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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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our top story the occupy movement goes up global with almost a thousand cities across the world witnessing an unprecedented outpouring of public anger against corporate greed and financial mismanagement. and in other news at the u.n. warns of syria could be on the verge of a civil war with many in damascus and backing president assad while the sense of continues to grow inside the capital. and ukraine's attempts to clean up its image before the euro two thousand and twelve but football championships turned into a p.r. disaster after animal rights groups accusing the government of burning stray dogs
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of live. broadcasting live direct from our studios in central moscow this is r.t. certainly glad to have you with us let's get right to our top story a global outcry against corporate greed has risen up in almost a thousand cities worldwide people have taken their anger to the streets saying their governments have been taken over by big business the occupy wall street movement began in new york quickly spreading across the u.s. to los angeles denver and washington among others it has since gone global with asia joining in the demands for change in europe to hundreds of cities are taking part in the protests let's now take a closer look at what's happening around the world with our correspondents first let's get the latest from archies lucy catherine off in new york and we'll be with her in just a second and we know that things are getting tense there in times square what more
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a way it doesn't look like saying i'm. forty three but. i'm able to. work things that we thought were very important question. what the potential partner for peace here that is there really is. a little bit from you know why we are here holding holding the right moment to get them. all right thank you very much and we know things are tense there so stay safe we will keep you updated on the events in new york later in the program we'll be courting one from our correspondent were important point i have there as well. and now to europe there is a round up from our correspondents that are following the situation there. well people are shelling out slowly no sign of tiredness or still i would say a couple thousand camped out here in central square all of my dread and could have
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been sold and is here is it as we have said before it looks like a power wall street movement has inspired thousands of people across the globe well there are some who believe that it all started right here in madrid in the middle of may one thousand the people have gathered to protest against the government's austerity measures because as you may have heard the state is going through some incredibly hard financial times and they have been protesting for the last several months on and off in fact they have camped out here in the square for sarah for a month and a house just the summer and these people here believe that they're actually making a change in their voices are being heard let's hear the well let's have a listen to what those activists from the fifteen m. movement had to say about their cause. of calls it isn't possible changes take time but we want those who are at the top understand that common people want change and how much we want to eat them. but it is not just because i was job with
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several months ago many of my friends are out of work in the situation is rather difficult if you do nothing nothing will change but i thought if that was and we want to transport and results. we saw the arab spring then the spanish summer the american autumn and now will face a global winter a look like quite have to go for these people here but you have to understand for them it's not just a matter of corporate domination for them it's a matter literally off surviving a lot of them have invested money and time into education we're talking about people who are twenty four to thirty five years old they're basically the we are the people who should be moving forward but they cannot afford not just to they can't get a job and therefore they can't afford to get homes they cannot afford to start families so for them really it's a very significant issue so they are determined to make their voices heard and of course. there are their concerns are being was told over europe and our team has correspondents in other cities as well let's get now the latest from our
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correspondent daniel bushell and ivor that is count who are in brussels and london they will bring us the latest on what's happening in european countries crowd to this point the cold is getting bigger and it's getting angrier sheltering slogans against the banks and the governments which keep risking them with public money also teach first tried to ban this grouping saying there was no running water for them which many stores an excuse to stop them getting together but they have finally given in to the weight of numbers and they now plan an all noise alternative callable what they're calling which is full the people in the interests of the people not before notional elites now the latest scandal is a big sea of one of goldman's largest lenders which or has it been bailed l just now by the government to do to the estimated over costing five thousand euros per taxpayer along saw it the c.e.o. of that bank being promised for last year a bonus of six hundred thousand euros in practice for practically leading the bank
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to the brink of collapse no the people have also been shocked by the e.u.'s reaction when it was all about the significance of the protest a spokesperson for the european commission just all said what does it mean to us. to the e.u. employment commissioner just the protests protesters should go to frankfurt instead of brussels train for being the home of the european central bank central to this euro crisis at the moment to national movement people are coming here from all across europe people have actually mauch for months by food for example from the likes of spain to get here seeing brussels really is the heart of the e.u. and the problem here. for the last part the protests today have been very peaceful but the atmosphere here is just suddenly the last tiem i was going to law. more tense that's because the police which are in still in vast numbers here and you can see the line of police vans behind me to protest a gallop behind there the police have been trying to disperse the last few
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remaining hundred hardcore protesters from the steps in front of the cathedral they say they're trying to disperse and peacefully they set up a cordon around them they're not letting anyone into that cordon bleu they want to people to leave but they did as they started to disperse those people on the on the page of the protesters they didn't want to move they say they have a right to remain on the on the sidewalk there and to carry out their protest peacefully. when they didn't move the. actions did escalate there was a lot of pushing and shoving arrests were made i think and see some of those pictures now a lot of shouting police have brought out dogs as well and and as the crowd chanted shame on you to the police is there the temp of the atmosphere got a lot a lot more tense now not quite sure is going to happen now because what the police want to do is disperse these protests because they say this is private property they have no right to remain here now as for the protesters earlier today there were reports of almost three thousand people being present there certainly well
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over a thousand pound talking to them in terms of. an end goal is their kind of passing a little bit disorganized but talking to these you realize that's not really the point the point of why they're here today is is because it's just to register their anger and that's really what's galvanizing all of them anger that their money taxpayers' money is continuing to be spent on bailing out banks they're angry that the people in charge of those banks are still getting bonuses and they see that as the architects of the economic disaster as it is being rewarded now also just generally angry at the way the country's being run and the phrases being continuously used today in terms of a slogan for today's action is we are the ninety nine percent they say they are there they make up the vast majority of this country they have no control of how the country's being run today they say this is their chance to strike back and this is. some of them had to say how could. i pray to subutex a secret so who knows i was i can secure food that i stay focused days possible the
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slogan that began on wall street we are the ninety nine percent oppose in britain as well because we know the bankers and the bosses are getting bailed out by the government and we are being forced to pay the price without speaking to people is really amazing that you can really get a sense that they think they really beginning just have a say here and they something will really change to the reading in the heels of people we still use tends to setting up can't get their way they might not be able to spend the night here but they're prepared to go somewhere else because they really think this is the start of something they could change something similar to the occupy wall street because if heard from marine corps no new york and every pair did stay for as long as it takes until they have their voice heard. now as our trees are rebel it daniel bush will end it in a political rounding up the coverage and there in europe will be keeping up with them throughout the night and earlier we spoke with alex of vitali who is
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a sociology professor at brooklyn college in new york he's also taken part in the demonstrations and says the protesters are becoming more coordinated. but i think we have to think about this as a broad movement rather than a particular action or particular organization and i think we are seeing some more specific demands come out of particular actions here in new york city this week there were some specific demands spoke forward by some of the demonstrations including continuing attacks on millionaires and i think in many ways the u.s. is kind of late to the game that we've seen these demonstrations against austerity against corruption against concentrated economic and political power around the world and so what's important is not so much the specific demands but the fact that there is a now a connected and coordinated global movement that's calling attention to what i think is pretty transparent to everyone which is a kind of corrupt relationship between economic and political elites around the world. breaking news this hour tensions rise in times square with
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a heavy police presence including anti-terrorist units deployed let's go back to new york and talk to our correspondent kareen important about what's happening in the big apple number in a thanks for june joining us you have been in times square what can you tell us. we were there up until about fifteen minutes ago my cameraman and i we both just were able to break free run back to the studio the crowd there is unprecedented we're about a mile away from times square at this moment but there are at least i'd say about twenty thousand people it looks like it's new year's eve in times square except these are all members of the occupy movement out there peacefully protesting there is a very very tense energy in the crowd as you mentioned and my producer elise accounts not mentioned earlier there is a counterterrorism police force that came out we saw right right police that
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started coming out into the streets and this is a crowd i have to mention that is not just young young people or older people there are families there there are kids there and i from what i saw and i was there for a few hours there would be nothing to merrit counter terrorism officials and right police to come out into the street there was netting that was also see lucy. was kept up was stuck behind barricades we managed to break free to get back here but as i mentioned we're about a mile away and we just heard about twenty police cars just there sirens going from where we are in midtown manhattan on the east side heading towards times square when we were able to break free they were not letting any more people in they tried to sort of lock people in certain sections but the crowd is enormous and you know we're just chanting their message and bringing their message to the crossroads of the world which times square is known as but i have to underscore it it felt quite
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tense it was unclear why right police were coming out counterterrorism officials were coming to the scene because this was a peaceful protest while we were there to witness you know you've been following this for the past few months can you give me an idea of what's the difference in energy or how things changed today than in the past. sean i have to tell you i did not expect to see the amount of people i saw in times square today i guess the best way to paint that picture is that it looked like it was new year's eve in times square every street was full of all the people you know had a relatively optimistic kind of positive energy but they came together through a common a common sense of frustration and their message was clear they believe that they are the ninety nine percenters and they believe that their their country is being governed and being and their elected officials are pandering to the one percent the
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richest the wealthiest in the u.s. and if anything this sentiment that's been that's been said by the occupy movement for the past four weeks from wall street and now that has gone global that sentiment being you know there's sick of the wealth disparity between rich and poor sick of the banks being bailed out the financial institutions being bailed out that message went from being allowed to being just enormous it was just you know it's overwhelming the amount of people in times square that came together to join the occupy movement and say they are demanding a new system and they are demanding that their elected officials begin working for them it was on a platform that it has not been seen thus far and i think it's quite surprising to see it take place here in the u.s. they said that they got some inspiration occupy movement so they were inspired in part by the arab spring inspired in part by what has been seen in spain and greece
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but this in the u.s. i don't think something like this has been seen in quite a while all right thanks and as this movement goes global well you are there at the center of things where it all started. broadcasting from new york will be back with you as things become more heated there as the night progresses thanks for joining us. now rome also witnessed occupy wall street movement protests during violent turning violent as tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the italian capital venting their fury against corporate greed demonstrators smashing shop windows and the torch cars before being dispersed by police using tear gas and water cannon plumes of smoke were seen a billing near the coliseum and other parts of the city some museums were also forced to close down and at least one theater transferred to show. toronto. a journalist and presenters says a more radical element has hijacked the protest. there were two demonstration
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one huge demonstration one hundred thousand people it was exactly the same liking met three. people with no future but educated people with a. university degree with not only no chance and that was the majority of the people then there was another. five so-called black blogs they were in the beginning of the demonstration and they started to attack police and police reacted very mildly because they used. small poems but no really made you water cannons that night but they're usually the reaction of the police was very. calm not to not exaggerate and our correspondents will be keeping you updated on all of the developments from the occupy together rallies in europe and the u.s. as they happen stay with our special coverage. on the other knows at this
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hour with over three thousand people killed in syria since anti regime demonstrations began seven months ago the un rights chief has warned that the country is heading for a full blown civil war the unrest is showing no sign of waiting as people in the capital are calling for dialogue while other parts of the country demanded the end of president assad's rule archies has arsole a filed this report for us from the syrian capital damascus. well here in the center of the syrian capital it is very quiet today it's a day off for most people but of course beneath that calmness the conflict in the country goes on between the government and its supporters and the opposition now what it one thing is clear though when we try to approach people here and bring up the issue of the cause they could almost always tear and skin to a heated debate a very emotional discussion depending on the standard they take through those she meets i see good pullman snorkeled positions we don't know who they are yet syria is under attack for its terms but we will not give up in the in the hard good work
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i was there because it comes down be rational and go into a dialogue with the regime i was the government will accept our position and be more open minded. but again we are in to mask the opinion we hear most here is that people are asking who is the opposition who is causing this instability and many of them bring up the words armed gangs they think that these are just people who want to destabilize the country of course this is a position of the government had taken from the very beginning of the conflict but it is a different story when you go outside of the capital you went to the city of understand it was the site of five days of fighting between security forces and anti-government protesters and we felt the tension there there was a lot of armed forces i'm according to of course again the government they say that they were fighting against armed groups who were trying to create trouble for the local so that according to some activists they are saying that these are not armed groups that these were peaceful protesters as well as army defectors with a strong army defecting defector contingent in all just on. it's very difficult
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a very fight obesity exactly what happened in this city because people are very hesitant to talk and get to still a lot of military the army still in that city a but that is what's happening on the ground it's not very clear it's hard to get the truth on each matter but on the political levels of president bashar al assad has said that he will set up a constitutional committee within the next couple of days to debate with the opposition various the size of the opposition on constitutional reform what is the dialogue should have a program and a timeline we must clearly understand what kind of results we want to achieve now one of the sticking points of the constitutional reform is article eight which states of the ruling baath party is the leader of the state and the opposition says that this no matter even if a multi-party system is introduced without repealing this article it won't change anything but again depends on the dialogue that both sides are going to have to take and what size role and see all the governments aside i always say at the end
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of the day it's not what is said it's this series of all sides in doing what they say they will do so it's down to the action it next few months. ok so far so we are there in syria now here in moscow president meeting with get of has addressed his supporters telling them that russia's course of modernization will continue he is preparing to take over as head of the ruling united russia party for december's parliamentary elections because of our children listen to. these meeting could be described as an informal gathering of the president with what he describes as his supporters and those ranged from musicians and bloggers to the hads of such companies as call provider representatives from oil and gas companies those who support change supports me this was the key message of the president and the change according to their if is modernization of these informal meeting with journalists and interpret nurse was actually the first you have to admit from a very pronounced at the united russia party congress that you would not be running
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for a second presidential term so in a way it was the in place and the time to cross the t.'s and dot the i's so why would a politician whose popularity ratings with the voters are still so high five of the country's top job. i don't want to underestimate my potential which is not usually been realized to the full that's when i can frustrate the hopes of millions of people who brought me to power devoted forty pin their hopes of change as well as those people who believed in the need for our country's modernization every kind of news modernization and our society's modernization i feel that i'm responsible for it and i've taken a decision to stay in politics to continue my work and the ruling party strategical on with me from the bed as its new leader aims to show that the country would want to reduce its direct presence in a quantum he would want to reduce the. state old show and promote independent
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professionals to the board of directors of state owned companies. more stories capturing video blogs and analysis of their twenty four seven and arjan dot com here's just some of what's online for you right now. moscow is of preparing a response to washington's planned missile defense system in europe which it sees as a threat to national security. and to find out why one of the coldest and most inhospitable places in europe. welcome to hundreds of immigrants from around the world that are online at r.t. dot com. in preparation for next year's euro two thousand and twelve football tournament ukraine is a cleaning up and that includes clearing the streets of stray dogs locals say in some cases the animals are not being properly euthanized and are burned alive just a little bit of warning you may find some of the images and. report that struck you a first president michel platini was all smiles while inspecting cleaves new
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stadium the ground of the euro twenty well football championships final match but a box of a much smaller size has been delighting the authorities in will rule ukraine several months ago a local t.v. in the town of recent jones' capital reported a purchase over twenty thousand dollar immobile crematorium for destroying biological waste namely the dispensing of dead stray animals. we put this crime of turin on wheels and are now able to cut a large areas including neighboring towns we had many objections but they all come to nothing in our fight against whites from strange dogs and the spread of infection tens of thousands of stray animals roaming the streets of ukraine cities in this a chance alone hundreds of residents are bitten by dogs every year the sounds of the routines plans to first shoot the animals dead and then destroy their bodies in the morgue. but in reality it turned into gruesome killings sparking outrage among
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the animal protection society just as it did or should the locals believe that the dogs are still alive but we don't have any evidence of what poison is used to kill them so we cannot say for sure the only official way regulating the number of these animals is to sterilize rather than to kill them and we will stop demanding this happens in europe over the past few decades stray animals practically disappeared their. the animal lovers outcry had a massive response on the internet and online petition was signed by almost two hundred thousand people some of them suggesting you were twenty twelve should not be held in a country that is so cruel to its creatures that it. demands to cancel your two thousand and twelve is not unexpected as a rule letters from citizens don't work back in two thousand and ten animal defenders addressed officials of mr clarke to me then as deputy prime minister kalashnikov to stop this outrage against animals it's been a year and we haven't seen any results so far and it has been
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a sustained campaign that getting us to use his influence to stop this cruelty animal rights groups have been staging loud small protests against school to kill three years but cannot apply a number of those signing the petition now would alarm european football's governing body at first there have been strong doubts about ukraine's ability to host the championship some had even suggested it be moved elsewhere now with all the new stadiums in airports springing up but it seems there is no going back even with all the course to deprive ukraine of the tournament but animal rights activists say they will continue putting pressure on the authorities both in clear and add to have their voice heard. alexi rachelle ski r.t. reporting from kiev in ukraine. and now for a look at some other headlines in brief from around the world. financial leaders from the world's a twenty richest nations are met in paris to try and find
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a solution to the world's financial world's delegates pledged to siphon cash into the i.m.f. to ensure it was able to bolster the flagging economies of the euro zone's most unstable countries the u.s. opposes the fund got more money as it's already met about a third of the cost of bailing out struggling nations france's finance minister called for decisive measures to tackle the eurozone debt crisis. meanwhile fighting continues in libya as the fierce a lengthy battle for the city of syria's drags on several people were also injured when gunfire broke out in tripoli on saturday for the first time since being taken by the national transitional council witnesses say the shooting began when a man was seen raising the green flag of cut off his regime on a rooftop the new government is still facing pockets of resistance across the country. at least nine demonstrators have been killed and dozens injured in violent protests across the yemeni capital sanaa security forces reportedly used to live
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rounds tear gas and water cannons in the city center president saleh has been battling street demonstrations for months resisting it sustained international calls for him to stand down. iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei lashed out at the united states for accusations that the iranian government was involved in an international assassination plot in an address to supporters of the leader labeled american allegations that a conspiracy against iran is to isolate the country u.s. president barack obama says the plot to kill saudi arabia is a bastard to washington is an example of the iranian government's pattern of a dangerous and reckless behavior. and while i will be back with a recount of our top stories in just a few moments stay with r.t. .
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