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that's a choice to make leaving the last word with the people by to be good and says it's premature to assume he'll win the presidential election in his first interview since confirming he'll stand again for russia's top job. search for the northern coast or give him an extra day to remove road blocks out a disputed border but local say they won't give him a less kosovo police leave. ten am in moscow i met good to have you with us here on r t our top story israeli soldier gilad shalit has been released from captivity he'd been held by hamas for five years he's been freed in exchange for more than a thousand palestinian prisoners the first of which have already left israeli jails we go live now to our teams paulus we are standing by in tel aviv with the latest hello paula so where is shelley now. well this is one of those
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rare occasions when both israelis and palestinians are celebrating because it's official off to five years of captivity the israeli soldier gilad shalit is now in egypt sin hands a short time ago he was handed over that the kerem shalom go to crossing between israel and gaza and we expect that in the next hour also he will be handed over from the egyptian authorities to the israeli army now this is the first phase of the prisoner exchange deal already before daybreak some four hundred and seventy seven palestinian prisoners were transferred to to locations one on the gaza border and another inside the west bank according to the deal some of those prisoners will not to turn into gaza and others will be deported. every agreement between palestinians and israel has led to a mixed reaction among some israelis though why are they are happy about it. well the majority of israelis do support. still but certainly there are many who
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feel that it creates a precedent it sets the example of what happens if an israeli soldier was kidnapped and these people are afraid that it will encourage further kidnappings just yesterday the jerusalem high court rejected petitions from families of victims of terror these are families who lost loved lost loved ones in attacks that were carried out all planned by some of the prisoners who are being released today and what they say is that the majority of people who are released from prison often return to the crimes they perpetrated before it's perhaps this summed up by a father i spoke to he said that there's nothing he can do for his son who was killed in a terror attack but it's through his three remaining children that he needs to worry about also unhappy are some of the families of missing israeli soldiers they say that the government has simply not done enough to bring the very boys home in the way that it did for the large tell it let's take a look. every day he comes here to
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a place that looks after israeli soldiers who are alone in the country who come from difficult backgrounds but being here is often more of a comfort to him than the youngsters he hopes because it brings him that little bit closer to his son majesty who disappeared one year before gilad shalit was taken hostage we are modern or much have subdiscipline over and over again the government and the country are not doing enough from ours do you there is the media you know has the option it gave to disown the family there are at the moment seven israeli soldiers who've been kidnapped or who missing in action now is my son maj he disappeared while hitchhiking to his army base major want to ride was captured twenty five years ago after as a craft was shot down over lebanon these are the last pictures of him alive taken in a prison in iran di have a disappeared fourteen years ago he was last seen at his army base one kilometer from the syrian border. it's infuriating is. and acceptable that after fourteen
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years the government still has nothing to tell us our demand is that the government bring us any information a live dead here in lebanon and syria just bring it to us but they've brought us nothing. certain her son is still alive and while she's pleased gilad is coming home she's disillusioned in her government that made it possible for him but not for her son. it's about media attention p.r. how do arts families succeeded in marketing their son we saw it as a family this was a growl as we thought it was enough the guy was an i.d.f. soldier in uniform but we were wrong very very wrong. with a bomb to freedom foundation is trying to get it right it offers ten million dollars for information leading to missing soldiers forming a large lead is unique in the sense that his whereabouts were known and from the start it was clear he was alive we treat the other cases as if the soldiers are
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still alive but there are many question marks as to their feet we just don't know. the majority of israelis support the shalit deal more than a thousand prisoners for one soldier this is a country that depends on its army for its survival is an unwritten code that every soldier who goes to war must be brought back home that's what the heart of the free gilad shalit campaign for nearly two years has created family in the little town here in front of the prime minister's office every morning when netanyahu left his home he was reminded about the soldier who could not return to his beloved by usually be a man bears to say the government and the country are not doing enough for my son and the rest of those missing in action it is important for us to bring our soldiers home parents who send their sons to war we need to knock the country will do everything possible to get them back on org it's done just that in the case of
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gilad shalit but at what cost will militants now be empowered to kidnap another israeli soldier and will israel be willing to pay this price again policy r.t. jerusalem. paul is gauging reaction on developments to the historic prisoner swap you can follow her twitter stream which is available at paula's underscore r t direct reporting to you from the heart of the story. the new york police officers being investigated over allegations they used excessive force against occupy wall street protesters it's this videotape last friday that gave credence to one of the inquiries the officer thought to be a deputy inspector was filmed apparently grabbing an activist from behind punching him in the face so hard he fell and independent agency that deals with complaints against the n.y.p.d. says it's also looking into an officer using pepper spray on apparently peaceful protesters the anti-corporate campaign has been going on for more than
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a month now as artie's lucy coffin of reports despite the police handling and continuing arrest the number of protesters continues to grow. one here in zuccotti park liberty plaza and that has been dubbed by the occupy wall street protest movement here in new york city this was the scene of thousands of demonstrators who had converged over the weekend to show their support for what they called an international day of rage that's occupations and demonstrations spread not only property united states but across the world thousands have been merged in times square where they were peacefully demonstrating only to be met with an unprecedented show force by the new york city police department approximately ninety protesters were arrested for partaking in those demonstrations we also saw instances the police officers on horseback riding into the crowd police officers on scooters injuring several protesters who had gathered peacefully at the demonstrations pro a profit country it does appear that the police response is growing in force as
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well on monday morning we saw in seattle a total of about nine protesters were arrested after about two hundred fifty of them refused to take down their tents and the occupation there over. weekend we also saw the arrests of more than one hundred protesters in arizona in two separate occupy wall street demonstrations and in chicago as well where thousands have gathered to demonstrate their support for what they call a movement against the proceeds of corruption in washington and wall street about one hundred seventy five demonstrators arrested there as well despite the fact that it's a weekday despite the fact that out folks have work to go to the movement does seem to be spreading whether or not it's going to have any effect on the political and economic system in the united states remains to be seen but the numbers continue to grow for our t.v. i'm lucy kaplan of in new york. while the wall street wave sweeps america over banks bursting profits is the threat of going bust i thought if i recall right now
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believe it or not their parliaments considering a more austerity measures despite more of those already putting the country on stand still saying cuts are no cure we report on that soon. but first serves in northern kosovo have now been given till tuesday to dismantle their border barricades even though their removal could cause trouble to flare at any moment they were built in protest against attempts by kosovo police in assistance with nato when the e.u. forces to take over border crossings with serbia peacekeepers have water access to the x. roads to be cleared or they'll do it themselves but authorities worry if an ocean reports the serbs own demands are set in stone. stones and sand are the only weapons the serbs leaving in costa they have in their arsenal to make the others listened to them. the roadblocks they set up throughout northern part of the region are making headlines and getting feedback morning but we ask you not to produce a period. threaten your safety of negative consequences for us and for your country
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bastards who are talking about us well the only negative force present here local resident by today's readonly flat k four and they told that international peacekeeping force in kosovo has been sprayed in here recently look at their propaganda by oh we don't want them here those like you bird we don't want to talk to them. the mayor of the northern coast of a town of lapis of h. is talking to k. four bronco has been among the four delegates from serbs to negotiate with peacekeepers on dates and terms of the barricades removal case for has announced a monday deadline but than postpone it to tuesday the serbs have claimed they need even more time. initially designed to prevent cost of one custom officers from reaching the checkpoints at the northern border with serbia rubble on the roads have made trouble for many k. four complained they had access to their troops in the north they're using
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helicopters to transport supplies and soldiers and the serbs themselves suffering to. this days ago a forest area where they struck the ground here is still freshly dug this serves a building near roads tentative roads to reach serbia from kosovo as the main roads have been blocked with their barricades in the last several weeks the only are the alternatives a train but a trans only once a day and always act so it doesn't really count this is why new bypass roads appear with phenomenal speed we've seen at least seven of them. here already but. i thought i made a lot of memories of my. volunteers here has one of the costs of and serves and speaks for all of them serving the spirit there are all sorts of. legal
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work but also. we're returning to the barricades in the evening people are still there all of them have their usual jobs teachers engineers and miners. but here they call themselves soldiers and use war rhetoric on. them this is our land we will not surrender france for truth for a future for our children and motherland sheep that if. they say one man can't we know one of us that together people may form a real force like that even if their weapons i just and sound. course of a political analyst alexander pavitra belgrade thinks of care for troops dismantle barricades it could contradict its stated peacekeeping mission. i think the serbs have made it clear that they're not going to remove any barricades themselves because the reasons for their being there in the first place haven't ended so i
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think the ball is in the court of the case for they're there to enforce the peace and that's all but a full for since the end of july has actually been undertaken to help the albanian for. their own sovereign state against u.n. resolution called forty four this is why the reason the right says the close of all baby is in the building the illegal state of the overstepped their mandate if they weren't doing that they would have absolutely no problem with the serbs anywhere in kosovo and i think the important thing leads to that we can see that who is actually using force for no reason at all and if the case for moves there they'll be the ones using force the postal service of that explicitly said that they would not use force and if there are barriers are removed they would just put up new ones but they were all do it peacefully so it's really public opinion is the last i guess defense of the peaceful demonstrators in northern coastal. town tell us who
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you think is to blame for blame for the resurgent pressure on kosovo here's how the opinion is divided this hour two thirds of respondents think it's washington pushing kosovar dependence there's a fairly even split between whether belgrade is to blame for not protecting kosovo serbs or whether to hold it against the e.u. for failing to uphold the law finally seven percent blame pristina for escalating the conflict and allowing persecution of serbs tell us what you think is the root cause by clicking on r t dot com. glad to be putin the decision to run for the presidency next year has dominated news in russia for almost a month now and his first big interview since confirming he'll stand the prime minister said having the backing of the current president and the ruling party doesn't mean the election is a foregone conclusion. as regards my return nothing is decided until the people have voted but there are people who criticize me and dimitri mediated for more they say that if your humble servant takes part in the election
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that would mean there would be no election at all perhaps that would be the case for them as it would an ordinary citizen always has a choice to make so our critics might see it their own way but in this case they ought to present their platform and what's more important to me not only to present it but also to prove in practice that they can do these jungle better there is another important aspect here the most active part of the political spectrum people who talk about democratic institutions their concerns the democratic processes may be ruled back this is definitely not going to happen. more of the key moments in vladimir putin's interview with russia's top t.v. channels coming your way in fifteen minutes here are two of. the united states deploying one hundred special operations troops to uganda it's to help the fight against the lord's resistance army guerrilla group that's terrorized the country and other parts of central africa for decades now its leader is wanted for war crimes but asia times correspondent pepe escobar thinks the u.s.
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agenda in africa already goes beyond protecting civilians. first of all this is an exchange of gifts president obama is giving a gift to the dictator of all gummed up seventy eight was being in power for twenty five to twenty six years and he's as responsible of us human rights and freedoms and in fact at tax on civilians and murders attacks on civilians as joseph koni so obama's senate is one hundred u.s. special forces billed as advisors so remember vietnam in one nine hundred sixty one sixty two it started with a bunch of advisers going to get out and we know what history taught us later this is a civil war and it's and that to make war once again the us is right stepping right into the middle of a net the war that's been going on for over two decades clip the bigger picture is even more impressive because this is not about again they sell and even obama at
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made it on the record already that these advisers are going to south sudan and the democratic republic of congo as well so when you look at that area in central africa and you see the amount of oil and the amount of mineral riches at play and when we see that china is making me a role in this area and when we look at the africans agenda which is to combat china commercially viable militarisation of africa then you understand these one hundred the beginning of may me will be going to go the soup. a check and watch cashing clicks at this hour well there's plenty going on in the world to bring you down our online humor helped put some satirical perspective on what's going on in war cutting cartoons. and being the scars go by any residents by their having to slug it out with an invasion of large snails from africa slowly eating them out of house and home find out how they got there and the
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trouble they're causing. greece facing another tough week with a key parliamentary vote on even more belt tightening its still trying to convince its creditors it deserves more cash to help avoid going bust but i agree greeks are trying to resist the punishing cuts with strikes and sit ins that have again and ground the nation to a halt r.t. sarah for a house more from athens. because of the baby and make or break week for a nation with an upcoming general strike upon the men chief eight hundred the summit decision the fight is reaching feet it. does not anymore about this movement it is
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a movement for the sort of vibrant of the people with. the cancer that's positive on going action the country said to once again come to a standstill this flight to ground it and public transport lines to a halt but i think the situation in greece is getting out of control. that workers especially very angry they're seeing their words decrease by a twenty percent to thirty percent. or more and more taxes coming in the future. they don't see any future. own going to leaks and dates and statements for one thing with an angry public now demanding some sustainable action to help get the country back on its feet. from the vantage points of many euro skeptic southern european countries such as greece should never have joined the single currency but of course they did and as the crisis runs deeper there are now calls for
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a radical rethink of the entire same project. we will have. and europe changing direction which will mean what does that mean that means the central back acting like a serious central bank like the fed or the bank of england i'm actually trying to reduce the recession five reducing interest rates lending to come to me either we will have the governments cooperate on their fiscal policy either we have a new marshall plan to help the economies of the sad fact sheet to be able to compete with the euro or the euro will dissolve it's something the governments have been desperate to avoid rushing to find solutions to the debt crisis to try and hold the world economy sinking further into a financial quagmire that many of the measures implemented in grace amongst them wage cuts and tax hikes can simply serve to push the country deeper into debt is a need is to face increasingly harsh criticism they continued inability to stem the
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spiraling to a crisis it won't be just a greek affair we will have the euro collapsing under the weight of its contradiction because your role in the architecture around your. single currency was created on the assumption that they would be no price if they believed their own rhetoric and now there is a crisis and they have no policy strength or situations ready to be able to respond back right increasingly unpopular greek prime minister has once again cooled the solidarity with the pleas of being. coming at a time when the people in that pond and never seem safe. as the country continues to find ways to be laid in economy one thing remains clear that the rates recovery is going to be alone and difficult. say athens trying out of some other stories making headlines across the globe fighters
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for libya's interim government were poised seize the town of bani walid one of these last remaining strongholds of the country's new flag in the city center and fire guns in the air in celebration bani walid has been under siege for weeks with its difficult terrain making it hard to capture but it's not over yet fighting continues into the town of sirte before it's up to ten thousand civilians in the violent city. syrian security forces have killed at least twenty one people in their latest assault on the opposition stronghold of homs army defectors who are helping local inhabitants defend their neighborhoods are said to have killed five government troops in the clashes opposition activists also accuse the regime of intensifying its persecution of doctors who treat wounded protesters. thailand's capital bangkok facing a threat of further flooding if it's hit with more heavy rains soldiers civil servants and civilians all working frantically to deploy more than
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a million sandbags to the city for noble northern defenses the worst wedding in decades swept through much of the country leaving more than three hundred dead and could cost more than three billion dollars to clean up. the back with headlines followed by a lot of your putin's interview but first time for business news with dmitri. in a warm welcome to business r.t. german engineering giant siemens is going to invest a billion euros in the russian projects over the next three years the company's chief says most of the money will be allocated for the energy sector including building elektra steve facilities as well as developing wind power siemens has been putting the funds in russia's atomic power industry two years ago it agreed to create a huge joint venture with russia's nuclear corporation ross sat but add to drop those plans this year when germany decided to phase out nuclear power following
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japan's fukushima disaster. it's arguably been one of the longest courtships on record russia's seventeen year marathon to join the world trade organization is potentially coming to an end now w z a negotiator maxime advent of says the country may be on the verge of becoming a member of the trade body next month we have concluded. almost. supposed to be so we have very few technical questions to be sure as to standing. even not few months to a few weeks or even in order to be able to resolve all of whom we have to completely fall in discussions. so i can sort of target the formal meeting to greece. and you can watch the full
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interview with my team in the bed coffin interview with so be sure announced on wednesday sorry to move to the markets now world is continuing its losses of germany dampened hopes the new debt plan will come out this week fred lenders trading at just over one hundred ten dollars per barrel this hour while light sweet is eighty six. in asia stocks are negative following the release of cooling chinese g.d.p. growth in the first quarter went up to nine point one percent this is giving investors an excuse to take profits but no reason to panic banks in hong kong are however in for the chill with industrial and commercial bank of china and china merchants bank shutting six six and a half percent respectively this hour but shares were well in negative territory even before the release of the data following the losses overnight in the u.s. and fresh concerns surrounding europe's debt crisis. this is the opening picture in
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a rush twenty seven minutes into trading the r.t.s. m i six are continuing the moving streak from monday but that's after one of the best weeks need games in the one and a hard year. so russian markets indeed are reversing last week's rally but mark rubenstein from the metropole expects them to get their gains back as soon as the updated euro zone rescue plan is revealed. a release of some details of the. comprehensive plan. in the course of the week and more we hear all these details more chance the market will have to rally and expect cause of dynamics this way in the midst of reporting season and so you know blog us companies are reporting every day and they'll be swinging the market this way with the way where i gained the dominant trend mood this week is going to be the
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anticipation of the eurozone rescue plan. you know the news russian industrial al but growth has slowed to its lowest pace two years federal statistics service says it rose around fool percent in september three point nine to be exact year in year producer prices i'm expected to be felled lower demand weighed by concerns about global economic prospects mineral extraction and metal production were among the hardest hit and it's expected to slow down as export what is. coming up next and i'll take the headlines with that.
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the movie is. just so. please. see.
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ten thirty am in moscow the zero r.t. headline israeli soldier gilad shalit has been freed after five years of being held captive by hamas in exchange for a thousand palestinian prisoners for celebrations along the god god god so egypt border for the first. prisoners are leaving israeli jails. serbs in northern kosovo given an extra day to remove roadblocks at a border seized by kosovo police last month but locals say they won't give in but once the officers stand down. new york police under investigation over claims of excessive force during the.


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