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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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the dawn of a new era a bit murky circumstances of colonel gadhafi is brutal death comes to the once again shadow over the nations he tried. local pressure grows to find out whether gadhafi was killed in crossfire or executed during the and he's now in tripoli for more details. also this hour the anti corporate movement in the u.s. build support across the world as new york city's gets nor bread is quite peaceful demonstrations. also as the ugandans choose the media to get in brussels for their late in the round of crisis talks euro skeptics in the u.k. are pushing for a nationwide referendum on leaving the union. and a new twist in the case of paul russian agent alexander litvinenko as daft as he is agreed to admit it had ties with britain's intelligence services.
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international news live from moscow this is r.t. with me thanks for joining us libya's interim government says it's looking to hold elections within the next eighteen months the war torn country prepares to celebrate the day of liberation following the death of colonel gadhafi but the unclear circumstances of the former leader's death have sparked international calls for an investigation with every new piece of video constantly a deeper shadow on the official version that he died in crossfire his body is currently being kept in a chill of room in the shopping center in his ranch at one of the hot spots of the revolution to al same hundreds of libyans have been queuing for photo opportunities with the devoted body the failure to carry out a very well within twenty four hours is a blatant contravention of islamic law that interim government says it may be coop's to conduct these extended family archie's and he says now it has the latest from the leading counter so the n.t.s.b. is saying that you thought he was killed by a bullet will. also conflicting reports as to where exactly those shots were in his
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shot making the right side of his head in the left side of the head it's looking very shady and then this brutal video that went viral the mainstream media showing up more than twenty four hours constantly of gadhafi whether or not he was dead or alive very unclear at first in the first couple of shots if he even fears that he's alive he actually goes and touches take quite some blood away and then there's a time and it seems that he was dead in the later which is the same thing with one of his sons that was captured in syria first pictures of him standing against the wall smoking a cigarette very clearly alive then the video cards and all of a sudden he's dead so really pressure coming from around the world both from the west and other countries that we've been very critical about neighbors mission here in libya odd that something needs to be done about an investigation the u.n. is planning on launching investigation in russia's foreign minister was very clear that russia and many of many countries and officials around the world feel like the
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way he was killed in these pictures that we saw were perhaps not the best possible way to go because. it's the footage shown on t.v. proves that he was captured alive and wounded and after that he was killed later there were reports that a convoy carrying macondo was attacked by nato planes and also about the rebels captured members of our convoy has been repeated numerous times that nato claims are only have a u.n. mandate to ensure a no fly zone over libya and the convoy wasn't posing any threat to civilians on the ground and could be a legitimate target so nato actions pose a number of questions as well. as speaking of that no fly zone which is of course how this mission began back in march the u.n. looking into when it will be shortly and now russia pushing for that mission to end as soon as possible if it were you know it is october thirty first but it has to be said officially nato mission is very much alive here in libya gadhafi is body is they don't want to risk. roger rader now in misrata and already way beyond the
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twenty four hour mark how he had been very by muslim tradition the official liberation ceremony will take place in benghazi where you will take place there that of course was the original rebel stronghold where their whole fight for freedom began it will take place there instead of the capital because the security situation here is still very tense just a couple of days ago there was a shootout between n.g.c. troops and the doubt few loyalists alone mostly celebrations have been taking place obviously officials the interim officials there worry that there could be some kind of violence here in the capital very few people obviously were on the streets last night asking what's next for they feel they can answer that question much hard so world analysts are certainly looking into what will often be chaos here one of the main fears is that libya could break out into some kind of tribal war that there's going to be do. the world community has begun to think what will be see happen here in the coming months and years. to some of the international community trying to
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get to the bottom of his death and leaks video could very well provide beyond say everyone's looking for their soul so you know we grabbed him in the streets some guy does want to take him away and that's what i showed on what's in the here and didn't chip so the same point as far as he didn't mind the idea of taking that kind of a lie and also flaunted it works because things and bloodied shirts and a gold ring on which the name of cadet his second wife and the date of the marriage had been engraved he was based a middle east expert shereen as your guide he sings the connell's death will open up an era of tribal and ethnic conflicts across india. the international community is calling for an investigation but they've been complicit and his guess casts a shadow on many things that cast a shadow on the m.t.c. to cast a shadow on the future of the country could ask help here's the tribes and the ethnicities together and what we're going to see only going to exhume months and
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years is massive trial and specifically ethnic divisions and very strong reactions between the libyans of african descent who have african cultures and leans arabic over just as well and even during this war it started in february and we've started to see those kinds of violent divisions between it and is that it's the people of louis up are in the middle of a war right now it's a civil war or it's an international war and people are dying civilians are dying they're being imprisoned they're not getting proper medical treatment and and they're the last people that anyone seems to care about so you know if the future is good we can't see it from here this is on c.n.n. still ahead here this hour double trouble britain faces or what emerges that poisoned former k.g.b. agent alexander different in cold ties with the country's intelligence services.
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antiquated the north to plead core for a bogus british membership of the euro skeptics hope for nationwide referendum on leaving the kenya. the ok by wall street movement grows stronger despite a series of arrests and scuffles with police which continually new york actually was accused the police of heavy handed tactics against people peacefully expressing their opinion r.t. is this a confident has all the details. well the occupy wall street protests continue to spread across the united states here in new york city and not only have occupy wall street protesters and camps themselves in zuccotti park but here in union square they are now marching against police brutality that is the new focus of the protests in the face of increasing arrests increasingly tally they say by not only the new york city police department but also police departments across the world now over the weekend approximately nineteen protesters were arrested in downtown orlando in florida one of them was an arms u.s.
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army soldier and a man in a wheelchair there crime not moving when the police officers told them to move even though they say they were simply trying to stand up for the first amendment freedom of speech rights to call attention to the corruption both in wall street and in washington now one of the biggest issues of the occupy wall street protests today is the heavy handed police tactics by the officers one protesters are simply they say making their voices heard trying to get politicians to listen to them in a country that they say no longer represents their democratic needs or democratic interest do seem to be growing we've seen increasing numbers of protesters out in the streets from seattle to chicago to los angeles some of the people i've spoken to today in fact say there are they're starting small scale protests in upstate new york it seems like this movement is popping up all across the country faster than authorities know how to handle it one of the interesting perhaps that many of the protesters here have cited both to me and other reporters working for r.t.
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is the fact that the united states while it only represents about five percent of the total world's population has the highest one of the highest incarceration rates across the globe in fact a quarter of all world inmates are housed in prisons here in the united states this is one of the biggest issues that are concerning protesters here many of whom like to point out the fact that few people on wall street have been arrested or punished for. crimes while innocent civilians seem to be jailed for simply speaking simply stepping off a curb for example or marching in demonstrations that they say are constitutionally protected here in the legal system of the united states. reporting from new york our correspondents in america are going to call for demonstrations there for you and you can head to our twitter stream to get our dates on them so if one of her tweets she's losing confidence that police have surrounded union square in new york and it seems now that there is
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a protest. israelis inspired by american accidents have spent weeks protesting and calling for social justice on the streets of tel aviv but now that the riots have ended people are left wondering when the reforms promised to them by the government were the mileage from. anger outrage and protest on the streets of new york a throwback to the same scenes different streets around ten thousand kilometers away the politicians in the united states exaggerated in the same way is the the this is in they went too far in taking for granted their citizens occupy wall street it wasn't that long ago israelis were calling to occupy boulevard you know libya join the protests from the beginning she was inspired by what happened in cairo and caught her taint tapio corner. here people were feeding her were playing music every evening and people of crimea talking to our as you
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know watches even some fault in faraway new york she misses the six weeks she lived here and wishes she could be part of the wall street rallies i'm very proud of where i am i really have a great i'm so proud to days and i'm going to hold the purchase in new york a strong parallels with those in israel in how they came about and why the similarity between the protesters just uncanny. the way they started on facebook the way they chose a location very close to where. the center of power is or the center of greed is for in this case there was but many are wondering what exactly that struggle in israel achieved with the mendacious me my government committee still need to be implemented and that could take a while this looks like any other street in tel aviv but it looks like the focal point of social change for the revolutionizing is role of the pain of being replaced with vikas and the social demands of the waiting to be placed like media
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american his radio and he kauffman is watching the u.s. rallies closely and says they are an inspiration to many in israel is proud people are taking a stand against corruption and greed to protest the struggle and younger is in the people's will. and the show is still going to go on i view that more and more people around the globe seem to share policy r.t. television. to have you go sour the passion behind the protest. look good model for the whole ball parties are big we want to do body. parties new york resident cory hoffman is there points out at water united thousands of people taking part in the occupy wall street movement. but right now finance ministers from all twenty seven european union states are meeting in brussels for more talks on the e.u. spiraling economic crisis which threatens to turn global europe remains split over a solution for greece's debt disaster and bailout with ministers saying banks raise
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more than one hundred billion euros in new capital and write off some of the country's debt meanwhile british euro skeptics are pushing for the right to vote on a referendum for the country to need the european union the people's pledge campaign believes the yonder mines the u.k. sovereignty understate costs for the country are simply too high the london conference by the group demands for a nationwide referendum with the issue to be discussed in westminster on monday scruggs person for the people's leisure economist ruth police says e.u.r. bushels and leaders have neglected is the opinions of the people in making their decisions throughout the history of the union. the truth is that we joined the e.u. all the e.c. is it was way back in one nine hundred seventy three when it was a very different animal and since then have been all these treaties as with a single european akamai ostrich treaty the i'm so down treaty nice treaty in the lisbon treaty i mean it's going it's gone from being basically a trading area with aspirations to something very close to
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a political union when we do surveys as to whether people vote actual people out there you know that was behind in front of me or in the whole today whether they want a referendum on e.u. membership they say yes i'm afraid to say it's the most of the politicians here who also know about actually letting the people have their say i mean look the truth is that i think he increased singly in western democracies including the over european democracies and people want one thing and the down the politicians say mother i was very interesting that even when they're all referenda in the e.u. there was one on the constitution floor in france and there's one in the constitution in ireland and one in the netherlands and they voted no we don't want this but what happened to the politicians but i'm going regardless so as far as i'm concerned you know it's the people who should be marching up the say and we must get these messages across so the politicians this time they listen to the people. as an inquest into the death of former russian agent alexander litvinenko is
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granted by the u.k. his way to admit it was working for british intelligence a long stretching investigation was launched five years ago and then could died of radiation poisoning in london he's either bench reports now on britain's discoveries could post some uncomfortable questions for british and. according to britain this is a man on the run and very lugovoy hasn't left russia since two thousand and six because of an international arrest warrant he's accused of murdering alexander litvinenko in london almost five years ago both former k.g.b. agents but lugovoy says he's got nothing to hide. nobody really suspected me at the pre inquest hearing even though british officials claim i'm hiding from justice my lawyer is annoyed found out about it by sheer chance had we not found out about it i think the british press would have accused us once again hiding from justice. league of always lawyers last week echoed calls from libyan
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because we don't know for a full inquest which is now finally been ordered but that's prompted yet another twist in a case already steeped in intrigue and war the one where. my lawyers and i put ourselves as an interested party as we do i was forced to admit her husband was a paid agent and i spied an m i six but he worked for britain's intelligence and not just as a consultant because she had no other choice she realized you know i get involved in the inquest it will be reviewed anyway because i know a few facts that will force the british court to ask m i five an m i six a few questions. until now marina libin yankers always denied any such link she says he was out of loyalty to her husband she refused to speak to us they said mission leaves m i five facing awkward questions and inquest they were the only party trying to limit and they get it for granted that it'll just crash in paris we can't help it and as i said if it had been consulting for them or working
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with them and he died in highly. the tourist second fact is on their patch then you have of course they were questioned about not offering protection to people and also not offering protection to the london public. traveling in content across the city living in kid died a slow and painful death. caused by the lethal radioactive substance polonium two ten the unsolved case has been the thorn in the side of british russian relations with moscow refusing to extradite abundance chief suspect as some claim britain's pursuit has blurred the line between fact and fiction there's a whole host of unofficial allegations. how we go from i guess which i were horrible to an accusation that mr look at the way was responsible is is ludicrous i mean it's all looks very fishy join unbiased
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observer but the diet that we're being fed in britain through the media. short circuits a lot of that this is where it all began the millennium hotel in central london and it's what happened in here remains the biggest question mark living in commit new boy for breakfast here but they he fell ill and that's when he's alleged to have been poisoned forensics did find the contaminated teeth what the link from back to lou void is still unproven it's hoped the coroner's inquest will determine once and for all what's exactly went on behind these walls something c.c.t.v. me. the police say they have new evidence they won't disclose it until they conclude their own investigation as for lugovoy he says he'll answer any questions they've got not in person of course but via video link i have been it r t london. russia has barred several u.s. officials from visiting the country in an escalating rao over the death of a lawyer sergei magnitsky in a moscow prison almost two years ago this comes in response to
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a similar blacklist of russians are banned by washington from entering the u.s. but a nice kid died after a good remand facing tax evasion charges as colleagues claimed it was held after his alleged a huge fraud against a number of russian office officials to prison doctors face charges in moscow of negligence over his death but the u.s. is now refusing to grant bases to several russians it says are connected to the case last year says the americans have blacklisted this time they are suspected of primes against russian citizens in the us including kidnapping and torture russia has also wanted to make stance the list which has not been publicly released unless washington drops its sanctions. president barack obama announced against american military deployment in iraq ordering all troops to leave by the end of the year about thirty nine thousand american troops will leave the country after more than eight years and there that has cost u.s. taxpayers over eight hundred billion dollars almost four thousand five hundred u.s. soldiers have died during their service in the iraq war so longer and iraq american
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political activists dredger are things to go after the draw is a step forward for both countries but it doesn't mean america's influence in that region will land. very important milestone i think you're lucky in general i've been waiting for this the last eight years you want to hear this little you know your patience is all but it's all over or it is a major step in going to that action unfortunately it does not necessarily mean the end of the u.s. involvement and intervention in iraq because the u.s. is planning to keep on sixteen thousand. although all the iraq you politically. keeping some you streamers to carry in the new iraq you're using new. just u.s. weapons here but they are against granting them immunity because there have been a long list of crimes that were committed here killing iraqi civilians with no
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accountability for the u.s. intervention and occupation of iraq has been disastrous there was not because. there is nothing to look back at. that should not have happened it's a disaster of death and destruction and the us has been a part of iraq's problem in the last decade or two decades since the intervention started i'm very happy that the u.s. is ending its intervention because i think this will help iraqis move forward. to a truck. national headlines for you this hour in northern course of a major peacekeeping try to remove the time but ethnic serbs that have been stalled by hundreds of people also both sides sat in front of sixteen world blocks to prevent foreign troops pushing through the barricades and peacekeepers and local said been leaders up to israel to achieve a breakthrough during talks next on saturday arcades in the region were billed by local serbs back in july when the ethnic albanian government attempted to take
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control of the disputed crossing area. move tree has reported at least unfortunate deaths among kurdish rebels after a ground offensive in the southeast of the country operations against the separatists were launched on wednesday and reportedly involved ten thousand troops but they were counted as a response to the death of twenty four soldiers killed by by his own. party a p k k took his conflict with the kurdish rebels has claimed thousands of lives since they started the fight of autonomy in nineteen eighty-four. to easy's to vote for a new government on sunday in the country's first democratically actions in more than forty years following journey raised revolution over ten thousand and eighty policies are running islamists on the secular opponents will compete all two hundred seventeen seats in a parliament which must draft a new constitution and form an interim government people count ten months after all the president has been on the scene but ali was ousted in the first popular
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uprising of the arab spring revolt. laws which will have claimed over three hundred and fifty lives in recent months and displaced more than one hundred thousand people are now approaching the thai capital bangkok the nine million residents of this issue have been warned to take protective measures such as moving belongings to higher levels of monitors the tensions have been opened and also begun to fill in some of the city's outskirts already closing down much to homes this year's floods which began in july of one it's been almost seven she. saudi arabian t.v. has reported the death of the kingdom's heir to the throne prince sultan bin abdul as is also he was eighty five and had been diagnosed with colon cancer in two thousand and four this was when surgery in new york two years ago and has been it was cute rating of rules is down but it's not at least where he died the day that
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brings into focus the health of saudi arabia's aging of all elite especially king abdullah is now eighty seven. as support for the occupy wall street movement is growing across the world to include even iran and north korea many are wondering what exactly has united so many people in protest there we have it star own resident reporter in new york went to the center of the action to ask people what brought them. a month into the occupy wall street movement is there a unified message this week let's talk about that there isn't a centralized message a lot of people say that's a problem and i think that's actually a strength that we currently have. as a movement were we're just over a month old. october seventeenth was a one month anniversary and and i think it's it's early to to be issuing any statements or anything along those lines any any sort of movement major movements
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or revolution or anything like that throughout history has issued a statement within the first month it feels a little absurd to me to expect there to be one core message when this is a movement that's wanting to be inclusive that wants everyone to have a voice and everyone has their own life they have their own struggles is it i mean today's world is the sound bite no one has tension a.d.d. world and they need a sound but are there often that the current dominant paradigm and we're looking to give examples of what alternative paradigms could exist i tried to come in for a couple of bottles so a lot of people are saying that the message is that unified and that's an issue that the movement is having its problem communicating but i don't see it as an issue. because the feel like it is unified i think it is ultimately this is a big battle of ideas there's fifteen different worldviews for square foot. people
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are talking and people are listening it's like the best university in the world but there's no unified message a lot of people don't seem to really understand why they're here they can't articulate it so you know if this sort of makes them think about why they're here well they're in the alternative do you think that that's a problem with the movement is that there isn't a unified message not necessarily i think there's a prevailing theme to it everybody's disenfranchised with something you're saying education how cast on by over there just said shipping jobs out of the country to their stuff with part of it i mean there's not one thing i guess that it's not just one thing and there's a bunch of different reasons that i'm part of that too i mean i definitely agree with the fact that they're shipping jobs of the country we don't need any more so so how would you sum it up in one clears tensions but the messages here. political and economic reform the whole of both parties i think we want to party so it seems like everyone here feels like there is a unified message and that is there isn't a unified mass there which they feel like is very strange the movements.
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and who and approaches that are shaking out the us the entire website offered a home to find out about the former u.s. marine base to down to if there's a policeman to the council and social spokes person to the occupy wall street movement that it's more. like trying to read nor interventions so use rockets from my french space race in the tropics carrying things by satellite navigation system aiming to become a rival time right here. coming up next the kaiser report with mark for face it i'll update you on the headlines if you mom.
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls. they have. essentially submit your chance to choose to get a book make the badges of the human experiments get sprinkled with. the business
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right now which it snows gibbs let me try sensibly come to me and it's on change minds as finance attempts the reason i am willing to maintain our confidence in markets and. wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look even the nations close to collapsing a song like close. to fail simple a basic in field level thing is us crash seven and smash the building is close to the business in athens three feet from me i'm just programs increased the total economy. the big.


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