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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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wealthy british style. sometimes. market why not. come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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feel special altie allocation chobani phone call talk from the shops to. lunch all she is on the go. video. all she's mine gold calls and r.s.s. feeds are now in the palm of your. question on the call. if. any
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is easy. to be true. about now and that is probably slept with a lot of women from america. canada. did not play. very. well. and spying on. but i'm defining. strike force that i. think you see that. change. i doubt it. was. anything. like.
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you know girl would want to come here probably and be with someone for the whole time and have this little romantic interlude and feel a whole you know a fun loving family it was so great. it was just fun and it sounds like see you in like it looks so good in sweden you don't want to say that because if you say it's a girl maybe she thinks she's too. i thought i'd check i mean somebody could look at the playboy and would be somebody who is like.
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going to so you know i mean there's a lot of frustrated with the women that you know i mean just look at the sales of a pray love i mean. women that just don't quite know. how little i mean women don't want to be women anymore in the ways i don't want to be feminine. and i think it's a shame so i can understand why they come here and he's searching for something and suddenly this environment. he'll. begin to trim school it's a big thing for. her to do but it's surprising when it's all the other woman. be on the beach sweating in the sun sizzling with their ball boy local girl the sometimes or whatever they put on their bodies or touch them so. they don't have these hog heaven to produce coming and smiling at them and treating them as people come and give the red affection i saw one.
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in a laugh to have fun you know they'll get out and sing and dance and joke and you know they're funny. and they're not they're very there themselves are very i judge them you know they'll include you in everything. they just want to have friends and you know they're very safe i think comedy for a lot of the women that come here what they're feeling is these people feel safe to them yeah of course you get more attention here and they have to push you like my friends. i don't have to explain influence things it's just so much for them it's so much to leave the shoes so much about looks and how you are and. you have to be someone i don't you have to be somebody.
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what's important is that the money is good for you not the face of the idea of the money scrooge well you know but then it's so good. to look first in part because your first open ended well i wanted to grow up to be a policeman but my exam results were not good enough. and had also around the same time my dad fell sick and class has happened we have no money then. i couldn't find any other work so i went straight to the beach to learn my way and i had seen many of my friends get women there so i rushed to learn english at about
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. looking for a job so difficult before this thing for my four month sleep in place place misplaced place then i see my friend working on the good then he. came when you were on you working on the beach with my friend. yeah i don't i. mean you know. if you are an inline. man on the ground on this round don't forget then. it's normal every day i just move my friends of the population free their name of king means i might be. a teacher. then there's no getting. out of like there's a. black guy
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learnt english that's a study in your dictionary. well i would learn two sentences every night. and i was practiced them on the beach the next day. i studied important words to do with sailing fishing tracking renting masks things that were relevant to my life. and. something there. this and i start. looking. less and less and less and speed our way can handle only. this stuff. that's probably.
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sometime fifty thousand something. kind of funny. sometimes. you know. but there's engineer and then looking. it's good. i love. there man if you. go to time. span i've got to get. i've got to get. patted my marionette for dear.
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surgeon i sell the package it's mostly i don't ask for a payout out front. first and foremost i sell dolled up people once she's been in valley for a while it's a different story. that's true if i find one and she stays here for money for what then everything's free that month food when it's everything then a risk when she leaves she'll give me money for food for a month and from there maybe a money to cover rent for three to four million what it would. see say she goes shopping to be able to buy for me. when fifa says the two or three dollar t. shirts well you know goodbye to that it's ok to risk. colors have it because i feel it's better for me to look for someone older than a higher salary and i still learn a lot younger woman is unlikely to stay here as lola because she probably doesn't
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have as much money i know you're going away be she's traveling during the school breaks and only has enough to eat and party and belly. mean a little bit of an older woman like me at first yeah just say that you know you're old enough to be my son how much more does. i but i would say i don't care about a young couple tell or look young coconut is too fresh anyway an old coconut gives more oil to some matter then children go out with me i have had boys approach me i have had say that to me i'm very committed to my family and i have a wonderful husband i've been with him for almost thirty years and i have two wonderful children so i've never interested in and they know that if europe if you get all the chance to. assess. on our we.
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often see it must work some way. i. meet. with work. when segal begin rallied and see all this before during rallies. as i said as. part of. the process of course with. yeah i mean these are. like this you know from. when we go. for this or go see go over you know and so from what is he going to get . this is going to close. up.
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you know what. they just stay here to be paid for their lives so they can be in the u.s. maybe that she's gone and she can tell them that she wants to come back so he always knows and she's plain facts that we might gain believe it or not it. when we say both want to come in july with i'll tell one of the girls to come the following moment because it rains a lot in july because then it will get dirty here and then one girl comes first and then the other one comes a month after this metroid simple. kind of. list have come out. both my women this came at the same time and about what was on my
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side and find. time to go get one out of ten years i was confused about what to do . young want to become so i decided to take the prettier was beautiful oh yes i. do let me i didn't attend to the one and was sad to natalie as happy as. can be let's save the last time of my stead i asked my friend to take care of her i told him it was ok with us. you have to think about the book. take. it there it can be someone. i was not. the specific just one so way. to inform you that. this was going to be.
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just let her answer your questions just sergeant confucianism friend who actually just got this really does. think if he wants to get. in the. system for trying. something for like ten. million it's not over where it was. for foreign woman. the problem about the money.
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woman from well you. already to hear this i have experience with a local boy prefers this local boy won by. and he got the look worldly if it. had prepared and there's. no really good account of life. where it's not fred. and a good friend. and the look on boy is fairly and. i. must be buying cotton quite only if. you buy me a new lot i. got to be excited. and see zero one team this is. i'm. buying the crackers.
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and enough of the car. of course out. tomorrow. but i'm going to say about a lot of my friends like i say i'll tell the girls my father is sick and then at me or my mother is sick or my grandma is no more and get better usually if she has slept was a guy before his own t. asks for money to sort of problem out at that particular death my sense of us. usually when i get a woman she'll want to see my place. or call my friends and that may tell him to put my things in his place my d.v.d. player sound system everything has to be moved. want. to make it seem like i have nothing then she'll give me money to buy this samantha. no usually she gives me money if it's for a d.v.d.
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player i'll put mine back if it's for a t.v. i'll put my t.v. back. in the woman by the lan. names after. i have nor have a relationship with you who are you like. well the second australian woman paid for my motorcycle so i don't know you're having problems now because she has gotten quite old peculiar tiresome starting to see things differently ok it's time i called i don't consider chatty like maybe i'll look for another steady girlfriend like because i'm too used to a glamorous lifestyle knowledge about glamour not a steady income but you can spend on drinks look for more monetary chair.
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to. the. you're asking me whether the boys are good for their coffee. they're part of the economy. part of the. craftsman it's not pretty. it's hard to. generate light be writing itself out of running on others the motorcycle industry. the restaurant. business is here i think without they might tweak a lot of policy economy may not be they.
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saw. my husband works on the beach seeking guests and guests i'm not upset with him on the hat and the sounds i am. when roy's guests come. face with them. for a night or two i just sleep with my husband i don't mind that i don't have other means to take care of my children. was i didn't go to school i can't even read. a lot of this is well who else was a wife tells me when we need things for the children but if i don't have money and there aren't any guests on the beach with email my girlfriends telling her i need
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money to buy shoes and clothes when she sends money i can cry things for my wife and children it's really. good to have you met any of his female guests. yes. yes i have and i was friendly with them such a. unique about nothing but a lot of my married friends still seek women professionally. first their wives would scold them. but this was before they had any material wealth. once the husbands met a rich woman to help them build a house with car hire the i do believe in the wife instantly became more understanding.
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but he passed. with this woman. and the wife doesn't mind the work. this isn't a good question because she come here to have a relationship three years but why. the wife i'm not. jealous. because while you and bill three years because. it isn't mean. house not yet fitness. i prefer working on the beach looking for guests. colia wouldn't it be better if he worked in an office or in construction. but no why not . he might fall sick. if he has
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a struction job it's harder to work on the beach and be but your husband sleeping around with other women is not a problem. as i grant him that. tonight nancy pelosi has a definition for example if i get married to a chair and i meet girls or older white women with lots of money i want my wife wants a divorce damn i will say go ahead so i don't care there are many women who will back me. up a man can't make money through farming in. spite of the farming is one dollar a day all year construction three dollars a day fishing i don't even and i think they sometimes. mean they were answerable to
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many in the community by out of i am always paying for this and that because to worry about money i have to provide for my family except to put my brother through school. number and well this family temple six months ago cost me about one half elves and dollars for this and the three shrines inside i don't think. you need a lot about you know this is my father's home now i might get to some my. last days here with my brother and his family i'm not now. how much do they cost you until we're going to buy a new director this house caused by the four and a half thousand dollars. but really why did. i split the cost with my brother some people from holland help to. enable my second one here this will be my own house. to get married how insults stay here is how my sort of.
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fare and i'm not ashamed to have a son who looks for women a beach. it enables him to help his elders but i will pull out of him. or help one more question don't be upset i just have to ask. say ten or fifteen years from now if your son did the same kind of work as roy would you be upset so i would not be. with you more now. i'd be happy if my son worked on the bench like wrong but be.
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to say yeah but i love women i say that with the knowledge of a glow that said that's a big gigolos don't speak from the heart again i didn't say speak from the my desk at the bottom but i speak from the heart say i but get it up first of all i speak from the top to the because i'm genuinely interested in us hamel me making love my first priority is to make love to them making love what you make money i love it when i never asked for money even when you know. but to give you money but plane of people that are. then friendly. and fun though i admit it gives me the. idea interesting to the end i want to say. wealthy british style. sometimes like. that.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or run no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report. on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street sprint they have. a good chance the chance to sit. it would break the status of the human experiment . with. business rap music awards it goes to the movies allegedly trying
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to send some global economy and it's on changelings us financial troubles the reason is to maintain our confidence in long kids and taking on the critics wants to be seen trade imbalances recession looks even the nation's close to collapsing a subprime loans will close close. to fail so we played against the level like thing is us crash seven in the ceiling it seems to dislike all the classes and the plans for me i'm just programs increase the total economy. get our some interesting story and it seems so you think you understand it and then a blip something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't. charge welcome to the big picture.
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the issues. critique a should free in-store charge is free from a tremendous free. three stooges free. the old free blog loaded video for your media project a free media gone to hard t.v. dot com. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to hope racial to rule the day the book.


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