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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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this is the weekly edition here all the politics good to have you with us time to update you on our main stories this hour and see corporate marches in new york means a fierce response from police as the protest rally makes its biggest push yet. in the occupy wall street movement gained support across the world with tens of thousands letting loose their anger against wealthy banks and bankers. ukraine's former prime minister feels a stall with a lot of being sentenced to seven years for abuse of power and some decline nation shot to democracy the noose is tightening still further she faces even more
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challenges. and syria's president promises to meet protest as the man's with a new constitution and multi-party elections as the number killed in the civil conflict rises to three thousand. the minister vladimir putin's visit to beijing this week for some massive deals being signed off it's the latest stage of russia china relations which as we know in today's interview are rooted in strong social and cultural ties that's next week. doris nice thank you very much for being with us today thank you very much for having me so in your opinion why has china and still remains the greatest mystery for thinkers and scholars because there's too little interest to get
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a catch behind the mystery and how something stays a mystery if you don't have enough interest to to open the curtain. there's also you know somebody said a philosopher german philosopher said that most people do not want to learn something new but what took their confirmation of something they already believe in and i think that's very much the case in china we have a certain picture of china and i wouldn't exclude myself ten years ago or eleven years ago before i went to china for the first time i had a certain picture of china which was not really matching reality but then it depends on i do willing to change the picture or do you stick with what you think how is it changed ten years are for you well. i was thinking the chinese are mr mysterious people you know you can't really trust them and you never know what
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they think i thought that the country was much more backwards than it turned out to be. the fact is that the chinese. have still have and still today have kind of an innocence and also unless of once they trust you they embrace you and they really become friends with you and you can criticize a lot you know you can also with chinese politicians we talk a lot of things in china that are not as they should be. you can be very open but it has to come out of a positive spirit. and not of just looking for the negative spots could you talk about innocence where does that come from in your opinion is it have anything to do with the fact that china has been communist for so long. no i think it has to do with the with the structure of having the community first and then the individual that went through will always part of something you were part of
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a family part of a community of a sea change part of a province and the country and helping each other being together was part of survival and that's that's when they when you get to know the chinese and when they embrace or they are not ashamed of having all we love you and we admire you and and it's so sweet that openness i'm not saying that every chinese is sweet there is a lot of competition there can be very very. fierce fighting but in general they are willing to embrace you and talk about their feelings so is china socialist or capitalist fight king or. making their dreams come true and the fight is something sometimes a little fierce because for a long time they couldn't make their dreams come true they couldn't live the life
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they wanted and now specially for the generation that's one in the one nine hundred ninety s. who has not lived through all the hard shifts and changes and they really demand that they can do whatever they want to do and that's going to be a new situation in china with a generation that has grown up with communication systems with western with information about everything that you can achieve in life and they're going to fight for achieving they have goals they want to they want to be the best for your husband john argues that china is a country without ideology do you agree with that it doesn't have any it's in. search for an i be although she and i would replace the word there's a lot of search for meaning because. when you are starving making an income that's enough you know you don't need any other goes but once you have your
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basic income once you can make an economic dreams come true to a certain degree. then you realize that's not everything in life and i have a column in china you stated the second largest newspaper and i get a lot of emails in reaction to the column and many of the questions are. you know what is really the sense of what's really the meaning of life what can i do with my life and how can i serve my country that's something that you wouldn't hear from the rest so much you know how could i serve my country it's much more how can i how can the country serve me and that search for meaning for spiritual fulfillment that that we can increasingly feel could be that they're searching for self identification in twenty first century. there are quite communists right now
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there are still strong economically they are searching for knowledge land for a position in the world they do not have enough self-confidence including the china as a country they have achieved so much but but they don't really care to look at themselves and say well what we did prize right i don't know maybe because they are attacked much more than then i cannot and it's not that everything is great in china lots of things that we don't agree with that we need to be improved but the west is very much focusing on the failures and on the flaws and i think we. have a fallon's the approach there is a lot of good things and of course they have to work on the not so things do you think china is striving to be number one country in the world history of this huge
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superpower or is it just happening. i i hesitate because keep it inside i think china wants to be the middle kingdom and wants to have the full session had it once head that's in the in the in the you know the history of china has really an empire is not out of the chinese head but they are not fighting to dominate the world and. they are they want to play the role in the world that they slowly growing into simply syas of condemnable growing size of the economy and by the number of people so i asked your husband whether china was trying to read become an empire and be emerge into an imperialist state because if they're not fighting for it but they're fighting for it the canonical because they're building ties with weaker countries. could it be that
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they will become an empire that dominates the world by growing economic ties with other countries i don't know whether we're live in the world where you really really one day she can become a. dominant empire likely roman empire and all the other empires to follow. i don't think it's in this way and also i think that there's quite a ways to go and you know america is a fortune trillion economy and china is still only one zero one fourth of it so there's a ways to go and also in a think of the role that the u.s. plays culturally i mean the influence that louis has in the culture of the globe is a much higher one. and i think that's one of the things that china is really really has to establish what is its cultural identity in the twenty first century and
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when we have a chinese armani when they do not copy the. you know the china when they have. people who stand for and then wear their own mozart which let's say and i'm not very good on the pop bands but you know what i mean they they have to create that the chinese plan the cultural leadership that still is in the hand of the u.s. in many ways but right now china owns about one third of the u.s. for in depth and the dollar is at a very vulnerable situation i mean people are even talking they could devalue in the future. what is the smartest way out of this impasse for china i think you know economists are correlated or are having different opinions so i really would not claim that i have the answer to that so when the u.s.
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will hit rock bottom it will also have found a solid ground and then rise because it's not the capacity of the u.s. it's gone a capacity is still there and the chinese are very smart to get to the situation and invest with let's say we can involve that were not so i think they they're going to work it out and they're smart enough to do so also one more question china is more and more assertive in the south china sea do you think china is a country that actually could envisage a conflict you know. but it wouldn't i mean it's too smart to you can't win worse anymore so why would china really start a war which would be destructive. for china itself so while there is a lot of posturing on the political side economically and now it's it's much too much integrated to really start a war on on either side so no
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a bass posturing there's a lot of. posturing because of internal reasons to show strength to its people but but you know we don't i don't think that's what you think china strategies for russia they've been very good friends some they've been not so good friends i think they are seeking an alliance they are seeking but now they are very close neighbor us so i think china in general wants to optimize relationships whether it's russia or america or europe or a sniper thank you very much for this and take you. to love this game to. try to store. data. but stronger traps they lay for. we have the search dogs
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around here. we see the guy who's missing. one shot trying to take. the drug industry's godfather became the most want to trace. down to. our great hopes and our chase. a very warm welcome this is your news today protesters on the. street they have. even chance a good chance of a chance to set a good book thanks to the status of the human experiments just sitting with. the school programs in this rap music because it just goes to the movies lately trying
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to censor global economy and it's on changelings us financial temples to the researchers clamoring to maintain our confidence in markets and taking on the critics wants to be seen trade imbalances risks to keep even close to collapsing your subprime loan foreclosed homes people. to fail so we played the game feel a little like these us crashed seven and smashed the ceiling it seems just like all the clubs in athens greece the i.m.f. strikes me i'll just programs increase the total economy. mission. critical free. for churches free. range month free. free stews free. food free volunteers all of the videos for your media project and
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a free video don carty dot com. bookstores this are all t. and t. corporate more jews in new york media face response from police as the protest rally makes its biggest push yet. and the occupy wall street movement gained support across the world with tens of thousands letting loose the anger against wealthy banks and banks of the movie cranes former prime minister feels a strong arm of the north of being sentenced to seven years for abuse of the something called motion shot of democracy the nooses tighten still further as she faces even more charges. and syria's president promises to meet protesters demands with a new constitution and a poll to party elections as the number killed in the civil conflict rises to three thousand. people with more news stories more developments in less than fifteen
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minutes from now in the meantime the sports news is next with the matrix. oh there will come to this. it is good to have a company again let's take a quick look at what's making this headlines around the globe this hour. missed opportunity it's failed to join premier league leaders in it at the top after giving up a girl late at home to f.c. terek. title to the mass of red bulls about some fatso says the team win the formula one constructor's title following his victory at pickering grand prix. and the best possible present turned twenty six year old casey still on a plane she's a motor g.p. title after winning his. first words had failed to joins
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in it at the top of the russian prime a late as they sent his book team settle for a goal is draw with the nano giving the a chance to reach them at the summit but then it's because men didn't use that opportunity they drew two all with tara at home things are looking bright spots a scale when islands a ghost town wagner love in the area five minutes from the break and doubling their late straight after half time say to be other man. heading home to make it sunil but eric hit back the first goal came from alexandre pato lenka made the right moves in the air after i caught a tape and point was secured with their very next attack brazilian midfielder mauricio this horror for the chechen side this time to all the final score there and says her remain a couple of points adrift of leaders is in it. by two unanswered goals in this southern russia should be the house took the lead in
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the dying minutes of the first half guinea hates him and the brazilian midfielder is using us. the final result of thirteen minutes from time. to sunday's program of game we try to seven it started in one cards are fated kabban by freight goes to one we call in the elevator opened for the house three minutes and. then you're safe he said which make it a permissive extended the lead to remain above the seventy six minutes this is not a consolation last minute from your book or three points on the bottle for them to strike but there are indications. of three more games across russia on sunday sport the chick drew with. one all key game of the day sees former champions rubin take no spark talk more school in cars on. men are cowardly to know ahead with
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about five minutes to go there and in the late game of the day look not safe plates home in the russian capital. moving on to english football where are still beat sunderland at emirates two one a double from robin van persie securing the win for us and thank his man from the face it will spike to announce the goals and inform talk them travel to me still on bates in this season. it's taken sixteen years but new zealand is at last back in a rugby world cup final the all blacks simply too good for surrey in the tournament second semifinal auckland speedin park on sunday with the self black and the lucky hound fans tickets got to witness it was saddam time to booking that next weekend's decider well it's hard again coming just four minutes from parts displace a pound to get from here with the mantra zealand wouldn't need twenty six the
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final score and all blacks now taken bronson the final six seconds. been granted and i think it's really important that. we understand that and we give you feedback on the ground at the next two days and and build again for this piecemeal and all i can do is repeat what i've seen i think i thought the guy's character was like. you can ask for more than everybody took the fuel go the hundred percent the defeats was quite a strain. in tennis and him are has one that shanghai a masters in china that starts a bit in the final the defending champion needed an hour and forty five minutes to win the title in straight sets seven five six for the start who's currently fourth eight ranking. castro's ephedra as number three on monday by has won twenty five part of twenty six players matches since or worse than the last was an adult in the semifinals of the u.s. open. is not my ranking i got to you
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a few years ago but you know you kind of research my goals at the u.s. open because it wasn't possible you know you always start the year wanting to finish number one but that wasn't possible so i want to try and finish three if i can and it's been a good start but still still work to be done. in formula one red bull clinchers a second straight constructors title fallen so best. pickering grand prix for team adding that accolade to fattal's driver scran which he secured last week and japan . mclaren drivers doing their best to put pressure on their rivals on sunday pole sitter lewis hamilton forced to suffer for second place with another red bull man mark webber and eight teams have won the f one constructors' championship more than once red bull now joining that club after seven seasons on the world's fastest i was probably a little bit with the tires but then the car seemed to think the stabilising come
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back and i was able to or can make up just before we had the second pitstop then here then for the end it was just fantastic i could push when i had to and obviously got a little bit of a gap because those guys were fighting but it's fantastic you know after last weekend the driver's championship this weekend to construct a championship for the team. staying with the world of higher ten engines cases has had a day to remember on the no to g.p. tracks with those thrilling plane ching his second title with two races to go after winning his home grand prix and his birthday to a nearly ten ten to six year old started and never looked back it's still there now this riding history to win well title spoke to the manufacturers to cart in two thousand and seven and one of the seer they tell him is taking up the grass to mark the challenge. second and so. i don't think i can fix him anymore seems a nice day now it's my birthday is my fifth week in
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a row he. you know my homegrown free everything you know to this is just really something special i mean i don't think you know people can really align that many things to fit in that well and it's been pretty much a dream season force. and finally the kontinental hockey league is basic with its continuing its passion across europe survive because of the latest side to join the season and the league isn't finished yet as to divide on its. these game moments are twenty years old the goal scored with no windows still in essence the game was hokey played in a high level and surprising course it's not canada. will russia it's italy. it's a simulant of players claiming one of their numerous domestic titles in style from the early ninety's. when almost famous everybody i mean we have
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a very long history about hockey and in milan or in milan or in a very very long because we started in. nineteen twenty three the first indoor arena or it was built in milan and when we were one of the first in. europe the hockey fans here in milan love the game are excited by this game and probably there's some people being tired a bit sick of football for other reasons saw there some kind of research for new motions and i believe i saw case is perfect for that nevertheless ice hockey is still some distance from the top in football in terms of popularity here a sentiment echoed by a person from the moment of the game canada now calls me on the phone it's played with love but because it's still very under preceded you don't get the same emotion
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you know and so you can be mad for a minute but it passes very quickly as opposed to a canadian hockey match it's talked about for you know for months if not for the whole season and so it's that is a huge difference in watching a canadian game versus an italian game this is the stereotypical cure in one of the main venues for the two thousand and six olympic program five years on and there is barely a reminder. of the epic hockey battles that took place here the ice rink was removed soon after the games finished allowing the stadium to become the new home for the event and three no football clubs one hundred miles east however things brighter local new london are set to join the continental hockey league in twenty twelfth i believe a group that we've had the ribbon that we have a cup ability in terms of the organisation and drawing believe of course is not
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going to be a very open field but. we have time to develop this image and you should call the two thousand and six winter olympics didn't affect the popularity of hockey in the country at all of course the games were a great event for the telly people stadiums are really good and a lot of infrastructure developed so some local clubs did get a lot in but not the italian games a whole in this respect the teacher was not a chance for us lowly for milan but for the entire country to take a significant step forward another couple must follow the additional versus blue may seem like a small step for the kid but for the club itself it is quite simply and massively robert certainly on r.t.e. milan italy. ok now more sports news from around the globe and last time hannah. thank.
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you thank. you the latest in science technology from the realms. we've got the future covered.
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