not unexpected as a rule letters from citizens don't work back in two thousand and ten hon defenders addressed officials of mr ponsonby then as deputy prime minister kalashnikov to stop this outrage against animals it's been a year and we haven't seen any results so far and it has been a sustained campaign at getting you a first chief to use his influence to stop this cruelty animal rights groups have been staging small protests against school to for three years but the multiplying number of those signing the petition now we do our european football's governing body at first there had been strong doubts about ukraine's ability to host the championship some had even suggested it be moved elsewhere now with all the new
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stadiums in airports springing up it seems there is no going back even with all the costs to deprive ukraine of the tournament but animal rights activists say they will continue putting pressure on the authorities both in clear and ad to have their voice heard alexi russia fifty c. reporting from kia in ukraine. all stories eye catching video blogs and analysis all there for you twenty four seven at all to dot com that's our website here's just some of what's online there at the moment los goes preparing a military response to washington's planned missile defense system in europe which it sees as a threat to national security. also find out why one of the coldest and most hospitable places in europe now extends a warm welcome to hundreds of immigrants from around the world all of the infield twenty four hours a day don't call. or stay with us for our global coverage of the escalating occupy. and you got a protest happening right now all around the world where life back in
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