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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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eleven thirty am here in moscow these are your r t have writings nato prepares to end its seven months operation in libya following the death of the country's i was student leader meanwhile the u.n. wants an answer to exactly how colonel gadhafi and his son died images released calling their capture suggest they were killed violently in captivity. i know the round of anti-corporate protests in new york sees dozens of activism arrested despite his i.q. high wall street movement is still going strong inspiring copycat demos for social and economic change all over the world. the widow of former russian agent alexander litvinenko admits her husband worked for a u.k. intelligence services revelation was made of four inquests launched five years after lived in co died of radiation poisoning in london. next we discover whether people are happy with hollywood movies on the big screens or if they're hungry for
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something a little different that's coming up in the spotlight stay with us. well again the world coming to spotlight begins a new show on our team i'll bring our bank today my guest on the show is alex. kollywood movies are dominating big screen world what some make in terms of the budgets of small countries but the lasting success of noncommercial movies that's very stressed the world shows that people are hungry for alternative cinema so can this provide anti-dote to spectacular blockbusters the two one international contemporary film festival is ongoing you must go and the program director. knows the answer. critics say cinema is going through his story. the
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so-called independent police top box offices but hollywood blockbusters because we know profound and to stick with the whole critics complain cinema has become very predictable it's hard to find a really a regional work that's why the two in one pastoral was created its organizers say they don't choose p.m.'s own directors names or a critic's opinion they're faster will only features newbies that surprised and impressed us. thank you very much for being with us thank you for inviting me welcome to the show well first of all to in one festival one has to be. actually it doesn't mean what you perhaps would have suggested it's not about out of shelters from the well this is definitely about. blurring the borders about different found something
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much different kinds of cinema about blurring the border between cinema and content . pretty art. documentary and fiction and. commercialized cinema so all this about making cinema a unified space world and a war going on where we can find something interesting where we can showcase the best findings in all their areas of creative work in cinema well i don't know that you call your first of all a contemporary thought of us to our youth all food first rules showing contemporary movies this is this idea of a festival of well not necessarily being of i mean there are wonderful film festivals that are concentrated on retrospective for example i don't know if some films have chocolates contemporary forestry are sometimes barrier tardif to retrospect to get started are more berlin ali and san sebastian film festival well
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we are not the biggest of first of all in the world so we we're trying to concentrate on what is important for no one days we're not sure casing we're not presenting retrospectives not. we are sort of trying to focus our attention on the trance that are going to be. interested in playing a risk yes there is a will you come to improve your it which i personally dislike that will screw this of for i don't really understand what form it means i think that i think a piece of work including movies can be good or bad but well this is it you can also be forty three or sixteen by knowing well they will this is only seventy four minutes but still they see professions like yourselves very that every first of all today has its own format is there a format for your festival and what films what movies fits into the tune one for
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growth personally we are to go beyond us because i. i hate the word might as well i mean. this is not about wal-mart this is a nod to selection while selection of course has to be done according to some pretty rare but i one main prettier and we put a stricter selection i believe out of all the first bill and also in the world but we like or dislike but more of it works doesn't work so. it's not a mild form art we can include everyone. from all being in the competition if it's really a work of art i thought there were calls for personal expression but you know it's like vodka can't be out of form and so the cold or proper or or warm many in. other words. makes you feel good. or bad sometimes it doesn't the founder pondered
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depends upon the atmosphere and on the lot of. well not only quantity bahamian but selection selection awful a selection of companies. you know most of this field for everything also do a movie here exactly so ok let's let's drop for a minute so do you the atmosphere of your festival there is that. suppose that you have to have some some some special sort of these because you said it could be anything including a blockbuster well it can be and if you only thing but in terms of guests first of all i would like to say only guests who are really interested in bodies godliness for example for well i can name you some names the you'd like to cause for as a present of injury woodcock for robert siegel a wonderful american filmmaker who was the script writer of wrestler with me group
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. the. i mean any year is to invite people who are really interested to know what's going on we are not inviting people for money we're not inviting people to stroll on a red carpet this is completely relevant for us if wearing white and someone says clone and pieces mean this means we don't have press conferences masterclass those wheaten with no audience around we mean darts we hope not only the audience bulk of people who are invited our guests will be satisfied with this experience because the past twelve days for communication communication means communication between and already and some that will be it means the communication between where. the filmmaker is found between filmmakers themselves because this is the best place to make friends after all one of the papers quoted you as saying that your first of
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all your festivals main feature is to surprise at least this year doesn't mean that you would show a movie that's all for aesthetical he but sharky surprising. well shocking doesn't necessarily about the heart to earth see some shocking scenes of violence for repurpose and some in front of the camera and no shocking only means dark we need to change the culture of coats for all movies because predictability i would say is the worst enemy of art in contemporary film and not on the phone because everything is predictable you know what to expect of the u.s. show out of when you said submission out of the movie he made by some well known filmmaker and what we really loud music sounds of surprise when you have something with the liberals when you have something that really surprises you but can
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question unaware this is what we're searching for in the competition and not on the competition for you know i guess. i do think predicts pretty good tease so i mean for example if when characterizing a person when characterizing somebody well people usually say it's brutal i mean this is good it's very hard to do with unpredictable people unpredictable countries and predictable situations in life so why do we want life to be predictable and films to be unpredictable does that mean that films should be should be close to life. while it means the you know you're saying well the subdued point actually you know i mean you know we really like a person like a person's life for. everything that surrounds us to be reliable i don't say predictable but reliable when the queen's lie here and on
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a certain kind of reaction. well we still need to explore something you because this is why we're here for her for i mean well this is. for me. this is our pursuit of the idea of life to explore the unpredictable areas of creative enough in life in. art in everything because otherwise it would be some trade war and you have a program this year. called bollywood strikes back these are the indian remakes of the most successful hollywood blockbusters are you showing these films just to satisfy the moscow public or why. well. loring whereas i have the unpredictability well certainly certainly all the films are short of satisfying demanding if you must and partly
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because of multiple audiences because there are very particular very specific audience with very specific tastes but. in terms of talking about this sort of problem hollywood's trying strobes bollywood strides back i think it's very in cages in an interesting idea because. when i first heard of their remaining of my mantle is a cult movie by christopher nolen a famous hollywood director who took on back when frank tracks around stroke of genius in hollywood and all over the world and i'm from around are they maybe a remake of new mt toba. is a very harsh and tough ramón bottom easier and it's kind of thriller but very gripping one when i heard that they made a three hour long we make of part with songs and counselors in bollywood i couldn't
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believe my own ears when i saw it i couldn't really miles behind it isn't. all this is a train of battles on the original but. now i need what is important for these bollywood proud of the program is that in terms of imagination we are far beyond hollywood what the. program in the project there within the framework of your first thought was called generation campaigns who are the teachers and who are the students well the teachers are all well everyone who wants to come you know i mean well. i hope the president of. well the asking price offer a slow horrible nine months and already he's going to be one of our life for us and i'm sure that some people from new york film academy will show up and would there's
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. the students from some schools around europe and around the world who are willing to come and who are willing to experience something you. not only experience something new but to make a few. short movies which i don't have to be present at the closing ceremony says i would say to the program director of the twenty one international contemporary from the spotlight will be back shortly after we take a break so stay with us we'll be back with this interview in the. wealthy british style.
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market finally. come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report on our. i.
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all right things work around. us. thank you. thank. you. thank. you. welcome back to the spotlight i'm al green arvin just
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a reminder that my guest on the show today is aleksey made a visit program director of the two in one international contemporary film festival i would say we started talking about different features of your film festival well let's talk about another one big festivals have to face as well to win one most of the festivals one is to promote non-conventional aren't we most of the festivals want to start and noncommercial and all the other hand they advertise movies for the wide public that they they sort of are show them to the press to the public what a role do you see as the principal role for your first. all the other two are you know what well what you are saying i think it's really relevant only for one from first from the world which is the council come from class well because.
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really really really launching launching a firm that was built in fillmore as a competition and three counts film first of all the conserve europe you know european distribution maybe even yes. but for otherwise no i don't believe so i mean film festivals always like to. stress the film but we're short and for example for the competition underwear later distributed and a. successful examples for example we have for a film. by my close friend part of the land called one of the best track film filmmakers who made their. perry interest and contemporary version of paramount of brothers right off oh yes he was picked up by the russian distributors and he was
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really nice to after we premiere a bit i thought past all of it i told him first of all but i wouldn't over if to me that's for old and mainly i would say film festival is a noncommercial launch pad for a while but that can gain some profit. for all but you know like like we don't need a lot of finance but without that amount you can buy this old this is. the same thing go for a so-called noncommercial movie. here say well actually the last ten years have seen since in russian cinema from the deep crisis spotlight in the report on that issue. how were you measure the success of the film industry walk softly or international awards. there are
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some successful attempts in hollywood for wonder trucks historical dramas. busters commercial success have been paved he's way too rude however he's nightwatch raised the worst mine in europe then andries the return we treat. in various small move in psychological drama managed to commercially lead the dance narrative rude. multiple twists and turns while russian commercial movies are quite really released outside the country the noncommercial counterparts conquering the world the last few years have seen knowledge say over grab skis triumph knowledge is full with through a shot at a real station in the arctic reap the harvest of international awards another russian film silent triumphant premier with a twenty minute lawn scanned innovation in baroness was this year the count's film
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festival awards begin serves you lana and that success was followed by alexander says the core of snatching this is why and with his false impressionistic he was unfaithful works by contemporary russian filmmakers appear to have great appeal to viewers worldwide throw home who produces enough blockbusters on its own so maybe the right thing for russian filmmakers is to stick to what same should be a long tradition of raising serious issues and focusing on the character's thoughts and feelings rather than their actions. well our reporter mentioned back when back of sperm there are films there have been lots of talk about the only one they really he really became popular he became popular in hollywood but on the other hand do you think that it makes sense for russian filmmakers to try to imitate blockbusters though there will never be better than
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that how you would blockbusters because because the the whole history of russian cinema is like thought provoking likelike very very meditative. films who's not true. well seen doesn't need. to imitate anything in the specially hollywood style but if more people are inclined to. kind of action movies like rightly claim make it in hollywood well the best ways to or just to spend your last money for a ticket to california to i don't know to find a temporary job but the waiter in mcdonald's. try to come right on through from just your scripts war or projects or if you're an actor go to. one screen tower solve whatever because hollywood isn't the last place to do to try
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to action films well if you were inclined to do something out i think russia is by far not the worst place in the world but it's because we still have a certain african states award for behavior from four or zero or true or filmmakers. i would say you can. you can make into some you here are still for. i don't know the half a million dollars which would be impossible in america for a you were saying in one of the interviews i quote the problem with contemporary art movies is that they are mostly about the personality of their authors but it's almost impossible to say if the film is good or not what are the criteria for judges of such films. when you what when you're in the jury. well i used to be on the jury right now i'm not on the battery on the program director so
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i thought i really like and thought of my judgment but all the movies in the confirmation of twenty one from first of all are so clean of the best. the best possible movies but. for the for the jury members i would say. that the master important thing is to understand can feel if it's real or fake because it's very easy to make a fake or art will be not going to raise just makes little shorts for almost no dialogue or weapon you can build things around here you know like water dripping from it. one drop in five minutes here and i would probably create an. rational number not for it when it's really not
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and of course we must look for control of war for confidence if there is none you know nothing can say a let's talk about about multiplying your own thoughts and feelings should and there it is today not only in movies movies general express anything else except his own feeling says personality well. we're coming back to your first question what does it actually to in one mean yeah when one awfully like a person on the world around here. because without regard to your world making a thing which is only a reflection of war for warts and eight years but wouldn't be interesting because there. self is an art form but. to use their own and some reality while
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expressing yourself but you cannot. you cannot on make are the eyes are part of the question and you cannot only just because he needs something to express and you need something to talk about but you can not only trail with him but because you have to use it if it's not there well i'm planning to fail in the twentieth century the cinema was characterized i mean the cinema life was characterized by the existence of a number of living classics who wants some of the made movies some of them quit making movies but they were around and they certainly reference as they set an example for everybody else to do a twenty first century is a time of the authority and i mean i mean authorities overthrown with every new generation even with half a generation they overthrow their authority is is this do you have the same situation in cinema and well i would say still because.
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because all there are all that all thoughts all whom we rely on the war from the second part of the twentieth century there and not getting younger you know like three we talk about woody allen or war or. even the last phone tree year or article recently or other famous european and american filmmakers they are already for over fifty we don't have a new well we have a new generation but it's not it's these names are not unlike brand names anymore if you want distributed your film by new filmmaker well nobody nobody would. go and watch it otherwise there is a special reason thank you thank you very much for being with us in just a reminder that my. yesterday was alex same invisible program director of the two in one international contemporary film. that's it for now from all of us here at
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spotlight will be back to you for many days on our t.v. and taking. place. blame.
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it's a life long dream for many many. months brave real luminous not enough to steer the ship. knowledge endures and genuine love to the mother lands history all require. people who revive the engine craft are sailing through the centuries on archie. in the.


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