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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2011 1:01am-1:31am EDT

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no i was following developments in you joins us now live maureen what mood do we know about these latest developments well the latest developments to come from new york city police department is that at least twelve people if not more have been arrested thus far as this demonstration in new york city has been taking place for hours now at least five hundred activists of occupy wall street have been walking or were walking through a lower manhattan to show their solidarity with the protesters from oakland california that's where police have used tear gas to disperse a crowd just twenty four hours of many people of course injured they are in a violent clash between police officers and have to face but here in new york city we saw many occupy protesters take to the street walk from their odd there are there are grounds in zuccotti park all through lower manhattan chanting.
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your honor new york is oakland now as it is that massive group was walking through manhattan there were helicopters flying overhead we saw riot police come out. and wrist stream of police officers and cars following the group around people who are emerging from bars all along manhattan to ask what was going on and then voicing their support for the occupy movement some people were even seen getting out of yellow cabs and walking along with demonstrators but of course as with every occupy protest there were clashes between police officers and activists there were some scenes of police officers arresting some activists and at some point taking them down to the ground some of the activists were walking with our engine netting i was unclear if they were that that aren't getting with the team. by the new york
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city police department from the officers or if they brought that many on their own and of course we know that this is netting that they had my p. d. has used to try and arrest the occupy wall street activists in previous weeks now this is six weeks in to a movement that is world and are larger and louder not just in new york city but across the entire country from what we're being told the demonstrations are winding down right now in zuccotti park but there is still a police presence there the police presence is diminishing from what we understand but there this is just the latest developments and demonstrations that we're seeing in this ongoing movement a marine or in the rather than tolerating protests police in most cities are targeting them and cracking down what's going on that's right in the past day or so we have seen a huge crackdown now in atlanta and occupy demonstration took place at least fifty
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activists were arrested there but it was an oakland california that this means many say looks like something of an urban war zone odd the occupy activists that to the streets in oakland california there were at least three hundred fifty of them ah god into clashes with the police and the police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd trying to remove the optimus from a campground that they stablished two weeks ago in front of city hall in oakland california now we saw over five hundred riot police violently try to evaluate the activists at least ninety seven protesters who were arrested but we do know that there was one man shot in the face by rubber bullets and that was in a rocky war veteran by the name of scott olsen is a former marine two time iraq war veteran he is. now in critical condition from
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what's being reported he was shot in the had by a police projectile and right now he's in the hospital in critical condition he was in one of the many iraq war veterans that were peacefully participating in the occupy oakland march there were many other people to suffer injuries while these clashes took place between police officers and the protesters say the police officers fired a total of what's been reported four rounds of tear gas against the crowd now officials say that police had no other choice because the protesters were throwing rocks and bottles at the officers cities officials say police to local police officers were injured but there were a lot of injuries to be seen on the part of the activists that were participating in this in this demonstration in oakland california and so far there's not much
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images or visuals or video to come out that showed any of the protesters attacked it attacking the police officers and the police in oakland california new york city and throughout the country have been criticized for using brutal force against these activists that are just trying to exercise their freedom of speech. ok when they were there phenomena point nine thank you for that. well our correspondents are at the heart of the protest log on to our twitter feed for their fresh pursed hand updates on our website and to more on the story use of digital help demonstrators you have to cation to enjoy it it's called i'm getting arrested let's lawyers friends and family the protesters being handcuffed check out the details that r.t. dot com. other news now european banks will write off fifty percent of greek debt the deal was reached during an emergency summit in
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brussels which continued well into the night among other measures the eurozone and the i.m.f. will give the country another one hundred billion euro in rescue learns there's also an agreement on expanding the bailout one to one trillion europe all that follows immense pressure on the leaders after multiple delays in anti crisis action promises of a solution marshall and other news of global investment strategist at madison street partners says the european financial system is to blame for the current turmoil. it's fundamentally unfair look for the problem of the whole. order of the eurozone economy is one of financial architecture you've got to go back to this flawed financial architecture would start with with the currency union without a fiscal union but we were all told one ball was the same as another whether it be italian bond or german born and now effectively the rules of the games have been changed in the bank has been forced to take this haircut in effect they are being
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punished for the wrong thing the response has been completely the wrong way around the problem is fundamentally one of national sovereignty is trading at very distressed levels because these countries are all perceived to be insolvent it's not just greece it'll move on to portugal italy spain and maybe ultimately france and germany so you have to first deal with the problem of national solvency and the way you do that is by creating a mechanism whereby all the bonds are deemed to be money good and you can only do that by involving the european central bank once you deal with the national solvency problem you won't have this issue of the distressed bonds and therefore you won't be needing the substantial haircut and you won't need the substantial banking recapitalization the banking recapitalization in any case will create a huge debt deflation spiral because all the banks they will want to raise money at these prices and try to shed assets and if they do it all once it will create an even bigger economic disaster. where the crisis plan is effective or not for the austerity hit the greek people any help history of long layoff many are finding new
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ways to survive in hard times. that time is money for a country where cash is now in short supply time is taken on a whole different value in the time bank or exchange want to services and sometimes they give a painting lessons for free but they take your for free also somebody else is teaching yoga banks just one of the growing number of scientists working alternatives that are providing people. another way to cope with the tough economic conditions services can include anything from language classes to babysitting all home cooked meals huge huge everything we do without money like looking after people are making things by ourselves for a country in crisis building social unity can prevail extremely hard crisis is a terrible thing it creates fear it divides people from public sector workers to
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from private sector workers it divides richer workers to poor workers immigrant workers from home workers and that's a terrible thing. for the past networks have been a great way of bringing together large groups of people the populous slogan here in greece now is no one's alone in the crisis organizations are arranging swap shops to exchange clothes and one town in greece is even started its own bartie currency we still have the memory of. agricultural society in greece where people used to do things together like they would do the olive tree of my family this week and then next week with the olive trees of your family and then the next week of the other neighbor so they would exchange services and the like that nicky gives me and her friend alexander he's also a member of the time bank and lesson one of the free services she provides and in exchange alexander helps out with the gardening so the time is repaid it's an
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amazing way. of receiving finally by giving to the other. as many greeks struggle with wage cuts tax increases and with unemployment in the country now cripplingly high there's been huge interest in the time banks and bars and networks places in aladdin's cave of arts and materials it's no wonder really that this idea of swapping gets in services has proven so popular. building solidarity is a time when the economic situation is extremely uncertain. networks won't solve greece's financial problems they do provide a massive amount to support the participants it's not to respond to you cannot make crisis in the sense that it's going to overturn the guard but it's giving support. to both. terrible economic policies that are being hosed by the troika it's giving
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people support to feel that they can do something. with the tough economic times leaving many greeks feeling worthless there is real value in projects like the time bank with the greek government drowning in debt these creative solutions are offering any support but encouragement to the people here which at a time of deep recession proofing priceless commodities so i think athens. later today max keiser and his co-host stacey herbert's look closely at the way greeks are venting their anger at the economic plight. is greece a failed state and i want to answer that from right granny in this image here you see right granny well i think she's saying no greece is not a failed state it's an occupied state because they're not asking this question about iceland are they. now because iceland stood up to the bankers whereas.
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subjugated by the tyranny of the bankers and this granny here throwing rocks the police she's a good for what the cops store for them and the politicians agree says the things heat up in greece hopefully the banks in greece will completely collapse and this will be the only saving grace for sovereignty. the family of colonel gadhafi is preparing to sue nato for the airstrike on his convoy that led to his violent death at the hands of m.t.c. fighters the family lawyer said that the alliances actions were clearly aimed at overthrowing the colonel and not protecting civilians meanwhile even with gadhafi gone the country's future looks far from secure from tripoli and he said no way since this report. the war is over but the weapons are fully
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loaded. human rights watch has expressed grave concern about leftover arms in libya their number one fear warehouses thought to hold ground to air missiles which could in the wrong hands take down passenger aircraft it's through mate so our nato allies in the region which these weapons have been flooding libya and also libya is quite country anyway the population has has quite a lot of light weapons in his possession and those light weapons are becoming a heavy burden on the national transitional council now relying on an army of former rebels for security that would try to control the bends and we check if there is somebody has when we ask him if he has to go towards a shooting or this we are not. the. checkpoints have been set up across tripoli to check that those carrying weapons have proper documentation and
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those who do have the paperwork are being called on by the national transition committee to return their arms the question now what if they don't and what does that mean for pulse gadhafi libya and its stability and now as you can see is being secured here everything is under control and the only one would think that we will make some major news of how to give back the weapons but we see something very different i ask this head commander what the plan is to disarm the population. i swear i don't know if you look. at the home of the c.b.i. mad. at a makeshift arms collection center that covers one neighborhood in the capital we are shown this. to these are the weapons people brought to me today not many. walk down one block in tripoli and you'll see twice as any firearms. do you know how
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many weapons there are in libya i tend to slaughter to have inside leave yeah i think everybody have a weapon some think the front of arms in the country could spell disaster ahead in the vacuum after gadaffi impulse through fault chaos as groups fight out of this just battles to power. what you have now in libya is schools of armed factions who have no respect for each other and who have no respect for may to actually either they've opportunistically used mate or to achieve some aims and nato has been foolish enough to go along with this so i think what we're going to see now is an intensification of the civil war between increasingly the factions which have overthrown with the gadhafi regime with many libyans now yet ready to say a farewell to arms at the end to see which could only be daffy with nato how is now asking the alliance to continue its mission
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a vivid indication of just how unstable the country is and he said no way our teeth tripoli pepe escobar a columnist stands correspondent for the asia times thinks the outlook for the country's bleak seas comparisons between what happened in sirte with events in iraq seven years ago. lou jet at the end of two thousand and four is seriously in oktober two thousand and eleven what the marines did which was to destroy fallujah in order to save it the t.n.c. in need to did to see what gaddafi didn't do when people say no he's going to all creation a massacre in benghazi need to end it here and see the civil war in libya it's already on they will never set up a government because they're militias fighting against militias so what i predict is plunder of the libyan resources nato running libya as a kind of protectorate puppet governor hamid karzai style in. tripoli
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and civil war all over the place where remember you can log on to our website to find out all the latest news and analysis on libya and much more besides check out the cartoon gallery to get a fresh take on serious issues offbeat angle to the online exclusive section on the site that's at r.t. dot com. now the amount of money being siphoned off through bribes paid globally every year stands at almost one trillion dollars according to un estimates the high level of corruption in russia makes it a serious offender but the average rate of bribes going faster than that of inflation and anti corruption campaign is gathering pace as our teams there have pushed her over explains the people involved in the biggest bribery scandals are those who seem best at avoiding prosecution. the cameraman's hands are shaking he's
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a police investigator who's come across one of the most ostentatious homes he's ever seen including this swimming pool adorned with press goes in the style of michelangelo what makes this raid so unusual is that the home doesn't belong to a multi billionaire but a humble head teacher well an ordinary state school in moscow for. the next occasion has initiated a case in the court regarding confiscating consenting to trust property it's a luxury house in the mosque or region through apartment in moscow and for expensive cars the man on the run became this rich in just eight is using clever schemes to steal from the school its teachers parents and the state a recent study of everyday corruption claims teachers doctors and traffic police officers are russia's worst bribe takers for the. low level corruption it's a bribe paid to settle everyday issues so it's also known as every day corruption big stalled money for traffic violations provide medical paperwork and inflates
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school grades making people pay through the nose people in russia say they're born with corruption and die surrounded by. a bill from literally childhood from school age gets used to the idea of breaking laws when they need to get some service and that is an extremely corrupt an attitude the only positive findings of the research is a growing number of people who consciously resist giving a bribe and a falling number of corrupt the us the average bribe is almost twice as costly as five years ago for him or when accused of corruption among his subordinates one of our former police bosses said start with yourself and stop giving bribes out of principle and start doing things legally it may be more difficult for you but it's worth a try your health care is the most corrupt sector and with bribes to do it over one point two billion dollars last year however the average medical bribe is. relatively small and doctors can go to jail but except in just thirty dollars
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because they work oh every day corruption is the result of the state's failure to fulfill its social obligations low salaries promote corruption but tackling this low level crime looks as if something is being done while corruption by the bigger fish goes on and checked experts say the everyday corruption is just ten percent of the tutu the rest is initiated not by citizens or businessman but by bureaucrats the internet is full of videos like this one it is also full of stories about teachers and doctors getting arrested and tried but when it comes to arresting officials and their grads it seems the statistics up far less impressive carry a push party moscow. well small international news stories for you now. residents of the thailand's capital but in kolkata authorities within the city will soon be flooded the government has also announced a five day holiday for people to skate a combination of tides and floods could submerge city districts by up to one in the
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whole meters of water problems worst flooding in whole for century caused by usually heavy monsoon rains has killed more than three hundred fifty people since mid july. and rescue teams are continuing their frantic search for survivors after sunday's deadly earthquake in eastern turkey which is left almost five hundred people dead but some estimates fear thousands may have died the spite people still being pulled out alive from the rubble it comes as a dozen lorries carrying aid for quake victims were looted officials say that survivors furious at not receiving supplies had raided the call boy for food and blankets. that circle services business desk and join korea. welcome to our business up at this hour the world's emerging economy economic powers say the inject cash into the eurozone to stem the debt crisis contagion
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china has reportedly agreed to invest in the rescue fund whose head is flying to beijing on friday to discuss the country's participation russia is also involved presidential aide or credit for coverage says that the country could contribute to rescue efforts through the i.m.f. now let's see how the markets are performing up to europe agreed to at least one measure to help resolve its debt crisis asia's trading higher both the nikkei and the hang sang of a gain of one a half percent in hong kong banking stocks take center stage as a major lenders announced earnings late tuesday agricultural bank of china is up four percent up to posting a forecast reading forty percent rise in third quarter net. but bank of china is losing two percent after its nine percent profit rise fell below projections olympos is climbing seventy percent in tokyo after the firm's chairman of the site . paul is rebounding from the biggest drop in this month on speculation that the
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u.s. economy is recovering investors are waiting for a report that may show the economy expanded at the fastest rate this year in the third quarter light sweet is trading at ninety two dollars a barrel and brenda's close to one hundred ten dollars a barrel. at an hour ahead of the opening bell here in moscow the russian stocks ended wednesday session on a monthly highs however the trade was volumes remain low douglas from or else of capital expects that the positive market trend to continue and gives his advice on how to cash in. i would be moving money into russian banks you know which are all quite cheap they're all trading in. the no one times next year's book value which are cheap locals probably also looks quite brilliant specially uniformed phones through with these hands that it might to double its dividend the year the stock is cheap in any event you know and should benefit from the strong you know
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strong commodity prices. russia's public transport could be going a leg trick joint venture between worlds nano and china's funded sky group has launched production of a new generation of batteries in siberia they will enable abbas to run two hundred fifty kilometers without recharging the project is worth more than four hundred fifty million dollars and the c.e.o. of the ventures says it has great expert potential. didn't go on for years. the plan may be that would take the president bold but says the most go can be electric and the process is your stage and second day you'll vote for the same program for clients that blend you know c.b.s. be reproduced speaker by city but there is nobody there were a producer and this will be a. difference in number one in europe and one of the biggest when you get around the world already france very big interest from poland. very big interests are
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a big country. but it looks like moscow has the most prospective real estate market in europe that's according to the european regional economic growth index which looks at one hundred and five cities moscow has jumped from six place to the first in just two years while st petersburg still down and ninety fifth position russia's real estate market is expected to get up to eight and i have dollars of investment this year nearly three quarters of that in the capital that's being driven by lack of available commercial real estate and the whiting alist city borders it will include more land. flaws in thailand have cut the supply of hard disk drives the shortage is likely to affect new year's sales prices for disks have jumped by fifty percent in just a week thailand is the world's second biggest manufacturer of hard drive up to china to account for the vast majority of global supply the damage caused by
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flooding could keep doctors closed from lungs other products are also being affected electronics firms and carmakers delayed the launch of several new models up to production was halted. well that's why we don't forget you can always logon to our website r.t. dot com slash business and find more business stories that. the
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official auntie application. i pod touch from the. child's life on the go. video on demand. minefield calls and feeds in the palm of your. question. so there you are watching on t.v. it's time for the headlines now reports so fresh arrests of protests. as hundreds.
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of demonstrators in oakland. california city was violently dispersed riot squads using flash grenades and tear gas. pressure on e.u. leaders to take crisis solving steps final results as an all night summits they reached a deal to write off the debts and give the struggling country another hundred billion in rescue lens. gadhafi family plans to sue nato for breaking the u.n. mandate by striking a late colonel's convoy that was trying to flee surveillance is also playing a lot of weapons on the libyan streets which many fear will lead to new violence. in. the impact of the arab spring on israel is explored now in our interview show spotlight host going over speaks to the former head of the israeli national security council that's next here.


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