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the children's shirts in new delhi who took the most babyhood to carry collection among the clothes of the maiden so to believe that girls are the leader medicine cheerfully was punished but they precocious mothers. is made the soldier gilad shalit who is now free and back in israel after five years of captivity in gaza but the families of other missing israeli soldiers say the government is doing nothing to bring their boys home. law and disorder a new york police officers could face punishment for harsh tactics used against anti corporate campaigners on wall street also. as regards my return nothing is decided until the people who are voters ordinary citizens only something choice to make it easier for june says it's premature to assume he'll weigh in next year's presidential election in his first interview since confirming he'll stand again for russia's top job. and move or be
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moved the deadline approaches for kosovo and serves to leave their border barricades after the man by nato but protesters vowed to stand firm. and in business the russian markets were mixed at the close on tuesday but they are mine since gaining nothing one and a half percent more in twenty minutes. live from our headquarters in central moscow you're watching our team with me and he said now it's seven pm here in the russian capital our top story is when house of the stuart middle east prisoner exchange with the first group from a total of over a thousand palestinians being swapped for just one israeli soldier gilad shalit who has become a celebrated cause in his homeland has now returned to israel after being held for
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five years by hamas the exchange has been greeted by thousands on the streets on both sides are these polls here is following the story from israel. this does close the first phase of this prisoner exchange some four hundred and seventy seven prisoners has been transferred to gaza and the west bank they have been welcomed by families and by her masters political leadership and there they were given a hero's welcome but it doesn't complete the kind of questions that are there people are now beginning to ask in one of those questions is why has so much international media attention been put on the story of one soldier being released some people suggesting that it is the well tuned israeli propaganda machine that manages to see this happen and they want to run incident at it they too near checkpoints where the families who have been waiting for their loved ones to come we're told at the last moment that they would not be crossing through there they were so angry they started throwing stones at the israeli soldiers they responded
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with tear gas and water cannons but we don't have any reports of injuries at this stage there is also some anger among those prisoners who do not come from gaza who come from east to receive them and that we spank them for being told that they cannot return to their hometowns they say that forcing them to go now live in gaza is standing in for one person and israeli jail to another prison guards are among those who are being freed are people who were imprisoned without trial we caught up with a ukrainian woman who has been in jail for the last nine years and we understand that she was imprisoned because her husband was charged with terrorism we spoke with her mother. it's a miracle that these two countries reached an agreement and i'm very happy that my daughter is among the first ones to be freed see how many years irina spent here it was twelve years nine of them in prison i think her love only got stronger i'm sure she's looking forward to meeting us and knows that we love her that we're hoping for the best. here at the air force base the israeli prime minister and defense
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minister have given addresses they both stated that they were sorry that not more israeli missing soldiers has been brought home and at the heart. are with these missing soldiers indeed this is not the only criticism that is being leveled at this president exchange deal with the families of people who were killed by some of the prisoners have now been released didn't petition a jury some high court yesterday they lost that position they say that every worry that this kind of prisoner exchange not only comes at such a high price but also sets a precedent where palestinians in the future will look at the advantages of kidnapping an israeli soldier when the price to be paid is so high there is also criticism being leveled by families of the missing soldiers they say that the israeli government has done little to nothing to try and bring their boys home certainly not done anything to the extent that it has done in the case of gilad shalit. every day. comes here to
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a place that looks after israeli soldiers who are alone in the country who come from difficult backgrounds being here is often more of a comfort to him and the youngsters he hopes because it brings him in that little bit closer to his son mashi who disappeared one year before gilad shalit was taken hostage we are modern or might have some of those over and over again the government and the country are now whom are from our legal. option. there are at the moment seven israeli soldiers who've been kidnapped or who missing in action as new son measure disappeared while hitchhiking to his army base major one of it was captured twenty five years ago after his a craft was shot down over eleven on these are the last pictures of him alive taken in a prison in iran guy have disappeared fourteen years ago he was last seen at his army base one kilometer from the syrian border. it's infuriating it's an acceptable that
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after fourteen years the government still has nothing to tell us our demand is that the government bring us any information alive said here in lebanon and syria just bring it. yes but they've brought us nothing. so we just solution her son is still alive and last she's pleased to be alive is coming home she's just allusion to a new government that made it possible for him but not for her son. given that. it's about media attention p.r. how he wants nearly succeeded in marketing their son we saw it as a family this was a gross we thought it was enough the guy was an i.d.f. soldier in uniform but we were wrong very very wrong. and. this is a country that depends on its army for its survival is an unwritten code that every soldier who goes to war must be taught. this will be hard because of the freakin actually campaigned for nearly twenty years his way in his family and out here in
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front of the prime minister's office every morning when the time yahoo left his home he was reminded about the soldier who could not return to his base is really not embarrassed to suit the government and the country are not doing enough for my son and the rest of those missing in action it is important for us to bring our soldiers home the spiritual sanderson's to war we need to knock the country will do everything possible to get them org it's done just that in the case of gilad shalit but at what cost will militants now be empowered to kidnap and nothing israeli soldier and will israel be willing to pay this price again policy on our team. well. our political analyst from ours our university in guard says there's been too much international focus on one israeli soldier rather than the thousands of palestinian prisoners in israel. the international community as well as these were
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in a media was very busy over the past five years bring to the issue of these way to soldier gilad shalit to the attention of the world community all the tide but it hasn't been said much about the palestinian prisoners even though the palestinian authority and the palestinian resistance to groups have tried all the time to bring the usual palestinian prisoners to the attention of the world community and many international conferences many press conferences have been killed over the past years to bring this issue to the attention of the world community but unfortunately the israeli media support those of israel all over the world were much stronger in bringing the issue of going to actually more than bringing the issue of more than seven thousand palestinian prisoners who were some of them have been held for decades inside israeli jails and prisons. but to do or say on the
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story just log on to our web site r c dot com today we're asking for your opinions on what the prisoner exchange will mean for attempts to bring peace and political settlement to the middle east let's take a look at some of the results so far the majority think it's just an overhyped media event which is one thing change anything around a third believe the deal with aimed at winning more public support for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu fourteen percent say the deal he's an understated victory for hamas and a blow to israel others hope the exchange will become a step towards peace in the middle east during the debate on qantas r t dot com and vote. in other news new york police officers may be given a sharp rap over the knuckles for allegedly heavy handed tactics against occupy wall street protesters it's this video which was taped last friday that gave ground for one of the inquiries the officer thought to be
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a deputy inspector was filmed grabbing an activist from behind and punching him in the face knocking him to the ground zero an independent agency that deals with complaints against the n.y.p.d. says it's also looking into an officer using pepper spray on peaceful protesters we can bring against big business and banking in the u.s. has now entered its fifth week and our duty is to speak often of reports the movement is becoming more and more popular. one here in zuccotti park liberty plaza as it has been dubbed by the occupy wall street protest movement here in new york city this was the scene of thousands of demonstrators who had converged over the weekend to show their support for what they called an international day of rage that's all occupations and demonstrations spread not only across the united states but across the world thousands have converged in times square where they were peacefully demonstrating only to be met with an unprecedented show force by the new york city police department approximately ninety protesters were arrested for
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partaking in those demonstrations we also saw instances of police officers on horseback riding into the crowd police officers on scooters injuring several protesters who have gathered peacefully as the demonstrations roll across the country it does appear that the police response it's growing in force as well on monday morning we saw in seattle a total of about nine protesters arrested after a two hundred fifty of them refused to take down their tents in the occupation there over the weekend we also saw the arrests of more than one hundred protesters in arizona in two separate occupy wall street demonstrations and in chicago as the over thousands had gathered to demonstrate their support for what they called a movement against the perceived corruption in washington and wall street about a hundred and seventy five demonstrators arrested there as well despite the fact that it's a weak state despite the fact that folks up work to go to the movement does seem to be spreading whether or not it's going to have any effect on the political and
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economic system in the united states remains to be seen but the numbers continue to grow for our t.v. i'm lucy kaplan of in new york. well in light of america's economic problems in europe greece is adding to the current financial turmoil. if you just look at the moral of this movement because our movement for this sort of overload with people. coming up later in the program greeks lash out at the government saying that desperate battle to avert default move the contrary towards an even deeper economic abyss. serves in northern coast of say they'll take defensive action against any nato attempts to clear their roadblocks near the border with serbia today is the deadline for them to go otherwise nato peacekeepers threatened to force them out the barricades were built for kosovo it's of control of two border crossings assisted by nato and e.u. forces refinance and has the story. stones in the sand are the only weapons the
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serbs leaving in kosovo have in their arsenal to make the others listen to them the roadblocks they set out throughout the northern part of the region are making headlines and getting feedback. morning but we ask you not to participate in you. or me or my good of consequences for you and for. talking about us well the only negative force present here local residents by two ways read nearly flat k. four and eight and that international peacekeeping force in kosovo has been spreading here recently we could do propaganda by oh we don't want them here. we don't want to talk to them. the mayor of the northern coast of a town of lapis of which is talking to kay for example has been among the fortunate gets from serbs to negotiate with the peacekeepers on dates and terms of the barricades removal case for has announced a monday deadline than postpone it tuesday it serves have claimed they need even
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more time for me good police and institutions to leave northern kosovo and never return here if they leave will remove roadblocks and one state but if they don't meet all demands we put them back again. initially designed to prevent a cost of one custom officers from reaching the checkpoints at the northern border with serbia rubble of the roads have made trouble for many k. four complained they had access to their troops in the north bay using helicopters to transport supplies and soldiers and the serbs themselves suffering to. ten days ago a forest stood where they struck the ground here still threatens are the serbs are building roads are intended to produce to reach serbia from kosovo as the main roads have been blocked with their barricades in the last several weeks the only other alternative a train but a trans only once
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a day and always act so it doesn't really count this is why new pipe has froze up here with a nominal speed we've seen at least seven of them this year already. i don't. need a lot of reason one volunteers here has one of the costs of and serves and speaks for all of them serving the spirit of the rebels both of those are going to. be good. but also. we're returning to the barricades in the evening people are still there all of them have their usual jobs teachers engineers and iras. but here they call themselves soldiers when years of war rhetoric. this is our learned we will not surrender plans for the truth the future through children and motherland. they say one man can't win
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a war the together people may form a real force even if their weapons i just and sound. reflection are to course about the. fall on our g.'s twitter page maria says kerry for officer has a sword to serve there won't be any forceful clearing of barricades today follow our twitter feed at r.t. underscore com to stay up to date on the story on my.
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ukraine's president is between a rock and a hard place after last week's controversial jailing of acts prime minister yulia timoshenko alexei explains. present jellicoe which is aspirations to join the european union may be in tatters as he is not going to either meeting in brussels whether that was cancelled by the euro commission or by president bush himself is still unclear but experts have no doubts this is related to the seven year prison term received by the country's former prime minister with a mustang and we've also had a reaction from the russian president they did on that controversial trial who said that all trials in ukraine must be held only in this with a coup in accordance with the country's legislation must not have answered russian context and must be and must not jeopardize the interstate gas agreements of two thousand and nine the two presidents having met internets also discuss the future of gas price between the two countries and i'll tell you more about that in our business bulletin just stay with artsy in just a few minutes. but they were putin's decision to run for the presidency next year
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has dominated the news in russia for almost a month now he's given his first big interview since confirming hell stand and he said having the backing of the current president and the ruling party does not mean the election is a foregone conclusion. because as regards my return nothing is decided until the people have voted but there are people who criticize me and then we commuted for more they say that if your humble servant takes part in the election that would mean there would be no election at all perhaps that would be the case for them with an ordinary citizen always has a choice to make so our critics might see their own way but in this case the will to present their platform much more important to me and not only to present as you would also to prove in practice that they can do these jonna better there is another important aspect here the most active part of the political spectrum people who talk about democratic institutions they are concerned the democratic processes may be ruled back this is definitely not going to happen.
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we'll bring you more from glitzier putin's interview with some of russia's leading t.v. channels later this hour here on r.g.p. . a number of lingering strikes across greece are gaining momentum ahead of a crucial part of the military vote on a new round of tax hikes and wage cuts the approval of a new austerity bill is needed to secure the next batch of bell out loans to prevent the country going bust but angry greeks believe these measures seen by their governments as bringing temporary rest by are driving the country deeper into recession. because somebody a make or break week for a nation with an upcoming forty eight hour general strike the parliamentary face antony's senate decision the fight the crease is reaching fever pitch. it is nothing more about this movement it is a movement for the survival of the people we've got as you ready littering the catalyst cause of ongoing action the country set to once again come to
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a standstill as flights are grounded and public transport grinds to a halt i think the situation in greece is getting out of control. the workers especially very very. very singular words are. going to push to forty percent and more and more functions coming in the future. they don't see any future. only going to weeks and plates and statements from will thin with an angry public financing some sustainable action to help get the country back on its feet. from the vantage points of many us skeptic southern european countries such as greece should never have joined the single currency but of course they did this quite says runs deeper there are now calls for a radical rethink of the entire same project. we will have the euro zone and
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europe changing direction which will mean what does that mean that means the central bank acting like a serious central bank like the faith or the bank of england and actually trying to reduce the recession five reducing interest rates lending to countries tolerate either we will have governments corporator on their fiscal policy either we have a new marshall plan to help the economies of actually to be able to compete with the big euro or the euro will result it's something the governments have been desperate to avoid. rushing to find solutions to the debt crisis to try to halt the world economy sinking further into a financial quagmire. many of the measures implemented in greece amongst the wage cuts and tax hikes has simply served to push the country deeper into debt is a leaders who face increasingly harsh criticism they continued inability to stem the spiraling crisis increasingly unpopular greek prime minister has once again
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called the solidarity pleas of unity coming at a time though when the people in the parliament never seem safe parts of the country continues to highways to that laden economy one thing remains clear that greece the road to recovery is going to be a long and difficult one. athens where we take a wider world of the economic crisis in the kaiser reports shortly as maxence those who discuss some unconventional ways of saving money and creating drops here's a look at what's in store for you. lightner fly commercial to help cut the deficit each flight of this kind cost at least one hundred fifty thousand dollars so you could apply this is like a shovel ready project max you take timothy geitner at the wharf and you throw him across the country for a flight saves money it employs
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a lot of people this is country of ten rider wants to go from let's say to new york to l.a. then he has tossed persons a perfect person in a train her york to l.a. recorded all those progress tim geithner would not be spending the taxpayer money and ever works out we can toss them around the world already. the economy by applying the europeans. introduce euro tarp. a look now at some world news in brief news this hour a bomb explodes and near a baghdad liquor store has killed seven people and injured eighteen many of the victims were police officers but it's unclear if they were the target no group has claimed responsibility for the blast but she had militants have often been blamed for targeting security officials and shops selling alcohol in the past. not work out of sight of an oil spill off the coast of new zealand has been halted
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by bad weather a cargo ship hit a reef there almost two weeks ago with some of the operation underway ever since three hundred fifty tons of oil has already leaked into the sea with much more as to made its remain on board the cleanup bill has already cost over three million u.s. dollars but that figure expected to rise sharply. i'll be back with the headlines followed by the kaiser report but first let's check in at the business desk with you. so he said time for the business update russia and ukraine on nearing a compromise and negotiation present that if it is ukrainian counterpart to be executed. low price for imported natural gas parties that see the show is falling for talks in ukraine. well we haven't reached the end of this deadlock yet but the
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two presidents gave a clear hint that we may be seeing some developments on the story in the nearest future they said that in the nearest future they are planning to finalize the price for the russian gas which ukraine has been by and bring this whole dispute to an end and resolve this crisis and they will all obviously an ounce there decision publicly now i'd like to remind our viewers that this whole issue about the gas price between ukraine and russia has been going on for more than six months already with ukraine being unhappy about the current price it is paying for the russian gas and he is trying to find a new contract this of course cause some concerns in the european continent which keeps in mind the two thousand i just dispute between the two countries which left some of the european continent without the supplies of the russian gas but the two presidents have once again reassured the european consumers that regardless of how they will settle the gas price this time the european consumers have nothing to worry about and that the gas will be delivered to europe on time and in full
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according with the agreements made between russia and europe ukraine will not try to block the transit of russian gas as it happened two thousand and nine so of course we're very optimistic that this story could be resolved by the end of by the end of this year. time for a check on the markets as well as much raising up to china said its economy grew at the slowest pace in two years and u.s. grew storm clouds were forecast to increase brand managers driving at one hundred nine dollars a barrel while the top. into seven dollars per barrel. and your stocks on the rise are raising an early decline as german chancellor angela merkel said lenders recapitalization will discuss this weekend financial shares braley it has kind of america rose more than six percent last crash course you can prove and european stocks a mixed the day is higher plane one u.k. vastest goldman cites for quarter of its second washington lost in trial. years as a public company finds the miners are losing the drop on the food scene and also on
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the dax the diamond is suffering on decline of european concepts. and here in moscow the markets ended tuesday on a flight to positive note and isaac's period of one hundred. just finished flat let's take a look at some of the individual show moves in the mines so it's still make us work trading in the red as all the six main metals dropped on the london match which change novelist still has lost more than two percent despite reports of a twelve percent increase in production in the third quarter but lies make up room finished higher its production rose seven percent in the first nine months of the year. right from earlier losses and over three percent at the quotes. all german engineering joined siemens was going to invest a billion your projects over the next three years the company's chief says most of the money will be allocated for the energy sector including building electricity
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sources as well as developing wind power simone's husband to get santa june to russia's atomic power industry two years ago it agreed to create a huge joint venture with russia's nuclear corporation ross album but it's happy to drop those plans this year when germany decided to nuclear power following japan's fukushima disaster. that's all we have time for now europe today it's more stores and all that side archie dot com slash this is us.
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