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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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talk about this is our t. live from moscow and here's a recap of all our main stories the missing link at the un calls for an investigation into the death of colonel gadhafi after gruesome push of the media fails to pinpoint exactly when or how the ousted libyan leader lost his life because he's interim government claims he died from wounds sustained during his capture the city of sirte on thursday. and his western leaders cheer the colonel's demise claims of earth that they're secretly relieved it off he won't be spilling the beans about his previous dealings with the u.s. and its allies the late libyan leader was for many years a major customer for western button exports. labor unions call for more protests in greece as the problem that approves harsh contrasts a bit crass chaos and violence across the country little rashers are the government's latest attempts to stave off
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a debt default. or russian so used rocket successfully makes its very first afore the launch carried europe's new satellite navigation system on its way to rivalling america's g.p.s. . and now it's all about flight this week sky how you must go out as host margin answers in his team explore the history of russian aviation that's next here on our team. maundering. he's telling. friendly.
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dynamic. to. my co. and i welcome to the mosque around so on this week's episode i'll be exploring the subject all flights taking a look at the history of aviation in russia to the latest simulate is across designs on at port terminals so joe we mustn't henri's as we journey from the soviet skies some golden days of elements starting off here at a place article museum in the sky. the museum has seen from the exhibits showcasing
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the simpson flight models with the alice engine mechanics you can see how the aviation industry developed in the margins country in the world. the history of civil airline is in the survey chain can be traced all the way back to the russian revolution in one thousand nine hundred eighteen when the new bullshit government so as one of the main ways to modernize the country. the new communist leaders believed and travel would be the most efficient way to transport both people and supplies across the vast country in one nine hundred twenty three the first serbia a life of a lot was created several other small companies were formed and nine years later the name of a float was officially adopted for the entire service civil afaik there are flaws went on to become the largest airline in the world with to pull off and the nation and craft making that the majority of its massive flags as the aviation industry first around the world the u.s.s.r.
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was no exception. back to the museum along with the space race and technology as a whole hey you can see how the soviet era through secrecy success and failure was a melting pot for ideas innovation and development. moving to a next location and it's time to look at modern day akaash training simulators here are used for a variety of reasons the design and development of aircraft and for research in the ak off movement and stability people also come here to share and detainment as you have a dream to flying a plane well this is as close to the real thing as you will ever get. this level here we have a cockpit all the seven thirty seven energy legion aeration which is open for everyone eager to experience being a pilot it's a full scale cockpit and provides the same conditions as a real pilot deals with you can choose any distant nation around the world and try to control the plane in any weather conditions who welcome children as our guests
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do they just love the spy experience of your ordeal on the walls you can see various photographs taken from cockpits confirmations difficult landing strips and press. taking skylines images of chic cabin crew and well groomed pilots adds to the atmosphere but family and trouble is the opposite a terrifying horrific ordeal so with that in mind essential runs training programs people wanting to overcome the fear of flying not something that i need and on that list it's my time to try being a copilot gate eighty two ready for both of them after several preflight checks the engines are advanced to ninety percent the hydraulic movements mimic the plane racing down the runway and we take to the happy just like a real flight and density turbulence clouds position every bump the movement can be found. in today is take
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a short flight from moscow has dominated the airport fly around an image turn to the same landing strip. easier said than done fortunately i have expert help at hand. just make sure you don't make any traumatic maneuvers will soon hear that just disapproval if you had sense. traveling three hours south of the capital by car and we were right our next destination here a small flight club specializes in aerobatics the patches of making out of the ordinary flying maneuvers the training for creation could be construed aerobatics altoids military fighter pilots to develop flying skills and for tactical teams in combat today i've been invited to take to the skies will be a roller coaster ten thousand feet good job i haven't eaten. now the first flying club as it's known in this has been here for two years previously
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feels was used back in the us a software aircraft with great pesticide other planes the guys use here are they yak eighteen this is the tail and the fifty pole which you see here i want to experience so roughly lost between twenty and thirty minutes or more cost between four thousand and seven thousand rubles that's roughly around one hundred and two hundred dollars not bad and i know this. yes. in the. theater of life planes were originally introduced to train arafat pilots they've recently gained popularity as planes both inside and outside the former u.s.s.r. anyone can come here to experience what zero g. feels like to barrel turns and loops aeronautical experience isn't necessary you just need a little courage and trust the pilots know what they're doing and once in a lifetime experience that has been enjoyed by many machines for it is. a lot of
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people like the noise of this airplane it's like no other fighter when you can hear the powerful engine so it's a bright yellow propeller plane he won't miss this in the sky and after meeting my pilot it into the aircraft i go and on honest to goodness knows what i have got myself into i have a feeling this is not because it is. one thing that is apparent straight away is the noise from the monster of an engine if i take the headset off i can hardly hear my self speak. moring down the runway we can we feel every single bump and crack in the surface of the stomach churning roller coaster in the sky as we banked to an incredible sixty degrees f. g.'s from above are impressive it feels very different to
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a typical commercial flight that's for sure all aerobatic maneuvers demand training and practice to avoid accidents luckily today my pilot maxime is the main instructor and trainer at the center of. g. forces are being seriously pushed here with a high page alice of nose dive it's time to experience brief weightlessness zero g. . they said drilling film. experience is at least two human body can cope with everything else a positive nine g. i've not even reached that yet. good to know how was the experience. time for landing and the easy easy little wins for the left and we have contact with the ground again hands over shaking i live to tell the tale. thrill seekers eat your hearts out that's one experience
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i will never forget. being on hand we've arrived at our final location should a metaphor and pause almost thirty kilometers to the northwest of bosco let's look at modern commercial flight and the airports each terminals once the world's largest airline arafat today is at the forefront of development training and technical support in the aviation industry in russia. in the maintenance hangar here you can see examples of first class engineering and here it's certainly after the old and in with the new russian airline industry has undergone a major revolution over the past twenty years as some of the major players such as era flight s. seven or transit have upgraded their rates to the life of airbus or boeing amazing international refigure for me i know from personal experience the majority of the aircraft use are not run spanking new i offer a great safe and comfortable flying experience. in two thousand and ten share much
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bad luck and the almost twenty million passengers the time nobody has one hundred number of awards for planning and design they can get one of the best passenger experiences in europe by the year twenty fifteen share a bit of a expects to increase traffic to thirty five million people and become the best avenue or the terms of customer service with glittering arrival and the particles. this is a wonderful example of change in russia a massive reconstruction of the terminals is still in the way resulting in state of the office elysees or even plans for that runway. and poles are highly guarded locations and security is the priority sometimes there is a chance to see what's behind the usually closed doors occasionally moscow sheremetyevo organizes a so-called clean sporting event to tell the first journalists and bloggers to get access to their response part thanks for taking pictures of aircraft in action.
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just got a cross-posting ampoules is popular in many of the world's biggest airports are infinite tools and access to runways so both amateur and professional photographers face bosses very much enjoy the opportunity and share their pictures with the whole world so everyone can have a closer look at the world of flying zero expanding brushes aviation industry is paramount to the country's future. radical changes to aircraft fleet in terminals budget and lines infrastructure each technology and next time you pass through one of those cars and force you to see those dramatic changes and regarding entertainment but you want to learn to fly of simulator that will be the skies and the yoke of the stunt plane there are dozens of places that will satisfy planes and adrenalin lovers of all ages in moscow one thing's for sure the sky is the limit. i thought i'd just love them of course the that's all the time we have on this
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week's program on the subject of flights so you will get the same time next because of that for me and the rest of the crew from the second runway here at fairbanks bareboat but i went out. great. comfortable. journey. so different but the whole new. moscow. is just a life long dream for many many. months brave real
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loom is not enough to steer the ship. knowledge endures. and genuine love to the motherland history are required the. people who revive the injured craft are sailing through the centuries on our feet. in india auntie's available in the grand central shirts in mumbai the taj mahal in the us among boeing toys president bloomberg was sure that they would results look ma no beach resort park close or go to go and taj mahal hotel synergise the actual cement her chum foolish going to such a cold close up in the radio the leader of the g.o.p. hotels church in new delhi has a. baby her tones clear in the collection for among the clothes of the amazons maidens her child believe that paul was alluding to the spread of something shifty was promised with a precocious promise. as an artsy of the missing
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link to hear what calls for an investigation into the death of colonel gadhafi after gruesome footage of the media fails to pinpoint exactly where or how about some david leader lost his life country's interim government claims the doctor warned stating that during his contrary the city answered on thursday. and as western leaders cheer the colonel survives the claims of her to share a secret believe it up he won't be spilling the beans. about his previous to mix with the u.s. and its allies the libyan leader was for many years a major customer for western government exports. labor unions call for more protests in greece as the parliament of troops harsh cutbacks amid a mass chaos and violence across the country at the grassroots or the government's latest attempt to stave off a debt default. or russian soyuz rocket successfully makes its very first foreign launch carry europe's new satellite navigation system on its way to rivalling america's g.p.s.
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. i'll be back in about fifteen minutes but first all the latest sports for dimitri . i know that this is this. place and in this sport something. else really takes braun's brits in the rugby world cup semifinal is defeat wales twenty one eighteen to finish third in this sport biggest international tournament . its reach homecoming rushes gymnast all of the pawn there were tons from the artistic world championships but the place finish remains a sore point. and just to warm you up for the visit with friends in the russian premier league you had traditional goals goal or addition. so the biggest rugby match for four years gets underway on sunday new zealand and france in the
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train to eighteen world cup final australia and wales have already finished their battle for the bronze medal tours that's a part i. think seventy three thanks ali trott from barry bonds shane williams was brilliant brought up and down the break to be. late rally last. promise to make a difference the spot elects only played twenty one eighteen tended wales qualifying their best. finish last in our. new zealand and france will meanwhile decide the best under the world cup in sunday's final house the all blacks keep the same line up from the semifinal win of australia against a clear underdog opponent so the pressure is on the can always and college graham henry to avoid a shocker and seal only that second world cup since nineteen and to seven. this
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strange case we're not sure who's going to turn up quite frankly and so with court appeal that they're going to be the place in the world. and they're certainly got the individuals to do that just with if they can produce that it's been now all of the way it is that that paid well and they're very focused and they are enjoying the underdog tag. the n.b.a. lockout holds between teams that owners and the players union seem to be going nowhere thursday's latest talks again breaking down the league seconds and come on saying he recognizes the damage done with two weeks worth of regular season games already having been scrapped our discussions did break off earlier this evening i think from the n.b.a. standpoint from our labor relations committee we felt we made several significant compromises proposed compromise is an attempt to get a deal done we understand the ramifications of where we are we're sad to have
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a big game we recognize that we're disappointing millions of fans not just in the united states. internists fear as an arrow is trying to make it into the kremlin's cup semifinal state seed russian is local to make a simple google slip block out the narrow opening set six four but lost the second by the same school line in the decider it's been fought this war opponents here only this night is already through to the last four as seed french and patrolled it with pride the guy who's been so angered also helped to toss into the semi play later today. in the men's game american qualifier jeremy charging needed only two sets to stand john philip culture of attacking another american alex but from all of this now taken on with detroit's nickel i do that i admitted to some of the play they called final matches late. i would emerge appear now where spanish rider. has
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dominated during practice for the malaysian grand prix the repsol honda rider was that fossett is a penguin national circuit and probably conditions to draw circle the better of his to make and crowned world champion casey stoner the funded team lies three leading positions their absence all from a house popular into the sideline due to injuries suffered last week in australia. now the russian artistic gymnastic team have been all nodes on their return to more scuba countries sports chiefs raising concerns about the judging at the recent world championships in tokyo russia finished third behind china and the united states for a month course or if not it's not the story. only thirty three thousands of a point separated russia's viktoria comal from the network and world champion jordan weaver the tiers were flowing out of despair after the judges awarded her just enough to win a silver medal in the women's all around final the three time junior olympic
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champion camilla already had a senior world championship medal at this event in our meeting boards and should she that feeds despite not being in full shape after an injury is expected to be one hundred percent at the olympics since once it's well victoria will present a real threat for the rest of the competition but we still have a lot of work to do on our basic skills and flawless execution but we did really well overall and all of us are ready for london and thence to captain anton gold so it's golf was quite happy with his partner's performance after all four out of seven gymnasts were experiencing a major senior event for the first time he won an individual silver medal in the bulls while russia only managed a fourth place in that scene events however on dawn feels that the guys were robbed of a bronze world championship medal. we did great and i think our performance deserved a bronze medal but the judge's decision was unfair however it will be different at
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the olympics where the judges will not be able to take away points from us so blatantly russia's national team coach on duty on incognito the issue is not with any one particular judge it's rather as systemic problem a solution to which is way overdue let's not mistake. the opinion in this case but that is then should binion. still playing the different bits and then so have to this and visible difference of course will work better but i'm sure for olympic games with the world with things like. the course will be the subject of refereeing is nothing new with or it has to give. clark from the only sport where certain decisions seem controversial the issue is now under a close watch by russia's worth of korea tees as the country's workmen assert its all in what's called promise to discuss it with the head of the international gymnastics federation. i'm certain that the i.o.c.
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should pay close attention to such things and we have to speak with all the nations that sponsor major sports and make sure that objective refereeing is in place for everyone involved this is global problem and not just in gymnastics. while it looks like once again we will be looking forward to not just the political achievement to be upcoming olympics in london but unfortunately also all the drama that will surround the judging in the less subjective events at the games room on cost or an artsy moscow. but football game with twenty eight zero there were russian premier league gets underway on saturday with three games taking place across russia. back from tomorrow having a rest of today games in the european cup so a good chance for the chasing back to net point game although they will save all that. thanks eric in the chechen capital seventh place and that's a. and just so we are for there with canada had all the
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goals scored during the previous game week so enjoy our traditional goals. luck live. the luck lists lists lemon
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live .
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in the slums. live. live. live. live. live . live i have to have no more sports news from around the globe for. handouts what is next for. her is that so much.
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to roughly fifty five and eighty two countries worldwide this is a protest movement with staying power.
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