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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2011 8:31pm-9:01pm EDT

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because her brought her k.g.b. agents to be extradited husband richard to school. in the next up up and away with scott show which is looking a bit aviation and on the run this it's. great . comfort to. your. soldiers but the. moscow.
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hello i welcome to the must go out xan this week's episode of exploring the subject of flight taking a look at the history of aviation in russia to the latest simulator is across designs and at port terminals so joey lawson downer is as we journey from the soviet skies to modern day developments starting off here at the political museum in moscow. the museum has several exhibits showcasing the simpson flight models of specialist engine mechanics you can see how the aviation industry developed in the largest country in the world.
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history of civil airline is in the soviet union can be traced all the way back to the russian revolution in nineteen seventeen when the new bullshit governments saw rick as one of the main ways to modernize the country. then you communist leaders believed and travel would be the most efficient way to transport both people and supplies across the vast country in one thousand nine hundred eighty three the first soviet ally talking a lot was created several other smaller companies were formed and nine years later the name and a float was officially adopted for the entire service civil and fleet airflows went on to become the largest airline in the world with to pull off and illusion and craft making up the majority of its massive fleet as the aviation industry flourished around the world the u.s.s.r. was no exception. back to the museum along with the space race and technology as a whole day you can see how the soviet era through secrecy success and failure was
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a melting pot for ideas innovation and development. moving to our next location and it's time to look at modern day and cost training simulators here are used for a variety of reasons the design and development of aircraft and the resurgence and cough movement and stability people also come here to share entertainment if you have a dream to flying a plane well this is as close to the real thing as you will ever get. with the level of your center here we have a cockpit of a seven thirty seven energy legion aeration which is open for everyone ears experience being apply it is a full scale cockpit and provides the same conditions as a real pilot deals with you can choose any just a nation around the world and try to control the plane in any weather conditions we welcome children as our guests do they just love this why experience love your home . on the walls you can see various photographs taken from cockpits cloud formations
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difficult landing strips and breathtaking skylines images of chic cabin crew and well groomed pilots adds to the atmosphere but for many actual is the opposite a terrifying horrific ordeal. so with that in mind the center runs training programs for people wanting to overcome the fear of flying not something that i need and i'm not late it's my time to try my hand being a copilot gate eighty two ready for boarding after several preflight checks the engines are advancing to ninety percent the hydraulic movements mimic the plane racing down the runway and we take to the happy just like a real flight and density turbulence clouds disposition every bump a movement can be found. in today is take a short flight from moscow has dominated the airport fly around and then return to the same landing strip. easier said than done fortunately i have expert help at
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hand. just make sure you don't make any dramatic maneuvers you'll soon hear the packages disapproval in your headset. travelling three hours south of the capital by car and we've arrived at our next destination here a small flight club specializes in aerobatics the practice of making out of the flying maneuvers the training the creation it's in the spirit aerobatics all towards military fighter pilots to develop flying skills and for tactical keeps in combat today i've been invited to take to the skies will be a roller coaster at ten thousand feet good job i haven't eaten. now the first flying club as it's known in this has been here for two years previously the f.a.a. has used back in the u.s.s.r. for aircraft but by pesticide other planes the guys use here are they yak eighteen the fifty two and the fifty four which you see here i want to experience will
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refrain last between twenty and thirty minutes or more cost between four thousand and seven thousand rubles that's roughly around one hundred thirty and two hundred dollars not bad and am i nervous. yes. with. the use of less planes were originally introduced to train arafat pilots they've recently gained popularity as a sports plane both inside and outside the former u.s.s.r. anyone can come here to experience what zero g. feels like to barrel turns and the loops aeronautical experience isn't necessary you just need a little courage and trust the pilots know what had touring and once in a lifetime experience that has been enjoyed by many russians and foreigners. a lot of people. laws on these airplanes like you know they're a fighter you hear of a powerful engine so it's very good
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a bright yellow propeller plane he won't miss this in the sky and after meeting my pilot it into the aircraft i go and on my honest to goodness knows what i have got myself into i have a feeling this is not the faint pulse is. one thing that is apparent straight away is the noise from the monster of an engine if i take the headset off i can hardly see myself speaking. moring down the runway we can we feel every single bump and crack in the surface of a stomach churning roller coaster in the sky as we banked to an incredible sixty degrees the views from above are impressive it feels very different to a typical commercial flight though that's for sure all aerobatic maneuvers demand training and practice to avoid accidents likely today my pilot might seem is the main instructor and trainer at the center. g.
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forces are being seriously pushed here with a high pitch and a sub nose dive it's time to experience brief weightlessness zero g. . they said drill in field experience. everything i'm used to the human body can cope with everything of the positive nine g. i've not even reached of thought yet. good to know how was the experience. time for landing and easy easy a little wind to the left and we have contact with the ground again and although shaking i live to tell the tale. thrill seekers eat your heart out that's what i experience i will never forget. moving on and we've arrived at our final location should a metaphor and pause almost thirty kilometers to the northwest of moscow let's look
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at modern commercial flight and the airports need terminals once the world's largest airline arafat today is at the forefront of development training and technical support in the aviation industry in russia. in the maintenance hangar here you can see examples of first class engineering and here it's certainly as with the old and in with the new the russian airline industry has undergone a major revolution over the past twenty years some of the major players such as era flight s seven or trans there are about graded their fleets to the likes of airbus or boeing and major international routes taken from me i know from personal experience the majority of the aircraft use up top notch runs spanking new and often a great safe flying experience in two thousand and ten share much of the airport and the almost twenty million passengers the new terminal d. has one hundred number of awards for planning and design they can get one of the best passenger experiences in europe five year twenty fifteen share a mess of
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a expects to increase traffic to thirty five million people and become the best hub in europe in terms of customer service with glittering arrival and departure pools this is a. wonderful example of change in russia a massive reconstruction of the terminals is still in the way resulting in state of the office illicit or even plans for a third runway. appose a highly guarded locations and security is the priority but sometimes there is a chance to see what's behind the usually closed doors occasionally moscow sheremetyevo organizes the so-called plane spotting event. journalists and bloggers get access to their response plan thanks for taking pictures of aircraft in action . just as a cross-posting ampoules is popular in many of the world's biggest airports open their doors and access to runways both amateur and professional photographers face
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bosses very much enjoy the opportunity and then share their pictures with the whole world so everyone can have a closer look at the world of flying savior expanding bush's aviation industry is paramount to the country's future. radical changes to aircraft fleet in terminals budget and lines infrastructure new technology and next time you pass through one of those because of course you too will see those dramatic changes and regardie entertainment where you want to learn to fly a simulator that will be to the skies and the couple of stone plane there are dozens of places that will satisfy planes and adrenalin lovers of all ages in moscow one thing's for sure the sky is the limit. i just love them but of course me that's all the time we have on the program on the subject of flights so you get the same time next week and so that for me and the rest of the crew from the second runway here i'd fare better bear but by now.
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montero. historic old. friendly. dynamic. friends. wealthy british style holds. on to the splits right in the front. of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause reports on.
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the world. bringing you the latest in some instances. some of. those you jerk covered. we didn't look ahead to the dawn of a new era by the maggots circumstances of his brutal death and cost of blood take shot over the nation paycheck. he died in a shootout to be here shows and then to see a rebel fighter busting his back to me just a. lengthy article for the movement to get out of the build support across the world as new york city's new i went to school demonstrations protests at the big
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apple become political organizing the police presence is also increasing. the huge front street and giving it to brussels but that latest round of crisis talks euro skeptics in the u.k. push for. nationwide referendum for britain to be yet taken a new membership undermines british sovereignty and calls the country into. the leader older lady former russian agent of them named her who died from poisoning in london five gives ago has admitted it in a t.v. to a british newspaper and it worked for british intelligence and a cornet in london have agreed to hold an inquest into the of deaths and has been the cause of a major rift between russia and the u.k. his request for a pool likely to be a few minutes without it has been rejected by sky. without next mystery tree.
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hello there was come to this sport good to have a company again they so first let's take a quick look at what's making this headlines around the world. no more russians moscow scrambling cup will not see any home representatives in the women's singles final. disagree or to spend its end of the draw so will lead an all reps so honda france role at the malaysian know to be up to setting cost as part of plan that's it and sockets. use it against france could repeat that success of nineteen eighty seven when they beat the frenchman to claim back at the rugby world cup. but let's start with football where in the russian premier league three matches have been played on saturday all of them involving struggling side state title chasers given an extra day of rest following their your pain games during the wake in the l a match f.c. cross picked up all frequents in the state beach ball by two on all six goals of
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business open sixty minutes into the game. following a mistake from his defense international yuri mrs sounds the final result and it's a match made all the right moves in the box. sets eric registered a narrow victory against i turned down a goal there will be seventeen minutes past to the rebound. respect to put state church and some eleven on the table with time to once as many games. to let match of the day seventh place and from the. shed point synchro sindar as they drew one all can lengthen scored for the some are attained while the big four the hosts. now let's move on to the english premier league where in form newcastle are now just three points off the top as they defeated wigan by a single girl the last thing tended their start to the championships for the
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hampton drew against swansea city as the home side managed to come back from two girls down our civility failed to stand was brahms' position to go down to ten man to one to the visitors it finished struggling bolton have now lost their seventh game out of nine percent opponents sunderland now points at the reebok stadium. but it's on sunday when one of the biggest games of the season is due to take place to match the giants and league current leaders city and united will go head to head at old trafford and enter exults but it draw is expected there. in the reliever old trafford. i do i do that is good for what i was a marker he is not our mentality. for a united. united in the cd player always is. another premier league favorite chelsea will have new boards queens park rangers
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for their opponents the blues manager and it's more important to win his team's london darby than to rely on the outcome of them in kunar in one. just let them compete and win see what happens what is most important for us this weekend if you really want to do to shorten into a little bit this was to get three points and with all those doing that nothing nothing that happens there will please point or it's important but for us. now russia's interest in the women's singles at the kremlin cup has ended as in every city and i was knocked out in straight sets by done it gets a book or dropping just to gabe's in a comprehensive six love six to tree and chill out play kaia kanepi in the final richard porter it was a man courtside. at the kremlin cup in moscow and russian interest on the winning side of a draw is the last remaining podium mr now was crashed in straight sets six six two
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five slovakia's. was maybe a double specialist had done really well to reach the semifinals here in moscow but she'll be discreetly disappointed that she went out and she didn't really put up much of a fight against slovak opponent and there's great to be in the semifinal run in moscow in the home tournament and. it's yeah that was really bitter that played really not my best tennis today against dominika and i was trying. i was trying to do everything to do what i can and i was fighting till the end there and i believe that i can change the magic till the end i had the feeling that it can change because i played against the many times she was out through a lot in the third set and i won both of that matches so i knew that everything can happen in the situations but it was an exemplary performance upon a slow barack is growing in strength with every game been in place here in moscow and especially after her three hour marathon encounter conspirators one of the all
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been the quarterfinals on friday all of the noise forceable have taken things easier getting to the final i so were well you know i was just playing too fast for her and that's where she was making the mistakes you know and it's never easy if you're in such a setting and then you just have to be yourself and in the being of a second serve you know i was a little bit late to sleep you know and i had thought i had thought good begin to imagine just start of a thing again. most of the russians left on the women's side of the draw and away from i'll go on for another year it's been four years since you last won the ladies' singles here. he's never won the w.c. a tournament will get another chance trying to win her maiden title on sunday when she plays kind of connect in the final. week of being. in another finals in in two weeks you know and it's just as a great feeling in and of course i know i don't have any ability title but i'm sure
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sooner or later it will come so i don't want to make a big deal about it than in just try to go out there in and play my play my best tennis and often plenty of twists and turns it into strength can't disappoint of course the russian made is that will be a new name a trophy is to make us a bit about take some tired i may be mistaken for all to see moscow. new zealand rugby faithful are hoping fortune will be on the kiwis side on sunday when the meets france in the world cup final that match up a repeat of the first ever decider back in one thousand eight seven one new zealand have ever won the kiwis were involved in a bruising battle against australia in their seven final the hosts turned out to be just to good for the eventual bronze medalists have now that same line up will test the french on the biggest stage graeme henry's men have long been favorites for the competition of the twenty districts victory that best confirmation for that but they scored as well where the french bart have been lost to them in the two holes
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and seven what platforms i don't enjoy having the underdog take in and i think that when the french team most dangerous. i think they're really not from in two thousand and seven leading into they will follow him see what they came came out and produced so for us it's just focus on how we prepare and what we want to do in the game. the french meanwhile did what it took to be a powerful wales for two weeks the final mark of vermont team level looking truly solid in the nine to eight state tree david ellis who is in charge of the team's defensive scheme says attack action for france i would be for the all blacks are after all a superior team they have a great chance to win and we'll try to do the same defending against the kiwis for the entire eighty minutes is impossible so we will have to go on the our fence of ourselves and cause problems for their defense. and not a g.p.
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develop a draw so has claimed pole position for the malaysian grand prix the spaniard setting the fastest lap of ten minutes one point six two seconds at the supreme circuit to draw so late and wraps off the front row at sunday's race to edged out his closest rivals and teammates and hundreds of his heels are there back second and third sports respectively has edwards prevented the main street with a fourth place finish ahead of marco simoncelli. would be not only on the issues pension only does he do to get the best. possible for the matter of race and train hire only on the ball i was in one section i was coming faster but then i got some traffic couldn't improve my lap then but still able to do for second time is good but hoping to do even better tomorrow in the race well that's it from me on the sports desk the nothing to watch mascot by.
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but i. was struck by a scenario possibly i do want to be out there selling no wait until you see the film on screen if you want to have sex go and have sex. we've just.
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used to. see. him go to mission free accreditation free zones for charges free coming from lunch free risk free studio time freedom download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media oh dog to our teeth dog tom. in taiwan all cheese available in the sun landis typee hoto. typee the how and closer to the shirts inside the hotels hotel while shell his the groom her tone the show would hope some will do misty type the hoto kuvasz otoh photo full of hotel resort
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evergreens the hotels like the grand victoria hotel gloria prince hoto hope springs resort and spa all tied to a hotel royal she plans ambassador hotel toto the west in taipei evergreen plaza hotel in thailand tyee london hotel time and bus of the party hoto full points and how would. these splendid hotel in touch with a hotel in touch or roll the photo for a goal or a goal from how an international house flooded to change every green little hotel in talk of. the fleet had gone. his brutal death constant bloodstained shadow over the nation's future. global pressure grows to find out whether gadhafi was killed in crossfire or executed joining me and he says no way in tripoli for more details. beyond overt movement in the us to
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build support across the board as new it sees gets more aggressive despite peaceful demonstrations. you want to choose to meet yet again in brussels for their latest round of crisis talks with us skeptics in the u.k. are pushing for a nationwide referendum on leaving the union. and a new twist in the case of the russian agent alexander litvinenko is down as we may see ties with britain's intelligence that is. new to russia and around the world this is all she with me thanks for joining us he's busy interim government says it's looking to hold elections within the next eighteen months as the war torn country prepares to celebrate the day of liberation following the death of colonel gadhafi but the unclear circumstances of the former leader's death have spawned.


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