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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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top stories here one are to see blood stained era to the era in libya alligator colonel gadhafi was executed by the interim government troops. breaking point this week violent clashes erupted in greece people were hit with more austerity measures all the while the e.u. leaders are up against the clock as they meet to try and resolve the ongoing. battle over barricades nato forces failed to remove the road from the disputed serbia kosovo border as ethnic serbs guard the blockade. peacekeepers of the. historic moment by russian soyuz rockets that song from a french space space in the tropics europe's first satellite navigation system it's aiming to become a serious rivals were america's g.p.s. .
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for the stories that made headlines this week it watching the weekly here on our t.v. the libyan interim government has declared that the cement symbolic liberation of the country is coming soon it's following the death of qana qaddafi he was gunned down in unclear circumstances while fleeing the city of on thursday the incident sparked international calls for an investigation of allegations the ousted libyan leader was executed a leaked video put trey's a man boasting that he shot gadhafi twice during his capture the claim is supported by a post-mortem was discovered two bullet holes in the colonel's body elections are now if you could be held in libya within eight months followed by the formation of government when the drafting of a constitution however the post future looks uncertain. tribal divisions emerge among libyans once united in revolution and then there's nato which is mind. allen
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it's military intervention it's members rush to secure lucrative oil deals with you . and he said he's in tripoli. not too long ago with handshakes and. now it's ok for his family and a lot of. foreign involvement in fact that he was always portrayed as a great guy who he also played a lot of banking with the western. graphics the gruesome footage of it down he went viral as news of his death spread after months of being number one nato hit list under the banner humanitarian mission. we came we saw he died. i mean you can do to. libya and to see claims he was killed in crossfire i didn't radio based. clearly wiping blood from his leg then he
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really did look at it it was a new footage shown on t.v. proves that he was captured alive and wounded and often that he was killed. so the pressure is growing for an investigation to find out if he's down from the guy as clinton put it or was executed at the u.n. human rights organization should all push not only for investigation. and certainly. many of the libyan members of the. support. but also the bombings that inflicted in libya the broad so many of libya's infrastructure and also so many would be in civilians who died who were killed in the. alliance officials claim the mission in libya is coming through in the no fly zone will be reviewed at the u.n. security council but you. many believe this is only the end of the jockey and the
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beginning of a new era of crisis libya is in for a period of horrendous chaos after the nato bombing the us brought parts of libya back to the stone age some say the race for the country's oil has kicked off france is already demanding thirty five percent of libya's gross national gross oil production and i suspect that the people of libya will be furious and outraged that they are paying france for having bought the infrastructure having destroyed the schools the hospitals the the water supply and your country united in hatred for gadhafi might not stand together now that he's gone all these different groups that we were held together but one thing that was. the way you can redirect their anger at each other and i think. they are since susan political instability there's a lot of people looking back on libya. and changing.
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now and that is not the great celebration continued throughout the week of cross look at montreal and it seems people here are really thinking about the future going to libya without gadhafi it really means for them a country with no leader a lot of weapons and even more oil reporting from tripoli and he's now a party. and users are keeping us updated with the latest from tripoli online as well if you head over to also use twitter stream you can keep track of her account of events in a post live. and she walked up to start brian becker thinks that the killing of kind of gadhafi signals a successful western takeover of libya. it's a terrible crime in fact i think this is the act of the nato powers the united states britain and france the former colonizers and slavers of africa who have carried out regime change in many countries they've done it again they've taken out
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the leader and replaced him with a new government which will be basically a nato client regime moammar gadhafi would be alive today except for one reason and that is the nato intervention the nato bombing of sirte the nato bombing of cities in complete defiance of their own resolution resolution that said that they were entering libya just to protect civilians it's been clear from the outset that they're killing civilians killing anybody who stands in the way of the real objective of the operation which is to carry out regime change i don't think the n.p.c. really is the force in libya it is there for the time being at least it may be a transitional regime the real power in libya today is the united states britain and france the nato countries that carried out the regime change we see a nato takeover of a country that has the largest oil reserves in the entire african continent the ninth largest oil reserves in the world this is a coup d'etat by western powers against an oil rich african country and over in
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syria meantime the death of colonel gadhafi you spot a fresh wave of violence and government protests people calling for president bashar assad to step down dozens more were reportedly shot dead as troops loyal to damascus cracked down on the demonstrators three thousand are said to mean killed in the country since march but as i. reports from syria both sides of the conflict have plenty of blood on their hands. this is the office of the trader and it's one of the messages on the wall is real and the us were able to buy you with a thousand dollars says another. this is where several opposition leaders work like abdel-aziz al hire he had been a vocal critic and had spent fourteen years in jail a very bad time he recalls like many opposition members he thinks there's really very little room for me consolation under the current environment. because troops must meet with their dogs clear voices and
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a regime like no zero. listening to people. he insists peaceful protesters were forced to respond to attacks by security forces but the acknowledges that now it's simply not black and white responsibility for the violence goes both ways. so this killing civilians some civilians killing. soldiers they are son was one of the first soldiers killed since protests began in the country he was killed in on march twenty three. all foreign media acknowledged that too many of the army and national guards have lost their lives so how can some people see of its own good state to exist. these civilians are not only members like my son how could only members kill other members this is impossible the media that says this is plain lying. and therein lies the problem the moment. the various confusion about what's really
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going on information is taken by each side and used to defend their position so if you're hearing the arguments from one side you'll likely believe that amid this atmosphere of confusion and misinformation the push for reforms continues what's a lingering very forms this is another question whenever a new legislation is made we see an escalation of the security situation in syria. but we cannot absolutely. on the government as i mean some circles trying to propagate all voices from both sides are calling for dialogue to sit down and talk to the syrians themselves agree that if this crisis is to be resolved that foundation of trust should be first laid out but with each correct order syria has school rising over the widening political gap a dozen or so yards damascus. it is past the hour here in moscow are still to
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come in the program here we reported was. warnings tear gas and not enough to get them to remove their barricades disputed calls approach. european leaders have begun crucial talks in brussels aimed at resolving the region's debt crisis and keeping another recession at bay they are expected to tell banks to accept that the greek debt will never be paid in full and instead instead they should raise a new capital to deal with the losses this week violent clashes broke out in athens where people fed up with more austerity measures venting their anger at the sara for it was their. processer become a regular occurrence theory behind these types of things describing public anger of their say what that means to the people here in the country has been cut to their wages fire out the people sent in most cases on top of that have the pensions
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cut the public funding unemployment here in the country is crippling a high within the americans of a new generation of time let these nurses bring these things have affected everyone here in great. i didn't. hear. that. on. the knuckles survival of the nice one of the people who will fight peacefully because we want our lives. of the young and the people from all walks of life to institute a protest the largest we seen since the crisis began one of the nice violent true footprints food markets this wasn't just the thank you once again boiling eva with fights breaking out not just with the police but in the first place has is the cells greek society is facing
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a social disaster for the past two years we've received austerity package after austerity package people are beyond third breaking point we cannot stand it anymore this is just a phrase has is with an appetite for change they've taken cost and top government officials did it plays on a position then to saying he thinks that in asia business struggling with his conscience he's not the only one speaking to police major after the protests at the start of the month tell me is the pressure teeth of the riot police involved in these events you know. it is very hard to describe the feeling. of the policeman because they are to a social and professional group who are suffering bravely comicon others to the government has to take sometimes it is really hard for them to take part in these protests. but once more they have to take to the streets to protest even the days he wanted to make their points peacefully they're arrested yet in the year i
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think it's going to be watching this very closely because this is the problem thanks great. thanks. what. right now i'm willing to take a train that. the people here have to wait a while longer and see if anyone from now be ready to listen so. that's a quick pause in the weekly here on r.t. to get some other headlines from around the world for himself a seven point three magnitude earthquake has struck the city of van in eastern so it's quite close to the border with iran already say at least fifty people have been killed over one hundred fifty injured after some eighty buildings collapse in the area including several hotels and a student dormitory there are also reports of power loss and destruction to telephone lines three military planes have taken off from the capital a van carrying aid and it supplies the red cross work around the office trucks were
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also felt in iran and georgia as prime minister is on his way to the affected region. afghan president hamid karzai has said that as president would back. rather if it ever went to war with the united states a statement that contrasts with his harsh criticism of his name nation's eastern neighbor during the recent u.s. secretary of state visits a couple. of cars i have accused the pakistan government providing safe haven for terrorist groups launching attacks in afghanistan. a large german satellite known as russia has made an uncontrollable reentry into the atmosphere after being deactivated in space over a decade ago scientists weren't able to communicate with the satellite before its return and are now trying to determine its whereabouts space enthusiasts worldwide are following the latest developments on the search for the fall and telescope
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online micro blocks. are still ahead for you in the program here on r.t. a legend treat the launch of a russian soyuz rocket a friendship space space in the tropics this week preparing the first satellite navigation system into a. peacekeeper was trying to remove roadblocks in northern cause of have been prevented by servants who sat on the roads guarding the disputed. border crossing serbs set up the barricades in july of zero from extending its control over the part of the country that's mostly populated by ethnic serbians parties for national reports on the continuing standoff. as months of tension between serbs interest nickelback and of course worst continue roads in north course they remain closed for some serbs are fortifying the barricades and see themselves again as victims of history these cartoons reach
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a defeated your granddad which if it is your father's will win again local third compare the nature led peacekeeping force in kosovo ok for discussions talk at hires of the past they'll then do i didn't think they can come and save our land of serbia is our home we don't want to live in albania hollywood are going to look like they aren't we have nothing but flag and think they're gone some two hundred meters away they took a four soldiers keep watching i would with a peaceful solution but talks by an agreement which i did always in the last week but if that is not to be reached i have to be on my own i have to fall back on my old needs. be no surprise the generals only means a military once the status quo in northern kosovo remains the standoff between k. four soldiers and local serbs is no closer to resolution people from both sides of
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the barricades are glad to avoid any further violence away from media hostility commonplace this twenty three year old syrian man who was with his father when he was shot just three weeks ago visiting hell bent village in courses south western is a minority living in tiny and place i was waiting for a car and i saw him coming out of the all being in the cafeteria and i heard two gunshots and my dad fell down i watched him i was worried he died immediately i didn't even say goodbye to him. nobody voice shows us his wounds he was shocked when his father's killers try. the only witness i will never return to that place he'll cheat on me i'm worrying about my family and myself in a separate incident just last week in under an arm syria was killed in a cold front with the local these two men together with their friend mir drug they
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follow their big family and went to see which used to be served land now owned by ethnic albanians since serbs flare ups natives nineteen ninety nine. they were stopped by the new occupier we talked for five minutes then he said he needed to come back to his car he taken so from what can i can stand with a kalashnikov do you want a man back in shells and started firing on your drug was killed at the scene the man who just lost their friends say there is only one reason he was killed with your thoughts just because we are serbs periods eleven years after the end of major conflict here and despite the presence of international peacekeepers violence seems to be still part of everyday life for some in this troubled breakaway province and there is little sign that's like change refinish na t. course. just now turning up twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian
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capital with r.t. kazakhstan authorities have hired former british prime minister tony blair to reform the country and improve its standing in the west mr blair will reportedly paid to be paid twelve point five million dollars for his service as a sort of war with the analyst jim joining us live oh thanks for coming on the program so just how will tony blair be able to improve the economy a classic star image in the west. well i'm not quite sure how he will improve the economy of kazakhstan he has extensive experience of. globalization as it was carried out expanded under his rule in britain and through the city of london and maybe maybe he could. extend the globalization of the stand and look further into the world economy however of course their world economy is in crisis so maybe that wouldn't work but at least he has he can open those doors so you see i'm surprised there is some potential here i have to apologize for
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interrupting but ok as we all know tony blair is a famous politician but not exactly for the right reasons in his time in office he supported be unpopular war in iraq on what many say are false pretexts you see the right person you think to be giving advice. well unfortunately he might be and the reason i think is this that he is no longer dependent on any kind of popularity i would refer you for example to the london evening standard i think it was last thursday or friday the magazine that they give away free every week had an extensive article on tony blair's wealth and tony blair's wealth is enormous i think it's estimated at somewhere around fifty million pounds or something like that for a vast mansion in london and even bigger one in the countryside and maybe possibly six other residences verde islands and so on so people are well aware of this he's made his pile that i think most people think it's quite disgusting parts he's not
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dependent on popularity so i think he feels he can just go off and make lots and lots of money and he might be the right person to to advise people how to make lots and lots of money it has nothing to do with his popularity so with as you're saying with his political career over now some imagined as you're suggesting perhaps is it got the abilities now to line his pockets and is the middle east envoy he's also working for the rules of kuwait now we speak by kazakhstan or and oil rich central asian states i mean these motives here. choices are what drives them is it is it just a simple of making a profitable line of work. it seems to be a man of few years ago somebody who was familiar with going to downing street cocktail parties so that they were absolutely amazed because you thought this was during the time that i knew that i was prime minister and they said they were absolutely amazed because you think if you go to a downing street cocktail party you will rub shoulders with very influential and powerful and far sighted people and you will acquire
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a lot of wisdom or insight and he said he was up to be amazed because they were all talking about house prices so blair has that reputation of being quite extremely mercenary and he has his finger in so many pies as soon as he left office he didn't work for j.p. morgan bank. some astronomical sum like half a million or a million pounds a year he has his own company tony blair associates he's got his finger in various other pies and as far as being middle east envoy i suspect that he's he's he's run out of credibility there and i think he's probably kept on as a middle east envoy because the embarrassment of sacking him would be greater than the barest getting him on but he's so overtly pro israeli for example in many people's eyes he whenever he goes back to the iraq inquiry because it's going on in london he simply uses it as a platform to promote. dealing with iran the urgency of dealing with iran and
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that ultimately they say all options are on the table i wore in the office so he's quiet extremely partisan on the question of the middle east but i think as you say when it comes to issues obviously of embarrassment here and you suggest that the reason he still middle east envoy is just to say face and not to be sacked for the lack of progress in the middle east peace process let's talk about it as you know in the past few days after he was killed in libya just barely months before the u.n. resolution one nine seventy three against gadhafi against libya it was seen as one of the e.u. president herman van rompuy. hugging feature was bosom and giving him a kiss on the cheek what does that say about blair the type of person he is and his priorities. well i would say it's extreme cynicism but i think most people see him as a very cynical person he he made this great song and dance back in two thousand and three about libya supposedly giving up its weapons of mass destruction in fact i
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remember it very well because he was outside of london at the time it came through about nine thirty at night and blair insisted on immediately having a press conference to announce this great triumph of libya's renouncing weapons of mass destruction and he did ahead of george bush he was quite funny george bush caught up about half an hour later and then else the same news so blair made it a big thing and then of course he flew there there was a lot of talk of. military aircraft sales he got a big contract and blair visited good afi i believe six times so blair was very happy to bring in from the cold. on his terms and to be to be seen to be doing so and in fact it came out from documents discovered at the british embassy in tripoli a couple weeks ago that when they had famously had a meeting in a tent in the desert and it was thought that this was an eccentricity of colonel
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gadhafi is in fact it turns out that this was at the insistence of downing street that they wanted to be seen in a tent in the desert political analyst jim brown wish we had more time for this thank you very much. with r.t. live from moscow now and historic moment for russia as a soyuz rocket came on friday as it was launched from a space base and french diana it's carrying the first parts of a european satellite navigation system into orbit but daniel bushell was there to witness it. launch of a new era in russian space history the first ever liftoff of the school used book it in the west confirms its position as the leader in the field it's one thousand seven hundred successful takeoffs way ahead of any other rival so when the french led team began plans to send galileo satellites into orbit it was first choice when we needed it. for here and we immediately thought of show
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you which galileo is europe's new worlds so america's g.p.s. navigation system promising much greater accuracy and reliability with so used to launch it the e.u. is confident say u.s. is one of the best launch on the on the size so we put together the best competitive team and together we can be the best and beat all the old all the open and the soyuz and it's just simply have had to be specially adapted to handle the challenges brought by the tropical climate for croix from its sister sites in russia's north and the steps of kazakhstan to needed some work including clearance of one hundred twenty hc tears of jungle forest for the launch under a new agreement soyuz is to send many more satellites for europe into orbit from the site with much of the equipment being built in russia and then shipped to
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french guy on a massive boost for the russian space industry as for the future well speaking about ranger and crew. there's a contract contract of fifty or so years can you imagine fifty or so years which means that for the minimum six seven years. and the moscow factories they will be fully engaged and they have lots of work to do this success cements the reputation. soyuz as the world's top space launch program but it also turns a new page in relations between the european union and russia senior you figures with it too and expressed optimism for the new corporation to galileo satellites into orbit without a glitch to the cheers of the launch team and guests in russian soyuz means union and both the e.u. and russia will be hoping the project will indeed mean a union of interests and close a partnership the new bushell r.t.
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french guiana. so near you ticking off at seven thirty pm on sunday here in moscow i'll be back in just a moment with a recap about storage systems. wealthy
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british style sun. has moved on to its credit. card. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars a report on r.g.p. . maundering. historical. friendly. dynamics. to friends. my co.


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