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a group of protesters interrupted a university of california board of regents meeting to demand the school's severed ties with the nation's nuclear weapons program. here with the line from moscow at six thirty pm these are top stories. over a thousand palestinian prisoners in exchange for one is the island soldier glocks will be returned home after a massive media campaign but other israelis who have family members missing for years ask what about that. law and disorder a new york police officers could face punishment for harsh tactics used against and to call for campaigners on wall street. and move or be moved the deadline
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approaches for kosovo and serves to leave their border barricades after a demand by nato for the protesters to stand firm. next up close in your group since given his first major interview since confirming he's running for president again he outlined to russian t.v. networks why you want a return to the kremlin and his vision of the country's course if he gets the job. good afternoon again good afternoon i am open to your questions mr putin the latest convention of the united russia party made the political situation in this country much clearer recently with why are you returning to the kremlin it's clear yeah but as i've mentioned many times and as first russian president buddies yeltsin said i never aspired to this position it's a well known fact that initially when this order was made i think this is really expressed doubts over my ability to handle such a huge workload and enormous responsibility for the face of the nation i would want to take up a job i do my best to completed or at least to yield maximum results but there are
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people who criticize me and dmitri maybe it is like they say that if your humble servant takes part in the election that would mean there would be no election at all perhaps that would be the case for then but an ordinary citizen always has a choice to make so our critics might see it their own way but in this case they ought to present their platform and what's more important not only to presented also to proven fact is that they can do this job better but we can also refer to the experience of other countries franklin roosevelt stood at the helm throughout the ordeals of economic depression and world war two and was elected four times because his policies were effective helmut kohl spent sixteen years in power in west germany he wasn't president but his post was actually the most important executive job in the country and this includes one of the former canadian prime ministers look at post-war france for a president could have been elected for seven years without a limit on the number of terms it was just recently that france introduced a man with these words constitution and cut it down to no more than two five year
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terms very similar to what we have in russia what does that mean when a country is facing difficult and hard times when it's recovering from a crisis and getting back on its feet if these pillars of stability there including in politics play a vital role as regards my return nothing is decided until the people have voted it is one thing when i hear some people say that they would like to see that happen or when people. certain regions suggest something that it is a different thing when the whole country goes to the polls and we need our people to come and express their attitudes to what we have been doing there is another important aspect here the most active part of the political spectrum people who talk about democratic institutions in russia they are concerned the democratic process has made the rules back this is definitely not going to happen because i can't imagine russia developing without democratic institutions and this is exactly what i intend to work on i will strengthen our country's political system and its foundations i will work to develop democratic institutions and a market economy with an emphasis on social needs your threatening problems he
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recently visited china and as many notice it was your first visit ruled since you announced he was going to run in the election does that mean china is becoming russia's priority international partner because why did it is a coincidence look if you look at the government schedule it is not a classified document you will see that russian chinese intergovernmental meetings were conducted on a regular basis we have all reasons to consider china a strategic partner of russia and not only because we share the world's longest border but our trade is growing at a great rate china is developing very rapidly turning into a valued partner a great market for russian manufactured goods and a source of investments into our economy. a partner mr putin not a threat. i have said this on more than one occasion to those who tried to scare me with the chinese threat in most cases it was our partners in the west however lucrative the natural resources of eastern siberia and russia's far east might look we all know they are not the prize in today's biggest global struggle but that
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struggle is for world leadership and we're not going to get in china's way there china has other competition there let them figure it out to pay for russia china is first and foremost a reliable partner we can tell the chinese authorities and the people of china are willing to build up a good neighborly relations with us to look for middle ground solutions to issues that seem extremely complex. we can tell they are ready to do it we take measures to indicate we are ready and as a result we find points of contact i'm sure will continue to happen in the future when we're here in the idea of bush as for global leadership you recently wrote an article for the at least give a legal you suggest creating a eurasian economic area that will give a bridge between europe and the booming economies of the asia pacific region and i thought at the same time everyone remembers you calling the downfall of the soviet union the last century's biggest geopolitical tragedy in this respect what would you say to those who see in your words and sort of an imperial condition as though
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to recreate a new empire will in peter yesterday well you don't need to be an expert to realize that if we combine our country's potential system in technology infrastructure transport energy sector mineral resources workforce territorial and language opportunities which are no less important for developing a common economic space if we combine all these potential our competitiveness will search it will grow dramatically we are using the potential we have inherited from the older generation and we can transfer it to a new modern basis today and if we are committed to introducing the principles of the world trade organization into an operating procedures this will make us more transparent to want external partners as for the foreign critics who say that russia has imperial ambitions so what can i say we see what is going on in europe for example integration has reached a level even the soviet union could never dream of i think you know and if you don't i will tell you that the european parliament has more decisions binding on
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the member states than the supreme soviet of the soviet union ever passed by the soviet republics and look at america north america is engulfed in the intense integration processes that involve the united states canada and mexico the same is true for latin america and africa but it is ok over there and nobody has any objections but when it comes to russia here we are imperial ambitions i can tell these critics who. by the way they don't seem to be very conscientious or scrupulous you know what mind your own business go come out of climbing inflation and the growing national debt and even obesity do something useful here mr putin western countries did not react strongly to your decision to run for president at the upcoming elections they said it was russia's internal affair and as angela merkel put it they were ready to work with any live just simply elected president you must understand however that politically western states consider you a hawk how do you feel about that what is going to happen to the reset of russia if
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u.s. relations which exists as an idea but there's not many signs that it's working very well the hawk is a good word but you're certainly no doubt. i am a man and i do not like cliches our foreign policy in the past and today that was thought out and aimed at creating a favorable environment for russia's development this means we want to have friendly relations with all of our partners but naturally we have and always will defend our national interests but we have always been a car full of others when we did it and we plan to maintain that in the future and in case of a disagreement or a conflict we will always look for a compromise that would be acceptable both to our partners and our country that what we are not interested in confrontation on the contrary we are interested in cooperation in europe is not a geographical concept first and foremost it is a cultural concept we share the same values with europe of course those are mostly christian values but it goes beyond that even those who consider themselves
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atheists were raised on christian values but russia is a multi-faith country where we have many muslims in russia as well we have judaism we have buddhism our fourth traditional religion in our history our culture and traditions make it easy for us to develop harmonious relations with any country of the world and this is exactly what. we are going to do very well in a book on the beach mr putin it looks like there is another storm brewing leap stock markets a tumbling and people say the reason we so much the traders themselves can do it palatable to record an emerging market so losing capital for the same is true batra share but i recently read an article that said there were government needed a new program to counter the next crisis a program that would be like a good scale than a girl short offering an attractive perspective supposedly that would help win back businesses trust and stop the prices where does your government have such a program and while we're at it since it budget is calculated presuming the price
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of oil would be at least a little dash hundred dollars per barrel prices are falling through a voice good budget is what it's about is it as you know if we keep talking about the fall of the stock market indexes they might never recover. it will grow by four percent this year which is satisfactory china will grow by nine percent which is a good result we have to push for a six to seven percent economic growth figure we managed to deliver that in the pre-crisis years and we will try to do with again as i've said before we will of course if we try to make our economy more open there are fears however especially in the light of russia's w t o a session that opening up too much might harm it but returning to your metal for a short skirt looks good on some women while others are better off wearing something else the longest skirt. but yes in other clothes russia turned out to be well a put for the two thousand and eight two thousand and nine financial crisis what
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are we dealing with now is that we're carefully following developments in the global economy and are the world's largest markets because clearly our economy is not sufficiently diversified and kimonos what if we say that openly to feel more confident the problem is and western countries markets shrink we sell fewer goods but because the prices of our goods. full that is taking into account that only forty seven russian industries are represented well on those markets therefore we are gel to heavy blow if we have fifty to one hundred industries represented the situation would be more balanced and we would be able to switch to a floating currency rates until that happens our national bank will be forced to somewhat regulate rates generally speaking and we will only be able to say we are ready for any changes in internal trends after our economy is diversified. which listed pretty gasper all has been facing certain problems in western europe the german offices of gas brawled have been searched but what is your take on
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a situation like this around one of a major companies. like google or it's quite simple i have repeatedly said in public that the sellers are always trying to sell the commodity at higher prices against the buyers always want to get it cheaper or even free which is better still we're not thinking as we think that you would get anything for free naturally without a smaller price yes but it but and that is what they are after and as a result unilateral decisions are taking it for a third energy package for example which was adopted retrospectively and if this is only presented as we feel this should be considered unacceptable in the modern world what it is don't despite all considerations we think ultimate goal behind this course of action is to bring down the cost of the product and to disrupt the market pricing mechanism which is closely connected with the price for crude in russia it is we who set the price in a centralized manner we depend on crude and include goes up the natural gas price
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goes up. so does the gas trust i don't think this is a farsighted approach to pricing because today the parts where crews may be fairly high and tomorrow may plummet and gazprom will suffer losses and the buyers on the contrary benefit i don't think this is justifiable besides the natural gas market is very specific but it is largely. depends on a concrete supplier it is a mistake to introduce a third party in the process or as our partner suggested or a third buyer and a third seller this is to say that the russian gas that has reached the border with western europe should be first sold to a third party or a legal entity that will further sell it to the consumers but if you know what the scenario can lead to someone will simply be given an opportunity to pocket additional margin the price will not necessarily good therapy which would be a good percentage for united version these elections are trying to get a political forecast out of being good you know. i'm not asking for any numbers i
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just asked you what results you would be satisfied with their united russia has to remain the leading political party in the country and the parliament that would be a good result for us thank you very much for this to at least a few incidences where they believe we are finished with it today thank you. soumitra bryson if you move the song from funds to friendship. these stunts on t.v. don't comb.
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over a thousand palestinian prisoners in exchange for one israeli soldier of good deeds returns home outright a massive media campaign but other israelis too for family members missing for years ask not about the. law and disorder new york police officers criticise punishment for harsh tactics used against anti corporate campaigners on wall street. and moved or removed the deadline approaches for coastal inserts to leave their border barricades after the man by nato but protesters are out to stand firm. up next is the latest you're on our team with kate.
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hello one of those poles out of a big thing of champions league football is not. soldiering on injury hit the pats house group leader travels for in a crunch game in the champions league. while i'm just a test is english media city and united look to get there you have been counting back on track to stop the sox. alex keeps getting tougher champion fidel evans and fellow riders learn the new even harder route connections to the sox. the first a heavily depleted to scout preparing to host turkish side tops on sport in the champions league has changed a night the last white side has gets to winning group and house their injury problems after a long domestic season unbeaten opponents are patched up the top of the table
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however they are men but he's they still have the players to gain the vital three points and someone calls the referee port's. says come moscow are one of the favorites to win the russian premier league but they're achieving this year have come at a price injuries have plagued the club from the beginning of the season with captain and iconic goalkeeper of the national team eager i can fit the latest player to join the sick list also sideline or japanese me feel very caged to get home dug defenders looked at advice in your new shiny gold kiln about good and forward sykora least that due to the team's domestic success and most of the players became leaders in their respective national teams that act alone is certainly added to says cost poor record in recent games including the latest disappointing domestic to all draw at home to take out a number of already we've been playing with a depleted squad for quite some time already plus most of our men were instrumental for their countries in recent international matches your take is obviously built up going now a momentary relaxation cost us dearly want to but i think it will make the right
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conclusions from what happened and these things one happened again. it wasn't the best of stores for cisco moscow in the group stages of the u.a.e. for champions league but the muscovites displayed true strength of character coming back from two goals against little to salvage a draw and says almost managed to repeat that feeds in the next match against its one to ten champions in terry but a late goal by morata left the army men in last place in group b. tribes and war on the other hand find themselves at the top of the group after defeating answer in italy while french outfit little have drawn both of their games in stand in third place still that's up to call it a geisha spots are still up for grabs drugs and war will be aiming for nothing less than a victory in moscow in order to increase their group lead and following in historic one nil away when it entered milan anything seems possible for this third your side the club is the pretty well in their domestic league as well in second place after
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six matches is in for head of this tournament very few people had any doubt that we would be in last place but as you can see things are going well we remain optimistic and are looking forward to a positive result both in moscow under home what we understand and see as carr has put a lot of hoping to the next two games against us says current shrub's of or will play each other again in group b.'s next match which will take place on the second of the denver interrogate and the sides are coming to my own choose they should determine both teams aspirations for this european campaign costs are artsy moscow . well meanwhile the english premier league leaders manchester city also faced selection problems as they get ready to host beer a outing group a one chilly inside have taken just one point from two games so far to manage about them and cheney has limited options up front cost is still a virtual outcast at the club after allegedly refusing to come off the bench and play against by in munich in city's previous time mario balotelli is serving the last of a three game european suspension and make some sign and secure where are you struggling
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with a groin injury city. leaders by an answer that really can't afford to drop points against the beauty our side who have suffered two defeats. will be added because they played for the world very well but for us it is very important that is not being brought in from playing away or not where we are winning this game and it is good for me in this game. after an imprint of this will come from. us but after i think that. if we can win most of them. we have a chance at the happening for a while rivals manchester united are also looking to kickstart they european campaign the three time champions have drawn two games so far and face remaining out of it after a little glassy in bucharest this tuesday night the star striker wayne rooney expected to leave the strong side united asserting group c. behind f.c. bolland benfica who play each other in back to back matches something sir alex
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ferguson things keep going if it is team. i. would wait. so it. will trickle over the pleasure of his but. how do you want to use restraint when you. saw all the problems. well swear group d. lead israel madrid have a one hundred percent record and are preparing to host french side leo you themselves could go to help with a victory once coached as a marine here wasn't until you were. about keeping top spot. it's not easy to every game in the champions league so it will be no great drama if we get the result of a match and points which makes us the best place team to win big group but first of all we have to qualify and only have to go it will feel good group. but elsewhere russian champions in some petersburg will be without kept an eye exam on the new course and top scorer alexander courage to call for wednesday's match and ukrainian
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champion shots are the jonas brothers his men have travelled to donetsk with their third match in group g. then that and cough. cough plus midfielder alexei yong of were not on board the plane and its big porto three one it's home last time outs which were held to a goal this the world by domestic runners tomorrow on saturday said petersburg side are second in the group behind surprisingly this well from cyprus. bottom. water will hold up well also on wednesday and have been boosted by the return of brazilian striker clear bear has been out with a shoulder injury for three weeks so there is expected to pair up with compacted homework you missed their latest portuguese cup game the reigning europa league champions boast an enviable home record having lost just one of the last ten years in ties asked is that the. in the meantime russia learned their opponents their final much of the year following a comprehensive euro twenty twelve qualifying campaign began because men are set to
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play former champions greece in a friendly and there but the eleventh capital city of athens was the most likely venue for the game russia booked a berth of next summer's european championships after finishing top of the head of the republic of ireland greece edged croatia for top spot in group paris. now as the n.f.l. of the new york jets ended their three game losing streak by winning twenty four six at home to miami have now lost all five of their opening games all the pressure was on the jets coach rex ryan. when his team slides while the dolphins were desperate to taste victory for the first time this season even though the business enjoyed an early lead with a field goal it soon went horribly wrong much more throw was intercepted darrelle revis who ran one hundred yards for a touchdown to make it seven three to the jets the dolphins narrowed the gap with another field goal but at the end of the half the jets were fourteen six in front
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of their mark sanchez opted to dive into the end zone for a five yard touchdown and the quarterback then seals the victory for the jets when he found silence idea you swerved his way up the field for another touchdown so a twenty four six victory for the jets dolphins and eyewitness in five games for the second time in five years of the pressure mounts on their coach tony sparano. and it's now in sixty because that's over has become the latest russian to charge into the second round of the kremlin cup here in moscow the tucson grand slam winner was hardly ever troubled during passphrase it when i was called in a conference and will be joined in round two by local talent to sing the kovacs that's a classic what i mean and that's the way that. now despite the tour de france already being the world's most grueling cycling race the organizers of plan for it become even tougher as the route for next year's edition was unveiled in paris steve
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martin climbs and longer time trials which are even more challenges to defending champion to the level polo riders twenty twelve the route is just short of a staggering three and a half dozen kilometers and nearly one hundred of those will be individual time trials the race which will be held for the ninety ninth time starting reaction in belgium on june thirtieth the changes will call for those taking carts to adapt to the new conditions. a little mix of everything especially at first world. nation most voters it's a little bit a little bit i'm still goldrush to get married because the rarest of all a very singular really getting to be the male terms of the course long longer and longer and probably product on trolls on the shimming which i'm going to a different style of racing. and funny to go off and being top of the world is not a guarantee against the jitters as the young and apparently all conquering yani tseng has admitted she is feeling the stress ahead of the first ever tournament and
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i won and of taiwan saying became the youngest ever player male or female to win five majors when she lifted the british open trophy collection in light of the tender age of just twenty two but despite the speech the taiwanese is still functions to please the party. as the inaugural l.p.g. a time one championship will get underway on thursday however all the golfing elite including world number two susan patterson. back to try and catch i'm staying until we're selling off. familiarizing yourself because we've been working on this german almost almost two year and everybody working so hard for the whole of phase a very exciting all of government is very supporting and cheering she is working very hard for this to be a title dream and so we over exciting and i hope all of players enjoy this week and i think they're going to have a great memory here. and that's always cause there's for a couple of hours place tronic and later for another update and tell them i said.
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lance. while. i bring you the latest in science and technology from the ground. we've got the future covered.
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