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say that if your humble servant part in the election that would mean that there would be no election at all perhaps that would be the case for then but an ordinary citizen always has a choice to make and it's all in the hands of the people who didn't meet the press to speak about his bid to return as a russian president in two thousand and twelve that interview is coming up in around twenty minutes from now. in broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow. let's get right to our top stories the defiant occupy wall street army has vowed to fight on against the grip of big business following a weekend of arrests and scuffles with police across the u.s. the movement now a month old is building widespread support on four continents. has more now on the latest flare ups. some alarming news coming from seattle police there began
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evicting occupy seattle demonstrators who were camping out in one of the city's parks this monday morning police told the protesters they had to move their tents those who refused to comply were arrested and the tense in the park were all brought down we're getting reports around half a dozen people were arrested in seattle this monday morning protesters have to fight for space essentially for their right to be out protesting in other major cities in the united states in san francisco five were arrested after a confrontation with with the police over parking kampman we've seen a lot of action over the weekend in chicago an estimated one hundred seventy five people were arrested in new york an unprecedented number of people marched to times square the march itself was peaceful however once it arrived at times square the group boko testers were trapped by police barricades and held for several hours on a bill to move to the right or left or get out police force the crowd back nearly trampling some of the protesters police scooters went over several people a total of ninety two arrests were made in the course of the occupy wall street
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actions in new york over this weekend the protesters who are taking to the streets in dozens of cities in the u.s. say they will stay as long as it takes to and economic injustice each and every one of these protesters is out there with their own grievances but the general theme is take money out of politics they feel their government represents the interests of the very few wealthy rather than the ninety nine percent is the demonstrators call themselves since last year corporations have been allowed to funnel as much money as they want into political campaigns in the u.s. the new legislation means they don't even have to disclose the amounts they spend and also the new law and political donations effectively gives the corporations even more influence in washington leading many americans wondering whether their voice is being heard now on different ways and means through which the protestors are trying to get their message across here is my report. content lound.
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and graphic thousands of americans have resorted to banners and t. shirts to get their message across that a frustration with what they see is the government acting on behalf of big corporations rather than the people message which the protesters say their media failed to deliver the media feels like these kinds of events don't deserve coverage sometimes all you get when you do something this is a photograph and so it's very important for the message to be seen those simple oftentimes handwritten messages that people carry on their chests have often been subject to mockery what is the sign that occupy wall street brother that most of the five of the people that i would talk of what does that mean it seems the only fault of these people is presented in the american media is that they don't all have a degree in economics and finances and are not able to explain their grievances in professional economists terms various groups embolden the chair the end of the
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greatest system known to man and replace it with what who cares let's nap the protests on wall street or mindless and when you ask people in wall street what they want they don't know the acts that took place over the last thirty years with regards to national debt and debt within the system generally all of these things are very complicated and difficult for the general public to understand and people in the media and people on wall street like it that way because if you don't understand it then you don't you don't get what happened but the american people know that they've gotten hosed they've lost their jobs they've seen them offshore to china they've lost their houses they saw a huge run up in all prices that are collapse and people are saying you know what i know that i've got screwed by all of this but i don't know how i put americans who took to the streets are looking to express themselves by means other than motivational piece shirts and banners. which as graphic as they are hardly convey
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the full message of the movement that the demonstrators are spreading their own paper now called occupied wall street journal which details what they're unhappy with that makes it clear that they're not rooting for one particular party it also warns against political machines and their p.r. slick's taking control of the protest message one word to describe these ongoing protests from the beginning is frustration on their shirts on cardboard on the backs of pizza boxes as we've seen people express that frustration that is the movement grows the ways of getting their message across. and as people here say this paper is just the beginning i'm going to check our reporting from washington are two. meanwhile around two hundred protesters inspired by the occupy wall street movement are refusing for a third day to leave the heart of london's financial district like their fellow campaigners across the atlantic their anger is directed at corporate greed and
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state comebacks a square in front of st paul's cathedral saw a standoff between several thousand activists and police over the weekend and protests also continued in front of the european central bank in frankfurt germany the demonstrators have set up a tent camp and say they plan to stay until their demands for restrictions on global financial institutions are met. and don't forget you can track the latest developments on this protest movement at our website dot com there you can also find more first hand reports from the u.s. and beyond expert opinion and a timeline of events. structured blood flowing poverty and other. countries waiting for you as well cutting jobs and social spending people across the globe rise up against their government's economic policies followed the world wide action against austerity night on car too. nato forces have
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extended a deadline for the serbs of northern kosovo to remove barricades near the border with serbia they've been told to clear the road block by early tuesday or face forced removal. from the ocean has been following the border dispute. the clock is ticking for the serbs living in costs of a on tuesday the ultimatum passes for them to remove the very case they erected on the main roads of this serve dominated north protesting against christian as attempt to set up customs in this area and to prevent cost of and police officers and custom officers and officials from reaching the checkpoints at the northern border with syria but we haven't seen any sign of the removal walk so far roadblocks are still there where they've been for the last two months and tensions boiling as people are getting more and more exhausted and aggressive the deadline to take away these very case as well as others was announced by the cost of zero
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peacekeeping force known as the k four on saturday it's come under general truce met with the mayors of four northern coast of a towns claiming k four need these roads as it needs access for its troops in the north it's currently transporting its soldiers and delivering food fuel and water for those of them stationed in the northern part of kosovo by helicopters which is a very expensive mean of travel last month some of the barricades. resulted in violence peacekeepers used rubber bullets and tear gas against the serbs the circumstances are right now very complicated and what may look peaceful for now could explode at any time to use much of the notion of reporting force there now political analyst alexander poverty from belgrade thinks if for dismantles the barricades it would contradict its stated peacekeeping mission. they're there to
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enforce the peace and that's all but k. four for since the end of july has actually been undertaking to help the albanians round out their own sovereign state against un resolution twelve forty four so they've overstepped their mandate if they weren't doing that they would have absolutely no problem with the serbs anywhere in kosovo before july twenty fifth there was really no reason for pay for it to be in the north everything was peaceful it was only when the albanians sent to their special police forces up north to establish a border between call civil and serbia that came forward decided to assist them and this is why they need freedom of movement to actually assist her cause of albany is in the building their illegal state belgrade is trying to keep it all peaceful they can they can try to they can only appeal to individual countries and to worldwide public opinion because everyone is very resolved in belgrade and in northern cross
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of all to have this resolved in a peaceful way and i think the important thing is that we can see that coups actually using force for no reason at all and if ok for moves there they'll be the ones using force to cross the serbs have at explicitly said that they would not use force and if there are barriers are removed they would just put up new ones but there will all do it peacefully so it's really public opinion is the last i guess defense of the peaceful demonstrators in northern coastal. washington is to deploy around one hundred special operations troops to uganda to help local forces fight the lord's resistance army widely considered a terrorist group regional authorities have been trying to get rid of the leader of the organization for decades but writer and journalist and garrison says the interests of the u.s. go beyond fighting extremists in the region. it's of that oil and other resources this area is so huge the resource rich hugely oil rich southern sudan or
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western uganda north eastern congo huge oil field what happened last time in two thousand eighteen thousand and nine the guinean two thousand and the us advised something close operation lightning thunder contributed a million dollars worth of fuel satellite organized interacted this operation into north eastern congo where there had just been these huge oil discoveries the result reported by i.p.s. institute for policy studies was six thousand casualties one hundred eighty thousand refugees and when you talk in this region about one hundred eighty thousand refugees you need to go on and ask her maid of those people are going to die because a lot of the war did in this region die in i.d.p. internally displaced persons camps or refugee camps of hunger disease or other kinds of birchip and sticking with the story publisher and editor in chief of the black star news investigative newspaper milton ali mahdi believes that the u.s.
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operation to protect civilians may inflict even more casualties. it's a very undetermined an open ended deployment and that's why many people suspect there is a sense of mission creep here you start off with one hundred and obviously the rationale you give is that you're there to try to protect innocent civilians well we've heard that line before very recently it was concerning libya where the u.n. resolution and the nato operation was supposedly to protect civilians against massacres by the r.c. well that's as history has shown perhaps more civilians were killed by the nato bombardment then by about fifty soldiers during this conflict so there is concern and i think people in uganda are worried that there will be at an escalation of hostilities and i think if you take a poll in uganda people would oppose the u.s. deployment of troops in the region the arab league has agreed not to suspend
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a syria from the organization a decision that has angered many in the country footage released by the opposition shows hundreds on the streets in the southern province of gherao activists also report at least twenty one people have been killed in clashes in the city of holmes arab league countries have called on the syrian government to start negotiations with the opposition this comes after president assad promised to draft a new constitution within four months and allow a multi-party parliament the demands of protesters but as artie's tests are silly i found in damascus for some that won't be enough. calls for a change in the forms seven months in. one of those calls is to create a real pluralistic political system since nine hundred seventy two politics was only open to parties that acknowledged the supreme role of the ruling baath party enjoy this coalition analogous for bashar al assad issued
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a decree passing the multi-party law. for a czar assad al-deen this is the moment he has been waiting for the chance to add a new voice to syrian politics. we're applying to become a political party so we can be more effective we can influence parliament access and help create laws defend our time this is the new law allows parties that are open to all syrians regardless of ethnicity and religion and are not affiliated with organizations outside of syria but the newly formed internal opposition the national coordination council or n.c.c. will not participate it's not about us not wanting to participate it's about them not being serious about these reforms there's no environment for dialogue the violence must stop political prisoners must be released even though they passed the multi-party law and will draw up a new constitution they do all that under their conditions and at recent deadly clashes in cities like other stan and live the president appointed a committee to draft
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a new constitution within four months one sticking point is article eight which states that we bath party is the leader of the state and society the opposition argues this undermines the essence of multiple parties you know some some people in the in the party leadership have come to the conclusion that article eight and more dangerous articles in the constitution that article eight are going to be under review we shall have almost a new constitution where a new multi-party system will be achieved without any difficulties perhaps change is coming to syria at the same. protests and violent clashes have been dragging on for months some vowing they will not stop until bashar al assad steps down so is it simply too little too late. meetings like this on a daily basis for various of the national development party there in the final stages of the out with the process of becoming an official party here in syria well
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after a decade of listening to promises of reform they now feel that this could be real or at least that's the thing for us are still here are to damascus syria. for some illnesses in russia where you live is a matter of life and death one debilitating genetic diseases suffered by kids is very treatable but only if your postcode is the right one. reports. for most parents there is hardly anything more sickening than seeing their child in a hospital bad but not for exxon or average dropped a trance through these i.v. line outs to her hold that her son will have a chance in life very few people believed would find the money yet somewhere deep down i think i knew that everything will be fine one bottle of this drug costs more than exxon is husband makes in the year and their seven year old boy needs four bottles each month diagnosed with hunter syndrome pedia lacks a crucial amazon that how to channel toxins out of his body there is no cure but
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with the treatment that's available patients can leave well into their thirty's and beyond the eight years without this therapy have already damaged his organs but now we have hope of not only stemming the negative symptoms but also reversing some of them. they're all region of repeaters family leaves isn't in poverty subsidized area in central russia the only other patient here with hunch a syndrome died earlier this year after his mother's frantic search for funds son who was at the funeral it drove their decision to move to a treatment providing when is the pallet rather than count on the generosity of the local administration that now did their real region is on board she's terrified that her relocation idea will strike other unfortunate families the local authorities have her there over one million years dollars to buy drugs for peter richard last till the end of next year this is
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a huge lifesaving news for the boy's parents and his doctors but that very reluctant to talk about that they're not superstitious this simply afraid that parents of children with the same condition from the last generous regions of russia tried to move their kids here and in russia had the hunter syndrome is still is it called lottery so chances on continuing treatment the pedigree view on the number of children forced completing. since the city of moscow started providing treatment for this rare condition a few years ago the number of patients has tripled mainly through migration and it will continue to rise on the me unless russia introduces country wide coverage for hunter syndrome his son was the first in russia to get the drug she believes all six children should be entitled to it regardless of where they happen to be born.
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i was lucky to live in the city that agreed to take care of my child but cringe every time i have to talk to mother whose baby is denied the treatment i do realize that i love my child but who didn't choose this illness if we could we would definitely have something cheaper. an hour after the procedure he is beaming with energy a fan of action figures shows me his favorite hero and you think a lot of him because he is strong he can take down all the monsters he goes on to model it and clearly at one point he's plus the son hero falls flat on his band but it is quick to prop it up the kind of reaction many parents dealing with qantas engine still waiting to get from their country. aren't see a real region in central russia might be back with a recap of our top stories in ten minutes time coming up next though an interview russia with russia's prime minister and presidential candidate for the next
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election vladimir putin gave to several of the country's top t.v. channels and talks about why he chose to run for the kremlin again and outlines the political and economic course he thinks is best for russia.
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good afternoon again good afternoon i'm open to your questions. this defeat in the recent convention of the united russia party made the political situation in the country much clearer just a couple of weeks ago we had a chance to discuss that with russian president dmitri medvedev today we wanted to ask you the questions which we believe are of interest to our fellow citizens the first one was voiced both by your supporters and skeptics why are you returning to the kremlin rashid it's clear that i am aware of the wave of questions and comments in this regard that appeared on the internet in online and print media and here's what i would like to sing as i've mentioned many times and as first russian president buddies yeltsin said i never aspired to this position it's a well known fact initially when this offer was made i explicitly expressed doubts over my ability to handle such a huge workload and enormous responsibility for the fate of the nation but once i
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take up a job i do my best to complete it or at least to yield maximum results. but there are people who as you mentioned the criticize me and dmitri may get if they say that if your humble servant takes part in the election. that would mean that there would be no election at all perhaps that would be the case for them but an ordinary citizen always has a choice to make so our critics might see it their own way but in this case they ought to present their platform and what's more important not only present it but also to prove in practice that they can do this job better there are others who say that we're in for a period of stagnation similar to the time when soviet leader lead to brazen it was in power. i do not want to sound too critical there were indeed many achievements but in fact i do not recall any of the post-war soviet leaders who would be as hardworking as myself or the incumbent president dmitri medvedev i don't remember any of you people you know they couldn't i knew mangini they couldn't due to their physical condition and
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a lack of understanding of what needed to be done they might well have done something but they didn't have a clue or enough will for that we can also refer to the experience of other countries i didn't try to hold on to power and you know it perfectly well although i could have easily taken advantage of the constitutional majority of the ruling and i had russia party to amend the constitution but i stopped short of that i didn't change the constitution to suit one man only myself i wanted people to see that there would be no tragedy in a natural change of power but let's turn to other countries that were up to the end of the second world war the us didn't have any limits on the number of presidential terms mean only yes franklin d. research that was elected three times four times or do it over prior to that some us presidents ran for a third time but if i'm not mistaken none of the attempts was successful except for franklin roosevelt who was elected president four times running he stood at the helm throughout the or deals of economic depression and the second world war and
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was elected four times because his policies were effective. but the exact number of terms and years in power do not really matter it helmut kohl spent sixteen years in power in west germany he wasn't president but his post was actually the most important executive job in the country the same goes for one of the former canadian prime ministers another look at post-war france where a president could have been elected for seven years without a limit on the number of terms it was just recently that france introduced amendments into its constitution and cut it down to no more than two five year terms very similar to what we have in russia you know what does that mean when a country is facing difficult and hard times when it's recovering from a crisis and getting back on its feet if these pillars of stability including in politics that play a vital role in carrying you actually. mr putin you talk a lot about stability stability has its negative sides as it sometimes results in
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nation wide stagnation. you feel about the lack of staff rotation in the government some ministers have not only produced g.b.'s results over their terms in office what they produced was a series of failures do you think the fact they are still in office might be a sign of a standstill in the country so you know what areas. of their frequent reshuffles in the government or a sign of weakness they indicate that officials are either incapable or unwilling to accept personal responsibility they keep passing it around like a hot potato and the if you have to try everything you can to make an official work before you decide to dismiss him one more thing when we choose people for certain jobs we always try to make a good thought out choice does not always work out perfectly of course and in these cases we are forced to let people go this is true but on what for some of it is still the best way to avoid too much of a standstill in your staff policy is to get rid of some of your old allies who are no longer working efficiently your predecessors gorbachev and. they never hesitated
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to drop off the ballast developed this is actually the reason why. politicians especially notable political figures are always essentially alone like general dick gold and winston churchill spoke of this do you perhaps feel the need to let go of some of the people you've been working with in past years alternatively will things go a different way which is perhaps easier to envision in russia with current kremlin residents moving to the white house and vice versa resulting in no changes if you're staying still so of course the. there loneliness is not related to staff policy it has nothing to do with appointments and reshuffles it is there but let me tell you what causes it prominent political figures cannot let anyone near themselves if they're not allowed to favor certain people over others their decisions cannot be based on personal sympathies and they have to be based on to special impartial analysis and the will to take responsibility at the same time we cannot go to extremes there has to be a degree of succession in power we cannot start by playing games we can't go and
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dismiss the parliament just because someone on television or some print journalist said we have to that would not be serious we have to look at the people who are making their third or fourth attempt to resolve problems they've been working on and if they're tired with their performance was adequate we have to find some other place where they can apply their efforts talent and experience once their positions are open we bring in new people with fresh ideas and motivation to implement the law but this is what we're planning to do we have a lot to learn from the great politicians you mentioned they each had plenty of experience in politics i would even say they were philosophers as well as politicians the goal had a lot of different sayings he's one of my favorite figures in politics they were professionally connected to france or so you might know this saying of his always choose the hardest way that you'll never find rivals there or get them.
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i am losing. the by. the book.
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the latest in science technology from. the huge earth covered. broadcasting live and direct from the heart of moscow this is our take on john thomas let's take a look at your top headlines. in seattle police are using strong arm tactics on peaceful demonstrators amid mounting criticism of the us media isn't reporting what's motivating the wave of people to join the occupy wall street demonstrations the movement that started as a protest against america's financial center in new york a month ago has since spread across the world whole world with protests in more than eight hundred cities. nato peacekeepers in northern kosovo extended the deadline for ethnic serbs to remove barricades that new disputed checkpoints.


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