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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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week's top stories here in our c elitist celebrations out stained by the bloody occurrence of the death of its late leader of education's a magical overdone he was executed badly troubled rebel quietly. last protests have erupted this week in greece as the government behind small sterett he counts to satisfy international lenders this comes as the leaders are gathered in brussels trying to stop europe from thinking deeper into recession. and continue tension at the disputed so because of a border as nations peacekeepers failed to dismantle barricades erected by sides in start up. i don't welcome to aussies weekly review my name is united main story now they lead an interim government has declared symbolic liberation of the country from the
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forty two year rule of credit who was gunned down under suspicious circumstances about fleeing the city of sirte on the thursday incident sparked international calls for an investigation with a geisha as they honestly believe there was lynched by a mob of rebel fighters and weeks video portrays the man posted posting that he had twice during his capture it claim was supported by a post-mortem was discovered too but it falls in the carrolls forty two countries analogy to hold elections within the next eighteen months classical form a new government however the post is out of future looks uncertain as asked make a tribal divisions emerge among medians and once united in revolution parties in the center always in tripoli it's. not too long ago it with handshakes and heart now it's his head. and his family and a lot of shields will go to foreign involvement in fact and go he was always portrayed as a great gal you also had a lot of footsie and hanky panky was. western. graphic gruesome footage of gadhafi
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went viral as news of his death spread after months of being number one nato hitlist under the banner humanitarian mission. we came restock he died. everything to do with. libya's and think claims he was killed in crossfire but i didn't really you know begs to differ here clearly wiping one from his head then nearly dead took a look at those images of the footage shown on t.v. proves that he was captured alive and well and after that he was killed. well the pressure is growing for an investigation to find out if it's down from the guy as clinton put it or was executed the u.n. human rights organization should all push not only for investigation. and certainly the. many other libyan numbers of the.
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support. but also the bombings that inflicted in libya that destroyed so many of libya's infrastructure and also so many libyan civilians who died in the u.s. who were killed in the. alliance officials claim the mission in libya is coming to enhance the no fly zone will be reviewed at the u.n. security council but many believe this is only the end of gadhafi and the beginning of a new era of crisis libya is in for a period of horrendous chaos after the nato bombing that's brought parts of libya back to the stone age some say the race for the country's oil has kicked off france is already demanding thirty five percent of libya's gross national gross oil production and i suspect that the people of libya will be furious and outraged.
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that they are paying france for having the infrastructure having destroyed the schools the hospitals the the water supply and if one tree united in hatred for the daffy might not stand together now that he's gone all these these different groups who were held together but one thing that. that's gone away you can really direct their anger at each other and i think. a honest and susan political instability there's a lot of people looking back on libya. and changing her now and that is not a great celebration continued throughout the week crossing the country and it seems few people here are really thinking about the future of libya without gadhafi it really means for them a country with no leader a lot of weapons and even more oil reporting from tripoli he's now a party. and he says also keeping us updated with the latest from tripoli on line
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just head to our twitter page to keep trying to help council developments in libya . while former rebels celebrate the demise of khadafi georgian base professor gas it says there's nothing to be cheerful about because the entire uprising has been hijacked by nato and it's nice. it was not the revolution i mean they claimed it was that of the motion the revolutions. not only in this part of the world but but in history you know historically speaking this cannot be described as evolution it was some sort of a could be tough there where you have the military coup de tat back by nato and actually the nato or. nato actually under the pretext of helping civilians or protecting civilians waged a war against libya both the infrastructure. of the institutions and the ordinary civilians and the reports say that tens of thousands of libyans were killed you
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know that cannot be described as that evolution it's an occupation and the gangs the armed gangs we've seen what they've done with these armed gangs or not. i think . every in syria now of a death of colonel gadhafi has sparked a fresh round of government pressure as the five more reported shot dead by the army the u.n. estimates over three thousand civilians have been killed by syrian security forces since march in response the e.u. has threatened tighter restrictions with us senator john mccain even raising the prospect of libyan style military intervention but as our senior reports the government and opposition have blood on their hands. this is the office of the traitor it's one of the messages on the wall israel and the u.s. were able to buy you with a thousand dollars says another. this is where several opposition leaders work. higher he had been a vocal critic and had spent forty years in jail a very bad time he recalls like many opposition members he thinks there's really
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very little room for reconsideration under the current environment. because troops. leave your voice is going to seem like no. listening to people. he insists peaceful protesters were forced to respond to attacks by security forces but he acknowledges that now it's simply not black and white responsibility for the violence goes both ways. and so this killing civilians that we have some civilians killing. soldiers may our son was one of the first soldiers killed since protests began in the country he was killed in iraq on march twenty three. all foreign media knowledge that too many of the army and national guards had lost their lives so how can some people see this on group stage
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exist among the civilians and only members like my son how could all mean members kill other members this is impossible the media that says it is plain lying. and very and lies the problem the moment. there is confusion about what's really going on in a relation is taken by each side and used to defend their position so if you're only arguments for one side you like to believe that i made this atmosphere of confusion and misinformation because for reforms continues what's in there in various forms this is another question whenever a new legislation is made we see an escalation of the security situation in syria becoming by the guns. we cannot absolutely put the blame on the government as i mean some circles are trying to propagate the voices from both sides are calling for dialogue to sit down at the syrians themselves agree that if this crisis is to be resolved the foundation of trust to be first laid out but with each direct order
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so your disposal rising over the widening political gap. does or so you are a mask. your way this hour here in r.t. the cost gap did wiring the uart. more rights in new york against the wall street despite a peaceful demonstrations as heavy handed police tactics appeared to merely inspire even more protests across the. european leaders have been holding crucial talks in brussels aimed at resolving the region's debt crisis it's keeping another recession at bay rates and they're pressing buying stock said that greece's debt will never be paid in full and write off at least fifty percent of that's what's excuse me with new capital to be sold to deal with big losses instead daniel bushell house will. the national debts of greece will reach one hundred eighty one percent of
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g.d.p. next year and of course that's so completely unsustainable so they're not charities so they're obviously resisting these moves they say that if. the loan is just like that then the world lending market will simply draw up more you leaders knew there wouldn't be an agreement crisis meeting and already before this summit took place was saying that there would be an extra extraordinary summit by wednesday and that we've received leaders have agreed to create a european economic government with the euro zone summits to enforce it is to control countries like italy there's been a blazing row here between prime minister silvio berlusconi who reportedly refused any more national measures also the public realm between france and germany is worrying investors france wants a big part it's already it's hundreds of billions of euros more. potential tension. in the eurozone all morry's that they could be more countries
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next whereas germany germany's angela merkel is well aware that the german taxpayers will have to pay for any such bailout and the german officials here are saying this whole eurozone project is starting to look like a single way flow of cash from berlin to southern europe. differently of course they are having to put up a very difficult cuts in public services in greece enforced by athens inforced in brussels as our correspondent sara first reports from athens. i think that there right there is a very. it's. it's a i mean it's good that people here in. this think that way it's a fire out. the pensions the public funding unemployment here in the country is cripplingly high within the
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emergence of a new generation of homeless businesses really these things have affected everyone here in great. i've been. here. and. that. was sort of five one of the nice one of the people who will fight peacefully because we want our lives. the young and the o o's people from all walks of quick life to institute a pay test the largest we seen since the crisis began one and they survive. through third place very far it's it wasn't stopping thank you once again boiling a fire with fights breaking out not just with the police but amongst the protesters themselves the greek society is facing a social disaster for the past two years we've received austerity package after
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austerity package people are beyond third breaking point they cannot stand it anymore and it's not just face this is with an appetite for change they passed on top government officials did it plays on a position then to saying he's paid for the measure in a struggling with his conscience he's not the only one speaking to police major after the protests at the start of the month tell me a question t for the riot police involved in these events you know. it is very hard to describe the feelings of the policeman because they are to a social and professional group who are suffering greatly comicon others to the government has to take me sometimes it is really hard for them to take part in these protests as working people but once more they have to take to the streets to place that playtest is the days he wants it's make their points. the rest of europe and the i think it's going to be watching this very closely because this isn't just
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a problem that affects great do you think he should not thank you so you can see what the people in the country right now willing to trade the half. the people here again have to wait a while longer see if anyone's now ready to listen serve see. and hear a professor of political science at paris was university non-partner defense says the extreme unpopularity of european governments imposing austerity cuts have dramatic also courses. europe's in scobey going from one summit to the next and solving nothing although with the new discussion and debate around this summit it seems the european leaders are closer to becoming real estate on some points literally. and a stare as you program in greece it's impossible for greek greece to pay back its debts osteria to
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a program in greece and italy in spain and portugal everywhere in europe i mean there's we there's going to be no consumption anywhere and the us and china are pushing europe to words. adopting a solution because they're american banks are also exposed to expose you know european banks the pentagon insurance in the u.s. and so on so there is the possibility of international crime or big quake now are what. liberals that come up with and the global of europe is more of a stereotypical everyone so the greeks more. and more. because italy the developments there are popular. skein the government is also a popular and you have movements that are in our minority movements but there are people protesting in the streets making getting stronger and stronger so they can be political turmoil on top of the financial turmoil. at least one hundred
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protesters were arrested by police during the occupy chicago demonstration refusing to leave a city park this comes to days after dozens of protesters were arrested in new york activists say responded to that peaceful rallies were necessary force has been over and months as they protest against our cats and for greed erupted in the u.s. and there's also he's again h. account explains the expanding camp between rich and the poor would have tied consequences for the country. in a class war seemed impossible in a country were being wealthy east part of the national dream but as thousands marched on wall street and in other parts of america protesting against the system that they claim works only for the benefit of a few super rich individuals and corporations many ask whether america is facing a class war that it's only when the rich are getting richer well the little class is collapsing class war is being waged in a burka today unfortunately the world saw is living the so-called one percent of
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winners are the nation's top corporations which this year the economy is very slow growth of non the less made record profits the things to various loopholes cooperations little or nothing in the corporations say they need the tax breaks to be able to invest more in to hire more america's second largest energy producers chevron is now lobbying not to let the government tax them more and to my question how many americans has chevron hired since the tax breaks were introduced in two thousand and four the c.e.o. of the company said they were up slightly a few thousand business over the years but not significantly not significantly on our chevron payroll a few thousand jobs for the billions of dollars in tax a millis that the government gave the economy same erika's largest corporations are sitting on more than three trillion dollars in not investing in the economy unemployment. in the u.s. remains over nine percent where we live in
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a nation where corporations can profit off a child dying at the same time with their parents in a bankruptcy because they're trying to pay for these kids medical bills. what does that say about our country the wall street answer to people's rage if you kill all three will be nobody home jobs but as one of the protesters tried to put a word of objection call it all done all done is not your show my dear i'm talking to these people hold on i'm not talking to you i'm looking in my. personal success and money have always big part of the american dream when you read the aspiration to become rich is equally ingrained in american society and widely promoted by pop culture but those who took to the streets have made it clear that the situation when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is not their idea of the american dream in fact it could be the end of it and the beginning of a class war i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. has
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a program our correspondent for portland why native want to take us down to enough to get ethnic serbs to remove the barricades next to the disputed as possible. let's check some more world news and replace our after thousands of people left to have those their lives are at risk for out quake struck east and taking so it is confirmed that the quake estimated at seven point two magnitude has claimed more than two hundred lives so far scores of those things including apartment blocks hotels and a student dormitory were destroyed around the epicenter near the city of van close to the ukrainian border with reports also of a prison break out in the chaos more tremors followed mating dating reaching the magnitude of up to six points. nearly seventy percent of voters in tunisia have turned out to cost them on that in the first elections in the arab spring nations the. tree's electing a two hundred seventeen seat assembly that will appoint a government and dropped
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a new constitution after the toppling of president ben ali in january no violence has been reported with the military keeping order the first results are expected on monday with his party and now they're expected to come out on top. president hamid karzai has said he's country would by pakistan if it ever went to war with the u.s. the statement was made during an interview with pakistan's private television station geo translated karzai as harsh criticism of granite stars eastern neighbor during the u.s. secretary of state's recent visit to kabul but hillary clinton because i have accused the pakistani government of providing safe haven to terrorist groups launching attacks and afghanistan. now where at least ten soldiers have been killed in an ambush by far left to the rebels in the north east of the country that tie comes just before a nationwide elections next week just a few days ago another title colombia's border with ecuador that's ten soldiers
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dead he calls him roadside bombs piracy incidents are being blamed on bach rebels just by the group being the focus of a recent on the offensive. peacekeepers trying to remove roadblocks in northern kosovo have been prevented by said such on the road be disputed of course of a border crossing the top of the barricades in july to stop kosovo from expanding its control over the part of the country's population. of the country populated mostly by ethnic serbians. reports now in the continuing standoff. as months of tension between serbs niggled ben and of course worse continue roads in northern cos they remain closed for some serbs are fortifying the barricades and see themselves again classic terms of history these cartoons reach a defeated your granddad's we defeated your father's will win again local third
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compare the nature led peacekeeping force in kosovo ok for the fascist occupiers of the past they'll then why do they think they can come and take our land serbia's our home we don't want to live in albania oh look how they aren't we have nothing but flag and free their god some two hundred meters away a major key for soldiers keep watching i would be. my dog. judge it all is in the last week but if that is not to be reached i have to be on my own i have to fall back on my own needs. some of them are. going to be no surprise the generals only means a military once the status quo nor the course of a remains the standoff between k. four soldiers and local serbs is no closer to resolution but people from both sides of the barricades are glad to avoid any further violence that's away from media
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where hostility is commonplace. this twenty three year old syrian man who was with his father when he was shot just three weeks ago visiting an old bed and pillaging courses south west third as a minority living in time and place i was waiting for him in a car i saw him coming out of the all green cafeteria and i heard two gunshots and my dad fell down i rushed to him but i was worried he died immediately i didn't even say good bye to him. w. bush shows us his wounds he was shocked when his father's killers try. the only witness i will never return to that place. i'm worrying about my fellow myself in a separate incident just last week in order and served was killed in a confrontation with the local these two men together with their friend me a drug to follow the big family went to see which used to be served land now owned
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by ethnic albanians since serbs fled after nature's nine hundred ninety nine bombing of yugoslavia they were stopped by the new occupier we talked for five minutes then he said he needed to come back to his car to take home instead with a kalashnikov do you want to lombok you shouted and started firing a drug was killed at the scene the men who just lost their friends they there is only one reason he was killed that's just because we are serbs periods eleven years after the end of major conflict here and despite the presence of international peacekeepers violence seems to be still part of everyday life for some in this troubled breakaway province and there is little sign that's like a change. in our tea course. terry glenn has been engaged or have to be to help because our son improve its image in the west mr blair will reportedly be paid twelve point five million dollars his services by the former
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soviet republic political and his generals as the former british prime minister capitalize on his political career. blair has that reputation of being quite you know extremely mercenary and he has his finger in so many prizes if he left office he went to work for j.p. morgan by. some astronomical sum like half a million or a million here he has his own company tony blair associates he's got his finger in various other powers and as far as the middle east envoy i suspect he's he's run out of credibility and i think it probably kept on as middle east envoy because the embarrassment of sacking him would be greater than the virus mother keeping him on but he's so overtly pro israeli for example in many people's eyes he whenever he goes back to the iraq inquiry there's a good bit going on in london he simply uses it as a platform to promote. dealing with iran the urgency of dealing with iran so i
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think he feels he can just go off and make lots and lots of money and he might be the right person to advise people how to make lots and lots of money. and for more news stories and videos go to our website and you don't hold us to taste. the russian design is presented their latest creations as a glamorous let's say these class fashion week dress up an oscar. and also in line for you more than three hundred fifty multimedia shows and night escalations transform also cityscape a city emanates for the international circle of light festival. up next in the program cross talk show but i'll be glad for the headlines fast.
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players see. more news today violence has once again flared up. and these are the images from the world and seeing from the streets of canada. sheinkopf orations arrived today.
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