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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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you could call them the new oakland raiders police in riot gear tearing through the peaceful occupy oakland camps ripping down their tents themselves resting dozens of people will take it to the latest battlefield in the war between the country's police and its protesters. the purpose of the american jobs act is simply. to put more people back to work. simple solutions seem like a great idea but really work to tackle the big complex problems as politicians on all sides optimistically will toward the future of america's economy where the real unemployment numbers will uncover the ugly truth for u.s. lawmakers to be ignoring. that the illusion because people here i'll go to the cops were told by myself to sleep in the wake of the usually. while the occupy wall street protesters may not have a five star accommodation for sure you have
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a five star food offerings to this man the unemployed shot feeding the movement for free. and it's the sound of liberation as millions celebrate in a post gadhafi libya but with infrastructure destroyed and fouls instead of the people forgetting about the road they took to get to this point and choosing to ignore the road ahead. good afternoon it is tuesday october twenty fifth five pm in washington d.c. i'm christine you're watching our team. starting out this hour the latest in the occupy wall street movement well some of them not in new york but in oakland california where very early this morning protesters with occupy oakland were
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forcibly removed from their camp. pretty intense pictures here this is video taken at about four thirty this morning in rank of valor plaza in oakland look at this police in riot helmets just tearing through the camp we're told they were armed with flash grenades and rubber bullets the seven apparently just moments after those officers use a public address system to announce to the occupiers who had been there for about two weeks already they will breaking the law in all about eighty five people were arrested one frustrated protester was overheard saying quote the cars are the ninety nine percent but they're doing the work of the one percent and all the sudden done the camp was ripped apart with tents stomped on and broken and trash everywhere protestors and try to move to other locations immediately following this point also met by officers and told to leave. and there was one man who witnessed all this independent journalist josh wolf he joins us now from oakland hey there
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josh you know this video we just showed it looks to me like it was a pretty intense morning tell us what you saw and what you heard there in the park i mean it was definitely very intense i got there probably about four or fifteen just in time to see the beginning of the tear gas being fired so we soon as they got around i saw this cloud of tear gas and one of the interesting things was it was at that point you saw good officers put their masks on so many of the others were due to your guests as well and from that moment on it was just basically storm of people stomping on all the tents destroying everything throwing it out and then escorting dozens and dozens of protesters who would many would woken up to the sound of the police outside their tents what sparked this tear gas i mean were some of the protesters being violent were they throwing things at police officers why did they break out this tear gas. i mean my understanding was that people were just
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they're still in the camps and this prompted them to fired tear gas like i said i got there when the tear gas happened but i didn't see anything resembling any kind of resistance immediately preceding the tear gas or at any point afterwards just standing their ground there on of course police brutality not unique to oakland but i'm wondering why you think this is becoming so common we've seen it in new york chicago denver and now here in oakland i mean i think that any time that people demonstrate that they have power the authorities this city government is fearful of that i mean we live in a democracy supposedly but when the people come together in rallies and demonstrations we always are frequently see that met with a very strong arm of the law are and this is no exception this was a case where people had held his ground two weeks spreading all across the country and suddenly people or city government are seeing it as
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a threat and government is stepping in to shut it down although i will say you know in many cases these pictures that we've shown that so many other media outlets have shown of the police brutality using their police batons using tear gas many times this is how the effect of helping this movement games the court do you see that happening coming up ahead and of worms. i think that's highly likely i know that after the police came in in san francisco stopping people tearing down their tarps the video of those people being attacked video of the people being pushed to the ground by the police very quickly resulted in hearings with the police where the new police chief great service san francisco set up and said that they were no longer going to continue their policy of not allowing tarps not allowing tents and now we're seeing art as a flourish with more than forty tents and justin herman plaza which is one of the main squares in the financial district so why give us a take give us
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a sort of inside look about oakland at self certainly it seems to me open is one of those cities where the police time and time again in so many different stories not just the occupy movement theme to be a little more rough on a more aggressive than police around the country at any speculation on why you think that might be. i mean the issue of the police relating to the community in this strained relationships that we've seen strange that very far. we had an all white police force you know when the until a couple of decades ago maybe three decades ago which one a mostly black community most of the officers in oakland don't live anywhere near the city so they don't relate to the people as if they were their neighbors they relate to them as if this is some outside city that they are they're trying to keep the people that are committing crimes or whatnot. from overtaking the city is
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oftentimes the perspective here when talking to police and so there really isn't a feeling of community between the police and the residents it really does feel like a different kind of occupation of the police occupying the city and we're seeing this in many cities around the bay or in the country where people who patrol the city do not live in the city such an interesting perspective i hadn't thought about this certainly when police are not going to be worried about running into their high school classmates or neighbors probably they take a different attitude just last question for you josh coming up ahead i've been trying to follow what's been going on in oakland throughout the day on twitter on facebook i know that after this particular park was you know after the police came through a lot of the protests or tried to go to different areas to different corners and they were just moments later met by police who said you're going to have to leave here too can you bring us the latest can you give us an update i know some of those protesters who are arrested early this morning are just sort of starting to get out
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of you know being held in custody what can we expect next for occupy oakland. so my understanding is that many of those protesters that have been arrested are not being released at this point and there are twitters in messages coming through my phone calling on people to call that this city call the police department called the jail and ask that they're being released a thread of mine is being held on seventy five hundred dollars bail. and many people fear that they're not going to be released until thursday if they don't pay these tens of thousands of dollars of bail the other park that was occupied snow park which is a few blocks away was raided shortly after the main camp was was taken over my understanding is that people are going to start congregating in a couple of hours outside the library at four o'clock pacific time and my understanding is they plan to come back to the park and this is not over in their opinion and this will continue the occupation doesn't seem to be turning away going
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away any time soon and i imagine we'll see more tense out there sometime tonight and certainly have their followers in the footsteps of any of these other major cities where this is happening this is going to be going on for a long time to come independent journalist ashraf turning us from oakland but the very latest thanks so much to you. now the economy is the major issue surrounding all of these occupy wall street protests and for many it is a snapshot of rising unemployment and standards of living that continue to fall with really no end in sight these are just a few of the reasons thousands of americans across the country have joined in these movements in the first place for a stray shower and angers that they say have reached their boiling points of course here in washington the occupy d.c. protests have doubled in size as more and more people say they want not only to protest but to make sure their voices are heard by those in the white house or just a couple blocks away from the right house as well as on capitol hill they say it is important to stand their ground here because this is after all where so many
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important decisions are made and also here where lawmakers on the president all seem to be touting new plans that promise to fix these problems but more and more those hurt the most leaders in this country are just too out of touch with how bad the crisis actually is to bring forth real change artie's more important things to look at. these are difficult years for our country but look america we are tough times we live in the us great recession began as a real estate crisis in two thousand and seven today it's expanded into a national job emergency impossible to ignore the purpose of the american jobs act is simple. to put more people back to work according to the u.s. government nine point one percent of americans are unemployed yet experts say deceptive measures and stick to stickle shenanigans are being used to mask a jobless epidemic that's far worse they do not challenge for time workers who are
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working also on more and they also don't count long term unemployed people who then unemployed for over six months back in time those people would have been considered unemployed but the government constantly changes the definition of who's unemployed and they do that so that the unemployment number looks lower and then it otherwise would be bad when part time workers and the unemployed who have given up hope are factored in the real u.s. unemployment rate increases to more than sixteen percent a more telling but often ignored statistic and they were included then you know what would happen now is that they truly have a major crisis on and and they have something you know this is part of the problem and it can be a little austan continue the status quo and society starts breaking down broken down and in ruins the city of detroit is feeling the full force of america's
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economic decline one in three residents live below the poverty line half of the city's public schools are closing and crime is skyrocketing the capital of the country's motor industry now has an official unemployment rate of just under thirty percent but city officials and residents like to know be a jeffries say the real figure is close to fifty how do you describe it it is. i think if. indicative of what's going on in the rest of the country and they're just now feeling it to heal america's economic suffering experts say u.s. leaders need to abandon exaggerated optimism for the ugly truth unemployment is going to continue to get higher inflation is good it can be a good fire and rather than trying to protect an i that the situation isn't as bad as it is we need to accept i'll bet it is because then we have a better chance of recognizing that the mistakes that were made to us president
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barack obama has proposed a four hundred forty seven billion dollar plan for recess city america's workforce but just like any life saving procedure recovery can only begin to take place when the condition is fully understood or enough we're naive artsy new york president obama of course not the only one putting forth plans that is campaign season here in washington and that there are so many of those fighting to stay in office putting forth the familiar messages that jobs and the economy are the number one issue in two thousand and twelve but what about this disconnect between those who can help and those who need the help why so much talk and so little action earlier i posed that question to know me prince she's the author of this book right here it's called black tuesday here's what she had to say. well first of all it's always campaign season and that's one of the reasons why we always hear so much and see so little getting done and there is a realisation because there can't not be any that we have
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a jobs problem but as we've been looking at the stuff you're running into this segment and people know when their day to day lives and see in cities and in the outskirts of cities throughout the country the job situation is a lot worse than any politician says and you've got one situation on one hand you have obama who knows it's bad but is campaigning so long to pretend that he can do something to make it better soon we have the republicans who are basically saying there's no way that's going to happen but we're going to be the ones who are going to fix it soon none of them are really fighting those very dire statistics and therefore knows or accept that there is a problem bigger than they can handle or are handling and hence that disconnect continues but the president says he wants to handle this of course the american jobs act the president and his team traveling the country trying to sell this to the american people regardless you certainly not selling it to congress i mean do you think with this is one of those things where i'm out of what is proposed the
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republican house says no way or is the president's plan fundamentally flawed. i think it's a bit of gold the planet so it has a significant proportion that just basically extends unemployment benefits which are necessary because we have a real problem with people who want to find jobs and can't find jobs because they don't exist because for every job that even does get created there are four people minimally in line to apply for that job there's just the inability to obtain that work and so there's an unemployment benefits component to that bill which needs to be extended the other component bill really doesn't have a lot of power in it to create many jobs in the problem is that individuals who hear obama speak on either side of the aisle whether they supported him or don't like him just don't see those changes happening in fact we are continuing to hemorrhage jobs we have you know since december two thousand and seven when this recession began we've lost eleven million jobs we have nineteen percent of
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individuals who are part time employed and not able to basically make ends meet we have a youth unemployment rate close to twenty twenty to twenty five percent depending on the area and the demographics of a significant problem and i don't think anyone expects or accepts that obama can really change that on the other hand the republicans won't let anything through and that's an issue as well nor are they really for opposing a better way of encouraging job creation here they're kind of going through the same tired rhetoric that if you cut taxes on corporations somehow magically they are going to be all these millions of new jobs created when in fact a corporations are sitting on money and not creating those jobs anyway or they're off shoring or outsourcing those jobs anyway and they're not paying any taxes already and not creating those jobs so both sides have a real problem here and we talk about the difference in the numbers that we see often and the real numbers i want to throw something up here for people to look for those without
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a job the average length of unemployment is twenty two weeks according to the bureau of labor statistics i should. mentioned that for workers over fifty five that number is almost double that forty three weeks when we talk to me about this i mean what do you see as some of the long term effects of having so many people especially in their last ten years really being able to work from age fifty five to fifty five being out of work well that there's two reasons that's going to continue to be really devastating number one is those people have counted on the fact that they would have the job and therefore the ability to create more of a retirement nest for themselves you know there's all this fear of social security potentially going away or even though it's stable now might in the future so there's that fear that they are going like i thought across the country and many people in that age group come up and and are really concerned that there's going to be a dramatic down grade to the benefits even expected to find if you add into that the fact that they're not. making money in the meantime to pay their their regular
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living costs right now and not able to save anything for the future and that becomes an even deeper concern and so the fact that this period of how long people have remained unemployed is not just large historically it's also continuing to grow because of the other fact that jobs are being created that's only going to continue to accelerate and exacerbate that problem much you have young people coming in who can't find jobs they are basically living at home with parents who are potentially looking at losing their own jobs and there's an incurred cost of having that additional family member at home when that was an anticipated and that's a further drain on families across the country know me sadly we're out of time next time i get john i want to talk more about your book black tuesday certainly came out at a perfect time considering what we're seeing with occupy wall street and the ninety nine percenters thanks so much for joining us. next we turn to new york city to look at the story of one member of occupy wall street was economic roller coaster
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talk and kept him out on the streets are dishonest as a rock. from riches to rags an american fairy tale gone sour eric smith walks by a luxurious manhattan hotel the chef here for six years he whipped up posh meals for the rich and famous we did to thank which four thousand. we did parties for the past three played since there are some really high end stuff the recession changed everything today eric is jobless and broke after the leader right now collecting unemployment which is. about three months isn't gradients of change too we work with a lot of high end. now it's lettuce and tomatoes for simple vegetable brought in a brooklyn soup kitchen where he while in tears as one of the cooks for occupy wall street protests the thirty eight year old detroit native dreams of starting his own
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business i talk a truck but doesn't have the money you know it's been a struggle. yet has made me think about what other people are struggling even more than most of the realization that one in six americans are living in poverty i do it. because not every to the occupy wall street protests calling for change just go from bad to worse to even worse and it's really happening all over the country the food he and other volunteers cook at soup kitchen shows everybody in the revolution. gets delivered to the protesters who spend the night camping out our eric also sleeps here at the end of the night when there isn't much people here i'll go to the couple by myself the sleeping bag. usually even though the chef is penniless in this revolution he says he's been waiting for it his entire life looking for which back out to the men trying to get their shit out as fast as
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possible and make sure it's perfect for. the poor and the rich operated now we spoke to. this this is something that's really good look at the fruits of liberty and even though life is tougher than ever before eric says he would not choose to be anywhere else but here from relatively well off to flat out broke is not an exceptional biography to have in the west these days eric story is one of millions but he is one of only hundreds that have found their way here so far into the future archie new york. moving on now to libya word announcement came down today that the former dictator moammar gadhafi his body has been laid to rest in a secret location this is apparently so it doesn't become a shrine to his supporters meanwhile thousands from libya's new ruling class are devoting their time and energy to rejoicing instead of attending to the pressing task of rebuilding their country so with retain water shortages thousands dead and
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the country's infrastructure hardly destroyed here's a question other people are ignoring the price this country paid for freedom our season is now is on the ground in tripoli and has this report. because of liberation are loud and clear. it looks like a state of euphoria here where everybody is happy and you know. even though there is no formal you know law and order but are they ignoring the price paid for freedom in libya some thirty thousand civilians are said to have been killed and four thousand still missing his house was one of nato's misses a single family lost five people including children really nothing but they have pulled joists all governments but no one sauce. is going to rebuild my house will compensate honest follows much of the country's infrastructure has been destroyed
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finding water is now a serious challenge in the capital and don't have any supplies and try to collect what they can also program a family with six kids we don't want to leave and to come here every day and get water is very difficult. we're going to leave gone be electric station and then we'll eat for ten days they haven't fixed the problem but at least we can come here for now. but maybe not much longer. before the war libya could boast one of the gas living standards on the continent with high life expectancy and low child mortality rates but after months of having gone in fierce fighting the country's social and economic achievements have been brutally reversed its people now betting on a heavily armed and inexperienced group to govern them through a fresh start in the wake of destruction ali asked us not to reveal his face during
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my pay for saying this because good luck that you can talk or see anything positive about gadhafi he will have serious problems with the rebels there is no government speaking out would be the end of you he tells me if people were truly happy about the end of the dashi the way he was killed there would be millions not thousands on the streets to get the free movies i'm sure some sixty to seventy percent of one hundred does not approve of the way it's not he was killed we expected it to be tried as a prisoner of war not killed like what we are told the new libya that would be justice when he was the head of this country and it was not justice in the way he was killed i have no hope for the future but it's just the beginning don't you think that it will get better with time but things will take time to change in the country. i think there will be a lot of times you know if you charge right now if you wanna use fighting going on between tribes and anyone with a weapon not car you can do what they want. so many celebrate this new power
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libya's history people like me are quietly bracing for the worst. and he said no way artsy to. some important questions here about the price of peace and if what we will see will actually be peace that is exactly what i spoke to columnist and former reagan administration official paul craig roberts about he joined me a little while ago from atlanta georgia i asked him to break things down and give me his thoughts on what he thinks is next for libya and i take with him. well washington. state and of course the country is not united and this was an. aberration more freedom. there will be tremendous. infighting and it'll probably break roofies. washington will lose it to the country various tribes will desecrate one another
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and meantime washington will be building a new ruling class enriching the. connection. with washington libya under the sun i want to stop you right there you think that washington will very likely turn libya into a puppet government but we've got to stop for a second and you know this has been said about other places let's look at what we just saw in tunisia the first place for the arab spring sort of happen alexion there of this past weekend is limitless largely came out ahead there of course we expect egypt when they have their elections we expect at large likely to be run by the muslim brotherhood and leaders in libya have vowed that it will be run by muslims but it certainly remains to be seen what kind of policies those in charge of all push i mean you say it could be a puppet government but it seems to me that those who could very well come into power may not have the policies and ideals of the u.s.
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in mind. well you see there christine tunisia was a. proxy army overthrow the government. in libya this was this was a western instigated group all that was not true in tunisia but when you talk about the national transitional council i mean still i mean they. tell me. right exactly so who's doing this several people believe that it's largely made up of former and current members of al-qaeda so i mean. don't you think it's very possible that that when a lections happen in libya that it's going to be people who have differing policies than the u.s. well i certainly don't believe washington and in straight talk. conducted thousands and thousands of military sorties on libya destroying most of the country killing thirty thousand people just ignore deter. and certainly didn't do that
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and therefore that's not going to happen well certainly i think most people would hope that the case probably at least in this country and let's figure take a look at this week on just staying for a little longer because you know we'll talk about a puppet government of u.s. iraq this week kick us out said sorry i know you want to keep a few thousand troops here after the end of this year not going to happen i mean karzai in afghanistan who a lot of people say is a puppet government for the u.s. this week said afghanistan would support pakistan were it attacked by the u.s. you know so what about those as examples of other puppet governments and things like the u.s. it like it's not a good idea for this country to engage in that anywhere. well i agree that we shouldn't be bothering you nice people. we're not doing it and all of the currents are really trying to sort we. actually we i don't mean it i mean washington.
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washington has its own agenda and gender is not in the interest of the people. wearing the brunt of the american military so in the case of afghanistan. washington is clear off more than he can chew just like so he is there and karzai who is a puppet has to be worth it as to whether or not united states is going to be able to make it stick and stick and that was columnist and former reagan administration official paul craig roberts and that's going to do it for now but for more on the stories we cover go to r.t. dot com slash usa and also check out our youtube page youtube dot com slash r t america also follow me on twitter i'm at frowsy the a lot of so is that next and thirty minutes from now i'm christine frezza.


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