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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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fresh cautious as the wall street protests spread police in oakland california detained nearly one hundred activists and chased the rest off with tear gas and rubber bullets. the results fate hangs in the balance as the leaders try to stop spaulding and serve as a solution instead which could see the biggest pile yet to topple its runaway find out says for the summit will open on the hydro after news that germany has approved a massive expansion of that used bailout part. of the cheers and jeers over a gruesome death with western media you for the reporting of gadhafi spilling his family wants nato to answer constructs. and in russia the markets are more optimism than anywhere else with the all the c.e.o.'s of two percent or sixty two percent of the close of wednesday's session moralism business of c. plus the business news conference.
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just after seven pm here in the russian capital and this is our take police in oakland california have been trying hard to scare off occupy wall street protesters that kept coming back to the city hall the activist wanted to reestablish a tent camp torn down earlier ninety seven people have been arrested. is following developments for us. i believe this video that we have seen from oakland is arguably the most violent we've seen police against the occupy wall street protesters downtown oakland california for example something of a war so high tuesday morning when the police i tasks protesters with tear gas flash grenades and rubber bullets shooting one man even in the piece with
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a rubber bullets these are these officers who were in attempting to be a bit the activists from their protest camp ground that they set up and bieksa go outside city hall in oakland approximately five hundred right police were trying to take part in it became the activists from the campground and each time add to this came back from what's being reported at least ninety seven protesters were were rescued in all of course this coming out or clouds of tear gas and noise and plash pretty cool for well in the area and hopefully now the spark for the conflict with the fact that this occupy a wall street movement has been growing louder has been growing larger has been blazing across the united states outer launching here in new york city nearly six weeks ago now as far as what the police in oakland california say they say the
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camp that protesters set up are was illegal and they had repeatedly told the optimist's that they had to leave that campground officials also say that the site know whether choice to use the tactics they did because some of the protesters were throwing rocks and bottles at the officers and city police when saying that these two officers were injured so far no video has surfaced showing any activists physically attacking any police officer. well you also spoke to independent journalist josh wolf who witnessed the police crackdown on protesters in oakland he puts much of the violence down to law enforcers having no sense of community and those who are demanding change i think that anytime the people demonstrate that they have power the authorities the city government is fearful of that i mean we did in
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a democracy supposedly but when the people come together in rallies and demonstrations we always hear frequently see that men with a very strong arm of the law are and this is no exception this was a case where people had held his ground two weeks spreading all across the country and suddenly the government is seeing it as a threat and government is stepping in to shut it down most of the officers in oakland don't live anywhere near the city they don't relate to people as if they're their neighbors they relate to them as if this is some outside city that they are there trying to keep the people from overtaking the city is oftentimes the perspective that i hear when talking to police and so there really isn't a feeling of community between the police and the residents and it really does feel like a different kind of occupation of the police occupying that the city and we're seeing this in many cities around the bay or in the country. of the occupy wall street protests are drawn from all walks of life people whose lives have been up handled by a recession they bill and other national fat cats are decent to see
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a truck around that one of them. from riches to rags an american fairy tale gone sour eric smith walks by a luxurious manhattan hotel the chef here for six years he whipped up posh meals for the rich and famous we did a banquet for five thousand. we did parties for the past three presidents there are some really high end stuff the recession changed everything today erika's jobless and broke the radar collecting unemployment which is. about three months as ingredients are changed to we work with a lot of high end. now it's lettuce and tomatoes for simple vegetable brought in a brooklyn soup kitchen where he while in tears as one of the cooks for occupy wall street protests him thirty eight year old detroit native dreams of starting his own business i talk o. truck but doesn't have the money you know it's been
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a struggle. yeah he has made me think about what other people are struggling even more than the realization that one in six americans are living in poverty. has led eric to the occupy wall street protests calling for change i've seen it just go from bad to worse to even worse and it's really happening all over the country the food he and other volunteers cook at soup kitchen shows everybody so the revolution. gets delivered to the protesters who spend day and night camping out our eric also sleeps here at the end of the night when there isn't much people here i'll go to the cops were told and find myself asleep right on the ground usually even though the sheriff is penniless in this revolution he says he's been waiting for it his entire life cooking for the rich back cats in manhattan and trying to get out as fast as possible and make sure. the poor and the rich still
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separated and that i always felt i was wrong. this is something that really did make a difference in a good job and even though life is tougher than ever before eric says he would not choose to be anywhere else but here from relatively well off to flat out broke is not an exceptional biography to have in the west these days eric story is one of millions but he is the only hundreds that have found their way here so far i'm pretty sure our chief new york. well it's the law enforcement system that's part of what the protesters are rising against in the first place that's according to alexis o'brien who is behind a website which helped the first occupy wall street movement some. well i think that defense contractors realize that they can sell weapons and you know machinery in armory to civil forces in the united states and the heightened sort of culture of the war on terror has created a you know it's a great excuse for law enforcement to sort of increase their budgets this is an
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example of how hard and soft dollars disloyal incompetent the special interests have been served our nation's civil and military power and they spawned a host of threats to liberty and your national security. all our you tube channel lets you see for yourself what's happening in the occupy wall street protests across the u.s. but we've gathered footage shot by activists themselves and it's all of you tube dot com slash r t and it's that kind of evidence that's getting american officers restless google reports an increase of requests to remove video of these protests we've got that story at r.t.e. dot com. it's make or break day in brussels as european leaders gather to try and put the final touches to pull the euro zone out of its spiraling debt but the mood remains grim with a growing concern that bickering and rivalry between politicians are getting in the way artie's down your bushel has more of the build up in brussels. germany's
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parliament has agreed to approve the bailout fund basically as an insurance for loans taken by nations it did happen despite insults. really thrown across the palm and even directed at anglo mogul herself she was accused of knowing taxpayers to get this deal through the germans of course opened secretly hangry blaney deal because germany will have to pay the vast majority of any of any bailout that does come parliament was also suspended for a short time today there's a new there's a fight breaking out between paul and terry and it will be in force brussels to take out the new round of the measures silvio berlusconi offered to resign also his government refused to raise the retirement age and its need to sixty seven as france and germany are demanding he also reportedly told his cabinet there's no point in going to brussels today if he doesn't have a full mandate and all that was the support of his cabinet and government's own little things only looking good for resolution so they seem to differ once more
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negotiations on greek write downs all proceeding very slowly officials want banks to write off seventy five percent of their loans to greece so if you lend to million euro to athens you can forget about three quarters of that banks are obviously angry they say anything above forty percent right and europe's whole banking system is in trouble it's really sheltering the girl from the horses bolted but the e.u. today is also trying to raise the amount of. that the banks have to hold to avoid exactly the same crisis next time draw conclusions so no deal from recapitalization of banks in other words buying from a vulnerable in the event of a greek default take a major hit and many are in fact expected to collapse but also unconfirmed reports that china has agreed to invest in the european financial stability fund on the one hand it's in china's interest to prevent a collapse of the european union and the euro because that will have a negative knock on effects on the rest of the world economy. so if everything goes
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in china will. be investment. promised conclusion to the euro's troubles some already looking for inspiration elsewhere as there are no reports as the talks continue to try to find a resolution for the financial crisis that the people who are cutting through the political rhetoric and telling it how it really. needs souls to stand the greek hip hop group he's political rap lyrics have been striking a chord with people about. the figure and. the replay of the protests and the squares the situation in greece is really tough and everything is reversed from what we used to know few years ago we use our own lyrics to show how we perceive things are happening in our society. was performing in unison may come naturally to the greek the reason leaders have
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increasingly been failing to sing from the same page you take twenty seven different countries with twenty one different languages all with their own different histories and different forms of government you cannot take them and force them into one unitary for government and the european project actually is dying as we look at it as the person continues to come up with a rescue plan for the e.u. . the mas by decreasing amongst the member states. we now have the greeks abusing the germans they don't burn e.u. flags openly with swastikas wrought on them i we have the germans slagging off the greeks as being lazy and useless and they are really of this project is father was all becoming friends together in this new european house actually we begin to argue and pick up in the most extraordinary way. this week struggle to do with the stars
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the measures including cuts to child's wages and pensions protesters in the streets claim is in power in brussels and acton's it's a blame is simple it who gains needs and the people as a major political decisions and tools continue to take place hind closed doors system italians to take the discussion back to the streets so. athens and on the way in a few minutes here on our t.v. israel's foreign minister does it again he's pulling no punches in wanting palestinian leader abbas out with this thorny words coming at a prickly time for the peace process to get reaction from inside israel. relatives of the slain libyan leader moammar gadhafi are reportedly looking to the hague with a war crimes lawsuit against nato they accuse the alliance of deliberately targeting gadhafi convoy which they say pose no threat to civilians nato was only allowed into libya by the u.s.
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solely to protect citizens meanwhile the military alliance has the strongest preliminary decision to end its libya mission by the end of this month following calls from the interim government to stay on and start is a nice and now i've discovered it after his death isn't making the country safer. one of the major concerns here are light weapons fire arms that are massively in the hands of the population here and there are efforts from the end to see to try to collect and get people to willingly disarm and bring their weapons front but so far it doesn't look like that idea is working out we went to one collection center if you will yesterday it covers an area of tripoli and for the entire day only about ten or twelve a k forty seven have had been returned just to give you an idea of what that number means walking down one or two blocks here in the capital you can see maybe two times or three times more of that amount of automatic weapons being waved around but even more serious concern here in terms of security about
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weapons storage arsenals unguarded where houses full of weapons what happens if those weapons get into the wrong hands already human rights watch has expressed grave concern about ground to air missiles that could essentially hit civilian aircraft if they get into the wrong hands of the security situation here very very sensitive i just recently some three hundred people were found murdered in sirte with their hands tied behind their back that is farting accusations of political executions which is exactly what these former rebels were fighting against i know others think that that is the just stinks if you will of the prophecy of forces the way they could defeat was killed i mean we saw the brutal gruesome footage that went viral the whole world watched including of course libyans here i don't know a lot of the things you're seeing in the mass media is people just full of elation by gadhafi is just that dead when you go out and speak to people and push them a little bit you do find that there are
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a lot of people here that are hesitant to expressed just just horrible feelings about the way he was killed but not to mention the fact that he wasn't of course very different from muslim tradition he was put on display for days and only after thousands of people came to see him was he for. so so it's not exactly as it seems from afar what people feel about the jaffe we can hear and actually start talking to them that however not the case in the last three of how some people very outspoken and happy about the way jackie was killed this was really the mass media experts are telling us that's because we're down with him to the grave to many of his secrets of dealings with the west. a libya's new leaders are being increasingly accused of the kinds of abuses they were rebelling against when they overthrew moammar gadhafi the number of people allegedly executed in the city of sirte has risen to almost three hundred journalists james corbett has been closely following what's happening says they are about the right people to be restoring law and order
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they never enjoyed the support of the majority of the tribes in libya whereas. i was obviously able to take country together for decades so we've gone from a regime of whatever sort it was that was at least stable and enjoyed from there and some of the highest living standards in the world in africa so you know a regime that self evidently is incapable of keeping a country together without leaving military might if you know backing them up and i don't think anyone can argue that things have actually substantially improved from the libyan people and all of this so again i'm not sure what the solution is but i think the solution cannot be to you have more of the problem that created this whole mess in the first place which is we need to see forces the gruesome images of gadhafi is lynching were met with cheers and applause in america's mainstream media which is quick to herald his demise as the dawning of a new libya are. finding out whether dancing on gadhafi is grave is justified.
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it started with cheers and. the joy of killing the african leaders spread like wildfire in the us media because there's a trillion dollars to get saddam and a girlie and dollars to get gadhafi going libya says they're going to pay back the billion that we spent to so it's going to end up being sort of free for free or not so let's get in on the ground there's a lot of money to be made in the future in libya there's lot of all to be produced and no american soldier killed probably greater opportunities ahead seems like the perfect new world theory one that's meant to be a lesson to others i think it sends of an important message to other leaders in the region who are i tell you that these are big theaters they are not very original just like saddam hussein caught a little hole will mark a dot he was a bad guy over many of us would argue how bad he was from them considering what the documents don't listen to the welfare of women's rights but i think the ire of the
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u.s. audience as presented by the media he was the ultimate evil it's a demonization every step of the way against gadhafi in the media today always one one man becomes a justification one leader of a country becomes a justification for destroying an entire country. for a few days the media savored the bloody music. and laughed at similarities between his character in a ditch and out of saddam hussein all the cheering about qaddafi is killing in the eye of the public effectively or grazes the bad case after the nato campaign no mention of even civilians killed in nato strikes number to talk about the destruction in the country cost by those strikes conduct his killing is presented as a triumph a triumph which can create a perception that somehow it's perfectly ok to invade a country and help its leader be lynched but if it's presented as such
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a success doesn't become more tempting to try the same methods somewhere else i'm going to check that reporting from washington are. israel's foreign minister is raising eyebrows again this time saying that palestinian president mahmoud abbas is the biggest obstacle to peace and should quit now it's not gone down well on either side of the door lieberman is the man who recently said the world should keep its nose out of the israeli palestinian peace process let's get reaction now from getting levy a commentator and columnist who's following at this event mr levy this is a high level be off especially during such a frosty period in this search for peace what do you think he's getting after is he actually suggesting toppling abbas. i think our foreign minister is dealing mainly the politics he told stories vote people who support us and he's very regrettable and i know that the prime minister by himself did not
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find his words. i think did a veto lieberman is not. an obstacle for the peace process in the middle east much more than most people don't but. yeah i do think he actually gets support you say he talks to his supporters does he actually get support by speaking the same. political or extreme ready. until the. racist emotions in these very society he's doing so for many years and he will continue to do so the program is no good he sees the program resume nominates such a person for the most sensitive position of being the foreign minister of israel when he's really in any case has so many problems and difficulties in its foreign policy and its image to put team as defacing. is really.
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all right what impact do you think this will have been getting to the next stage in the israeli palestinian. standoff and how's it going down with the rest of the israeli elite. in any case the peace process is still there. and i don't see anything moving in the coming future. too. far away like never before and even if they will be some meeting the chance for any kind of progress is very very limited everyone say this you understand that the input from mr lieberman's expressions is very limited this way and i mean it's another one of those expressions which poisoning the atmosphere but they cause fear is very bad in any case right he said and the impact is limited but even president peres himself has distanced himself and has explicitly said he's backing abbas on
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this in regard to what lieberman had said. yeah but finally it's about niceties it's not about policies when it comes to policy is there is now a big big big gap between the israeli government the current israeli government and the palestinian authority and i don't see this being over bridge. over gauthier ok just very quickly you've described lieberman as the worst israeli foreign minister ever so why you. think. if you take their word of the most nation the least dick asks really is the israeli one of the most right biggest right wingers and you know i mean eighteen to be. without any blow by the experience was many anti the bromide the characteristics then. so you can expect
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a very very little i think it's a very very poor decision to nominate these men to be the foreign minister. thanks very much for your processor columnist gideon levy thanks again for talking to us here on r.t. . all the cross our panel focus on our weather and more right about is that it was a brutal execution or to be expected as a last chapter in libya's civil war and well that's after the business update in a tree. thanks hello and welcome to business units a red letter day for scientists and business men working with nanotechnology in russia moscow is hosting the fourth nanotech forum as part of the drive to modernize economy make it less dependent on natural resources more from marion across. any image any tax can be printed
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on water and just a matter of seconds and this is just one example out of a thousand seer russia of course is not exactly known for it's a noun also quality in the street that's what these people here are now trying to change it's a crucial for russia to diversify its economy and find other ways to make money especially now when the risks are growing too global energy demands and that's why the government created a nanotechnology corporation called roosts nano i want this company is trying to do is develop the industry through home investment in portraits with significant economic potential or social benefit so far they have approved the financing of over one hundred projects worth around eighteen a billion dollars and today of course of their looking at sue get more votes so when it comes to actually achieved in the past four years there's no margin to show
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and that's what's so boring many and right now it's crunch time for them to prove what they can do with all of that money well of course today is what everyone's been saying is that not all technology is a great way for russia to keep the mourners ation of its economy growing innovation and secure pash in the long term. the markets this hour well prices are declining after reaching twelve week highs and prices rose by as much as so point four percent in the day but it's really mr tudor of course of the crystal balls up and i mean in the u.s. which is the world's biggest consumer markets with the decrease. u.s. markets did open in folds of territory but it's lost most of the losses now and then the dow jones is up just a quarter of a percent or so nothing is down one percent boeing shares have. more than four
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percent in the black market released from record profits. europe is also down in the dumps of us cities down point three percent of the taxes losing one point two investors are very cautious this hour they are for the. fin trade we're seeing because head of the european debt plan summit which is due out today drug maker company mike is still the top gainer in frankfurt shares are up more than seven percent after the country reported strong course of the earnings and this is the closing picture in russia it's all looking very positive russia demonstrating more optimism than anywhere else pretty much the r.t.s. up two percent nice x. two point six percent look at the main drivers of growth this is a row snapped up three and a half percent scaling up to propose an almost twenty six percent increase in net profit the first nine months of this year another good first half results and was
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demonstrated by energy holding in my risk a it's a net profit rose fifty one percent to eight hundred fifty six million dollars in the period bucking the trend is a ritual its retailer m.b.o. company has a failed to agree on the merger with its why the rock. american markets are you know quite where we are today you know basically there is a sort of positive noises coming out of the e.u. summit in addition to that the oil price is still hanging above hundred ten dollars which is quite strong and good signals from china that it may monetary policy which is encouraging and later in the day the market got another boost from better than expected durable goods orders coming out of the u.s. . jan natural gas monopoly gas from a payout record dividends this year vanity giant compared to six billion dollars twice the amount paid a year ago it will be a record high for gas from a cash payout and want to move the company into the same league as rushes of media
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in their dividend payments that's the end k.b. and either of them are just a venture. and that's all finale headlines are next.


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