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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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as many levy and celebrate the countries the player liberation questions remain over whether of the prices paid in the form of lost lives and roy infrastructure was too high. public bickering but no breakthrough in the search for a solution to the e.u.'s death crisis at a summit in brussels hits the buffers while the french and british leaders argue over of the euro's future. meanwhile in the u.k. itself there are growing calls to reconsider its the e.u. membership of the parliament here vote on whether the only referendum on the issue . plus we visited one so was the world's largest nuclear test site and castle standing still bears the scars of his atomic legacy despite the program's closure twenty years ago. and business would he have russian stocks that climb of the opening of the main games in the energy and banking sector we'll bring you the latest figures in about twenty
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minutes at the. eleven am on the russian capital you're watching our team with me marina joshie welcome to the program it was a blood stained image which marked the end of the old regime but what some fear also hence a bloody future the graphic footage of colonel gadhafi his demise and questions over his death continue to cause controversy that's as libya's interim rulers rushed to call for a celebration of what they call the country's final liberation i think only so now our reports from tripoli. well the so-called libyan liberation has been announced in benghazi people celebrating across the country of course here in the capital tripoli no exception people out here on what was formerly called green square now it's called martyrs square out here with their fire with their children their games
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for the kids much less presence of tanks as there has been over the past couple of days ago some people still are shooting into the air as a form of celebration also some fireworks in the mix as well with people really out has to be said although a strange makes it seems like very much a family atmosphere as these celebrations take place with that said when you go out into the crowd and ask them what they see happening here beyond a doubt be what they expect from the interim government whoever might take over after that they say freedom freedom freedom they can say very much more are and that's a time when you start to think about three or four of libya and of course before the war libya could boast one of the highest living standards on the continent if not the highest in terms of my life expectancy votes how it works how the rates that european style health care system very good social benefits and experts that we've been speaking to from around the world not so much here in libya to be fair i do believe that really people once they the dust settles in the celebrations finish
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they might realize that the rebuilding and reconstruction of this country is going to be a tremendous feat i mean really behind a chance to go around the outskirts of tripoli today it's in samples really there's a lot of destruction here there's a lot of work to be done just in terms of rebuilding we're hearing that some sixty percent of the country talking now running water and then you go in some restaurants and stuff just here in. the mountains and working there. as opposed to muslims who was some say it was the nato bombings in part because there are moments like this out it was in fact i think in the country pumping system which is very fast i know the rumors that they were in fact right my company employee was a conflict. replies their audience members of the new government announcement today from the head of the n.c.a.a. was was you know that then you see the car actually moving towards the real core and this is something that analysts were speaking about the way before gadhafi was killed that if it happens that my team will be moving more and more hardline him on
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things and wrecks and then behind me i know it's maybe it's something that you can tell by being at the celebration but it's not quite what the people are thinking about just yet another happy that gadhafi is gone and that's pretty much all there on the minds of the people here on martyr square in the libyan capital reporting from tripoli and he's now parts. all jordan based professor his sound gossip says the overthrow gadhafi in libya lacks legitimacy it was not that i've been a machine i mean they claimed it wasn't of emotion i have studied that evolution's . not the one in this part of the world but but in history you know study speaking this cannot be described as that evolution it was some sort of a coup d'etat where you have the military committee back by nato and then actually the nato or a nato actually under the pretext of helping civilians affected civilians waged a war against libya both the infrastructure of this state the institutions and the
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whole of that is civilians and very poor it's say that tens of thousands of libyans with coop no that cannot be described as that of the nation it's an occupation and the gangs the armed gangs we've seen what they've done with gaddafi these gangs are nothing of a commissioner and i think their message that it's that. always came to know your opinion on our top story so today on our website artie dot com we're asking why the waits libya now that colonel gadhafi is dead let's take a look at the site oh vast majority believe the country will now the stand to chaos with the royal fields guarded by western countries about a can of the response think we were under no year is of slow and painful with hungry all the rest are split between two options here whether there will be baghdad style green zone in tripoli with tribesmen taking control elsewhere or that
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the country will eventually see political reform and prosperity so you too can let us know what you think on this by logging on to our website r t v dot com. the e.u. summit in brussels has yet to produce a deal on the continent's debt crisis but it has resulted in conflicts between the guys sarkozy and david cameron the fierce exchange happened when the british prime minister said all you leaders should be involved in final tops on finding an economic solution the french president said he was sick of cameroon trying to influence the euro zone despite not being part of it daniel bushell has more on the crisis talks from brussels. the e.u. leaders are putting pressure on to cancel. huge loans to greece and they are huge the latest news is that the national greece will reach one hundred percent of g.d.p. next year and of course completely unsustainable charities resisting these moves
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they say that if. just like that then the market will simply draw up e.u. leaders have agreed to create a european economic government with the euro zone summits to enforce it is the control countries like italy there's been a blazing row here between prime minister silvio berlusconi who reportedly refused any more national measures germany says that spain has taken these spending cuts should do the same to get their house in order also the public between france and germany are worrying investors from a big. it's already it's hundreds of billions of euros more. potential any potential failures in the eurozone. they could be more countries next whereas germany germany's angela angela merkel is well aware that her voters the german taxpayers will have to pay for any such bailouts and. pushing for those
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countries to try and get their house in order on the road and it's all in all german officials who are saying this whole eurozone project is still time to look like. a flow of cash from billions of cells in europe ordinary greeks differently of course they are having to put up with very difficult cuts in public services in . there from brussels. a professor of political science as the particular crisis measure is mainly political nightmare as well as a financial one. europe seems to be going from one summit to the next and solving i think although with the new discussion and the big around this summit it seems the european leaders are edging closer to becoming real estate on some points literally. under steroids you program in greece it's impossible for greeks we stoop
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you back except stare into crude ground in greece and italy and spain and portugal everywhere in europe i mean because we know there's going to be moved consumption anywhere in the u.s. and china are pushing europe to words. adopting a solution because there. are also expose expose you know you're going to see burn upon insurance in the us and stop so there is the possibility of international crime or it's right now are what. liberals have come up with at the level of europe is more of a slow for everyone so the greeks more. and more. people get to leave the developments there if you have popular. slain the government is also a popular and you have movements that are not movements but there are people protesting in the streets making getting stronger and stronger so they can be political turmoil on top of the financial turmoil while with the european debt crisis showing
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no signs of an ng there is growing support within the u.k. to reconsider the country's membership of a struggling bloc on monday the country's parliament will vote on whether to stage a referendum on being part of the e.u. the u.k. conservative party m.p. patrick north or south as members of harms britain sovereignty for interviews coming your way next hour. you're not to get any any warm words of praise for me about the european union does that mean to you know the kingdom we are a sovereign nation sometimes one wonders sometimes to show was the european rules on the street as opposed to what i owed is that britain in the same way that we very sensibly stayed out of membership of the euro itself i hope that we continue to be skeptical about the author of the.
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the white house says ties with russia have significantly improved since the obama administration came to power but despite a warming in relations some political groups and the you ass are actively pushing for a more aggressive stance and not only against russia are these guys to account takes a look bad the reasons behind the hawkish mood in washington. the cold war is long over but now in the minds of some influential american lobbies and politicians the salon web magazine has looked into the expense records of one lobby group in washington and revealed a few years it has korey kruse to adopt distinct anti russian standpoint by arranging interviews with them and paying for their trips and dinners one of those reportedly wooed by the lobby called the orient strategy is their only is named allie link from the washington times he wrote a series of pieces undermining the reset big russia and the u.s. one of his articles focus on allegations that russia masterminded last year's
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explosion near the u.s. embassy in georgia accusations he took from georgian investigators of course as it turns out the lobby that approached mr lake is officially contracted by the georgian government we try to get in touch with mr late he never responded but analysts say it's not so much the georgians agenda that a lobby like orian strategies is pushing forward but rather that of washington hawks the head of orient was in each to former defense secretary ronald rumsfeld he actively rooted for the war in iraq then she was an h. to senator john mccain well known for his hawkish foreign policy views senator mccain never concealed his desire to see russian leaders all the throat and not just russian dictators all over the world including bashar assad maybe even mr putin. and maybe some chinese maybe all of them maybe a little bit more nervous because clearly the people of libya rose up we assisted them this group of people. has a large number of institutions that they work through they have
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a large number of think tanks they have law firms that have magazines they have newspapers to push this idea of the supremacy of the united states washington has never been short of war mongers the most visible one these days is the republican presidential candidate mitt. he has already delivered tough words to the likes of ukraine pakistan and china he also called for boosting america's military spending ending the reset with russia and unfolding a robust missile defense program in europe america is not destined to be one of several equally balanced global powers america must lead the world around these pitching himself as the candidate of the military industrial complex hoping that they by. america's best military industry will be first to benefit from the strong rhetoric of washington's more hawks some of the biggest corporations and transnational corporations that make weapons that benefit from an ideology that
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states the united states most exercise military supremacy and have an endless arms race and those big companies are tied to the biggest banks on wall street there is a military industrial complex and it is facilitated by having a pretext for endless war so when president obama said we'll push the reset button with russia this whole lobby and growing industry say well no that's bad because any relaxation of tensions means less of an excuse to produce more and more weapons the u.s. is the world's number one weapons producer and exporter and countries like are looking to become the next market for american weapons we are quite familiar with u.s. politicians influence groups in washington that call for the end of the reset with russia but it's not just wash away tensions are being ramped up the same people are doing a lot of fear mongering against countries like china iran believes this pretty long actually while experts agree the only side that could possibly benefit from
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a potential confrontation is america's military machine definitely not the people in those countries involved i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. at least one hundred and wall street protesters have been arrested by police during the occupy chicago demonstration for refusing to leave a city park. this comes two days after dozens of people were arrested in new york it's been over a month since the protests against fact cats and corporate greed erupted in the us since then they have been repeated in europe asia and australia our correspondent losing five of his keeping a close eye on the protests so follow all the updates on her twitter feed and in about fifteen minutes time here on our team peter labelling he's crossed our guest discuss what role the internet plays and this and other protests around the world. you know there used to be the term armchair revolutionary the well no no there is even more widespread phenomenon which is that the mousepad revolutionary. which is
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somebody who's sitting in his computer you know probably in the basement with mom on the first floor. thinks that he's actively engaged in a revolutionary struggle when all you're doing is tweeting about it and i've been somewhat guilty of that i suppose i mean it's a very first take hundreds of thousands of people are in the streets putting their bodies in the secondly you know i do this. revolutionary and what we understand is that these protests are not just physical protest this process they're about changing minds and changing ideas and some people are able to engage you know better on the internet. twenty years since. its nuclear test side from its time as a cyber republic the country's atomic arsenal has gone from being the world's fourth largest to nothing but decades on from seeing hundreds of explosions the
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environmental and human cost is still being felt as a stand artie's peter all over reports. over more than forty years around five hundred nuclear tests took place right here on the cause like step one hundred sixteen of those taking place above ground including the testing of the first saw the hydrogen bomb now ground zero for those tests is just behind me over there now that's around two kilometers away here is close as it is safe to get to the high radiation levels that exist ground zero however experts have told me that if i was to pick up anything from the ground even where i am here it would still be potentially dangerous due to the radiation that it is being exposed to. more than one point five million people were affected by the nuclear sassed you combine power all the explosions of this in a polite instead was a clue and to round down. the some people are thin skinned nuclear weapons test
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sites was the largest in the world to get an idea of just how vast it actually is it must be seen from the air affecting an area of around three hundred thousand square kilometers roughly the size of germany. stretches out further than the eye can see in every direction each square kilometer bearing the radiological scars from decades of tests the radiation emitted scarred more than just the landscape there was a huge increase in cases of cancer and serious birth defects amongst the local population the effects of these tests still being felt three generations after the first explosion all those people who live nearby who witnessed that first test in one nine hundred forty nine still remember the impact is hard on the local population. sure but you look as i was going to get a powerful stream blasted right to the front of me. i was completely shaken and
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some of the others were not. all windows in a nearby building we were really scared these are all of a. while for much more on all our stories log on to our website here is what's the line for you there today now there are russian spies in germany with a couple arrested on suspicion of working for russia's foreign intelligence service for two decades plus too much a sixty seven thousand dollar price tag just bought a ticket for the bosch i think that opens next week after years of refurbishment capital story on our website.
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during her visit to pakistan u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has the man of the country steps up its fight against insurgents are these military analysts and getting thanks america should put a stop to lecturing others and try to cooperate rather than confront. the trademark of u.s. foreign policy when it comes to pakistan and afghanistan is to do more of the see and expect different results if it were otherwise then u.s. secretary of state would rather refrain from the same easterling remarks pakistan on her way from kabul to islamabad airborne general currently the cia chief directed patrols whisper into hillary clinton hears about the fact that it is absolutely counterproductive in fact
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discreetly for her that the russian should apologize to islamabad for the old its negative legacy and only women after pakistan will accept american apologies for all what he did to pakistan against pakistan both of them the road open for the transparent and mutually beneficial partnership agreement between the united states pakistan and its neighbors. a look at some other stories from around the world more than two hundred people have been killed after a seven point two magnitude earthquake hit eastern turkey the highest number of casualties are reported to be the town of things and the city of bam where dozens of buildings collapsed turkey lies and one of the world's most accurate seismic scientists a disaster. one thousand lives with many people still trapped under the rubble.
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candy and we suspect a grenade blast in an iraq early on monday was a terrorist attack explosion wanted at least fourteen people accounts a week after somalia's most feared affiliated militant group warned of attacks inside hania police. say they are lanky flows into those threats believed to be a retail e ation for a canny a military incursion into somalia last week. ballot counting as underway in tunisia following the first free poll since the arab spring began president and ali was toppled january following weeks of popular uprising the country is now electing a two hundred seventeen seats soundly which will braff constitution appoint a government the first results are due on monday as party. backed it to come out on top. brings us up to date here on our t.v.
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of god the latest business news with kareena that's next. hour welcome to a business up in the russian ruble has been appreciating for the last two weeks after a sharp fall at the end of september but analysts say the trend is likely to be short lived we can see some reversal in india who will in terms of i think in the sense that google may strengthen the little bit but i think this is going to be a short term phenomenon i think it will be supported by the fact that people who spend the supported by the private economy before the reality do well in the beginning of this year but become censuses moving in a direction that probably. united states as a consequence of that global assets including russian assets broadly we're not going to be seeing a lot of speculative capital chasing chasing global assets including google and this could be another reason why in the beginning of next year we may not see
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a lot of pressure on google to appreciate which is again another reason why i think that it's really difficult to find very many factors were really new using the positive only. starting from the beginning of next year. let's have a look at the markets now all prizes are heading off after european leaders fly progress on a plan to resolve a single currency zone debt crisis as light sweet is trading at eighty eight dollars per barrel and brant is at one hundred ten dollars per barrel markets in europe open higher gas to evaders indicated progress on a plan to resolve the region's debt crisis most asian markets are gaining new technology stocks are among the best performers hominick a t.d. ks up seven and a half percent while japanese wireless major soft bank is over three percent in the black and hong kong's hang seng as gaining four percent after a preliminary survey of manufacturing conditions in china showed a five month high in fact over. here in russian markets are trading in the black as
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well who have been named gains in the energy and banking sectors the r.t.s. is up under eight percent under two percent of them isaacs is up one point two percent all majors are on the rise supported by strong recruits ross nafta is up over one percent in the black for the sell financials are also gaining with the bank of moscow more than three percent in the black and retailer seven continent is no exception its first net profit has rocketed from. thirteen thousand dollars to fifty nine need. to double the required minimal level of bank capital to five point seven million dollars starting from next year it's also planned to bring the benchmark to nine and a half million dollars by two thousand and fifteen he moves aimed at motivating small market players to grow and increase the financial stability of the sector analysts say if the plan is approved up to
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a third of russian banks will have to choose between boosting capital or quitting but it's. nice kelly sue with the creasy in a comic activity around russia a lot of companies currently facing difficulties with attracting funding both short tall men wallets and with opening new credit lines among russian banks so inability in financial sense in short silm and once on the trade it's here will sooner or later become a big full blown for a real set for russian companies. this energy giant gazprom is turning grain it's agreed to create a bio gas joint venture with dutch for on gas uni and two russian companies total investment in the project is estimated at one hundred million euros with the first supplies plant for two years time the start ups annual production could reach up to thirty five billion cubic meters of gas made out of organic materials and say bio
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gas technology could help bring gas to remote parts of the country a pipeline construction it's too expensive. that's all for now stay with us for headline news with marina coming up next.
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