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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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president assad of syria tries to appease protesters by promising multi-party elections and the drafting of a new constitution while the u.n. puts the death toll for months more than three thousand. broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is our. top stories hundreds have been arrested across the u.s. as police move to contain what's thought to be the biggest wave of occupy wall street demonstrations so far the ongoing city campout demonstration targeting wall street banks has already lasted for almost five weeks ortiz. is in new york to follow it for us her report contains footage of strong would be where. well we know
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that about a hundred and seventy five protesters were arrested early and in the morning in chicago there were several hundred they were camped out in what was called a grant park they had ten set up very similar to what's been going on all across the country the police officers there had given them the order to vacate by eleven pm they had not done so and so we witnessed police officers coming in cutting down tents and of course unfortunately arresting those who would not baking now this is very similar to what we saw develop right here in new york city as we were reporting earlier in times square there were massive standoff between police officers and protesters we saw police officers on horseback riding in right up really well close to where the protesters or scaring people stomping on some people we saw a unit of police armed scooters sort of going into the crowd and hurting some individuals several protesters were arrested before my eyes most of them were being peaceful sitting down not really trying to do anything to interfere with the police and yet
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they were taken in very forcefully slammed down on to the ground face first and cocked and then led away and the other incidents that we know of that took place was actually beatings by the police with batons we know that there was approximately a total of ninety protesters now that were arrested in new york city during the course of events yesterday now aside from what happened in times square which we've been reporting on very intensely there was actually a massive stand out in washington square park which is an area here a college campus in new york city some of the occupy wall street protesters had gone down there they held what they call the general assembly which was their big meeting where they decide whether or not to occupy that park as well or not about a dozen or two dozen or so of them decided to stay and what we saw was and i'm precedent to use of force by police we saw a riot police our regular officers around the entire park. just to clear this area
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of these twenty protesters or so they kicked ass out as journalists were trying to film the incident to sort of capture what's going on and bring that information to the world and the police officers actually start using a strange kind of strobe lights flash lights to blind our cameras this is despite the fact that i clearly said that i was a journalist one that we were clearly marked as reporters there were several other reporters next to me at the time we had our press and song and dance and still they were pushing us alex and essentially using force to keep us from reporting the story very very unfortunate side of a very tedious confrontations between the police and the protesters who again in the large part were being on mostly peaceful. of course it was a tough enough reporting for us you can follow her twitter feed to get the latest on those demonstrations from the heart of the action and the anti greed movement trying to more attention as reports of allegedly groundless arrests emerge blogger christopher greene believes american cities are likely to witness even more
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violence as the marches spread from coast to coast. there is going to be some kind of martyrdom in the near future we're going to see violence in iraq we could already that we already have the violence in this country with the police pepper spraying protesters with you know innocent teenage women and be you know what taunted you know on here oh this is what the alternative media showcasing right now again this is a revolution this is this is a change in psychology this is an evolution in human consciousness the people are waking up and we're demanding change this is no different from what we saw overseas in the middle east and northern africa the revolution has now come to the united states of america and what started as one determined protest in wall street has this weekend become a worldwide phenomenon galvanized into action in one of the largest collective movements of its kind tens of thousands have come out in cities across the globe protests have already taken hold in more than eighty countries with europe as one
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of the focal points of public fury against banks and politicians in rome riot police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse violent grounds as protesters smashed a bank windows and torched cars plumes of smoke were seen a billowing into the sky near the coliseum and other parts of the city in britain police thwarted protesters efforts to set up camp outside the stock exchange in london several hundred activists heckled officers for preventing more people from joining the rally moving on to the moon in germany scuffles broke out in front of the german parliament building when police removed demonstrators tents and food stalls correspondents are continuing to keep their eyes on how people are making their feelings felt across the globe and you can follow them online. these people fought hard on the streets of madrid today if they believe that their voices are in that regard the demonstrations here in israel will continue to grow until the government meet their demands the police have been trying to disperse the last few
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remaining hundred hogs called protesters don't miss. our on the scene reports from across the globe just click on to our website our team dot com and. stuttered by growing poverty and unemployment. by the countries waging fallen as well cutting jobs and social spending people across the globe rise up against their government's economic policies follow the worldwide action against austerity live. on thursday the struggling you bring. one of its smallest members finally voted in favor of the expanded european bailout fund it was the only e.u. member. when lawmakers rejected the proposal on tuesday in a vote that brought down the country's ruling coalition. four hundred forty billion euro rescue fund will now be able to offer cheap credit to beleaguered banks in an
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increasingly expensive. british euro. believes that was forced into changing its mind. is not acceptable in the bottom european union if you say no you are made to vote again until you get the right which gives you a true measure of what this project's really like you must understand that i've just been in this but with. these people are absolutely creating a united states of. how many millions of people. care about the tide of human is misery that calls they have got their political goals but the reality is that not only economically is this failing but politically it's failing what is the point actually of bailing these countries out one of the bailouts all these bailouts helping the people in greece and portugal. what they're actually
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doing is they giving money to these countries to give back to banks in the first place i mean the whole thing. what. they were trapped inside this economic prison. is they need to. and you are with our team we've got plenty ahead for you this hour . and ultimatum for serbs nato demands of the removal of disputed border crossing with serbia. to learn if it has the right to make. former ukrainian prime minister yulia timoshenko feels the laws icy grip. just two days after being sentenced to seven years behind bars for abuses of power and gas deal she signed with russia a new set of charges lined up against her a guilty verdict drew international anger from russia the e.u. and the united states. judgment day for ukraine's democracy that was how some dubbed events in a key of court this week where former prime minister yulia timoshenko was awaiting
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the verdict over her alleged shady dealings in a gas deal with russia supporters took to the streets in her defense before being dispersed by the police. three months of nonstop protests surrounding the case culminated in the biggest reminder yet of the orange revolution the two thousand and four uprising which made him a shango a household name. now as then there were tens of thousands in the streets naked anger and even naked activists this group staging another topless demonstration against all sides in the dispute. the main drama was inside the court especially after the judge's controversial verdict is when the court has ruled that the demand of not to mention kill is guilty under article three six five point three of the criminal code of ukraine and sentences have to seven years imprisonment and denies of the right to work in civil service for three years just last year and to the
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shankar was one of the most influential female politicians in the world but having lost her power and now her liberty to go was furious. that the retiring regime it's not equal stop me the trial showed that the constitution and justice had been trampled under throughout i urge you to begin the struggle it's a very difficult and important man and you have to protect ukraine against the authoritarian regime don't give. the prosecution claimed she abused power while signing gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine the accusation has raised eyebrows in moscow which insists the contracts were completely legitimate and we cannot accept that illegitimate eckstein contract which remains in force which was never legally challenged. could be. the reason. for the good decision. which took place today the e.u.
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also dallas's president viktor yanukovych has assurances that the case had not been politicized and lashed out at ukraine's leadership experts say kiev now finds itself in a very difficult position as potential membership of the european union is some years away and i think we shouldn't pretend otherwise but we do once the countries in europe cease to to get closer to europe not just in terms of membership in terms of european values like the rule of justice and this is clearly an extraordinary setback and i do think it is quite possible that the invitation for president. to come here on the twentieth of october will now be withdrawn another criminal case was launched against him a shank or two days after the verdict was announced accusing her of shifting her own death to russia's defense ministry onto ukraine's budget fifteen years ago this only added to her image of a martyr a symbol of freedom supported by the masses and few doubt she would hesitate to
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capitalize on that status even if she has to wait seven years to do so just hours after a simmering tension in central kiev it is back to quiet and normal again it is unclear whether you call space has been sealed as aspart are now speculating that a presidential pardon is still a possibility but these protesters here are determined to stay here for at least another week in any case let's see russia party reporting from kiev in ukraine and as we saw their tempers ran high outside court after yulia timoshenko guilty verdict was announced and our correspondent. documented what happened right in the thick of it his pictures are online at facebook dot com slash news we have footage of the end we were sponsoring here of on our own you tube channel as well. and it seems gas deal drama is all over the news at the moment later in our program we find out what you regulators were looking for when they raided the european
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offices of russian energy giant gazprom and. iran has dismissed american claims that tehran and had plotted to kill the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. washington insists two men connected with iran's security forces turned to members of a mexican drug cartel who were in fact informants to the f.b.i. the u.s. has warned that it's committed to holding tehran to account an american delegation is now heading to russia china and turkey to provide evidence to back up their case but he run says the claims are an attempt to isolate it from the international community and those within that country say any u.s. action will not go unanswered the more pressure that the united states tries to impose upon iran the iranians will push back as well the united states is being utterly dishonest iran has absolutely no motive to carry out such an operation if
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you ron did hypothetically want to carry out this operation they could have done it in the middle east in an area where there are more high profile figures and where it could be carried out much easier why would iran want to create extra sensitivity with the united states so it's absolute nonsense and obviously iran gains nothing from it the only people who do gain is the united states by distracting attention way away from its problems at home such as the economic hardship that people are facing its decline in the middle east it helps israel come out of isolation it helps the saudis saudi regime tried to unite its people against some theoretical hypothetical foreign enemy. moves towards reform have started in syria where a new constitution is being drafted following months of anti-government protests the draft is due to be completed within four months president assad has called for multi-party elections in february after demands from protesters who've been on the
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streets since march this week tens of thousands of assad's supporters have been cheering for the government in the syrian capital has claimed over three thousand lives with the u.n. warning that the country might be heading for a full blown civil war parties. spoke to people from both sides and sent us this report. but voices of support. and continuing dissent some and in deadly clashes polar opposites in their demands but in some way united by the newfound zeal to take a stand for here in the syrian capital our lives have gathered show their support for the government not everything is a far cry from the images we've been seeing in other cities around the country where there have been reported clashes with me figuratively or have an academy of government protests however one think it's only a matter where in this country the liberal discourse is sometimes good television that's echoed out of the very basic yet of the night it was. her husband and
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young children one of many families who braved the heat and joy the crowds in downtown damascus. it's true that we knew nothing about politics before but now we take a stand even if i'm a sunni muslim i'm pro this president. ever since most people started revealing their political stance openly some people would mock me insane since when do you know about politics what do you know there are divisions among family members some are pro a son some are anti but that's how it is. it appears that apathy is becoming less of an option for citizens of this. asian now under intense international scrutiny i never watched news i never cared you know i never never had any interest in politics but. i think most of us get it books watched news media articles and on facebook and i know. that and then he had the right background with the issues of
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a kid and you can think. yeah there are those like the new why he's saying we're no strangers to picking a side and making it known he's long been voicing his discontent and what he calls a repressive regime and today facebook is one of his main tools in coordinating dissent coalition activism has evolved in syria for me i feel that my voice goes further now back then it started with stating an opinion but i'm going to jail it hitting it dead and no one would even know about it that has changed now that people are more politically aware that hussein has been thrown in jail says he was tortured and finds himself constantly looking over his shoulder i was detained for spreading the word on the violent crackdown in daraa but i feel like a coward if i didn't risk my life while those on the streets are doing so asking for the regime to fall a call staunchly opposed by those on the other side yes it was.
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good to be with. you to find. your political career ya city and activism among syrians are growing whatever side of the divide they're on people here see the future of their country is at stake but all are adamant that future is firmly in their own hands. that's our cilia r.t. damascus. on to libya now where civil war is still raging the national transitional government has faced a new resistance in tripoli this to this week for the first time since the capital was taken in august several were injured in gun battles with khadafi supporters after an attempt to raise the alst. regimes green flag on a city rooftop over in the town of seared khadafi and loyalists mounted a fierce counterattack of forcing back revolutionary fighters who've been trying to take control of the colonel's a key stronghold for months now the n t c says it will only declare full liberation once seated falls but investigative journalist cmon a soft told r.t.
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that pursuing that goal means ignoring the hike human cost. i think what's happening in sirte is really quite shocking i mean if you remove yourself from saying i support one side or support the other side what we're seeing in is a full scale assault on. you know very densely populated area in which civilians are paying a very very heavy price now the reason why this is important is because the whole basis on which nato imposed the no fly zone at the beginning of this conflict was precisely to defend civilians against military attacks and now we have if you like the allies of nato doing what their enemies were doing a few months ago and you have to begin to ask this of all where is nato now why is nato not saying these are civilians under attack by a military force we have to stop we have to stop this attack and i think what we're beginning to see is if you like is that on
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a reemergence of the double standards what's happening in libya now is going to be a war crime the attack it is a war crime and i think it has to stop immediately has to be negotiation they have to be allowed to surrender but more importantly i think if they don't surrender then you put the city under siege allow the civilians to flee and they're not and they're not doing this. and if you missed any of our stories that are just a click away twenty four seven on our website at r.t. dot com here's some of what's there for you right now. more attention on the west bank as israeli police used tear gas to disperse palestinians protesting against security checks. and a near miss doomsday comment. makes its closest approach to be earth find out why scientists were so concerned on our web page at r.t. dot com. recent raids by e.u. regulators on the european offices of russian energy giant gazprom may force moscow
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to review supply deals to europe industry analysts say the searches were a desperate act to pressure russia to sell gas on better terms correspondent daniel bushell has the story. this event still to be one reason behind the e.u. raids on gazprom offices at the beginning of october european energy giants electricity de france and b a s f a set to join russia sell stream pipeline to europe and said to be the death warrant for the bucco an e.u. backs rival successive. top thong models and the commission of law for example it's a project but why would the e.u. want these raids to spook russia a reliable supplier to renegotiate any contracts brussels must prove irregularities in its deals with gazprom to european subsidiaries and that seems unlikely nobody really believes that the e.u. has a strong case for proving their point we see this more as
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a measure to increase pressure on gazprom in russia the e.u. says it wants cheaper gas and more players on the market but its strategy may have one crucial flaw. they say sell our gas to another company when it gets to europe with that company must make a profit on the deal and that will immediately raise the price of the homes pay analysts say they use being influenced by several anti russian hardliners many of whom are upset missing out on the opportunity to take part in big energy ventures especially baltic nations which the north stream pipeline bypasses taking russian gas straight to germany instead of complaining gas experts say they could have moved on i worked with russia. lithuania's anti russian inertia will undermine their society politically and economically and the moment little one is pursuing a one dimensional policy that given the problems in the euro zone will leave it regretting it did not pursue
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a more constructive policy with russia bulgaria for example signed a new deal with gazprom which will generate income and contribute taken onix to billet emotions that are also running hoya. some european politicians who want to end their reliance on russian gas disappoints efforts to diversify routes. governments european union all seem to think thinkable. we don't need russian gas all. fortunately. there. was no immediate russian gas those stereotypes could only affect the relations between the europeans. and the biggest supply of the new bushel auntie brussels. you know forces in kosovo have delivered an ultimatum to ethnic serbs manning the barricades at a border crossing in the breakaway regions north they're ordered or they have been
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ordered to remove the obstructions on monday where peacekeepers will step in and clear the roads themselves the serbs complained that they've been given too little time to comply the road blocks have now been in place for nearly a month set up in protest at nato and e.u. forces taking over the checkpoint and allowing kosovan customs to be placed there late last month some of the barricades were bold those resulting in violence with keep peacekeepers using rubber bullets and tear gas against the serbs nato's actions would be legitimate if not for the fact they also serve the interest of the kosovan officials says tun atsic a political analyst for the magazine new serbian political thought. who legally do have a right to as they say. for its freedom of movement on the whole territory of cost of war but the problem is with legitimacy because the syrian authorities are already third in constable do you recognize nato the right
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and capered right to enforce the law in cost of war but the problem is that most need a country the need to recognise that the independent thought possible. and currently trying to implement their laws and to establish their checkpoint at the border between north and got some more until thirty one and that is what is an acceptable for the third caper in itself and should it be only nato convoys there would be no problem whatsoever to good old bob the problem is that they carry in them fell out meaning enough to show from the possible government. the trial of russian businessmen victor boot accused by the american government of illegal arms sales got underway in new york this week blood was arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight in a u.s. led sting operation he was handed over to the states last year a move his lawyers insist was illegal after a thai court dismissed two american extradition requests who denies all accusations
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but if convicted he could face life in jail investigative journalist daniel estulin believes that washington is determined to get a guilty verdict and thinks boot has little chance of a fair trial. the united states government is going to have very very hard time proving that their target is guilty and is going to very difficult time making the label of merchant of death stick in the court of law and unfortunately for the united states government there is very little verifiable evidence they will be able to present most of it is hearsay most of it he shot since he said she said about things which no one has ever seen and this is something that again unfortunately the team representing him right now was not in the position to deal with because they're simply not up to scratch he's not going to get a fair trial he's in the united states. the evidence the you know how can we get a fair trial well the united states government has done everything in their power to bring him to the united states up to two years in thailand another put him up on trial in the united states only to have baldwin and embarrass the united states i don't think is going to happen. and still ahead for you this hour our tetons to
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a veteran observer who explains the long held cultural ties between china and russia also all the latest from the world of sports dimitri will be here with the latest from the artistic gymnastics world championships which have just finished in tokyo i'm sean thomas and that's how the next half hour rolls out here on our t.v. from moscow.
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