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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hello i'm tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture fed up with the republicans blocking every single plan he's put forward to americans to put americans back to work president obama is taking matters into his own hands with his we can't wait campaign catchy title but how much longer can americans struggling to keep their heads above water really see relief and clusters can be deadly nature what about an economy i'll break down a new scientific study which proves our global economy has now strewed and is now truly under the control of a few banks to republish to yours. you
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need to know this is lots of action on one side of the political spectrum to get our economy up and moving again and there's lots of obstruction on the other end two weeks ago republicans filibustered president obama's americans jobs act last week republicans filibuster just a single provision in the jobs act saying they'd rather avoid a want to half percent tax on millionaires and keep four hundred thousand teachers cops and firefighters on the job so now i have senate majority leader harry reid is daring republicans to filibuster job creation for a third time in the coming weeks reid will force a vote on legislation to fund fifty billion dollars worth of infrastructure spending to rebuild deteriorating roads crumbling bridges and decaying railroads already the transportation secretary ray la hood it will put hundreds of thousands of americans back to work and the legislation is completely paid for by a seven tenth's of one percent surtax on people who make more than a million bucks
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a year. so we'll see if republicans for a third week will continue their agenda to crash the economy and side with the billionaires in the richest one percent or if they'll do something to actually turn this economy around and help millions of americans who just want to get back to i'm frankly not holding my breath and apparently neither is president obama the white house unveiled a new campaign today to get the economy back on track one that doesn't need the approval of republicans in congress beginning this week the president will unveil one new executive order each week to do things that help struggling homeowners renegotiate their mortgages students pay back student loans which by the way have now topped over trillion dollars for the first time ever and put returning veterans back to work but we can't wait campaign as it's being called by the white house stresses that the economic problems facing this nation need urgent attention and
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that we can't wait for solutions to come out of a deadlock congress full of republicans whose election strategy is to make the economy worse and president obama drew that line in the sand today in a speech in las vegas. last month when i addressed a joint session of congress about our jobs crisis i also sent this i intend to do everything in my power to act on behalf of the american people with or without congress so i'm here to say to all of you and to say to the people of data the people lost a case we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job where they won't act i will but we're not going to wait for congress. i've told my administration to keep looking every single day for actions we can take without congress steps that can save consumers money make government more efficient and
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responsive and help heal be a calm and we're going to be announcing these executive actions on a regular basis so i will all of these new moving parts function when it comes to job creation and how we affect the coming election in two thousand and twelve for more on this i'm joined by jim dean chair of democracy for america and david wolman contributing editor to the daily koz welcome to you both thanks very much to do and will with a thanks thank you jim for joining us jim the president has this new initiative we can't wait she even pushing these kind of executive orders in the beginning i think he's really finally getting. well i certainly wish he had been pushing this from the beginning and i wish he had also followed through on his executive order on the disclosure bill or disclosing making corporations disclose their contributions to campaigns but you know tom it's better late than never and i'm really glad that he's apparently seems to a found his voice here and that he's going out and he's fighting for this and i'm
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glad that he has the attitude that we've got to do this with them or without him i think it's about time and and i hope we can have some success with that and get some of these folks back to work i agree with jim jim in fact i had somebody call out of the radio show. last friday and time of this topic and they said he says through this area like that and i'd like exactly that's how it's supposed to work politicians you know it doesn't say it doesn't say leader in the constitution says representative disposed to do what we want them to do in an end and in response to that we go every vote for them and so you know god bless them i'd say david walgren what do you think of the strategy in the senate i mean we were just talking about the executive actions but he apparently and for those people who think this is an electoral strategy i don't know how he can possibly drag this out for thirteen or fourteen months it looks to me like he's actually trying to get something done right now but going back to the senate week after week saying here's a smaller one just a little one right just like last week it was teachers cops and firefighters and it
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was just a half a percent on billion you know multimillionaires. will you please stand up for a couple of teachers and you know go with a republican say how long can he sustain this is this working is it a good strategy when we haven't seen whether it's working or not yet i think it's a good strategy and it puts republicans in a position they don't want to be in saying no to what sound like eminently reasonable requests particularly the small ones that are highly focused but i don't have too much doubt the republicans are at least going to start out by continuing to say no but this puts them on the spot and makes them say no to discrete pieces and when you can point to teachers fire. cops and say these are the people you're denying it does make it uncomfortable and we're hoping that they'll eventually realize just how uncomfortable it sooner rather than later and that's what it was last week i mean now it's going to be bridges and railroads and roads and it's like you know anybody who's really driven on a road and in most of america. forty eight hours is going it would about it especially anybody who's who's been in asia or europe recently and you know where
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the the autobahn you literally can drive two hundred miles an hour because it's that's i mean you know it's that it's. so at what point do you think david this strategy let's let's say the republicans just consistently say no no no no no and it runs on for four or five months and the president basically runs out of things to propose because you start recycling them so they become more potent or less potent as a start looking like it's just election chemical at that point i mean how do the republicans neutralize this or are they screwed may just be stuck with this one i mean they may try and say well he's just trying to do the same things over and over and we've made ourselves clear but that forces them again to say well we've made ourselves clear meaning we say no to these things and we say no whether we're getting close to election time or whether we're a year out from election time i think the president's going to have the opportunity to say look i keep coming back to i keep trying he's going to start launching these
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some of these things he's able to do on his own some of these things he needs congress to do but he everyone knows that congress needs to do something part of the strategy though it's going to have to be showing people that they're not just saying no they're also using the rules against you are using the rules yes and they're using the way the system that we've given ourselves in order to get things done is being used instead only to not do things but to not do things in a way that pay off for one political party and once we can make that clear that's the hurdle that he really has to over this is the harry truman strategy on steroids but harry reid harry truman everybody you know i mean the chicago. moses chicago sun times cyclotomic you know do we wins but it was a tie it was a squeaker i guess is the bottom line but we'll see how it plays out jim dean i'm curious from you the in the occupy and main encampment over the weekend. a couple a couple of dozen demonstrators are basically living there in the towns and somebody
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rolled a bomb into it into their kitchen it was in a bottle and it actually exploded this was the first terrorist incident that the occupy wall street or the ninety nine percent movement has experienced and it's been singularly i mean i read about it on the radio today for three hours but it seems to be largely in singularly absent from the news media i didn't see anything tonight. if this had happened at a tea party rally what would we be seeing. we'd be seeing headlines all over the place but here's the good news tom i think the mainstream media is finally getting this a little bit in a way that they hadn't got it when it first started a month ago and and this sort of goes into by feeling that the longer these folks can stay there the more of them that are there and not just in new york but all over this country where there are many many encampments around the u.s.
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the bore of this that goes on the more public support that they're going to get they already have the majority of public support on this and and i think pretty soon when you start seeing if you will hopefully we won't see any more of this kind of. terrorism really but if we certainly do people are going to start to sympathize more and more with what the occupy wall street folks are getting done and what they're about then some of these other folks that are trying to undo it and and i hope the mayors are taking notice of this as well they do have great public support and i really really commend them for their courage of convictions and for hanging out in what is not great when they're all the time not just in new york but all over the country and it's going to get worse and worse and worse the weather is in a way it's and it's really remarkable how these these people are standing up to this david who was in lancaster this weekend it was great you are doing a great job there yeah they are all over the country we're getting getting reports from them it is just remarkable david in politico today there was
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a report that the gang of twelve the twelve congressmen who are who are supposed to or members of congress were supposed to. cut to have trillion dollars of the budget at over two hundred corporations have registered just to lobby these twelve people . do you think that we can trust anything that comes out of this we have about a minute left here i don't know that anything's going to come out of it and we may not have much choice the committee has kind of been set up in such a way that if something does manage to come out there's not a lot of opportunity to stop it so even if you don't trust that there isn't the normal opportunity to stop these things by filibuster there's and they want normal opportunity of amending these things they put this thing on a fast track and if you don't trust what comes out of it but something gets produced and brought to the floor it's a runaway freight train your chance to undo it is maybe next election maybe never and on the other hand the good team falls if if they don't do anything course i suppose on the third hand the next congress could undo it all and this congress can
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undo it all through i mean they can still at some point they could report out some legislation that says we need a little bit more time and that goes on the fast track and they can run that through and say we need another six months is interesting david walgren jim dean thank you both for being with us tonight thanks so much much appreciate. it jim while there we can't wait campaign might make for good optics executive orders normally don't carry as much punch as actual legislation from congress still these new policies by president obama can produce some economic benefits that's unlike the republicans job plan that according to moody's likely pushed the economy back into a worse recession. it's time for a daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's today's question the new york civil liberties union is demanding that the new york police department stop unlawful surveillance of the occupy wall street protesters in zuccotti park so the question will they stop your choices are yes the n.y.c.
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all you said this type of surveillance substantially chills brought us to activity and is therefore unlawful or. i guess the old saying the revolution will not be televised no longer rings true you can log on to thom hartmann dot com to let us know what you think of poll be open until. police in the big apple have been have eased up on the arrests of occupy wall street protesters and instead are keeping a watchful eye. literally so is this new video surveillance of the protestors a violation of their constitutional rights. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through get through it who could make who can you trust no one who is in view with a global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism and school sessions when nobody dares to
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ask we do our t. question more. more mass arrests in the occupy wall street movement over the weekend in chicago where city officials have been nearly as middleville to demonstrators looking for a place to occupy one hundred thirty people were arrested after they refused to
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leave grant park lakes saturday night this is deja vu from last weekend one hundred seventy five demonstrators were arrested for refusing to end their occupation chicago but is the cops in chicago crack down on the movement cops in albany new york are letting things slide despite being ordered by new york governor andrew cuomo and albany mary general jennings to break up occupy albany state troopers let the roughly seven hundred people camped out in the city park over the weekend stay fearing low level arrests of peaceful protesters and cause a riot police defied the governor's orders as one state official said we don't have those resources and these people are not causing trouble the bottom line is the police no police not the governor and not the mayor meanwhile there are new concerns over police behavior as a comedy park the epicenter of the occupy wall street movement in manhattan new york civil liberties union is stepping in to call on the n.y.p.d.
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to end its surveillance of the occupation street cameras aimed at zuccotti park twenty four seven camera wielding cops cars that are recording everything that's going out of the accusation the n y c o u claims that police have gone far beyond what is considered waffle activity for more on this i'm joined by donna lieberman executive director of the new york civil liberties union welcome thanks tom how are the occupy wall street demonstrators having their rights infringed upon in zuccotti park. well we're concerned about the proliferation of video surveillance of the demonstrators you know the occupy folks are actually lawfully in the park because it's this. entity which is semipublic semi-private but it has to remain open to the public twenty four seven yet the police department is not only setting up
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mobile video surveillance units but whenever things get hot in terms of a big demonstration they bring out of their terror unit with their video cameras and if a protester is seem videotaping with a cell or using a cell phone camera to tape the terror guys they'll train the cameras on the protesters or a number of occasions where the been perfectly lawful marches chair will be videotaping you know they have a right to to watch a to observe and even videotape stuff that for the purposes of crowd control but we're concerned that if past is prologue and why not. the police department may well be holding on to this material and that it can't do unless it's got some
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criminal investigation going on is there any worry on the part of the new york civil liberties union or occupy wall street they're taking action against surveillance by the police will lead to a backlash by the city or even a shutdown of the occupation or you. well you know i don't harbor any illusion that the police department's restraint in certain regards with regard to at least the occupation of the park is is you know a result of suddenly the n.y.p.d. believes in him let a thousand flowers bloom let's protect the right of everybody to be peacefully you know at their size and the right to dissent i think there's a read of the political situation that's gone on and that's great but but. the m y c o u has never believed and we still don't bad criticizing
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the city when it oversteps will make them overstep even more we believe that criticizing the city when they should be criticized helps protect the right to dissent and that's what we're all about at the new york civil liberties union. we learned this weekend that someone threw a homemade chemical bomb at the occupy main encampment this is just a morning we know that the new york police department has been doing a heck of a job training in occupy wall street what's it doing to protect them from attacks like we saw in me. well i think. we don't know what they're doing there haven't been incidents like that. and i think that we have to count on them and insist that they. ensure the safety of the protesters who are camped out.
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you know we have certainly seen here in russia in d.c. . on provocateurs you know the people who are who have. very marches or in other situations we've got in the face of the police provoked things some of them perhaps just you know out of control but you know on our side people well intentioned people others at least one that there's a pretty strong. opinion evidence trail locally developing who is intentionally from the right trying to provoke problems to discredit the occupy movement here in d.c. is anything like that happening in new york. it's hard to know. you know as on provocateur or generally get out years later sometimes it's obvious sometimes it's not i think one thing though is pretty clear about the new york occupy crowd and i
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think it's probably true in many places across the nation is that they are trying their hardest to to to both push the limits of the law in terms of the right to protest but to respect the law and to be hate legally and. they really want to ensure that the hundreds and sometimes thousands of people who come to demonstrate are able to demonstrate peacefully and within the confines of the law so for example you know occupy wall street is not interested in getting permits to protest they think that that's wrong so they don't and in new york you're allowed to protest you're allowed to demonstrate in march on the sidewalk as long as you leave in the area for pedestrians to pass without a permit for it to be in the street you need a permit so they have taken great pains to to walk on the sidewalk rather than go
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on the streets for the most part a couple of weeks ago with a protest on the brooklyn bridge we saw that while while official occupy wall street does have an oxymoron it was interested in walking on the roadways some people wanted to take were interested in walking under pedestrian way some people chose to go on the roadway and the way the police responded was they kind of encourage people to go on the roadway and we don't know if it was well intentioned or what but but yeah it resulted in hundreds of arrests and we saw that and i'm sorry we're flat out of time but very well so thank you for sharing your perspective and keep up the great work places in your seo ok n.y.c. oh you dot org is our web site you go. surveillance and news cameras constantly walked on occupy wall street i guess you'll say in the revolution will be televised no longer rings true. but if i told you that the entire global economy was
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basically run by a one hundred forty seven trans national corporations better economy serving seven billion humans made up of thirty seven million different companies and almost two hundred nations on six continents was organized in such a way that only one hundred forty seven companies ran the entire planet wide show i know it sounds like a typical conspiracy theory that a relatively small group of very wealthy individuals could dictate everything but according to a new scientific study that's exactly what's going on more on this in a moment but first here's a little lesson in biology in complex organisms. we have bodies were complex organisms micro or macro organisms and sort of bodies have pieces and those pieces are made of of individual cells so you know we've got all these individual cells here and our body might organize you know some of these into the brain and some of these into the cards and some of these into the kidneys or
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the liver or the stomach and things like that in and then you end up with the organs and then those organs organize together and those the colors here and into a body and boom you've got a person and but here's the problem if one of these organs individual cells the c.e.o. sell a lot of this what was the you got i guess if a sell out here were to start saying you know i'm going to take nutrients out all of these cells and start taking these cells and start taking these cells the most or taking these cells in and sucking down the life of pretty much everything that in biology is called cancer. that's that's a system run amok so the body has an internal mechanism it prevents that from happening the body produces enzymes and there's a whole long chain of events that that catch cells that are going cancerous and kill them and prevent this sort of thing from happening so you know to take this
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back out now to you know what nature has done to prevent cells from taking over from the whole thing cultures by the way have done the same thing one of the things that we find when you look at aboriginal indigenous people is that typically when they reach a size of one hundred fifty people in a in a tribe or clan it will split. talked about this in one of his books sometime back and and so that the individual unit is never larger than one hundred fifty people we found that you know we as individual humans can know about one hundred fifty people so any in capital markets let's let's pretend that these are kept not for example but yeah opportunities are good luck and capital markets let's say that these are these are large companies with in industries and so we've got for example the energy industry and we've got the media industry and we've got for example the
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construction industry or the telecommunications industry or the the air travel industry or something like that over here we've got a banking and finance i think we we left them out of the body before now typically the way and there's two things that can happen here one is that these concert clustering into groups. and operating in ways where they're no longer competing within themselves this is. what's called a trust and this is destructive in that it eliminates competition and this is already happened i mean it would in in the media business of the nation's business if you know pick your industry and what you'll see is that there's a small number of companies dominating but even beyond that if you if these companies not only the law glom aerated are combined into basically these organs but if they all came together into one giant one and a small number of the imagine that there's you know tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands this case over you know thirty million of these and
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a small number of them one hundred forty seven rows up and said you know we're going to control the whole shooting match. that would be a cancer at the level of the global economy and we've actually reached now that stage cancer stage of capitalism this is reported in new scientist magazine this week and this was a study from the swiss federal institute of technology in zurich they found it can take a look at this graphic this shows the the red dots there it is over there the red dots are the most highly connected companies the yellow dots are more slightly connected companies and what they found was that of the one thousand three hundred eighteen most connected companies out of a database of more than thirty seven million there were one hundred forty seven country companies that were the most connected these companies these hundred forty seven companies have basically organized themselves into this cancer and they're
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basically running the world i mean they've they've they're sucking up forty percent of all the all the resources in the world so what we need to do. in business is the same thing that happens in biology as sherman antitrust act used to prevent these things from from and reagan stop enforcing it but it used to prevent these things from forming together we need to have a national or an international sherman antitrust act basically that prevents this kind of of economic cancer in a way this is what the vatican called for today and frankly it's something that we need not just nationally reagan stopped in force in the sherman act we need to start but also international. crazy alert rick perry's gone birth or either ease looking in that he's captured looking to capture the birth vote or he was just a namrud after meeting with the donald but struggling presidential candidate rick
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perry went birth or over the weekend in an interview with parade magazine and asked whether or not he believed that the president was born in the united states kerry said he didn't have a definitive answer but he was asked if he thought the birth certificate released by the president earlier this year was real and perry responded to donald trump said that he doesn't think it's a real and the perry personally doesn't have any idea those were his words unlike trump it was a birth or before it was cool rick perry is arriving the birth of party pretty late it's no longer cool adopting the radical position six months after the president's walk it by releasing his long form birth certificate still perry did receive an endorsement from birth or queen orly taitz so while he may not be winning the republican race for the white house rick perry is definitely winning the race for the crazy house. coming out republicans in the sunshine state are casting a dark cloud over a person's right.


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