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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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who is marty going to why from moscow or mine there are all of the top stories in libya a man who celebrated as the country's transitional government officially declares liberation falling to be out of ousted leader ahmed but questions remain over whether the price paid in the form of lost lives and ruin of the structure was too high. more than two hundred people are reported dead after a powerful earthquake in eastern turkey it's fear the death toll could reach a thousand or so many people remain trapped under the rubble. the search for a solution to the ease debt crisis at a summit in brussels brings no breakthrough that's while in the u.k. there are growing calls to leave the blog altogether as a problem the parliament prepares to vote on whether to hold a referendum on the issue. well next we'll hear more about the british take on the
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european crisis from the u.k. conservative party m p r t's interview is coming right up. patrick mercer the member of parliament for the conservative party and a former shadow minister for homeland security has been a frequent commentator on defense and security issues patrick thanks for speaking to r.t. now even very outspoken on the human rights act on how essential is allowing foreign criminals to stay in the u.k. on the grounds of human rights what does that say about britain i think it says the britain has surrendered for too many powers to the european union. is interpreting the the rules and regulations and the strict strictures of europe in a much more proper but in this way in this case on helpful way the most of the members of the the loopholes the foreign criminals can exploit the stay in the u.k.
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is that making recent a target do you think i think if you if you look at foreign nations to choose towards the united kingdom particularly issues like terrorism for instance. london widely called in french circles on the style for the the these with which he had ists etc can live prosper indeed in place in particular levels or in britain but i think it's worth also remembering for what forty percent of america's acts. are directed at the united kingdom. not because clearly because of the actions of a majesty's government but because of actions of his loyalists fundamentalists etc inside the scheme directed at the us now if we have that if that is the case of this is just the way that we are regarded it was seen as being a soft touch for insurgents for for molton tensile ones or another yeah baby i just
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that is terribly unhelpful to this country surely that's a concern with the olympics coming up you could argue and you raise of course you can say will the resentment of these people here they don't want to spoil a good thing. i'm hopeful. right of course is going to be targeted and she's labeled as the little satan on the islamist web sites and all those sorts of jogging places i read so much and so much more here britain's a target she's been attacked before her soldiers sailors and. every day attack in places like afghanistan pakistan. of course we remain. very high on the terrorist list of priorities so how does the government get out of this situation obviously human rights have respected but of course where do they draw the line i think it is very important that human rights of course have to be respected and that's one of the reasons why our servicemen and women in going abroad at the moment to make sure that that nations that respect human rights or no rephrase the nations but causes that don't respect human rights or what we fight against that sort of narrow
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mindedness human rights and crucially important but there's a difference between the human rights of those who would endeavor to kill purchases as it was and the human rights of british citizens what greater human rights is in the right to life he or she who are trying to take your life away from you must be dealt with realistically must be dealt with sensibly we must there a gate from the front from from the strictures of the human rights act and we must replace that with a bill of rights as the current prime minister promised before the last election is the case of the government being hamstrung by europe or is this too weak to stand up to the e. i think things have not been made any simpler by the fact that we don't have a conservative government per se that we have a coalition albeit a conservative led coalition but a coalition the liberal democrats of course have set their face against any with the human rights act and therefore individuals like myself who. campaigned on the
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fact that we would have a british rule a bill of rights i fear are going to be frustrated for some considerable time how damaging are the directives from europe. recently you just heard another would be threatening to sue the u.k. who doesn't relax its welfare system for annoyance well i mean you're a skeptic so what afraid you are you're not going to get any any world war words of praise from me about the european union is damaging to the early kingdom we are a sovereign nation and sometimes one wonders how much sovereignty we still show was european and was strictly supposed to promise we do need to have a referendum on our continued presence inside the inside the european union other our presence or the terms of which we find ourselves well again this was part of the conservative move before the last election given what's happening in the new year as in crisis the financial crisis is do you think this is. death now has has or has sounded fought for even the concept of europe well i think the concept of
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europe for concept of europe is constantly evolving and constantly changing i think that's a healthy thing what i hope is that britain in the same way that we very sensibly stayed out of membership of the euro itself i hope that we continue to be skeptical about our further involvement with the following the recent riots across the cape the police were criticized for not acting more forcefully is this a case because the respect for human rights has gone too far do you think. human rights is a question of a balance between the majority and the vocal minority. the rights of the individual are preeminently important we live in a democracy believe in a civilized democracy where individuals are allowed to live their lives or should be allowed to live their lives and safety freedom speak to speak what they wish will say what they wish to an extent do what they wish trouble is that because of influences such as the human rights act because of the influences of of what i
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would regard as the. as the less sensible members of the of the saloon the liberal press and the liberal establishment that those who would seek to disrupt society either by deeds words or actions inconvenience and danger the majority of it and endanger the majority of society unnecessarily so how many people did we see protesting say in the student riots before christmas i don't know how many were but clearly a tiny tiny minority inside the country were they were they protesting legitimately for the most part absolutely of course they were should they be allowed to continue protesting of course but not violently now the police must protect the majority from the violent or the disruptive minority that is as much a part of my human rights or your human rights as to say that once a man or woman is arrested they should be treated decently by other please of
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course they should but it's a question of balance it's a question of proportionality now the police god bless them please please understand i am a big supporter of the police force have been so lambasted by the lily livered clan up to the last government that when we have things like the g. twenty protest the death of ian tomlinson etc well i'm not saying that things weren't got wrong by the police of course they were but this nonetheless has colored. so much of the police approach towards these sort of problems that we have a. institutional nervous breakdown from the police uneasy in these cases and helped by the fact they don't get robust and stringent support from politicians including those of my employee or should be a gun rights we have should they not want them they should have dealt with the rights with proportionality i'm not saying i wasn't there and i'm not a police officer and i'm not going to start making specific indictments about
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policemen but those in my experience of dealing with riots which i regret to say a considerable most view is that once someone starts being violent they're very very very few options left you as a member of the security forces other than meeting violence with proportionate and measured ballance we didn't see enough of that what are you talking about him water cannons potentially possibly i don't i wouldn't i guess i wouldn't talk about the sort of weaponry no i wouldn't i wouldn't specify the sort of weapon all i would say is that in parts of this country things like watercolor and things like plastic bullets are used almost were i would say without the without thought of course for use with thought in northern ireland violent extremism violent disorder is dealt with extremely robustly by the police service and all the i don't see why we treat our rich thugs in a different way from the way that we treat english folks let's talk about afghanistan now could be argued ten years on the gulf between the western arab
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world's a bigger than it was before now you're a former member of the armed forces what would you say was it with the campaign run to begin with or do veer off course afghanistan is a difficult place but i think that if there was going to be allied intervention in afghanistan we should have learned particular from the british experience in the past that if you go into afghanistan you go with limited aims and you go with a limited time period in the morning to get to enter afghanistan in two thousand. no clear mission statement with no clear limitations upon when their lives were going to withdraw or indeed what their aim was is very very difficult particularly for a former military man to understand can anything good come out from the thing if they achieved anything positive i think i think there is plenty of positive things that are being that are being achieved that first and foremost is we've got to stop talking about afghanistan and those if it is as if it is the kernel of the problem it's not it's a regional war and it stretches from the borders or rather to the borders of russia
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and encompasses the nuclear armed country of pakistan or the presence of our troops in afghanistan or should i say more properly on the afghanistan pakistan border is as much about maintaining the relative stability of pakistan and the relative stability of pakistan's nuclear arsenal as it is about reestablishing afghanistan as a relatively civilized country what's the best possible outcome here they promise to withdraw troops by twenty fifteen is that likely will it be met and where will that leave the country it was an extraordinary statement by the president the united states saying to his enemies that whether he had won or not he would be patrolling his troops can you imagine the i'll to a conference they are lies deciding that there are no incident to hit that would be a month x. or of year x. that no matter what the outcome the people drawing their troops i don't think so it was a huge misjudgment but now that has occurred we've got to make the best of it i don't
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personally feel you see every american every professional realized soldier leaving afghanistan between two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen numbers will the course and infrastructure will be will be will be rolled down but there's going to be no i presence in afghanistan for the foreseeable future now is that and so damaging. well you can look and the tenet of military strategy or operations at the operational and strategic level allows you to say that your enemy this is when we're going to surrender that's not war patrick thank you thank you very much and.
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. streets they are. essential and something to chew says it's a good book except that's a big huge experiments given. you see this rap music in which it goes to the military trying to make sense of relief and it's all changed things as my next attempt. to maintain a confidence in markets and. wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look maybe missions close to sing a song like close. something else we played the game feel a little like think is the west black diamond. in the box isn't the argument for me i'm just programs increase the total economy.
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well see british scientists are. not out to. margaret. find out what's really happening to the global economy because the reports on r.g.p. . in the media many celebrated the country's transitional government
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officially declared liberation following the day out of ousted leader of the monarchy dopy but questions remain over whether the price paid in the form of lost lives and ruined infrastructure it was too high. more than two hundred people are reported dead after a powerful earthquake in eastern turkey it's fear the death toll could reach thousands as many people remain trapped under rubble. the search for a solution to that he is described as at a summit in brussels bringing no breakthrough that's while in the u.k. there are growing calls to leave the block altogether as the parliament prepares to vote on whether to hold a referendum on the issue. and here with a sports of bait so for the first time ever there is a european golfer topping the american money list what does that mean he did there is what a year it must be to you for he not only is topping the american money list he probably will top european money list as well in golf all this money plus he's
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world number one this year as well nina five a year it's been more coming off amazing. great to have you with us this is sports today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so. as you were it's a neat finish the latest russian from the league weekend with the same two point advantage over siesta moscow both sides win away from home. champion dethrone viktor troicki falls to young q-tips or a bitch in the old serbian kremlin cup final here in moscow. birds growl in britain the annual n.f.l. game in london see chicago hands on the paper second defeat in three years. in its room in the team to catch in the russian premier league simply side
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maintaining their two point lead over siesta moscow with a convincing victory away to rust off a stunning goal getting things going after nine minutes man of the match finishing off a superb move one little visitors then double their advantage a quarter of an hour enough for alex hunter pull her off was felled in the area alexander lukowich doing the necessary from the spot on to became three right after the half hour mark put her off rising on a post to head home game all but over like a broken monte did pull one park straight after the break but that was to be the hosts highlight three one to top of the table didn't. see a scary mean well in the hunt to challenge a need for so much supremacy after coming out the right side of an eight gold thriller with some you let loose on g. it was the cameroonian himself who got the home side is off the mark with just four minutes on the clock but then cue the c.s. to show the most divide setting five goals in
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a row see doodoo be helping himself to three of them this is second right after half time cisco's third. would come from a strike partner feigner love to be then claimed this trick ten minutes from time before allen is a good way of blasted siestas fifth to the net to lead on goals would leave the final score line a little more respectable but there was no doubting who control proceedings in tag a stand five three see if the finals. in between those two games on sunday sports like law school who talked to joint fourth with a four wheel whipping up f.c. charm the red whites would slip the fifth again though should city rivals win later on monday against project. this year the top eight after thirty games will play each other for the title. this miles will be why this morning in the blue half of manchester not only two months city choked the english premier league by five
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points but they did so by sensationally beating champions manchester united six one away from mario balotelli and tackled both by game braces sergio of were on the brilliant silver also netting with darren fletcher out a consolation strike for alex ferguson's men a point to no united defender jonny evans was sent off when his side but nothing away from city they were simply stunning elsewhere chelsea field to take over second spot from united they were beaten by west london rivals q.p.r. were also wins for arsenal spurs and everton. ok let's move on for the second straight season the russian has feel to win the kremlin cup the country's premier tennis tournament locals are all in fact in sunday's two finals with serbs monopolizing the men's decider reaming champion victor troitsky went into the clash a slight favorite but it was his fellow countryman sort of age who started the
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brighter eventually supreme the first set on a six four scoreline the second set a more straight for. the fair for tips are of each winning it on serve six four six to the final score meaning difference or this season takes on mccarty a trophy on the one hundred thirty two thousand dollars. dominic it's a book of i mean while wrapped up her first ever w t a title in the russian capital if seated slovak dining kike happy in the women's singles final spoke about fighting back against the stone into taking it three six seven six seven games the five after itself to our forty minute. their twenty a levon world series teams are going punch for punch thus far the texas rangers shooting up and sent louis cardinals on sunday to raise memories of saturday's game three loss the series no old score two games apiece following the rangers four zero
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when former texas rangers corner and two term us president george w. bush throwing out the certainly opening pitch josh hamilton starting things off the home side or the ideal making score one nothing at the bottom of the first. paved the way for mike not least three run homer which proved to be the final difference pitcher derek holland a particular thorn in the car butter side four zero how it ended up with this series no i i actually stays in texas. last night we got beat we know we could be right still thought we played a pretty good baseball game which is to never stop those guys so i took my hat but tonight you know it was about derek jarman in my. kitchen doing some good things and what a year it's turning into for luke donald being a man who took over golf for world number one ranking in may becoming the first
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european to finish atop the north american p.g.a. tour money list this weekend the thirty three year old doing so after around. mazing final run disney webb simpson helped lead by over three hundred sixty thousand dollars in their countries and merkins two bogeys on sunday to leaving the door open for the briton donald needing to finish tied for second top the list one better by running off six straight birdies on the park nine sixty four cents but strokes the thirty three year old could become the first ever golfer to win the money crown in both europe and the u.s. he dream of the roy by almost two million dollars with five tournaments left this side of the. in the n.f.l. the first brought a game across the globe take on sunday the tampa bay buccaneers best efforts just not enough to slow down chicago in front of almost seventy seven thousand fans at london's wembley stadium british supporters eager for some an action though the total attendance was somewhere short of the stadiums in size and capacity for
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a long trip doing it not slowing down running back march fourth take not a hint of jetlag as he opened the scoring in the first the fans going to see a rare two point safety school board when their books pin for kids. and so jay cutler then erudite in the second with grizzled veteran roy williams doing the rest for a forty two lead the books did rally in the fourth but eventually fell short twenty four. coach told haley and his chiefs run easy winners against big rivals oakland raiders quarterback style ball or recent arrival carson palmer both struggling after replacing the injured jason campbell and recluse censorship in color this time before taking it all the way back to open kansas city second in the first palmer with through three interceptions of his own thirty one you'll giving one of those way to brandon flowers in the fourth two thousand it's back to school for twenty it's you the embarrassing final straw line through clint
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. all right let's finish off the program this hour with a look at a sport gaining more on a more of a footing globally look cross so far from a major past time in russia at the moment the north american sport has already got a competitive fixture neal time between the country's two main cities i was constantly to top off reports. what crosses recognized is that all this north american sport with origins in the fifth century the native americans had to get to their hearts even went as far as calling it the little brother of war many amendments have occurred since then along its popularity in the ass and indeed worldwide to flourish. as a team game so it's got that competition think it's in the air so it's not here three dimensions it is more scope. to clever stuff like that you know you've got to think it's take a guy like an extension of yourself to think harry. because i think it's kind of
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fun is ok you think that you know you're not going to get better really if he doesn't i like i got the bug suddenly like four guys around i think it's kids funny you know it was like ross has been a surprising revelation for russian audiences despite having few domestic players and just to be clubs one each in moscow and st petersburg this poor state sure is growing and every match between the rivals is a big event at the moment during fans are in the majority in the stands. and i think in russia it's a console it's you know it's a premier sport i think there we have a lot of americans a lot of british people here and they're all trying to play with the russians and just the russians are to play the course and hopefully integrate into russian culture is a great thing for young people because it's kids of the us but i don't know if you know it's good to be out there to become to get stronger and to make friends to be a team like ross has been
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a tool in big games in one thousand zero for in nato weight with canada topping the poor human both occasions it's also the national some was more of the country the physically demanding pastime with its full context downs not too dissimilar to the country number one sport ice hockey i was looking for team mates to play hockey and got into lacrosse and now i like it not a lot of people here know anything about again and i like to watch people was amazed. faces when they see my stick and helmets in the streets it has a lot in common with hockey so i mean they're heading i mean the game itself the strategy involved it's pretty similar to hockey in hockey is popular here so i mean i think you can definitely grow in russia there is still a long way to go for a cross before it becomes a well known sport on russian soil but if the enthusiasm of the people playing it here is anything to go by the signs i think it will happen sooner rather than later and say not out of or achieve. some hard hits their that is all the
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sport for this era whether it's next year and twenty four hour r.t. . culture is that so much taxpayers' money i mean i would like to have a real. weapons of mass mobilization you tube facebook and twitter they are favored tools able to bring segments of society together in.
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wealthy british style. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds of reports on our key.


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