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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2011 10:01pm-10:31pm EDT

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meanwhile officials in the shura say he's hiding out somewhere in the vast expanse of jews along the country's border region with older and southern libya has been on the run since the revolutionary forces took control in some of last week to his father and the brother of the slain didn't do however looking to the hague to bring a book crimes lawsuit against nato they claim alliance forces deliberately his conduct his convoy which they say produce no threat to civilians major actions and a un resolution was strictly limited to helping protect ordinary citizens not take sides in a civil war and while libya's interim leader of delusion mail has asked the alliance continue operations until the end of the year to stop gadhafi loyalists from escaping but as things are he said now with reports from the country the kind of death isn't making the country safer. one of the major concerns here are like why pins of firearms that are massively in the hands of the population here there are efforts from the empty seats try to collect and get people to reeling we disarm and
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bring their weapons back but so far it doesn't look like that idea is working out we went to one collection center if you will yesterday it covers an area of tripoli and for the entire day only about ten or twelve a k forty seven ton had been returned just to give you an idea what that number means walking down one or two blocks here in the capital you can see maybe two times or three times more that amount of automatic weapons being waved around but even more serious concern here in terms of security about weapons storage arsenals unguarded where houses full of weapons what happens if those weapons get into the wrong hands already human rights watch has expressed grave concern about ground to air missiles that could essentially hit civilian aircraft if they get into the wrong hands of the security situation here very very sensitive and i just recently some three hundred people were found murdered in sirte with their hands tied behind their back that is sparking i can. patients of political executions which is exactly what these former
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rebels were fighting against another thing that just stinks if you will of hypocrisy of course is the way they put down feed was killed i mean we saw the brutal gruesome footage that went viral the whole world watched including of course libyans here and although a lot of the things you're seeing are in the mass media as people just full of elation that gadhafi has done that dead when you go out and speak to people and you push them a little bit you do find that there are a lot of people here that are doesn't change we expressed just just horrible feelings about the way he was killed not to mention the fact that he was of course very devoted to muslim tradition he was put on display for days and only after thousands of people came to see him was he finally buried just so so it's not exactly as it seems from afar what people feel about gadhafi how we come here and actually start talking to them that however not the case in the last three you have some people very outspoken unhappy about the way gadhafi was killed distrusts
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really the mass media experts are telling us that's because gadhafi with him to the grave took many of his secrets of dealings with the west. and correspondent for the asia times has a break out for the country saying it could be housing for most of policy several. jet at the end of two thousand and four is serious in oktober two thousand and eleven what the marines did which was to destroy in order to save it this year and see a need to did to see what gaddafi didn't do when people say no he's going to cajun massacre in benghazi need to end it and see the city the islamists i guess the defectors in the civil war in libya it's already obvious they will never set up a government because they're militias fighting against militias second possibility if they don't capture saif islam and that's the reason why the t.n.c.
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asked nato to stay until to the end of this year in fact two more months they want to capture safe otherwise safe and islam is going to organize a guerrilla war i guess the government as well so what i predict is plunder of libyan resources minerals oil and gas water you name it nato running libya as a kind of protectorate puppet government hamid karzai style in. tripoli and civil war all over the place the gruesome images of khadafi. chairs and a pill was in america's main camp which was quick to herald his demise and during or neither am i he's going to check out has been finding whether downscale conduct as grave as just. it started with cheers. the joy of killing the african leaders spread like wildfire in the us me it was just a trillion dollars to get saddam and
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a billion dollars to get gadhafi and libya says they're going to pay back the billion that we spent to so it's going to end up being sort of free for free for nothing so let's get in on the ground there's a lot of money to be made in the future in libya there's a lot all to be produced no american soldier killed probably great opportunities ahead seems like the perfect new word favorable but one that's meant to be a lesson to others but i think it's sense of an important message to other leaders in the region but i tell you that these are big taters they are not very original just like saddam hussein caught amid a whole new market da he was a bad guy over many of us would argue how bad he was for them considering what they don't people don't appreciate the welfare rights but i think the ire of the u.s. audience as presented by the media he was the ultimate evil i mean it's a demonization every step of the way against gadhafi in the media today always one one man becomes a justification one leader of a country becomes
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a justification for destroying an entire country. for a few days the media savored the bloody medusa's. and laughed at similarities between his character in a ditch and out of saddam hussein all the cheering about could office killing in the eye of the public effectively raises the bad taste after nato campaign no mention of libyan civilians killed in nato strikes not much talk about the destruction in the country caused by those strikes and his killing is presented as a triumph a triumph which can create a perception that somehow it's perfectly ok to invade a country and help its leader be lynched but if it's presented to such a success doesn't it become more tempting to try the same method somewhere else i'm going to check our reporting from washington. party. sources a crunch e.u. summit say ado has been reached where the writing of fifty percent of banks greek debt it was earlier now is that banks need to boost their capital reserves to
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ensure they can weather the quizes the summits run deep into the night with an official statement only expected on thursday morning or she's done a bushel has the latest from brussels. by june next year banks will have to raise the amount of capital european banks will have to raise their reserves to cover any risky investments such as greeks greece the greek prime minister has spoken to reporters here saying that greece has made a superhuman effort to make its economy viable but the odds are still increasing that toughens will have to quit the euro on the fears that is that still increasing the fund has also been increased they won't say till november by how much italy is the country that's really in the firing line it's released a letter of intent here at the summit silvio berlusconi promises to increase italy's pension age to sixty seven they're also cutting back on job protection measures but also raising around five billion euros by selling state assets wasn't easy it took the prime minister's offer of resignation to get this deal through the
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italian parliament there were fifty points today in the parliament that had to be suspended in its leash temporarily because many are opposed to a new round of austerity measures that are being demanded by brussels now we're expecting at best a framework deal which will reveal what will happen in the future if the e.u. leaders can resolve their differences of course france wants a much larger bailout there's talk of france actually being one of the countries that will need potentially in the future that bailout one italian politician said they won't take any lectures from nicolas sarkozy of france because the french economy is in as italy according to that politician germany is more against more bailouts many of the more financially prudent e.u. members the talks all respected to run over time some say may now last days the. darling says the e.u. leaders should look themselves into this building the e.u. commission building here in brussels on till they come up with
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a solution because there are fears that there will be a continuation of the global stock market collapse. and marshall our bank has a global investment strategist at madison street partners believes that not a constant bailouts no further sterrett. greece has one of the lowest expenditures of social welfare spending in the european union if you look at the statistics from europe said and the o.e.c.d. they have considerably smaller pensions and the germans and the french do. i think this this notion that everyone buys into that somehow they're just scroungers of the state they have fundamentally a problem of tax evasion whereby the most wealthy in the country have for a long time avoided paying their fair share in taxes and so the bottom eighty ninety percent of the population are paying the price for that the e.c.b. should be undertaking per capita revenue distributions and you do that on the basis of population to each of the euro zone nation states could be crediting the
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national central bank bank accounts which can then use that money to retire public debt and that way you deal credibly with the solvency issue it's not a bailout because every single country including germany will recipient of the funds but this way you get the e.c.b. involved this is the only entity that can create unlimited amounts of euros at the stroke of a keyboard and therefore it will provide a credible solution to the problem of national sovereignty. occupy wall street protesters across the u.s. are preparing to march against police brutality and in support of an iraq war veteran scott olsen is now in a critical condition after being injured by offices also was hit after police fired tear gas and baton rounds as they violently dispersed a peaceful rally in oakland california arresting around one hundred people. has been followed. the scene that transpired on folded in oakland california is arguably the most violent scene we have seen thus far between us
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police officers and activist activists taking part in the occupy wall street movement police had fired tear gas and flash grenades at protesters hitting one man in the face this was all taking place and unfolding as about three hundred fifty occupy activists did not want to leave the camp grounds that they established weeks ago in front of city hall in oakland and the police in oakland california were removing them were trying to remove them and told them they could not be there about three hundred fifty activists have set up camp there five hundred riot police reportedly went to the scene and not when the clash took place it is being reported that police had fired off tear gas four different times now another man was caught in a tear gas this man was in a wheelchair and off of what images show police we kept. lobbying canisters adham
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police were also seen throwing flash grenades right into a group of people that were trying to help and injured woman clearly this is just the latest kind of incident clash between police officers and these activists a lot of police officers in new york city and throughout the country have been accused and criticized of using little force against u.s. citizens that are just trying to authorize and use their freedom of speech now police officials say they had no choice but to use these heavy handed tactics with the protesters they said some of the protesters began throwing rocks and bottles at police officers city officials say two police men were injured in the clash that unfolded. a morning in oakland california but if it's going to be the last one many people highly doubt it because as artie's been reporting the occupy wall street
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movement has been growing louder has been growing bigger and has been gaining a lot of support. and as he spoke to independent john is josh wolf who witnessed the crackdown on protesters in oakland and he says the police are like an occupying force from the air. i think that anytime the people demonstrate that they have power the authorities this city government is fearful of that i mean we live in a democracy supposedly but when the people come together in rallies and demonstrations we always hear frequently see that man with a very strong arm of the law and this is no exception this was a case where people had helped his ground two weeks spreading all across the country and suddenly the government is seeing it as a threat and government is stepping in to shut it down most of the officers in oakland don't live anywhere near the city they don't relate to the people as if they're their neighbors they relate to govern as if this is some outside city that they're there trying to to keep the people from overtaking the city is oftentimes
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the perspective that i hear when talking to police and so there really isn't a feeling of community between the police and the residents it really does feel like a different kind of occupation of the police are you buying the city and we're seeing this in many cities around the bay or in the country. cross has drawn from all walks of life people whose lines have been up and by recession they blame on the national front counts on who's in situation right. from riches to rags an american fairy tale gone sour eric smith walks by a luxurious manhattan hotel the chef here for six years he whipped up posh meals for the rich and famous we did banquets for. we did parties for the past three presidents there are some really high end stuff the recession changed everything today eric is jobless and broke after being laid off on
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employment which is. about three months his ingredients have changed to we worked with a lot of high and. now it's lettuce and tomatoes for simple vegetable brought in a brooklyn soup kitchen where he volunteers as one of the cooks for occupy wall street protests the thirty eight year old detroit native dreams of starting his own business a taco truck but doesn't have the money you know it's been a struggle. has made me think about how other people are struggling even more than myself the realization that one in six americans are living in poverty. has led eric to the occupy wall street protests calling for change just go from bad to worse to even worse and that's really happening all over the country the food he and other volunteers cook at the soup kitchen chairs everybody in the revolution. gets delivered to the protesters who spend day and night camping out hour to eric
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also sleeps here at the end of the night when there's a lot of people here to the comfort zone and find myself a sleeping bag right on the ground usually even though the chef is penniless in this revolution he says he's been waiting for it his entire life cooking for rich back cats in manhattan and trying to get their food out as fast as possible and make sure it's perfect for the four and the rich parents or so. we didn't always get it. this way this is something that's really going to make a difference in the kitchen and even though life is tougher than ever before eric says he would not choose to be anywhere else but hear from relatively well off to what our role is not an exceptional biography to have in the west these days eric story is one of millions but he is one of only hundreds that have found their way here so far is that if you're going to archie new york. well stories about the
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occupy wall street movement around the globe are on our web site that includes a. rest alert protestors get a special photo procreation of both allow them to inform that friends relatives and lure they're being detained with just one touch of a button. and while professors are you protesters are using a web application on their phones to warn of unrest the police are less happy with the internet for other reasons forces in america and britain have been demanding google removes a number of videos of police brutality from the two according to transparency report published by the web giant the number of such requests has increased xabi this year it's of privacy and civil liberty campaign that jim killick told us that it's for the courts decide what can or can't go. an open court can look at the material the media can report what's going on and if material is asked to be removed at least that is done in
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a publicly accountable way the problem comes i think in the situation we see now here with google is that the police are advising google hears what material might be breaking the law and then google decides to censor that material without a court order you can sort of understand that on the one hand because you tube is a it's a platform and a site it's not a search engine but really it is working in exactly the same way it's a public platform for us all to use and it is wrong for google to start making those judgments without the appearance of a court. let's get some more international news stories this hour with high tides on the way the title for a warning of a higher risk of flooding in bangkok after months of rain which killed over three hundred sixty in the country since july a combination of tides and floods would submerge low lysis districts by up to one point five meters the water recently installed a sound barrier is the route from occurring now in the west of the capital to help
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ease to an age and blood shed by whole second episode on tuesday some of the nine minute lesson as the residents try to leave the city. will survive is including a two week old girl have been recovered from the rubble as rescue teams continue frantically searching after a devastating earthquake in eastern turkey the seven point two magnitude tremor struck on sunday causing thousands of buildings to collapse but the number of dead so far reaching at least one hundred fifty people less still being pulled alive from the rubble but some estimates fear the houses may have died questions are being raised as to the structural integrity of the buildings which crumbled into quite. rivers of mud have swept through the north and east making at least nine people after drenching rains in the country at least six people are also missing as floodwaters swept away roads and bridges and cut off several times the most devastated areas only
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a tad riviera includes have the most picturesque in italy with a number of the year nice coat world heritage list. our top story this coming your way the third. british. the things.
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i'm in manchester with douglas calls well he's a conservative member of parliament he said the political system in this country is broken and in urgent need of reform he's also renowned euro skeptic douglas carswell thanks for talking to us we use this catch all term skeptic what does that mean old style euro skepticism in this country used to be about trying to take this country back it used to be an inherently conservative movement that was about trying to take us back to a sort of one nine hundred fifty s. status quo i don't have much truck with that at all i mean you're a skeptic because i want change and i want to really change the way this country is run i think fundamentally europe is in the mess that she is today because she's trying to do too much by conscious deliberate design the currency is a mess because it's a product of conscious design agricultural policy or fisheries policy trade policy you know we need to let go and we need to allow the different parts of the european
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continent to do what suits them best incidentally i would say that that's why the european continent group. global prominence in the first place is precisely because we never had the political centralization that russia had that china had for the mogul empire had that the ottomans had that europe was allowed to prosper in the first place so we need a decentralized europe and i'm afraid i think that means rejecting the whole e.u. project completely so you think that question should leave the correct we should have an in out referendum and i would vote for us to come out of the european union the european union and one nine hundred fifty s. political structure it's an outdated architecture for a modern continent. when we joined the european union or what became the european union in the early one nine hundred seventy s. western europe at that time accounted for thirty six percent of global g.d.p. today the european continent accounts for far less than that by twenty twenty it
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would account for a mere fifteen percent of global g.d.p. we joined what we thought was a prosperous trade bloc it turns out we shackled ourselves to a corpse i think we're better off when you talk about an in out referendum that isn't there a middle way where we have trade relationship with europe that without any of the politics involved in effect if we hadn't in our referendum and most people voted for asked to leave the european project as it is we know that the european landmass would still be there we would still have people with whom we want to be good neighbors personally i would like us to continue to have free trade and the free movement of people between our countries we would still have to cooperate but i think that can best be done through bilateral structures ad hoc arrangements. i would personally like us to stop being rather begrudging tenants in the european. apartment and become good neighbors to the european countries that are
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next to us we need good relations with continental europe but we're not getting them by be. in this one nine hundred fifty s. apartment block despite the fact that the u.k. didn't actually join the british taxpayers is still covering the currency to the tune of billions of pounds is that wrong it's absolutely wrong you know we have found ourselves in the ludicrous position of having to bail out a currency that we chose not to join and i think it's wrong for ass to have increased british liabilities to over twenty billion to prop up a currency that i think needs to be allowed to break up you know. within europe within recent years we have allowed you can't just be creative when slovakia broke away from the czech republic they did so very simply by creating a new currency when argentina had the us dollar turned out to be a disastrous mistake brought about by politicians and when is ours when eventually they had to break that link they were able to devalue their current c.
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default on their debts and start again and as a result of that both slovakia and argentina are doing pretty well that i think is the answer for greece for portugal for ireland probably for spain and for italy another way perhaps of looking at maybe the german center of the eurozone should be allowed to establish its own currency whichever way you look at it it involves breaking up the euro and greece has recently said admitted really that it's not going to be able to meet its debt certainly for the next yeah possibly to two years under current circumstances how much the british banks stand to lose in greece portugal and ireland well british banks are liable for quite a lot of money billions of pounds at least that used to be regarded as quite a lot of money until our government started printing it but you know. the case the british banks are going to take a hit and they're going to take a hit not because of some abstract problem in the euro zone they're going to take a hit because their investment teams on their fixed income debts bought greek and
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portuguese and other government debt that they regarded as fixed income but term. it out to be a really bad investment now when my constituents buy shares in a company that's badly run and lose money the government doesn't step in and underwrite their loss so i'm very very concerned that taxpayers in my constituency will be asked to bail out banks that brought this upon themselves now if if it is the case that we are going to have to prop up some of these banks because these banks have been so badly run such victims of their own greed that unless we do so our economy will disintegrate well thank you very much thank you.
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to the joining us on a trip to a magical land where pesticides are just plausible anymore for school children to live and learn without ever opening a paper book or einstein's theory in the laws of physics no longer apply and we're big can always be bigger still be afraid take my hand and enjoy the ride on technology update here on r.g.p. .
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this is our see the headlines. davis reportedly ready to surrender to the war
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crimes court where he is wanted on the charges and while the dead sea when he does relatives are looking to the hague to bring charges against nato accusing her of breaking the monday in firing off his. deal with banks to write old fifty percent of greek debt has been announced after an all nice easy leaders' summit in brussels on the euro zone tails natural situations have been ordered to boost their reserves to weather the economic storm described by the german chancellor angela merkel as europe's a west coast crisis. police in oakland california used tear gas and baton rounds to violently despise peaceful anti wall street protesters detaining nearly a hundred activists one of the protesters to time iraq veterans called olson is in critical condition after being hit on something on line and it's. there's the headlines up next hour into the show spotlight host speaks to the former head of the israeli not.


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