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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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it's being called the mother of all strikes and of the mainstream media paints a picture of violent and angry protesters r.t. asks what's sparking a fire is this a sign of worse things to come and will anyone come to the rescue. and good agrees to the u. last proton protesters occupying wall street and so their second month of holding their ground but as they look for blame who is enemy number one on wall street or washington. and there's also a rather hot fight going on in chile this one for education but as students fight
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for what they say is their fundamental right what can move mislike occupy wall street learn from these chilling and protests. its ones they have told are nineteen five pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our team of violent riots in greece as tens of thousands of people protest a proposed austerity plan the e.u. and i.m.f. are demanding deep cuts in exchange for a bailout package in order to prevent a default there is fear that without the bailout the rest of the eurozone will spiral into economic collapse meanwhile great spaces of rising unemployment and massive government debt legislators are voting on bills that would taxes and cut salaries but protesters don't want to pay and there's. taking their fury to the
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streets of athens a forty eight hour strike is shutting down the country government agencies close their doors to take part in the strike flights have been grounded and services are at a standstill more than one hundred thousand workers and students gathered in the streets of the capital and in front of the parliament building the demonstrations turning ugly as police fired tear gas at the mobs protesters firing back at them with petrol bombs in stones well it's obvious people are angry but what exactly is sparking the fire here there is this feeling that things are not fair why should the public have to carry the burden of the debt and why does every day work why do every day workers have to suffer downsizing the government will save money but will directly affect the quality of life for people there so are these austerity measures and violent rising violent rising protests a sign of worse things to come are the correspondents there for it is on the grounds of bring us the latest. with the riot police still moving to clear the
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remaining protesters that are here on syntagma square nowhere near the amount of people we saw earlier when hundreds of thousands turned out is the biggest protest the greatest thing since the beginning of the financial crisis and we saw more of these violent clashes that we've seen before but i really i can't quite describe here i mean you actually see the cages by now the scenes that we saw here the devastation really as the violent clashes broke out you can still see is very dark at the moment there are a lot of riot police still on the streets and we do have sort of more advocates movements remain on the streets here they're still having those run ins with the riot place for certainly they've managed to calm the situation a lot but as we said scenes of devastation to start the station on the streets of athens the street has been destroyed they had a lot of the buildings on fire earlier although when they fronts have been smashed there was a very large me me but then they were saying you know they're trying to live under
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these conditions are watching their parents struggle job losses in the country with these continued attacks like this incredibly hard to saying today this is take one tree in the future that they came to inherit you know it's very concerning earlier when we saw the chaotic situation very very quickly these things always escalate quite fast just the sheer number of children that we've seen a sixteen seventeen years old had been down there telling us they felt his obligation to fight this battle is all it really is a castle head though battle scenes that we saw earlier today as the violence broke out very disturbing indeed and who's really now for the year is a need is to find a different approach the criticism right from the start has been that they had to adapt to the situation to touch the year is a crisis we've heard analysts saying that they believe their own rhetoric they didn't think that a crisis would ever happen in the usa and it did and the institutions in the
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mechanisms. do it it was simply not needed places states like you still see a small outbreaks of tensions bubbling a ok people say basically had enough they call it like these conditions and evil and they will think. that was artsy correspondent sarah firth reporting. from coast to coast here in the last protesters voicing their fury over the economic system occupy wall street protests have grown exponentially and have spread to cities around the globe they're protesting corporate greed and corruption which they say is lining the pockets of a privileged few at the expense of the masses a movement once ignored and mocked by political leaders and the mainstream media is now being taken seriously or even seeing republican presidential candidates changing their tune when it comes to the growing movement mitt romney for example first called the occupy wall street movement quote dangerous class warfare and when asked about the protest during last night's presidential debate here's what he had
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to say we've had a president responsible for this economy for the last three years and he's failed us he's failed us in part because he has no idea how the private sector words or how to create jobs on every single issue he's made it harder for our economy to reboot and as a result we have twenty five million americans out of work or stopped looking for work or part time work ok good full time employed all values going down you have median income in america that in the last. three years has dropped by ten percent of americans are hurting across this country and the president's out there campaigning why isn't he governing. so who is to blame wall street are washington joining me now is gerald celente a publisher of the transit journal and director of the transit research institute carol thank you for joining us so are protesters taking their anger out of the wrong people or should they be protesting in washington instead of wall street.
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wall street is washington and washington has walls through who the heads of the u.s. treasury been over the last couple of presidents robert rubin goldman sachs then moving over to sue citi group and then you had read paul said the treasury secretary on the bush that the fraud is the whole top program where did he come from oh the c.e.o. of goldman sachs we had to bail out goldman sachs and making a bad bet of thirteen billion dollars with a i.g. who is the chief of staff for president obama where does he come from oh that's bill daley or wasn't he the vice chairman of j.p. morgan chase it's the same club it's just a different version so you just that wall street has washington so does that mean that they should be taking their protests in washington they should be taking they're taking them everywhere this is really again we're not monday morning quarterbacks on this i wrote a book in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven trends two thousand and i was
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predicting what the future would look like it's right there were when we had revolutions taking place on wall street and we said they were from all different generations that was in his sixty's and the reason we said it was very simple the gap between the rich and the poor that's all this is about whether it's tunisia whether it's egypt whether it's bahrain whether it's greece whether it's rain whether it's italy whether it's the u.k. when the money stops flowing down to the ban on the street the bloods starts flowing in the streets and that means occupy want and that is what they're protesting and any quality so if you think that our sister are assessed on do you agree that when paramatman add to our system paper is a powerful at the expense of those that are striving to balance the american dream and summing up in four simple words. too big to fail we just heard herman cain you
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know that nine nine nine guy chastising the wall street protesters as saying they were anti capital is now sorry mr cain you have it backwards billing out it's too big to fail the rich bankers the federal reserve talking trillions of dollars worldwide that ante capital gains so yes and when you look at that data you know mitt romney repeated some of it and you know he says job you know listen to his answer it was in no way answer from the answer he gave the last time he's pinning it on obama and by the way i'm a political atheist i don't believe in anybody's political fairy tales or religions so you know having said that obama is responsible for pushing was before that clinton was before that you know so this thing is very very into your woven thirty year romney you know trying to come out as though you know this is all we have to do is straighten things out a little bit it's been
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a takeover it's one big corporate takeover namely industry there's a handful of people running it agriculture communications you go down the list whether it's retail whether it's the military so yes wall street is washington washington is wall street and the number romney threw out a ten percent decline in median household income since the recession began while you look at the other data for the top one percent here rake in in the. you know and at least one presidential republican presidential candidate might agree with what you're saying telling any that the american dream is not so let's hang on the line in mind let's take a lesson from bricks santorum sat in last night's debate. believe it or not studies have been done to show that in western europe people the lower parts of the income scale actually have a better mobility going up the ladder now in america. so the people have
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a better shot at the american dream and you're out now although in europe anymore either they're going on there as well but he does write about to get a crawl living and you could follow the money we used to be the most egalitarian nation on earth until the republicans and democrats started deregulating the laws that made us that robinson patton and the show began to trust glass steagall act that put all the clay in the power of the big you want to start a business promise you're going to create several hundred jobs go give you tax breaks no guarantees you name it infrastructure but if you're an entrepreneur and want to start a business the way they got the state agencies the local agencies they have everybody down on your back getting licenses and making sure you buy by the letter of the law and this other guy like students who are oh these are the people who come out with well what we have to do is do you regulate big business and give them before you head have a seat regulating the privacy regulating the average person out there know that
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they have this thing it. these are the people he was in the senate look at the great job that skull there are no but there were dreadful they you are rick the state capital over there is wildly bankruptcy why would anybody listen to these people and gerald and lastly you predict that president obama will win the next election his approval rating and they are some great people are not satisfied with the economy why do you make that prediction if you're lecturing were held today in the front runners of perry romney or chains we say obama wins because when you listen to the programs coming from the republicans it is almost as though they have an infiltrator from the democratic party that's giving them the lines like we got to cut back on entitlements you know so security is running rampant and we don't get we have to rein it in medicare is out of control is
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telling people this is they're losing their homes don't have any jobs can't afford health care while obama he lays the teleprompter president and becomes the born again populist and blames it on congress and those people with the corporate jets out there so he's going to play the phony role of being the warrior of the working class and being that when you watch these debates it's it's the president show reality show and he's the best performer and i joke you know some people you said earlier about wall street as in washington and some people and the financial industry are they say the financial industry as the last remaining industry in america what are what do you think about that you know what have they created all these guys do is deals it's not like they're you know they were they contributing to society they're just doing deals so they can make more money.
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that's not productive it's easy as being a money junkie a kid get on the what i was a kid growing up my parents may they rest in peace with depression era of people and they used to say when they had enough how many stakes could one p. person eat these people want to control more and more when when is a billion dollars does not look at the disconnect lives bloomberg the billionaire mayor of new york share stargazing the protesters say they're going after the wrong people or the people that are making forty or fifty thousand dollars on wall street the average salary a wall street according to the new york controllers office is three hundred sixty six thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars people a little bird story about a handing out the towels in the laboratory for the money junkie carol thank you so
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much for your thoughts on that was it gerald for lance and publisher of the transit or no and the rector of the transit research and said you. now as the occupy wall street movement continues to grow and spread around the world people on both sides of the political spectrum are still questioning the undeniable similarities between that scene party and the occupy wall street so we want we wanted our folks on the streets can tell the difference between the two are things are beyond of the saddle headed out to ask folks whose line is it anyway the tea party or occupy wall street . with all the hoopla surrounding the relationship between the occupy wall street movement and the tea party is the man hit the streets to find out can people even tell the difference everyone they derive power and wealth from their access to our money and taxpayer dollars a you could see all of their friends on wall street and their corporate cronies there's a name for this is called corporate crony capitalism. i would say that probably is
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going for the wall street fat. i would guess the tea party but i don't know for sure it is the same position that most take but i do believe only capitalism sounds like article i will. bear a pail and sarah palin and she's the mistress of stony capitalist number two it's not a choice of electorate is evil it's often the choice of the evil of two left. over run most look if that to the tea party no oh yeah well anybody could say that. that sounds like a tea party thing too though. i generally think you can be out of. i'm going to show you a couple of signs and they're either going to be from the tea party rally or from a not very wealthy rally because a number one. that would be the occupy wall street correct
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second one. that looks like the party thing correct. that i would assume to be the occupy wall street but just because of this. you know i think it's still occupy wall street now it's down. shots like a cheap party. occupy wall street next to last. that's going to be the tea party correct. last one i think is the soft. i think that's actually the model for all of both of you. is very very similar there is a very similar. well there you have it it seems the occupy wall street movement and the tea party bit boring common they care to admit the breach of washington i drown
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it was said oh r.t. . so it's clear people can't seem to really tell the two movements of heart but there must be something that sets the two apart so what is the fundamental difference earlier i posed that question so iraq war vet and number of the party for socialism and liberation michael prysner together with conservative political commentator and strategist heather surmount here is what they have to say. the main similarity is that people are mad. as hell as one of the signs showed that the main difference is that the occupy wall street crowd now not the original one but the one now that is much more liberal than the original one is saying that they want more government they want government to take care of their needs whereas the tea party would say that no we need less government and the way we can operate better and the way we can make some positive changes our society is having less government interference in our lives michael as occupy wall street the tea party of the left.
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no i would say absolutely i would say that you know the american dream that had been mentioned is a nightmare for most americans which is why so many people have been coming into the streets you know the when this country was founded on a system of capitalism and a system of slavery really you know the gap between the rich and of course since that point have constantly been growing and now we're at the biggest gap between the rich and the poor ever in u.s. history this is a crisis that is global and that is hitting every single capitalist country in the world showing that it systemic it has nothing to do with how that individual governments are running their capitalist country even you know bush and pro-capitalist economists will talk about the boom and bust cycle of capitalism this is the crises like the one that we're in today are built into this system and capitalism cannot exist without these crises and every time there's a crisis there are tens of millions of people who lose their livelihoods were kicked out of their homes who lose their jobs for no other reason other than the
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way that this system is set up and so the occupy wall street movement and people that are saying that we are the ninety nine percent directing our anger against the one percent while the rule of the one percent over the ninety nine percent that's capitalism that is a system of capitalism and turning that on its head and saying that the ninety nine percent the ones who make all the money should make all the decisions and decide how that money is spent and rule over that one percent that is socialist and that well that hasn't been very clearly expressed those are the formulations that people are beginning to me and that percentage that michael keeps on mentioning that ninety nine percent versus the wind is very misleading that gives the impression that you know ninety nine percent of americans are for what. it's advocating for and we're not i mean yes as we see more news stories about what is going on and more people on the streets there are more people improvising i empathize with what's going on. the question is how do we stop that prop. it's not more government
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it's not changing governments not anarchy how we do it we minimize government governments become too big there are too many of uses and we've seen government bail out wall street and that was not helpful either and that's one of the reasons why we have so much against wall street we have so many clothes we do need to have a better tax code a simpler tax code we're not asking lawyers to help us get up and get us out of a bind so i agree with going on with occupy wall street just like i did with the tea party the question is how to address the problems. well as iraq war vet and member of the party for socialism and liberation michael prysner and conservative political commentator and strategist heather sermon. and from the united states to abroad the occupy wall street movement has gone the protests spreading up all over europe and beyond however the american branch of occupy wall street still feels a nord by the mainstream media are the corresponding marina power and i have met
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with an activist who is breaking that information barrier. from the mass demonstrations of support. to the disturbing images of police force day after day the world has been able to watch occupy wall street in action through revolution t.v. they like slipstream documenting the ongoing corporate resistance and civil unrest growing and growing in the big apple it's not about one political party or business that it's actually feeding a platform to have this debate without it being when the weight of. the powers that be five years ago. was a derivative street or on wall street today the thirty nine year old is among those camped out in zuccotti park protesting against the financial institutions he once worked for i saw a. bit of glee combined with. the call this is the. vibe with
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the stool he the biggest. the what is it was you the sagal or the comedy co-founded i launched global t.v. news weeks ago we're going to bring people in the square what's going on with the occupation movement began in new york will surprise people how to shoot video images of the other that they just go to and try to make it go viral and the whole idea is that you creating its opinions record in the with this now that the movement has exploded root why the web channel will be broadcasting live streams for more than. seventy countries and six hundred cities we're going over to the people that's going to do a thing we call it that with all the other squares of those watches which though it be going up what's happening there picking this streams of putting them on the border with each other so this is sort of a model for a replacement for steel the turkish burke says mainstream media outlets will be on able to marginalize the peaceful uprising as people from all over the world take to
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the streets demanding elected leaders begin working for the majority instead of the financial elites it's the worldwide movement it's these principles of equality are going to be the find everything because we'll be succeeding they knew that at least the typical united nations united people the people of the occupy movement take their first fight with the world's most powerful economic and political force and this is the first criticized and now spreading across the planet. r.t. new york. and from wall street's agrees to chile under arrest over economic policies and the chilean capital of santiago protests erupt over education reform and the demonstrations have turned violent protesters have set of burning barricades blocking traffic the anger is aimed specifically at the education system there which they say is an equal student leaders are demanding a reform of the system they want the government to step in and control education
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and pub money inside the system in chile it seems the attitude is no matter who you are no matter what your financial standing cation as a fundamental right so what if anything can americans learn from this thinking well earlier i asked freelance multimedia journalist bernie peterson here's her answer. one thing that has really upset a lot of the massive protests here in chile is that look you mention some people are nike a peaceful. looking has been incredibly impressive with its level of organisation with how well spoken the student leaders are how clear there clearly is in it to me and making up but what has really messed up the perspective for a lot of people is the violence that has taken place and so i think it was it hasn't reached out to keeping everything peaceful and the us has a lot of good examples to look at in its own history as far as civil disobedience
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and he still protests goes so to it keeping peace thought is one thing that the us can ensure proudly in front of the brits militarization and so typically it's and you know our guy was very has been criticized for having scattered them and not having us i guess and chile is k.s. they've narrowed it down to adequate as occupy wall street need to do the same. but one thousand nine hundred get anything through an organized democratic government that we have elected yes it will. have a very focused. clear and had ahead of it but as students clearly has been around for about five years now the two thousand and six new group the only high school students that are today there are universities in the u.k. school students are going to miss well so really really has a long history of knowing exactly what they're to me and so for the education system and we've been so we're going to spend a long time now and work so hard to do that so we have to have
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a good history going for them so it's going to take some time to get there but yes pretty much what you of course will have to be organized i think that you get it right now is that it's not working yet it's getting there were people are experiencing what is democracy looks like let's rethink the american dream in class does that creative class as it's happening now in and you can actually ideas will become clear and you know it here in the u.s. the cost of college is skyrocketing students are burdened with exorbitant sons of college debt that are the days where education is a portable to everyone to what extent would you compare the problems of education and the education system in chile the problems here in the here and here in the u.s. . see the biggest factor lose is stupid and. it is affecting so many things at least it's really hard to see. the stronger the us or if it's stronger but i know. that students are leaving to school in chile and huge amounts of. middle class
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family here are not able to access that look past their lives cannot access and so a lot of families that may have three or four kids in university at the same time here into late have parents who are both working but their king for four university educations and what monthly tuition is the cost is the same place that a family in britain in one month and so it's so hard and so they're not getting loans from that from the government or not getting grants so they're taking out these private loans that of course as years go on and you could try to keep those loans they're doubling in the answer seems you know we're seeing in the united states people leaving with fifty thousand dollars. couple years later they had no idea how it happened all the sudden it's a one hundred thousand dollars move to india but how do you. know enough funds available through through public funding for education has made it so that higher education is not acceptable to everyone. and that was freelance multimedia
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journalism britney peterson well from chile to greece then more you want to see what's going on in the world be sure to watch our team but the mainstream new channels such as c.n.n. fox and the n.b.c. continue to cover major stories from the comfort of their own studio elsewhere on the ground in the middle of the action just like our intrepid sarah ferguson here who was in the line of fire and grace this morning and had to run from her post during a live news sharp as you can see here suffer either the latest real action in greece my colleague sarah twitter and for everything in between you can also follow me at the reservoir hope to see is the only a lot of showers coming up and thirty minutes. there. from the gaze of the manhattan project thank you for your.


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