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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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oh. and with that happy anniversary occupy wall street today marks the one month since protesters moved into the new york's financial district that is the movement continues to grow in numbers with some of its biggest turnout so one person has yet to show his face so where in the world is president obama. over he is heading the wrong way away from new york and instead of going to north carolina to sell his jobs plan so as the president ignores the spreading movement the protesters love or hate the commander in chief and as occupy wall street is really fighting for socialism. what
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is the sign. for wall street from the host of the five about the protests there was for your mind was the when you ask people who will street with a war they don't know well the mainstream media is an aig norinco protesters and that they're mocking them but that's not keeping the occupy wall street movement quiet well show you how they're finding creative ways to expose the truth. and that your glass is raining down on africa this as president obama sends one hundred u.s. advisors and troops into uganda to assist in a rebel takedown and why now and is the u.s. doing more harm than good when it comes to quote helping other countries. it's monday october seventeenth. pm in washington d.c.
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i'm liz wall and you're watching our it's two well today marks the one month anniversary of the occupy wall street protests the movement has gone global with hundreds of thousands of people occupying times square in cities around the world from london to rome when a ferry to name a few and well the movement sees its biggest turnout yet president obama kicks off his three day bus tour not on wall street but north carolina now president obama has said that he understands why if you bill are angry but why won't you take that message straight for the crowds and in fact the last time president obama was in new york was in august for a fancy fundraiser with ticket that nearly thirty six thousand dollars apiece the event catered to fifteen of his wealthiest donors and was hosted by vogue editor in chief anna wintour and movie mogul harvey weinstein but obama skipping wall street on his national bus or what is occupy wall street stance on the president the
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supporters the few protesters support the president and while obama's been linked to socialism the protesters hope to steer the country away from capitol of them to socialism already correspondent marina foreign yana is in the heart of the protest in new york and pose some of these questions. five weeks and counting occupy wall street has cemented its grassroots movement in lower manhattan as these activists continue fighting to change the u.s. system where do they stand on the u.s. leader who promised change i voted for him i donated i worked hard i thought he was the wind but now. so if election day were tomorrow i mean if you guys aren't for obama slapped with all the vote for him obviously because then i want rick perry yes ma'am. because i think he's doing the best that he can with the congress that he has to work with to try to get progressive legislation pushed
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through the trade. virtually everything that i got the impression he was going to do based on everything he said in the run up to the election i would have supported public and i would support a third party get it shown that he's ready to work for the people of this country i was for obama it's a fundraiser for him. he's in a tough situation and i'm very disappointed with the way some things have gone. if i have to raise money in and advocated behalf of obama again to prevent the show bachmann from being elected president i would do that during the headlight. change we should body else socialism is that in thirty words or is it something worth trying what do you think our fire department is or the police department and it's also show us a favor actually of socialism like. i believe that people should work together for the common good i'm really for what marx called
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a final state socialism was the penultimate stage for the ultimate stage when the occupy wall street movement kicked off last month u.s. president barack obama was in town hosting two back to back fundraisers donors paid up to thirty five thousand dollars to attend both of vets at these activists say they're still. were there for the pay freezes it's here. we're nine. and for more on this joining me now is dr caroline held then professor of politics at occidental college thanks for joining us with president obama skipping wall street do you think he is now being the protests and how will this move affect sentiments for him well i think that he has already disaffected the left which are there the far left with which are the folks who are protesting or are aligned with the protesters so he has to be very cautious here about appearing to be extreme. during the during this election season so i think it's smart for him to acknowledge
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them and support them but do it from afar just from a political perspective from a personal perspective i think he should be right down there protesting with them although he would be protesting many of his own policies which have allowed wall street to continue doing what it did when it caused the financial liquidity crisis in two thousand and eight but why is the smart for him to do it from afar why not address the masses of people right there on the ground. well i think for a reason you noted earlier in the segment which is that many of these protesters are being mocked their message being muddled i think the message is very clear you bailed out wall street and sort of main street and now we want you to do something about it it's clear to me but i think that it's getting lost because there's a lot of partisan opposition to it so president obama has to be very concerned about being aligned with a dirty word like socialism which for many americans you know it is a dirty word and not that that's what the the wall street protesters are advocating as i understand it they're advocating for economic justice which can take place
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under any economic political system but again i think president obama really has to be cautious about being aligned with a group who is being openly mocked by being stream media and yes well one person who is not mocking it john paneer he's a supporter of the movement he's urged president obama to visit the occupy wall street protesters in new york he says quote it's been a long time coming and i'd like to see the president go in and surround with the protesters in new york and particular and for this not to become just of protest dialogue but a home to home dialogue so carolina what are the president's priorities he's he's in north carolina not new york what are his priorities at the moment. his priorities are clearly to get reelected this is naked brazen politics this is what happens when you're a year out he needs to get his jobs package through in order to do that and moody's is saying that it will will create one point nine million new jobs and boost g.d.p.
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by two percent our economic growth by two percent so i think it's a great jobs plan and eric cantor a republican in the house said that it's dead on arrival i think that president obama faces incredible partisan opposition to what i believe it isn't a very good plan because it targets infrastructure spending safety net spending that isn't a vital interest during high unemployment and it will have an impact and republicans know that so right now he's got to get his jobs package through in order to get reelected and perhaps to pass some of the policies that he's been waiting to pass if he is reelected a second term because of the opposition he's faced in his first term in congress now president obama has been linked to socialism a dirty word first and i want to play a part of a song for you by country artist hank williams.
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ok well we don't exactly have that clip at the moment. the thing i hank williams. it's actually a catchy tune and it's unfortunate we don't have it but he is he says that he called it the united socialist state of america do you think that these protesters. are rooting pursed osha lets on. some of them i'm sure are but in my discussions with them in new orleans new york and l.a. it's very clear to me that they want economic justice what has happened you know wall street got us into this mess they were bailed out and americans were left to flounder and as someone on the left i've got to say president obama is a pro corporate is president he's one of the most pro corporate us presidents we've seen second only in the modern age to george w. bush not only did he allow the banks to remain too big to fail they're even bigger now about twenty five percent bigger he didn't didn't reinstate glass steagall
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which would have separated the investment banking side and basically passed on watered down economic reform at the same time that he extends tarp which is a bailout to the banks the stimulus went and into the pockets of many corporations over you know infrastructure projects shovel ready projects and the fed was loaning an additional one point two trillion dollars to wall street during this time to banks so i see him as being incredibly pro corporate is the idea that he would be labeled a socialist is absurd some of the protesters maybe not so absurd but i think you have a lot of mainstream folks down there too who just want a fair shake in the economic game and caroline speaking of socialism economist nouriel roubini as quote one thought once looked down upon do you think it's starting actually you know what that is not the quote there it is. there it is i have a united states becomes like europe and we've already extended unemployment benefits three or four times over our otherwise you have
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a much bigger social welfare state and safety net or you have people rioting in the streets we have to do something either way either way will have a fiscal problem or a social problem now socialism once looked down upon do you think it's starting to make a comeback and the way things are going is the u.s. heading in that direction. well i don't think so i live with your pride ourselves on having what's called a free market economy even though we've never had an economy that doesn't have some form of government intervention and if you look at the folks on wall the occupy wall street folks are really protesting to get more government intervention and for government to stop with the crony capitalism they're really protesting a broken political system where you know we have the best government that corporate money can buy we have for every one dollar of that it's an interest going into washington politics we have three hundred dollars of corporate lobbying and interest going into washington politics so really what i would like to see are
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folks you know going moving some of them from new york and wall street moving down to washington to address the two headed problem it's not just a one had a problem but i think it's fascinating that they're targeting corporations because consumer activism has become increasingly popular as a form of political participation as power has shifted from government to corporations and done so i want to wait it's very anti-democratic and they are by definition anti-democratic or on non-democratic institutions so i gotta say i really i'm so happy that the american public is waking up to this i wish it would have happened in two thousand and eight when when the banks were getting bailed out and when law street was doing all of the dirty deals that suncor economy caroline thank you so much for your thoughts on that was dr caroline how then professor of politics at the dental college. and from these protests to new york here's how a vision of that but mainstream media continues to ridicule the occupy wall street
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movement so why is there a message of peace and not are these questions more straight ahead. the reason that she. protesting nobody seems to know. the number of pepper sprayed the face i thought of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's some other part of it and realize that everything you saw you don't. charge is the.
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welcome back you're watching our t.v. income inequality in a system that puts corporate welfare above that of u.s. citizens are the target of the occupy wall street protest and while each and every one of the protesters out there has their own grievance the general theme is to take money out of politics but with much of the mainstream media missing the point of the movement protesters are resorting to other ways and getting the word out are the corresponding guy entity can they feel like how protesters are taking of taking it upon themselves to get their message heard. i think it's their discontent loud. and graphic thousands of americans have resorted to banners and t. shirts to get their message across that a frustration with what they see is the government acting on behalf of people
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relations rather than the people message which the protesters say their media failed to deliver the media feels like these kinds of events don't deserve coverage sometimes all you get when you do something this is a photograph and so it's very important for the message to be seen those simple oftentimes handwritten messages that people carry on their chests and often being subject to mockery what is the side. wall street brother post of the five of the people i would say that what does that mean. it seems the only fault of these people is presented in the american media is that they don't all have a degree in economics and finances and are not able to explain their grievances in professional economy terms groups involved they cheer the end of the greatest system known to man and replace it with what who cares let's nap the protests and most of your mindless and when you ask people who wall street what
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they want they don't know acts that took place over the last thirty years with regards to national debt within the system generally all of these things are very complicated and difficult for the general public to understand and people in the media and people on wall street like it that way because if you don't understand it then you know you don't get what happened but the american people know that they've gotten lost their jobs they've seen them offshore to china it lost their houses they saw a huge run up at all prices that are collapsed and people are saying you know what i know that i've got screwed by all of this but i don't know how or why but americans who took to the streets are looking to express themselves by new. other than motivational p. shirts and banners which as graphic as they are hardly convey the message of the movement the demonstrators are spreading their own paper now called occupy wall street journal which details with their unhappy with and makes it clear that they
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are not rooting for one particular party it also works against both political machines and their p.r. slick's taking control of the protest message one word to describe these ongoing protests from the beginning is frustration on their t. shirts on cardboard on the backs of pizza boxes as we've seen people express that frustration that is the movement grows the rays of getting their message across also mature and as people here say this paper is just the beginning i'm going to check the recording for martial arts. and still ahead here on our t.v. you're a taxpayer dollars will soon be hard at work and africa as president obama has ordered one hundred vias there is a un troops there to help in a gravel takedown but why now and how much do you really know about this and do americans even care.
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he really has put a picture of me when i was like nine years old and just you know lived through. the confession i am an old get a friend that i love grab because he is a boy and pretty. he was kind of a big yesterday. and. i'm very proud of the world with its place.
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since. you. were just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old
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a good job a true. conception i am a girl get a princess i love rap and hip hop is that the trick for. that is kind of a big yesterday. i'm very proud of the role that i can see its place. one hundred u.s. troops are on their way to in central africa they're tasked with helping uganda combat a rebel army terrorizing civilians and the region and as the u.s. intervenes what does the public know about the country how do they feel about the military intervention and do they even care r t is. it to the streets to find out.
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as the obama administration announced its plan of sending advisory troops into you gonda. now you. we have a quick second i went out on the streets of d.c. to ask americans what they make of all this have you heard about you know the latest news about your bomb ministration go into uganda and no i have no i didn't but i'm not for it i heard of no especial idea i did what do you think about that and the obama i don't like our president i think he's doing a lousy job of a country i don't like obama but most of the time i think it's a good thing that we protect our interests and help others that are trying to protect their i've never been one to. feel as though. we need to solve the problems of the world everywhere i think here to you know make sure to say
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people in africa that's right without you kind of feel like the other mind our own business you know say take care of the situation at home which as we all know is it's taking care of. not taking about. launching an expeditionary forces into other countries right now we can't police the whole world would go though he certainly try and well there you have it but it's africa might be paved with good intentions but americans are divided on whether we should be everywhere all at once reporting from washington i'm adriano said oh archie. and joining me now for more on this as agent times correspondent have a escobar thanks for joining us thanks liz of all the battles to be fought in africa why is the u.s. choosing to help fight this battle. well there are so many reasons let's say let's try a short cut first of all this is an exchange of gifts president obama is giving
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a gift to the dictator of all get them civilly who's been in power for twenty five to play six years and he's as responsible over human rights and freedoms and in fact that's on civilians and murders of that civilians and as joseph coney the old remained do sure like they were going to a version of a zombie latham as they want to know why thousand to say so obama's senate is one hundred u.s. special forces billed as advisers so remember vietnam in one nine hundred sixty one sixty two it started with a bunch of advisers going to get out and we know what history taught us later ok so he say these one hundred guys because that will serve any sense from five six thousand to eight thousand who given troops to fight it out. so most of any was fighting a proxy war four of us in somalia so the interview shouldn't from the white house
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and specially the cia because this is certainly a cia operation is to give the civilian one hundred special forces led by them into crushing the guerrilla movement led by self described mystical christian political prophets joins it's got a what is there for twenty years and it's still going on but not to say i know i don't want guess what equations are going in there is that if i just have common address of tony he's been responsible for murdering raping and can't happen tens of thousands of men and women and children and frontal africa they're not i think the an option that this is the driving force for the us going end there. it is there's no question about it but if you read you going to write laci is reports most events government is even a batter and rutter apple pan that cone this is a civil war and it's a net nick war once again the us is right stepping right into the middle of
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a net the war that's been going on for over two decades it's basically between two at any groups in north a new gander in southern sudan so there again is in power play most of any i'm simplifying a lot so people can more or less understand what's going on and these rebels the christian rebels they are based in north and again but the bigger picture is even more impressive because this is not about a candidate sellers and even obama at made it on the record or read it that these advisers are going south sudan and the democratic republic of congo as well so when you look at that area in central africa and you see young mound of oil in the amount of mineral riches at play and when we see that china is making inroads commercially in this area and when we look at the africans agenda which is to combat china commercially viable military zation of africa then you understand is
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one hundred the beginning of may any will be going to go the soup had a lot to talk about and priming our intervention why now. why oh why now ok once again i was so there was getting e-mails from africans including people from luganda and congo and it's fantastic because public opinion in this country it's the our english will soon to go to the web in english all over the world they know what's going on they know about hidden agendas and you know they're saying out right of course this today for attention from what's going on in your pocket by all stream from the crash of the american economy the fact that obama now has had to play. very tough. in terms of organizing his reelection in two thousand and twelve the power play inside stablish meant the military intelligence status mean to us where david petraeus now is running every sing it ever seen for materials this counterinsurgency and this what's going on and then also applies so people in
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africa know what's going on you cannot fool them anymore and you know there seems to be no clear timeline for the u.s. military involvement there how long do you think that came from will be there and your expect them to leave i mean prime soon are are at a has been on top of what's not this is a this is that the first one the hundred one what could be thousands in one year or two years because the power play in africa is very clear is the chinese coming into these african countries with contracts offering no billions of dollars and they're all know how to build the hospitals highways they're all desert and we want of course your minerals and your oil and that challenger revolution organized by a special europeans as well because congo don't forget there are a lot of european firms who are absolutely bank to leave their hands on congress reaches very close to ganga as well and there has been
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a civil war in congo for years with over four million people there were ten united states nasser wanted to interfere in the congo so why uganda and why not so this is part of a much bigger thing which we call the direct lash between beijing and benfica and it's also a false afrikaans by the guns african command so maybe it's it is getting very complicated to get there please in libya look at what's libya now at this it's a cataract by civil war and it's going to be that for months if not years so why not start with the bento candies and we'll fill it's a very good beach head for us in central. africa from logan that they can monitor this huge area including all those riches. in south sudan or oil and minerals and in congo boil in minutes as well so we start with like in vietnam one hundred advisors let's talk about it when you're. ok and you know the u.s.
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fourth and they're there combat in craps and i'm prepared to defend themselves and attack and they need to but they're really only supposed to be providing information and advice believe that the u.s. will not faint from combat missions there or we don't know this is pure speculation what we do know is that this is basically going to be a special forces cia contingency one super collector a local intelligence probably and probably that wreck let's say drones to go after the lord's resistance army and that coney's guys which are not more than four hundred you last substantial number that we got there in the middle of the jungle the they had two thousand people like two years ago it's a two enduring force dia the problem is the can an army so corrupt and also infiltrated that they cannot fight they really make this these people it is internecine that ethnic.


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