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support the idea cameron has urged the dissenting tories to reconsider saying this is a delicate time for the e.u. but john daunt a member of the vote the u.k. out of e.u. top coat u.k. organization told me earlier that britain never signed up for what the e.u. has become. the fact is one hundred thousand people signed a petition that was david cameron's idea in fact there's been almost half a million people have signed petitions it was cameron's idea if enough people signed a petition that debate in parliament that's what's happening today although what has happened is all three political leaders of the three main political parties have effectively colluded there telling their m.p.'s which way they have to vote so tonight we've got i just still stinging attack on democracy and the whole room the mother of all parliaments where these m.p.'s are not voting with their conscience or with their constituents opinions they're voting or the way their leaders tell them to because if they don't they'll get the sack there's a disconnect between the political elite in our great country and the people we've
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got nash three national papers now calling for a referendum every paper today is condemned david cameron for using a three line whip. he's abused democracy today he'll win tonight he'll win this battle he's going to lose the war people are not happy in this country no one signed up on fifty seven but in the age of fifty four has not a vote on this and certainly my dad when he voted for a common market he didn't vote for the united states of europe that's what british people are upset about the political elites in westminster might try and stop has but a very chilly we will get our referendum and we will get out of the let me tell you it's not our problem to sort out the problems in greece and tell me why we should work to the age of seventy two or seventy three to pay for staff ross who lives in downtown athens to retire at fifty we shouldn't we're not going to it's the end this euro's state is club scene as we speak. john conte told me
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a little earlier nigel farrar jamie p. from the u.k. independence party believes that far from being a uniting force the e.u. is quickly becoming a catalyst for conflict between nations. i want to europe where we cooperate together and work together and sign agreements together not a europe where we hand over the ability to make those decisions to a group of unelected bureaucrats and only argument of peace which now the e.u. supporters of fallen back on because all their other arguments frankly have failed look what kept the peace in europe after nine hundred forty five was not the u. but didn't come along with many many what kept the peace was made an example of states cooperate together and i would also argue the fact that we had a nuclear deterrent and history shows you that if you take away from people their democracy their ability to govern themselves if you corral them together into new states without their consent half of it leaving to peace the question now in
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a deep recession with unemployment at a seventeen year high is not can we afford to leave the e.u. it's can we afford to stay the whole eurozone project is that what it's done far from bringing people closer together it's pushed people further apart not just for soccer being rude to cameron we now have the greeks abusing the germans they now burnie you flags in athens openly with swastikas drawn on them and we have the germans slagging off the greeks as being lazy and useless and the irony of this project is far from us all becoming friends together in this new european house actually we're beginning to argue and becca in the most extraordinary way you can all take twenty seven different countries with twenty one different languages all with their own different histories and different forms of government you cannot take them and force them into one unitary form of government without first getting their approval that approval has never been given and the european project actually
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is dying as we look at it oh it may take many years just as a soviet union dead but it's dying as we look at it because right across europe the voters are saying we don't want this model we reject it. coming up later in the program sick reports the health of egypt's former leader. of the ministry sources suggest a heart attack has left him in critical condition but his lawyer denies those claims. more on that shortly but first libya's new leaders have ordered an investigation into the death of former leader moammar gadhafi for mounting international pressure this is libyans erupted in celebration after the announcement their country had been completely liberated but there are plenty of questions over the cost of what they now call freedom. as this report. certainly people celebrating across the country as the official so-called liberation was announced on sunday celebrations very widely here in the capital
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tripoli and very few people when we go i'm asked them what they want now from the end to see and whoever comes in right now the organization promising elections within eight months but analysts are saying that of course is not for sure thing because the population is very heavily armed even at these celebrations although there were lots of games and things for the kids to do there there's a lot of weapons out on the streets at least as i've been seeing here in the capital and so their next step now is of course to disarm the population because there are fears that first of all there could be conflict between different tribes across the country and then within the end to see another officials these were the rebels that began this fight for freedom in benghazi earlier this year that there will be a power struggle in fact between them and most of those groups from very well armed and so that's one of the security one of the security challenges that the country is now facing among other things much of the country has been destroyed there are
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tremendous challenges let's not forget that pre war in libya had one of the best living standards on the entire continent some people say that in fact it had the best in terms of life inspect xpect and sea child mortality rates there were great social benefits there's a european style health care program and so once the dust settles and people start realizing for instance sixty percent of the country right now doesn't have running water if you're going to rush on from our lives at least here in the capital i'm sure it's much much worse in other parts of the country there's no running water and so about starting to happen today we're planning to travel to one of the country's main water systems which was completely destroyed and still being disputed who destroyed it whether it was nato or the document it was but this is. one of the problems that people will be facing and then in terms of the actual political. situation like i said i promise you eight months but that of course is
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not for sure and we just had this announcement from the head of the empty sea state that the weight easy the political life of the country because towards real war this is something that experts were afraid of that they were analyzing the country without gadhafi is going to take a much more hard line islamic direction. and he said remember you can keep track of any in the libyan capital just by taking a look at her twitter feed and some of her latest post she's tweeted pictures of residential areas in tripoli shattered by a nato bombardment we're also keen to know your opinion on our top story today and let's have a look at the web site that is where we're asking what is the ultimate reason behind these deaths looking at the results on screen at the moment the vast majority believe gadhafi is dead because he could have exposed a dirty dealings in the western governments and corporations. that nato just run out of money for more aerial strikes the same number of names that many libyans had
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for him and others say he was killed because many members were his former subordinates those are a few suggestions for what is good to hear from me. human rights watch is accuse revolutionary forces in libya of considering themselves above the law the organization says it has discovered the bodies of more than fifty gadhafi loyalists in sirte thought to be revenge killings by his political blogger told me earlier that the interim government is not the best alternative to the gadhafi regime. people have way too much faith in the n t c which is quite obviously not in control of the situation on the ground in libya at the moment and in fact you can see the tension between the n.t. see command and some of the more islamist led groups on the ground and in fact if you see some of the fighters on the ground they have the characteristics of islamist fighters the long kind of history of from afghanistan on wards so this
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illusion that the m.d.c. has full control on the ground is not actually correct and i would say that the events that we are seeing them could be personal event that does could be their normal run of wars but maybe another party in libya could have presented the evolution of the us federations their legitimacy for change better that and down there in d.c. that still has a lot of former gadhafi associates and cronies within it so that's really the nub of the problem speculation surrounds the health of egypt's former leader hosni mubarak there are reports that he's in hospital fighting for life after suffering a heart attack but his lawyer denies those claims are his middle east correspondent paula smith has the details. official word from the hospital that is looking after the former egyptian president hosni mubarak is that he is suffering from heart problems that there has been an increase in his blood pressure but nothing more serious than that now since august the international medical center has both looked
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off to mubarak and also kept in there as prisoner then official word is that despite rumors he has not been moved into intensive care and i mention rumors because there are certainly a lot of rumors circulating that the privately owned egyptian newspaper al to here has quoted hospital stoss to say that his heart stopped beating for a few seconds this coincided with other remus we've heard that he was clinically did ask is speaking to all sources on the ground in cairo and they say that since late last night there's been a lot of movement in front of the hospital that overheard hospital stop talking amongst themselves that he has been moved into intensive care and that the situation is very very critical as you can well imagine it's very difficult to determine right now what is the real situation in terms of mubarak's health we we're also hearing reports that it was when he saw pictures on television in terms of what happened to his friend warmonger duffy in libya he got such a shock from those pictures that that triggered this latest reaction the former
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egyptian president has been plagued by poor health for many years in june this year his lawyer said that he had stomach cancer and that it was now spreading i spoke to that in a way a short time ago he now says that mubarak's health is fine but certainly we know that he has high blood pressure there's been reports of hypertension there was a report of a heart attack earlier this year so the state of mubarak's health will continue to be a hot issue for some time to come. well still to come in the program this hour and a whole king of wars. is not destined to be want to share a great equally balanced global powers america must lead the world america must lead the world what will. some forces in washington are eager to bring back the days of the cold war. but first the internet whistleblower wiki leaks is suspending operations to focus on raising money instead its founder julian assange said
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a financial blockade imposed by american financial institutions is cut off most of the websites funding bennett was at this news conference and gave in london. in order to ensure future survival. was to temporarily suspend all publishing operations in order to direct all. resources into fighting the blockade and raising loans because of this financial blockade sundra field in that press conference that ninety five percent of their fund raising has dried up since that look came into force on the early december stopped funds getting through stop that stop donations and they've been running on cash reserves and it's just a matter of time really until that ran out and the companies involved are people like visa master card pay pal bank of america and that all that financial blockade all happened about a week or so after what's being referred to as cable gate released all those.
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secret cables from u.s. embassies and the diplomatic service julian assange he's calling this as a u.s. base concerted political attack and it's not from the government though they have actually deemed this to be without any lawful grounds as has the u.n. high commissioner for human rights he says he's condemned the blockade instead science says it's being carried out by politicized u.s. financial companies how they have actually pursued legal action they've opened. action in a number of countries where they have publication deals iceland denmark the u.k. the e.u. us australia as well they've also lodged a complaint with the european commission a decision on that is due in mid november as to whether visa has broken any rules here but until that there's really nothing they can do because they've simply run out of money losing leaks to an unlawful financial blockade would be a blow to freedom of speech but others will carry on the cause well that's the view of donna could belong he's the president of the national union of journalists in
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britain. it's obviously been a very murky affair because there were of the very beginning of the situation questions about. tension members of the u.s. government had suggested or asked companies like amazon which was the first to take action against wiki leaks because they were hosting this size and what they may have been asked by individuals within the u.s. government obviously this is in these acts have been taken outside of any legal process or the side of any international political agreements yet they seem to have the ability to shut down a website that some governments find troubling. it's very unclear exactly what the motivations what the power behind them and it is it's deeply unsettling it would be a loss to the media and a loss to freedom of speech if it disappeared but i don't think this will be the end of it we did see when the first attempts were made to shut down the mirror sites appeared all over the world because the information simply wants to come out
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so i'd be hopeful that actually if unfortunately wiki leaks was forced to close down that we would see other sides seeking to do the same kind of thing and getting around the restrictions of wiki leaks placed. russian american ties improve greatly since barack obama took power at least that's washington's official rhetoric but there are also political groups in the u.s. that are pushing for aggressive moves and not only towards russia but he's going to can find out what is stirring the hawk's nest. the cold war is long over but not in the minds of some influential american lobbies and politicians to so long web magazine has looked into the expense records of one lobby group in washington and revealed a few years it has courted journalists to adopt distinct anti russian standpoint by arranging interviews with them and paying for their trips and dinners one of those reportedly wooed by the lobby called orient strategy is a journalist named allie lake from the washington times he wrote a series of pieces undermining the reset between russia and the u.s.
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one of his articles focused on allegations that russia masterminded last year's explosion near the u.s. embassy in georgia accusations he took from georgian investigators of course as it turns out the lobby that approached the lake is officially contracted by the georgian government we try to get in touch with mr lake he never responded but analysts say it's not so much the georgians agenda that a lobby like orian strategies is pushing forward but rather that of washington hawks the head of orient was in each to former defense secretary ronald rumsfeld he actively rooted for the war in iraq then he was an h. to senator john mccain well known for his hawkish foreign policy views senator mccain never concealed his desire to see russian leaders overthrow and not just russia dictators all over the world including bashar assad maybe even mr putin. and maybe some chinese maybe all of them maybe a little bit more nervous because clearly the people of libya rose up we assisted
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them this group of people. has a large number of institutions that they work through they have a large number of think tanks they have law firms they have magazines they have newspapers to push this idea of the supremacy of the united states washington has never been short of who are mongers the most visible one of these days is the republican presidential candidate mitt romney he has. already deliver tough words to the likes of you rand pakistan and china he also called boosting america's military spending ending the reset with russia and unfolding the robust missile defense program in europe america is not destined to be one of several equally balanced global powers america must lead the world from these pitching himself as the candidate of the military industrial complex hoping that they by. america's best military industry will be first to benefit from the strong rhetoric of washington's more hawks some of the biggest corporations and transnational
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corporations that make weapons that benefit from an ideology that states that the united states most exercise military supremacy and have an endless arms race and those big companies are tied to the biggest banks on wall street there is a military industrial complex and it is facilitated by having a pretext for endless war so when president obama said will push the reset button with russia this whole lobby and growing industry say well no that's bad because any relaxation of tensions means less of an excuse to produce more and more weapons the u.s. is the world's number one weapons producer and exporter and countries like georgia are looking to become the next market for american weapons we are quite familiar with u.s. politicians influence groups in washington that call for the end of the reset with russia but it's not just one show where tensions are being ramped up the same people are doing a lot of fear mongering against countries like china iran and the list this pretty
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long actually while experts agree the only side that could possibly benefit from a potential confrontation is america's military machine definitely not the people in those countries involved i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. around one hundred thirty activists of the occupy chicago movement to being arrested for camping out in the city paul called to closing time holding a protest inspired by the occupy wall street demonstrations against corporate greed and. influence of the rich in government the movement has existed for over a month now and spread across five continents back in new york dozens of people were arrested in the police crackdown on activists just days ago nick buckley a justice activist in new york told me earlier that he thinks the movement is just in its body stage with the capability of developing into something significant. but never will it's just the beginning it's a staging point to get people involved and active lot of people have ideas and they don't have places to go with that but if they want to really continue and go to
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places i've had to go off different tactics and become much more organized and strategic about what they do at this point it's going to steps and this is a lot of people really angry or frustrated but without a lot of. experience and if you really want to begin to challenge the system. the major issues and fundamental issues that we're talking about ninety nine to one percent that didn't happen overnight has been a structural inequality that's happened throughout the entire history of known civilization. now let's update you on some other international headlines this tanks and artillery have allegedly been falling to buildings in vehicles in syria central province of holmes you're watching amateur footage released by an anti-government group which alleges this is the result of the shelling it's claimed cars and houses were targeted randomly homes has been a hotbed of dissent since the uprising against president assad's regime began in march. turkish tanks and armored vehicles have moved into northern iraq and heading to a kurdish militant camp situated near the city of zarqa according to news agency reuters
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this follows a string of cross border operations launched after kurdistan workers party fighters killed twenty four turkish soldiers last week on saturday turkish troops killed around fifty kurdish rebels in a valley near the iraqi border using artillery and air strikes. i think serbs in kosovo have rejected demands from serbian president boris tadic to remove roadblocks they have set up on disputed border crossings and it shelled five talks with local kosovo leaders but failed to persuade them border crisis began in july after kosovan police and customs officers seized two checkpoints with the help of e.u. forces response local serbs blocked the roads leading to the crossings. brings up the date for the moment turned in less than ten minutes from now tempers will be flaring on our debate program cross talk before that let's check out the world of business with dmitri.
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warm welcome to the program moody's has cut its forecast for russia's banking system from stable to negative but in the course of as found out what's been putting the country's lenders under pressure. this is pretty much a domino effect the water is going on the loading of the says the groom economic outlook entering nationally and the high volatility of financial markets will weaken the operating environment in russia and they have and that's the fact and that's the banking sector and what they mean by that is ever duction in liquidity in the system as well as growth rates of lending and the g.d.p. the estimate for two thousand and twelve is now two point eight percent which is a drop of one percent from previous forecasts and will and not the big factor it is of course russia's economic growth and depending amazingly on oil prices are going
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to say that due to increasing risks to global energy demand there is now more pressure than ever and will move these also says a negative factor will be felt on asset quality and the credit growth but some of the seer believe that europe will solve its problems soon which will spur growth back onto world markets and they also point out that the russian the banking sector is a quite detached from european debt issues and this in the good position financially they also say that russian banks have ample opportunity to attract liquidity and maintain financial stability with internal and external resources well and the other factor that can in fact all these opinions is a wednesday's meeting in the euro point leaders will be looking for a plan to solve that crisis and. so it's safe to say that this is a not the last time the crystal ball gazing will be over. and from what i see is capital warns the impact from moody's outlook reassessment could be significant if
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it is followed by individual rate cuts. right now the market has already priced in as a negative for the system saw. by more this is not going to affect. share prices for that matter however if far more does falls are these reasons for folks for individual bands this is actually more likely to have an impact on one thing else but even that once again i think it's already priced in our banks are less dependent on the european situation and they're kordic so we stress tested our banks who don't expect all of these developments to be there to mental to the capital base if everything goes in line is our base case then we don't think capital is going to be affected well and europe from one european banks that's a question markets and. i let's take a look at the markets this hour top german opposition lawmakers say the e.u. bailout fund will be leveraged up to one point four trillion dollars now in london
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votes again one percent driven by mining and financial stocks down to for gas is up seven a half a cent and the banking group barclays is two point two percent higher. here in russia the markets continued their rally in optimism about europe steal the r.t.s. game for you know how percent of my six two and a half percent let's look at which stops were the drivers of the growth on the my side while majors were on the rise on high approval or snow after gaining more than four percent nor cynical as high as nickel production in the first quarter increased twenty three percent compared to the second and retailer seven continents that in almost twelve percent after releasing an impressive boost in first half net profits. that's all for now the headlines are next on all to stay with us.
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leg just. for so long. there's a lovely. little man. if you want to have sex go and have sex.
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wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. good to have you with us this hour this is our top stories now for you. an investigation into. islamic and build a democracy on the ruins of
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a prosperous nation. the health of egypt's former leader hosni mubarak the mystery sources suggest a heart attack has left him in critical condition but he. claims. american financial institutions refusing to accept the nation's credit cards it's found of the financial. will so the e.u. summit in brussels degenerate into petty spats this tension over the debt crisis boils over and the british government faces a revolt european m.p.'s who want. more from me in less than thirty minutes from now in the meantime peter lavelle and his guests discuss the power of social media in changing the political landscape as happened during the arab spring. is next.


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