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i'm lauren as for. the police corruption in. the a nobody seems to know. that never played the
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face but heard the argument that they're being overly dramatic. all right it's time for you say i read it or take time to respond my brilliant and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you too because when you've got something to say i listen now first i want to sponsor a viewer who watched our interview with anika sparing of the young turks where we spoke about the young turks campaign for a constitutional amendment against the citizens united ruling artist welker said on facebook right on with the constitutional ban activism anna the status quo of a corporation as a person is a fallacy of best if not an outstanding invitation for criminal activity minus the personal accountability and you know what i think ernest is absolutely correct because status quo is simply not working citizens united ruling has allowed money
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to further corrupt our already fragile political system and drown out the voices of everyday people even more and the occupy movement is evidence of that the bottom line here is that americans just don't see the government representing their needs above those of the fat cats it's as simple as that so in september just fifteen percent of americans said they trusted the government to do the right thing always or most of the time and the approval for congress just tied an all time low at twelve percent so this point a constitutional amendment to get the corporate influence and money out of politics is just one step in the right direction and next don't respond to a viewer who watched our report on skyrocketing student loan debt in the united states and twenty three said on you tube the one trillion used to fight two pointless wars to make our lives safer could actually going toward something that could have made america greater and more competitive free higher education now let me start by saying that unfortunately one trillion dollars for both wars is by all accounts a very conservative estimate doesn't account for many of the long term costs that
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are going to be incurred by these two wars and according to ground university's watson institute for international studies the real cost of the wars comes in somewhere between three point seven trillion and could reach as high a four point four trillion. of course the administration sticks to the one trillion figures for both wars but that conveniently leaves out many of the health care costs that are going to be needed to provide health care to wounded veterans and projected increases in military spending that are going to come after ten years of constant war so let's just take a moment to compare that to what the government spends on student loans last year the government spent eleven point four billion on pell grants for college students defense budget during that same year was a bare minimum of six hundred eighty billion so when you look at those numbers i think it's pretty clear exactly where the priorities in this country lie now finally i want to respond to a viewer ryan kenny who tweeted to us if anybody wants a reliable news that's actually entertaining of you alone a show is awesome so brian thank you so much for watching we do our best to bring you the latest news and analysis where we try to make it fun to watch too that's of
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my ranting today and have more for you later in the week as usual. now as the so-called super committee continues to fight over areas of the federal budget but are all spending cuts and not get anywhere if you are of course should leave them to look closely at the extra six hundred billion dollars that could potentially be cut from the bloated military budget just last week president obama announces the troops are coming home from iraq by the december thirty first withdrawal deadline as we discussed last week the war in iraq is far from over because u.s. contractors are still going to have quite a major presence in the country which is why its next report is so disturbing and internal pentagon reports prepared for senate senator bernie sanders shows that the g.o.p. has been hit by one point one trillion dollars in fraud from defense companies over the last ten years so over the course of a decade the pentagon paid five hundred seventy three billion dollars to over three hundred contractors involved in civil fraud cases two hundred fifty five billion dollars went to fifty four contractors convicted of seriously criminal fraud cases
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and senators called this a very shocking report saying of the ugly truth is that virtually all of the major defense contractors in this country for years have been gauged in systemic fraudulent behavior while receiving hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money so you want to. the worst offenders are one of probably the ones that you know best lockheed martin paid ten point five million dollars in two thousand and eight after the company was found submitting false invoices on a multi-billion dollar contract but just three year later lockheed martin was awarded thirty billion in brand new contracts worth of grumman shelled out sixty two million dollars in two thousand and five after they were caught submitting false contract proposals and like lockheed martin those guys got sixteen percent more in contracts just a year later so in both cases those are companies were caught falsifying information finding ways to make more money for themselves and despite getting caught the government rewards them with even more business so senator sanders is right that report is shocking it goes to show how incredibly dependent the pentagon is on those private contractors so when the super committee reviews where cuts
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should take place in our country's federal budget maybe that reporters can encourage them a little bit go ahead with the second round of cuts to the d.o.t. but even as u.s. troops are preparing to leave iraq the u.s. is going to continue working to train iraqi security forces and as a program it's the responsibility of the state department out there by the way even though the troops are leaving are already moves underway to just incorporate into nato troops so that they can stay continue the training program but in europe or in the u.s. special inspector general for iraq reconstruction describes that police development program as a bottomless pit see how the millions of dollars that are a lot of that training only twelve percent is actually going towards training the iraqi police the rest simply goes towards the personnel the troops that are doing the training and having security for those troops and the special inspector general also found that even though the state department was aware there was going to inherit this training program from the d.o.d. didn't really do all that much planning to make sure the money would be spent efficiently now that that wasn't disgraceful enough it turns out of the iraqi government doesn't even want us to take part in that police development program one
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of the officials in iraq ministry of interior even suggested the u.s. should be spending that money on something for americans can stay out but seriously guys the problem here is that now you have. militarize state department which is taking over functions that they don't even know how to handle and let's not forget the state department is going to have a whopping five thousand contractors working for them and thousands more are going to stay in the country as well performing various other tasks so even after obama announced a drawdown we're going to continue pumping u.s. money in iraq through the state department which doesn't know how to handle it and contractors who are actively defrauding the us government comforting isn't it. i recently in new york times report claimed after speaking to anonymous officials of course now the obama administration had intensely debated launching a cyber offensive in libya i would go as planned it would have been to break through the fire walls of the libyan government's computer networks to sever military communication links and prevent the early warning radars from gathering information and relaying it to missile batteries and nato warplanes go in and they
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just decide to go with cruise missiles and drone strikes but here are some of the interesting tidbits according to this report as to why the administration decided against the cyber offensive and one they fear that might set a precedent for other nations to carry out cyber offenses of their own and were to they didn't think a band of time to really carried out and planned the whole thing and number three they wondered if that meant the under the war powers act the president would have to inform congress so let's break down some of those explanations see what all this says about the administration and its policies and the changing face of warfare or this gustus of friedman fellow in governance studies and research director of the center for technology innovation at the brookings institution thanks so much for being here tonight ok so what do you make of this report here a week it's interesting to hear that the obama administration or you know somebody people within the administration were having this fierce debate as to whether or not they could launch this cyber offensive but some of the problems here were that maybe they would have to tell congress or. we don't know exactly what was happening
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this is the candidate in the northwest reports is we know that something was considered on one hand this is great you could have serious military operation or indeed any serious. in some consideration let's look at our own options let's consider what's going on let's try to find the optimum balance we don't know the full measure of how those calculations were made but we can derive a little but first we know american government is who has a lot of attention to making sure that they follow the laws of warfare going from international law down to domestic law so what is this they are careful about making sure they do that i mean you could be but i would argue that very many of our actions including the drone strikes that you know that we launch in pakistan and yemen and somalia don't necessarily take international laws into account i think that if you are going there is a very big legal gray area there which is why it's funny to me if they're worried well i think i mean thing is to understand how those laws are interpreted by the united states of course international law isn't going to we can get at this later
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is a very new area and when it comes to guiding our military forces there is a very strong strict control of what is legal and what isn't legal but ultimately it comes down to every country makes that decision for themselves so those this really change what the war powers act is so i don't think it's as big a deal clearly it is not as large a difference or larger distinction in engaging the starboard i mean as all the forms of information warfare jamming radar for example or connecticut police you say that it's a less hostile than you know than cruise missiles or drone strikes because part of the legal argument coming from the obama administration as to why they felt that this didn't count at the war powers act why they didn't have to ask congress because it didn't fall into this very vague definition of hostility either because it was a humanitarian intervention so you know by that logic you would say that a cyber attack by seems less hostile than all the bombs that i think i think you hit on a key different issue he said it's still define it's hard to figure out exactly where the lines drawn in that case he would say listen this is an operation we're
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going through that already has a certain number of risks there's already some uncertainty domestically but we're going to let's keep it as safe as possible let's do things that we know are going to happen turns out you drop a bomb. use good technology in your systems work as properly and you follow the instructions well you know it's going to happen something suitable we don't know that full detail yet in the cyber domain certainly not in an active operational setting especially when you try to do something complex you may have the best intentions you have very very good people involved but it's very hard to know exactly what's going to happen when you click a button when you run a program when you attack a certain system how much do you think that a lot of this is already going on because you know one of the things thing here is that the united states doesn't want to cross that threshold they don't want to be the first ones great part of this we don't want to set a precedent but if you talk about attacks that virus that right or if you think about certain attacks that we don't know if they are waged by state actors or not coming from china the next time or war is actually happening i don't like the term
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cyber war it's very big but there is we're fair. and that we knew what it was until around one thousand nine hundred seventy now we have modern conflict which has its own distinctions and lawyers are really to deal with that and policymakers are studying that in the cyber domain and there are a couple of dynamics first. very conceivable that states need conflict is going to involve some cyber component it just it's a strange thing to not include your arsenal we've seen in the israeli attack on the syrian nuclear reactor the disabled the syrian air defenses we have heard multiple sources report that now what's interesting about that is that actually less lead to less conflict you can imagine you have an attack against a specific target or is even attack against the specific targets in the military installations that you have to hit in order to do that if you can disable them be it cyber means it's a much simpler operation so that leads to the conflict and deescalation we also have we can debate who did it or who was responsible but be in tax against the
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country of georgia there was a strong cyber component against the government websites certainly that was timed to maximize the confusion inside georgia we can talk about. with those states that are similarly going to type in stumps not the stocks that attack it's the iranian nuclear program probably involves a state actor with strong incentive to dissuade iran from developing nuclear weapon to retard the program and certainly there's a list of suspects that have that goal in mind the challenge here is saying what are we going to do and how are we going to find it i feel in the libyan operation the simplest explanation is why bring that into the picture why make it the story that we're doing this in the cyber domain especially when there's an operator option for things to go wrong so for example. you know real time you actually have to coordinate your air strikes with taking down the air control system if you don't have it properly then your operation is for not it's just going to be an element but you think that's something that we're going to see more and more of in the
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future i mean you know what have you can say that this is something that will probably. make the situation less violent as you just said but at the same time we have military officials that now say that cyber war a cyber attacks are an act of war that could you know elicit a response in terms of using military military equipment it's true but i think the important thing is not to just look at the internet as something new and special it's part of our lives we've been dealing with it for years and now let's try to understand what is the broader picture we have a spectrum of state conflict that ranges from espionage to kinetic attacks will win things up there could be a cyber component in any of those just as there could be an air component there are many ways to look at a problem i think the important thing is as we move forward to understand where the solder option is available make sure that from a defensive perspective states have the capacity to fund themselves and so it libya you think it's a very option was not should have been an option right but we did they did the
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right thing i guess and i think it makes it if you're going to leave it on the table i had to wrap it up of course now and so much for joining us and i thank you . so to come several g.o.p. presidential candidates are desperately fighting ways bash president obama for sticking to the original iraq troop withdrawal deadline three until you take the cake in cycle time segment and happy hour one of the g.o.p. contenders the further and senator john mccain can't get enough when it comes to the u.s. sending troops abroad to find out which country he wants to invade next. i . was there the police correcting it. what a protester nobody seems to know. that never pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic.
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you know sometimes you see a story so. you understand it and then something else here's some other part of it and realized everything is ok. i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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mr. i deciphered tonight tool time award tonight it goes to republican presidential candidate and former senator rick santorum the rick like the rest of the republican candidates has rushed to criticize president obama's announcement that the united
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states will be pulling out all troops in iraq at the end of twenty leavitt but it seems to me that the republican party is having a little bit of trouble here coming up with a coherent response to the president's announcer because they're really just all over the place yesterday rick santorum appeared on c.b.s.'s face the nation where he was asked about the very harsh republican response on the iraq pullout and then we'll take a listen to what he said in many respects we've lost control and lost the war in iraq. so according to rick santorum we've simply lost the war in iraq which was just a little confusing to me because i thought we already got that being taken care of back in two thousand and three officers and sailors of the u.s.s. abraham lincoln. my fellow americans. major combat operations in iraq have ended in the battle of iraq the united states and around. half prevailed. yeah in fact i actually got the impression from watching last week's republican
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presidential debate that the iraq war was going so swimmingly that the rocky people actually owed us money for our efforts cutting back on foreign aid is one thing being reimbursed by may sions that we have liberated is another we should look to iraq and libya to reimburse us for part of what we have done to liberate these nations. all right i get it the whole role of the republican party is to disagree with obama no matter what he says and does but i think that maybe they should spend a minute or two trying to get on the same page here i mean are we winning the war are we losing the war i'm just so confused and of course easy for rick santorum come out now say that we lost the war that he's champion for so many years because he simply gets the blame it on obama we have a president who was not able to set conditions and actually have the kind of influence over the iraqi government now three years the person has had to to work with the iraqi government to try to mold and shape their relationship and to be in
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a position where really the iranians now have more sway over the iraqi government then the united states just shows the weakness of our of our diplomatic efforts that we've this of this president oh ok i get it so now we lost the war because iran is calling the shots and of course because president obama sucks i sure know how the billions if not trillion in dollars that have been spent on a war that was entered into on a false premise no big deal thousands of u.s. and iraqi lives have been lost over a decade of war totally irrelevant rick santorum wants to stay forever just because obama said that we'd be leaving so tonight still time award goes to rick santorum and really the whole republican field for being totally incoherent when it comes to the war in iraq. our guys it's time for happy hour and joining me to is evening as archie producer
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jenny churchill and julian fancher as research fellow at the cato institute thanks for joining me guys joy and welcome to happy hour it's good to be here never been on the force is exciting with walter hill who's with the if this is a devolved and you're interested ok i just spent a little bit of time talking about some of the republican candidates and how and how clueless they are but obviously the one that really takes the cake here is rick perry who just keeps putting his foot in his mouth and here is the newest example. texas governor rick perry rocky issue of the president's birth certificate back into the headlines in an interview with parade magazine perry had this exchange quote governor do you believe that president barack obama was born in the united states very i have no reason to think otherwise that after being pressed governor perry says i don't have a definitive answer because he's never seen my birth certificate reported responded what you've seen here is perry says i don't know why i have marc lamont hill associate with i don't know have i actually happened to the best of us sometimes i
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really don't like i thought brother isn't it was i thought we'd moved on because at this point you already have you have a new election that's coming up right so you have new contenders you don't need to talk about obama being a bordering work of the economy as such crap is the perfect time to bring it up you know you always have to harp on the things that win with your voters and my favorite part is that he goes on to say that he had dinner with donald trump recently and that's kind of what has some questions from who apparently according to some sources is like the new ringmaster it with the republican field he's keeping the brother isn't alive as he met with michele bachmann like three times recently to write this is it your side of desperation right now that you know it carries sort of. seems to be falling out of the frontrunner talk to your him around the status of you know he's reaching for this or. not marsport in a way he didn't think was a surrogate for and this is the classic movies where you sort of alluded to something and then try to avoid accountability for having you know thrown out that
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bit of red meat by saying well it is a distracting issue. back in the zero eight campaign one of the reason visors was on hardball saying you know you think these issues are distractions there are all these things we don't want to talk about we have no intention of making an issue of barack obama's childhood cocaine use you know you know how do you to tell raise the issue you know i think you're giving rick perry a little bit too much credit i don't know if he actually is getting desperate and trying to reach for people or if he just really just sometimes just has to get stuff to lead we were running out of time so let's keep going because we have learned publicans to make by which you know i don't know sometimes that happens here on this show john mccain wants to wage war all over the world and guess which country has that on now. i think that surely it cannot be allowed to continue to slaughter its own citizens indefinitely now they are beleaguered foreign ministers are going to damascus and make demands which assad will not agree to so this is a step by step process but i would not completely rule out actions to prevent over
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time for sure aside from continuing to slaughter his own people. so now they care because obviously this has been going on for months and we didn't hear all that much kristie coming from a lot of u.s. lawmakers but now john mccain just wants to go invade another country more military action i've really loved his reasoning to it was like well now that we're done in libya you know here we need to go somewhere else we have to keep the military industrial complex the law of government as we've learned the solution invariably to leaders in our countries murdering their own citizens is to drop bombs on those people although if we want to make sure that we get paid back i mean we can do this time is concerted hoping cod bombs you know you drop them when they just appear until you swipe a credit card and then they blow up and you don't have to do bachman's thing what we're trying to. or will allow for right now is going to be very embarrassing. let's move on as you obviously were doing a lot of coverage on the show we spoke about the fact that he was looking for an
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occupier to be on the newest real world now they're actually doing a true life i'm occupying wall street here's a little snippet. sure. in this episode through life we'll meet three young people fall to lose everything they love because they can't control their free. way ok that was wrong cliff. i got there but i'm not really here is a jury like it's going to be airing like on november fifth where they follow a couple kids that are doing the occupy wall street thing and i don't know i can i well i was kind of skeptical of them trying to recruit a real world there because i think real world has gone downhill so so so much but through life i'm occupy wall street maybe you think i have a chance well i'm really intrigued because i think they were there the same time that we were so i don't know how we missed them but apparently they go from like you're right they're fearing the clean up and all of that i'm going to be
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interesting i mean kind of perfect right because occupy long wall street is really launched by adbusters magazine activists around that because we're all sort of fans of the old sixty situation is on board the society the spectacle of whose main idea right was a sort of brilliance power of modern capitalist societies to sort of absorb dissent involved you're turning it into a commodity turning into a spectacle so you know we'll take this sort of revolutionary movement he was a real leader we've seen the occupy wall street condoms we think of that there are a lot of people that are now trying to monetize this whole thing let's do our last story really really great this is so funny so imagine that you're traveling and you have to give up you know your suitcase to get checked by the t.s.a. and then you open up your suitcase and somebody may or may not have found a personal sex toy in there and there's just a sign from the t.s.a. the get. go that actually happen to somebody you. know blogger out there who you know this is you know the. pill but from from families to person
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this i feel a little bit weird talking about bills vibrator on on national television that's why i want you to come on talk about ok we're going to do this. she's retiring now because you know some t.s.a. agent pawed at it so i guess that makes my christmas shopping easier. now when years ago it's not doing when you're taking the baggage for dangerous explosives like you know i mean these are things but it's vibrating you know and then you can hope and notice and i you know i think that you know those are done by accident because yeah i think you know i mean i. like the window was was i going to say sorry larry i didn't mean to tie you up or out of time thank you so much for joining me tonight you guys got to put a night show thanks for joining in make sure they come back tomorrow tanya saw me there from the think progress from joining us for happy hour in the meantime don't forget it was found you are still on facebook follow us on twitter if you miss anything you can catch all the you tube dot com slash the little show and coming up next.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. wealthy british style. but on the title of. the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars are there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into
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