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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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if you just joined us a very warm welcome this is that we can hear a lot to talk stories now rapidly growing anti corporate protests in new york mr fierce police response and the manhattan standoff at least over seventy arrests and will treatment against the role big banks and corporations played in america's economic plight is now in its fourth week. just getting going elsewhere with calls for economic inequality resonating and similar protests in hundreds of cities around the world and some european capitals fall in scuffles broke out as people lashed out over the government's stifling of sturdy counts.
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principle the prime minister faces new charges just two days after being sentenced to seven years jail for abusing her power when signing gas deals with russia the verdict clashes between her supporters and the police and that's a harsh criticism from russia the e.u. and the u.s. . and syria's president is promising a new constitution which is a key demand of the lethal protests that have been raging for seven months it comes after the u.n. one of the country's plunging into a full scale civil. temperance up to date for the moment well coming up next it's our extended report from one of the most infamous richest and most powerful criminal bosses in history pablo escobar stay with us for that. on the tarmac of bogota airport a family looks out of place these are no ordinary people it's the family of pablo
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escobar the colombian cocaine godfather and the most wanted criminals on us. they had hoped to seek refuge in frankfurt but the german authorities immediately each on the back. of. the escobar family comprises the song on top rope and his arms his young system on a way out. and bringing up the rear maria victoria stubble escobar was like. that tired and their will and most of all they're scared about escobar has been on the run for sixteen months and is no longer the old powerful drug lord who for years had terrorized columbia the public enemy number one lives like a hunted animal from his hiding place somewhere in colombia the drug dealer is powerless to help his family has always had an achilles heel his family stores
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around his son meant everything to him. his achilles' heel is something the colombian authorities are planning to take full advantage of the moment they check into a hotel the family is under constant surveillance there because the bite. it's just a matter of time before the godfather makes a mistake before going into the track the police have said. as for what it's going to slip through our fingers too many times it's unbelievable it was created. by escobar used to bomb schools soup. the markets will anybody what if he. will get out and he knew all about the families of the police you knew with him all
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those c.e.o.'s we had on their father's lives and i mean brothers like. maybe in sixteen years later maybe in his columbia's second city one of its busiest in the richest and the country spread boston.
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sixteen years later in the city still has a bad reputation. the second week of school was continuous but these days it's between small time drug dealers. and it's nowhere near like it was in escobar time. in the old college at the time of the humans a mad house bullets for breakfast and lunch and bombs for dinner. got a little pissed off. as well but had love lost it up again with people dying every day every morning the audience knew the mountains would call it public cemetery each day would be corpses people would be motive often just dumped on the ground.
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there are a few people left and maybe but us cobol well you have to our way to look. so the toss is to find them. according to some one of esteban's formal of comets is still a lot of. little video from those years still exists. his name is john gyro f.l.s quiz alias. police once it goes back that popeye was not far behind his boss escobar when it came to the pecking order he was implicated in a number of murders sources claim that he's been serving time in prison for several gives it seem so is that he was able to survive in bogota as notorious low modelo prisoner on the on. line for the old prison was of
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a diet of insecurity and frequent violence where the prisoners rule the roost esque about former right hand man has since been spirited away to much safer surroundings . it takes a few more days to track down no one apparently knows where he is but the systems finally pays off. there is at last some news. is being held about one hundred kilometers from bogota in this model of the tension center. it's a high security prison with murderous drug traffickers and hired killers among its inmates. no t.v. crews had ever be allowed inside before it was considered too dangerous but once again persistence pays off and an exception is made.
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a chance to talk one on one with pablo escobar his most loyal live times. and he's the best person to get a firsthand account of his former boss his life on the run. you know boy one day you know you can have the time back in may there were fifteen hundred people looking for us going to be honest this is policy as writing is british americans the colombian secret service the cia the da. everyone was author of. this thought oh and when they die they don't have to ship you know what i was up i never refuse one of his bosses orders however ruthless they may have been he claims he was responsible for two hundred fifty of the estimated ten thousand as ordered by a. once there was a very high profile woman that we were ordered to kill him cough there's really not you know that can be shorter and the intercontinental hotel but getting out of the
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hotel was tricky as a police had time to helicopter i open fire and i was hit here in the austrian i managed to get home and pablo escobar himself came over to see me that's when i realized it was a friend just the boss i had a friend about the matter you call tell was an army of lions led by a lion i was and i'm the boss was a line. by the mid one nine hundred seventy s. escobar was at the height of his powers. he was the leader of a group made up of his cousins and friends that ruled the drug trade along side with three hundred men an army of hired killers locally as the sea county us devoted body and soul to the cause these men created the now infamous nadeem cartel
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. cartels nationalized in cocaine. escobar revolutionized the way the drug was transported any means was good by road by air or by sea. hundreds of kilos of the drug was soon reaching the united states and europe escobar never seen children ideas to introduce liver is to his best clients in the u.s. even had the some built in one thousand eighty escobar reached his senate becoming the undisputed godfather of the world's cocaine trade as ruthless as he was daring . and barely ten years as had come a long way from a small time grave robber he had become the all powerful king of cocaine a godfather whose net worth of the time was estimated at five billion dollars. and almost as if to prove he could do what he liked he pushed the envelope to the
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limit by having his photo taken with his son outside the white house. e.u. uses his profits from drugs to buy a real estate in miami florida under the noses of the american authorities. escobar becomes america's worst nightmare the us federal justice authorities demand his immediate extradition. formed a group called the us it's thirty thousand. for their motto is a better coffin in colombia than a prison cell in the united states you would be be clear the war on colombia because of the years. tradition we'd never expected. sides of that war was. shot. escobar reveals his true personality a psychopath who orders the murders of everyone who might be involved in processing
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his extradition judges journalists politicians police anyone. during this period of terror an estimated ten thousand fold victim to ask the boss killing spree or sometimes we will go outside after a bomb. and see a body parts are seen small children confront them be killed simply because their parents were placed into. such incidents but the colombian authorities to act and they decide to eliminate the godfather a price is put on his head and he becomes public enemy number one. up lois koba alias the doctor vanishes from sight. of. a french t.v. crew that had been working on another story comes across as the bush. subsequent interview is a major scoop on the first time a european media has of
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a film of the drug traffic up. on the camera ask of agas to some lengths to justify himself. on fox. network oh yeah we have to realize that we're living through the cocaine period kareen is inviting the world why because it's a drug that's less strong or less damaging than the others there are drug addicts because of a lack of education and discipline and. it's the same with alcohol there's no difference between someone sleeping on the sidewalk because of drink because of drugs illegal or not because. the godfather goes on to pick apart the american arguments against the cocaine trade and say like ok right now it's cocaine that's considered dangerous evil because the americans can't control it because it's the colombians of produce that that's the real problem. in that same year the machine called tell ships out three hundred kilograms
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a day of cocaine to the united states u.s. officials have had enough and again demanding extradition of the drug store. wanted in his own country and wanted by u.s. justice there appears no way out for escobar undeterred he tries to bargain for his freedom with the colombian government and some unlikely pasta. in june one thousand nine hundred ninety one and assorted convoy of vehicles is heading into the mountains near medina to a place known as the cap to drought inside the vehicles his government flank the godfather escobar has agreed to surrender and serve time but in a prison that he himself is built to his own specifications escobar is dictating the terms and his purpose built jail conspicuously has neither prison bars nor keys
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on the radio escobar explains that he has surrendered for the sake of a colombian people at the moment during. this historic moment when our fighters are giving themselves up to bring calm to the country i cannot ignore the polls for peace by the vast majority of a colombian people. i meet out of june one thousand nine hundred ninety i. got to draw is a five star luxury prison with all the comforts of home. and even better than most homes of the time as a state of the art kitchen music center. the telephone. outside has a huge telescope which allows the godfather to keep track of police as they come and go as well as keep watch over his family who have remained in the valley below. during the day and his associates have no time to get bored of cocaine and
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continues to grow. to look at. a prison a country crime central it was where they controlled the drug traffic and the government was fully aware of the fact. when what was going on leaks out it causes a huge scandal with the president of colombia himself forced to explain he was not a joke what happened he's such a posse intimidation that we ain't got. the soldiers were ordering. fried. the government insists he served time in a real prison sensing a trap and he refuses. one night escobar his friend popeye on a dozen henchmen to escape. up on i stayed for the friends there were no police not one of the we were we just left at about eleven at night it was very foggy outside
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when their escape is discovered a state of alert is declared after a year in his private prison escobar has once again gone underground. for the police realize they need to act quickly as the godfather is on familiar territory and every hour lost gives him the opportunity to disappear for good nothing is left to chance each house and maybe even and its suburbs a search starting with those belonging to his left family. but by the morning of the twenty second of july nine hundred ninety two the authorities admit they've lost him escobar has a copy vanished into thin air. in
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bogota the government does exhaust parades with every twenty four hours after his escape it sets off the cloak ale that was scaled up an elite unit whose sole toss is to track down the escobar its headquarters are in the city center a one thousand strong unit is made up of highly trained and handpicked police and soldiers. but come on does make sure that none of them i know from medicaid and that all of them have a squall to subtle with escobar choosing those who have lost at least one member of their families to the gangsters hit man. the head of the unit is colonel hugo martinez as methodical as he is i'm corruptible. just. but. as number
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two is major if you go i do yeah his role is to gather intelligence he says tough as nails and farley to tom and. the americans some two of the best drug officers to work alongside the columbia is on the ground. it was the best of the best in going after and we had all the resources we wanted the resources i'm talking about the money they quit. the intelligence da at this time had created a. tape t.k.o. problem which is that we were we were targeting this war all over the world. many and becomes a city on the sea a special unit is everywhere with cocked launch to do as it pleases sweeping everywhere and such and everyone. looking at.
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it again. and with the drug match turns out little more than weapons telephones explosives common enough and maybe a year and the usual suspects most of them petty criminals. but the investigators are hoping for is the one clue the one informant who might lead them to ask about. him. as you're going to get. the rewards of a televised appeals for information make little headway however as whether i might be tempted to inform the godfather or his cronies knows fully well it would mean the death sentence. as a result months go by and escobar remains as an elusive as ever. despite the grind of the danger that such unit has to follow up every lead. off from
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the unit's intelligence take some to envy god the subway escobar grew up. people were hiding in a number published what was a rock record for the people of many years and built a lot of help a lot of poor he built churches. gave a lot of money to people who watched you know they were guarding him they were hiding. here in this house the police were helping to round up a few members of the cots now. i . think. unfortunately for the police they arrive too late and it wouldn't be the last time .
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elite forces well paid informants yet there was still no breakthrough to catch escobar there's a change of tactics with priority now being given to telecommunications. the americans provide an awacs surveillance aircraft and a twin engine plane to track vocal frequencies it's the first time such methods are used to hunt down one man. it means that colonel martinez and his men can eavesdrop on hundreds of telephone radio conversations day and night twenty four seventh's. then in march one nine hundred ninety three. we suddenly realize we have asked about talking to his son on his cell phone really but the problem was that he was constantly on the move of the twin engine plane that was constantly in the air over many many just to locate the frequency used in the phone call. the plane was able to identify with a call to be made from on the ground so i immediately traced the location on
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a map of the city to find the exact spot. where i think. the calculations show that it came from a house in one of many you know the smartest suburbs escobar has to be there and it's just a matter of robbing him out. the orders are to move in a dorm and the house is thoroughly searched. inside there's a vulgar display of wealth and a few stuff but a half asleep. here that i think again this is a guy who does this house belong to a tree and moreno moron i was in a mess about often uses. the bed is on mate the bed clothes still warm as guard scenes was to talk just in time. she first. story and the only people of the staff in my car in all of his houses.
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escobar has now been on the run from his comfortable imprisonment for eight months . he's thumbing his nose at the special. we missed them at the beginning. may i venture to say when mr moore good. twenty times you know we would pick him up on the radio we'd have searched walks around the area and we were always you know would always miss and. as time goes by pablo escobar popularity seems to increase. the baiting the authorities by luck or design makes him into a hero. and a run down neighborhoods the poor are all on his side. if i go you know if i'm away here he wouldn't even need to us i doubt he's welcome
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here any time now heard he's welcome with open arms he will always be welcome. escobar also finds easy refuge with his cronies from the cartel and other traffickers on the whose loyalty he can rely. on more than a decade and a half later almost i'm no longer alive. over the left are some members of the escobar family who alone know how the godfather managed to remain at liberty for so long. maybe they might finally talk. according to some reports their son and his widow maria victoria have sought refuge
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in argentina. his brother roberto. slammed his younger sister out the marina hostility. the escobar family had been untouchable for so long the brother and sister used to go out quite openly these days they choose to keep a much lower profile a local journalist helps out by providing the address of escobar sister this is where mrs escobar lives. yes she did no sorry she's just going out. ok we'll leave a message for. the
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longest big game hunting history. he was trying to still play to. but sprung the traps they laid for him. from the radio we have the surge walks around the area. always from the always missing. one shot trying to
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take. out the clothing truck industries called father became the most want to trophy the world's bounty hunters. apply to crates hunts and parties. in india on she's available in three grand central shirts in mumbai the taj mahal in the us i'm going to watch president combine the shoes of famous prison walls none of beatriz's books clothes are going to go on mahal hotel synergise the actual cement hotel foolish kind of hotel called closer than the radio the nina the judge the hotel.


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