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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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oh i'm john berman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture streets are quieter at oakland following the chaos of tuesday night's police warfare so that iraqi war veteran in critical condition at the oakland mayor and the oakland police change their tune on the nine percent legal what's going on with occupations of the rest of the country the latest updates in just a moment and support for occupy wall street is surging support from the tea party is comedy shouldn't the tea partiers just jump on the wagon with the rest of the nation as one tea party whose is that exact quote. you need to know this occupy oakland demonstrator an iraq war veteran scott olsen
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still on hospital in stable condition with a fractured skull after being hit the head of the tear gas canister canister during tuesday night's elise assault on occupy oakland in solidarity the movement returned to the streets last night and this time the police left their military tactics at home and investigation has been launched by the oakland police department to determine if the police action used on tuesday that left one man fighting for his life was too excessive in the aftermath of this week's violence oakland mary jane on has changed her tune after initially praising the police's crackdown on occupy oakland on monday night where kwan threw her support behind the ninety nine percent movement in a statement released last night reading we support the goals of the occupy wall street movement if i levels of unemployment and we have high levels of foreclosure that makes oakland part of the ninety nine percent to it decided to have a minimal police presence at the plaza for the short term and build a community effort to improve communications and dialogue with demonstrators
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unclear she really feels bad about the police action she likely signed off on or if she's just trying to save her job now that citizens are trying to recall her. for the latest on what's going on in oakland especially for an update on the condition of scott olsen we're joined on the phone by scott's roommate keith welcome thank you for having me and thanks for joining us how scuttles doing now. is pretty rare you heard from the parent. there. keith excuse me it sounds like occasionally maybe putting your thumb or a finger over the microphone. is your voice suddenly. trying to get back. to use about god but i just heard from an area. where i got to talk to you for the first time to be arrived in the city and scott olsen is now or wait finally and he is not able to talk radio however he is able to write about it spelling is not
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as good as it was before but you do wake. communicating with your parents at the moment ok so if there is brain damage it's i guess we don't know yet. do i have this right that you and he served together as marines in iraq the trick. why was scouted out by open. eve usually participated in occupy them. he received a call for support at the oakwood march and went to show their support there. and. how can people get in touch with or or send consolations or assistance to scott and and you know the other folks associated with him. all right our people can send go if you want to donate they can go to your doctor or i bet they were. and quick to donate and then quit the actual case they're going to type in scott wilson
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as of right now i don't have anything set up for them so you stand guard and that sort of thing i'm going to be setting out by e-mail account for everyone to flee to scott ok i go google groups for people who don't i would like i don't have the right now ok we're not at that time you know pass it along to us and we'll put it up for thom hartmann dot com so that's a that's a real part of my writing so i said when you when you get that you are i'll pass it along to us and we'll put it up to tom hartman dot com so so people watching the show and who listen to our radio show earlier can easily find it. in last thirty seconds or to scott need any help is everything everything copacetic or. reading he'll write oh we don't know what it's going to do with the medical bills poetry of medical insurance some people have started putting some money to get their stuff paid for it for some extra and or anything else that may
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come out of some bill that you want to cover at the moment right and i'll admit i think everything's going pretty well at the moment that's great and there's always a deductibles and things he's saying thanks so much for being with us and for being you know such a great roommate and friend thanks for having me. things got tense in new york city last night too at least ten demonstrators were arrested as the occupy wall street movement marched from its own base as a crowd of park to union square as a show of solidarity with occupy oakland here's a video of one alter cation cops appear to be punching and kicking a man on the ground as they arrest him. to. the. occupiers are on high alert around the nation in light of the increasingly brutal police crackdowns that's not stopping them from pressing on in atlanta just
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two nights after police shut down occupy atlanta and arrested more than fifty people demonstrators plan to return tonight and reoccupied different space and in colorado three hundred demonstrators walked to a wells fargo bank to close their accounts as part of the latest occupy wall street campaign encouraging americans everywhere to move their money out of the big banks and into smaller local banks or credit unions even across the pond there's news in the ninety nine percent movement the senior priest at st paul's cathedral in london resigned today out of fear that the church may move against protesters who've been occupying the area for more than two weeks now as chancellor giles' frazer told the guardian newspapers he resigned because he believes the cathedral officials had quote set on a course of action that could mean there will be violence in the name of the church and quote for more on all of this i want to hand it over to my panel joining me now from new york is lynn param or contributing editor alter net who was involved in
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new york city's action last night and here in the studio shane brooks an x.t. partier turned coffee party or and blogger at whiskey with my coffee at blogspot dot com who will be speaking this saturday here in washington d.c. at the enough is enough rally at the capitol where i'll also be speaking welcome to you both good to have you with the city here thank you lynn first a question for you you had a bit of a run in with the police last night to have their right. i did it was ironic because a few minutes before i had this run in i was actually cautioning the protesters to remain calm and not to focus so much of their anger on the police there was a lot of tension in the air last night a lot of upset over what had happened in oakland and during the march i did notice some of the protesters saying provocative things to the police cursing it and i was urging everyone to. tone it down and just proceed calmly and just a few minutes after i you know said that i was crossing from one sidewalk to
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another i had a walk sign and it wasn't a particularly crowded spot at this point and a police officer saw me and actually stepped on the gas as i was crossing the crosswalk and i turned to him to motioned him to stop and he sort of smiled at me and nudged right up into me to where his car touched my leg and i he was his window was open and i said what are you doing and he actually mocked me for my concern and sort of made a face and said aw are you ok and he just seemed to be trying to incite in provoke me and some other officers were standing around and saw this and i pointed it out and i said this guy but he's doing is very dangerous and they wouldn't even respond to me they looked at me with stony faces and refused to even speak to me it was our chain you and i have some history user you. used to be in the tea party
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and used to come on my radio show and to be as a tutorial how did you end up in a coffee party and the occupy wall street and all this well i mean the body is a serious student of history and has a concern for our nation and our economic situation and understand the constitution can look at the problems that we're having and pretty much come to the same conclusion. of the problems that need to be fixed while we may differ on the solutions. on how to go about fixing those problems corruption money and politics special interest all of those things. it all comes down to being just slightly disagree on the solutions to fix those problems interesting so you're good and is that going to be your message at the rally and well you know regardless of whether or not it come from the tea party or the coffee party or you know occupy. and you
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know we're all in this together and that will be my message is that you know this is the time for us citizens to come together and stand together and to change the narrative of the media instead of listening to whoever they put in front of the microphone for us to have a chance to open a dialogue with one another and listen to each other the people for a change and that's when that's essentially what you were talking about trying to talk to both the the patriots the the the the the folks who are in the streets and the police many of the power structures in this country even those who are giving lip service to the ninety nine percent movement appear to really want to be over of a most polls show that americans support the movement between the conflict with power winter coming what are your thoughts on how this is going to play out. well i think we're at a transition point with the occupy movement i mean you could almost think of september seventeenth as the beginning when the occupation started in zuccotti park in new york and then i think the oakland you know the night of the police brutality
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sort of serves the end of the first segment if you will and now there's a real need to reorganize and refocus and think strategically bowing forward i can tell you that in zuccotti park there are tensions developing there's a sort of cabin fever setting in it's a very small space people are tired it's becoming colder it's getting dark earlier there's been some concerns about addicts floating around the park and even some violence occurring at night among the protesters so we need to really think about how this movement is going to transition into the coming months there's some talk about perhaps moving the encampments down south maybe even doing a march down to baltimore physically marching to baltimore and then maybe on down to atlanta so there are some ideas being tossed around but i think this first segment has kind of concluded and we're really moving into a next stage and i agree with what was just said the ninety nine percent motto is
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really key in the idea that we're all in this together and it's not really left versus right it's in my opinion it's the banks versus everybody else i think the banks have been running the show in this country for too long and they have too much influence on both parties shane do you do you see change coming as a con and so it seems to me like between the. i think it was revolutionary moment frankly the election of president obama whether he thought. it seemed that moment was revolutionary then the tea party was this populist movement now we have the occupy wall street and it's revolutionary moment it all seems to. flown together as one piece your thoughts on the agree i believe it is going to flow together i think more and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that we are in this together you know we're fellow americans we all have our viewpoints but at the same time you know we need to respect one another's viewpoints and get away from the
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distractions that sometimes the media puts in front of us and have an open dialogue and open dialogue in a civil manner is the only way that we're going to be able to seriously address the issues that plague us very very well in lynn and lynn and shane we have to wrap it up now but i'm going to start referring to these folks not as protesters are occasionally protesters but more often as patriots will take a little bit of and see how that works out because i think that that's these are patriotic americans when thank you lou and paramour chamber ups thank you both for you to be here thank you you told the violence in oakland caught the attention of one group of demonstrators who have seen far too much themselves egyptians tomorrow protesters in tahrir square where the arab spring really took off but marched to the u.s. embassy in a sign of solidarity with occupy oakland as you'd expect in a true global movement everyone sticks up for each other whether they're in oakland new york city london or cairo. coming up the youth make up
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a large portion of the ninety nine percent movement and ultimately they face the bulk of the consequences of the one percent walking off of all our cash and crashing the world economy after the break i'll talk to one demonstrator who proves that even twelve years old is not too young to take the streets. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions come to break through get through it if it made who can you trust no one who is your view with global machinery see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more.
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why wall street protests have done more than grab headlines across the globe caught the attention of america's young the next generation will be living with the consequences of the economic and political policies that were passed in some cases before they were born and now have thousands of americans taking to the streets in protest joining me now is twelve year old gavin clark middle school student from maryland who's been following the occupy wall street movement very closely and who will be speaking at the enough is enough rally here in washington d.c.
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this saturday again welcome thank you great to have you with us how or why did you get into the occupy wall street the ninety nine percent my mom told me about it and i started researching and i realized that the government only cares about the one percent not the ninety nine percent that we really need. it seems it certainly seems that way like we go because government money can buy you have a background in activism yet you knew you were an animal rights activist or so are young souls both of them i was with the. place called roxy's mine and i first started it with. community service hours but the more i was in it the more i liked it and realize i love doing this so i became a really big part and that's great that it's. tackler you've been following the protests and the police crackdown in oakland and you said that you think that the that the events there. show that free speech is
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a sham is what why is that because i think government the mayor saw that they were protesting they give them more money instead of. protesting against the big companies that control everything would have been like let them staying back out but since they're protesting against them they wanted to shut them up basically so you see this as the big guys trying to shut off the little people yes or we are facing we will these what are your concerns for your own future and that of your friends and peers at cern that when i order and have a family that i have to work twenty four seven just to put food on the table. somebody works twelve hours a day. that's when you speak of the enough is enough really in the capital on capitol hill this weekend what's your message that it's going to be that people need to speak up on the one percent who control the presidents and the mayors and who basically get off when they do the wrong things. and i'm curious
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the your contemporaries your peers or the twelve year olds are you finding a generation your generation is waking up to politics or are they still mostly you know watching t.v. . at the lunch they didn't know. or the microsoft guy died until a week later steve jobs yes steve jobs. he and so i felt that while they sit around watching t.v. and playing video games well i'm hoping kids start learning to look at the news and watch it so they'll be a part and not just the stupid kids basically the news is a good thing it would be nice if we had more actually. news in the united states kevin you're doing a great job and it's an order of nature i need to meet you thanks for coming out or a new poll of the young and the old new york shows that fifty eight percent of the
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people there support the occupy wall street at a whopping seventy one percent of republicans believe occupy wall street has a right to protest so despite i'm going to least crack crackdowns popularity for the movement is still high and so is interest in the movement to google the number of internet searches but occupy wall street is sixty six percent higher than the tea party ever was so with more people interested not by wall street than the tea party but with more support for occupy wall street today even the tea party shouldn't the last few tea partiers who are left jump ship and ditch a tent or pitch a tent rather in zuccotti park after all can't occupy wall street in the tea party agree on one name thing it's far too much corporate influence or fat cat influence or whatever you want to call it on our government here offer his take on this is he is dan gainor the vice president he would pick and free market fellow at the business and media institute a.d.m. welcome back it's supposed to be back and here there's not a prayer in the world these two groups are to come together with the party very
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patriotic very pro-american focused on red white and giving these people enough patriotic i think they're focused on only one of those colors red you look at these protests that are lots of what's a couple hundred hours of the protests and yes i haven't gone down there to the death threats getting last night i'm not going to rates. to go down there but you're blowing my mind. to call people who are saying you know who are so that you are pointing out any qualities and injustices in our system unpatriotic and say is frankly people who want people who are anti american which many of the people you know that was hit in the hospital in oakland right now was two terms in iraq and got in this and and here's your opportunity just to apologize i don't have to always tell you what american patriot was standing up for you i'm assuming you're not part of the one percent literally not. not ever going to happen i said quite literally dozens of times on twitter i support the right to legal protest and what i saw last night in occupy new york and not the tense version that you saw i saw
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hundreds of people running down the street running in the middle of traffic terrorizing ordinary citizens ordinary commuters screaming at them encouraging the police was the last army illegal. fellow was was was was zero to finish what you're saying is there is a right to protest our huge first amendment gun that's what conservatives are strudels see in the constitution there where what these people are doing is illegal . no right you can open a criminal because you want your i've had this when people break the law would say you did last night watch hundreds of people do it show me the law. i don't know how this is that they're look that they're what they're doing is legal there's no and the word is absolute time you can't run through for if you can't they can't protest in my street right my house tonight if i go home and they're my house they're going to be there it's going to be a bad since you are not the government we all are to go no you are not the government and and the right of the people to peaceably assemble and is not have
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the government for redress of grievances is not a shell you know in the congress shall make no longer it's so big no zero york is made is made laws saying you can't just seize people's property you can't to seize not other areas we have two hundred thirty years of not just supreme court precedent coming in they can't do that they're trying to there was a long believe there are a discount make a law that's on cars that it's it's their right so when they want to see the brooklyn bridge when seven hundred of them sees a brooklyn bridge you know he got arrested if they were cattle into the brooklyn bridge you know they were his they were they were largely on the pedestrian only a lot of people in on the lease and move them into those into the into the people in the front row gary clearly heard the bald one saying if you go in this bridge will be arrested and they said pink the bridge that was the response of the police to it so there are probably a lot of good people in this protest who actually are suffering from from difficult times is a bad economy we've got we've got you know put bank stores through obligations and
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phil gramm took this economy down we've got massive unemployment there we're going to go to our own government i mean well you know you know your credit thirty years of reaganomics you know we don't have an enormous you have a reason this is going down because of this government and to the people in this misery our government has grown so bloody not you talk about you know studio you take if you take right now if you take the. social security medicare just so scary medicare which we pay into we take it back out ok so that's basically our money recycling you take that out and the the percentage of g.d.p. that the government represents right now because of twenty three down in one thousand percent when reagan came in office. if you took that out the percentage of gov g.d.p. that represent represented government twenty two percent government right now is smaller than it was during the beginning of the hidden leverage office let's let's use some actual numbers booklet these are actual not us i mean actual dollar numbers bill clinton left office and the sergeant was was one point the search.
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absolute want to admit that the republican congress bill clinton office is good they were bill clinton radios to where it is and no one right now goes for the reason that the most recent budget obama proves was when he said in twelve years that's unsustainable and what's happened is on the backs of them of course this is a little because george w. bush ran up six trillion dollars to hold the democratic and ran and then started two wars. with obama started to do it help a democratic congress read though it was your this is a really you know dan from costa from george washington until until ronald reagan we saw it we basically had no major deficit the united states other than a couple ronald reagan only rode the cold war won the cold war without without killing a lot of people so that's that and so bad justifies putting it triply our national debt putting three trillion dollars on the weekend of the earth is going to end and then fought and there's already weapons than and cost millions of lives so i don't recall him fighting the soviet union but that he. actually we were in the soviet
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union into debt fighting fighting by by you even smell you die months ago already your sorry my supporting the mujahideen by giving notice of a lot of money and hawing about building up the fence that i think that the russians tried to debate and try to compete with and they tried their best it was and that was a done deal long before ronald reagan you know back in the sixty's the cia was predicting the collapse of the soviet this was you know we're ready to go a lot of things that are wrong well they were they were you know i always thought help the left the good ones on the groups and organizations that the they suddenly like the one they were either but i thought it well first of all and so the unit in the fall of brains of illustration so he said we well then you can save it. you know every president before that if you enter into a credit for that i you know that is just in my mind is a complete straw straw man it's there with a very strong here and yeah missing my metaphors but you know why are you calling out wall street instead of main street i don't care i actually don't i've actually called out wall street but but what they want when i see people calling for
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revolution and we remember that's what this organization this operation is calling for their main website calls for global revolution you've got socialist who's already a web site the main occupy wall street me web site their life the website says global revolution. and only the revolution for frankly is fine with me as long as there's no bullets involved i think we need a revolution though you know i sure don't think we would see you writing status quo i think we have a very nice process alexion yes and the revolutionary as well as the as was f.d.r.'s revolutionary and that felt with their attempt for. we'll see you figure out thank you in case we need to be reminded of just why our nation needs this occupy wall street movement the congressional budget office just released a new report on you lay it out for you here's the chart it's pretty straightforward this is the this brand new this was released two days ago the lowest quintile this
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is the bottom fifth of americans. second printer these are fifths of americans or it this is income from basically one nine hundred seventy nine to two thousand and seven so basically from reagan till now fourth quintile fifth quintile minus one percent everybody's kind of going up a little bit and then this right here this is the top one percent. as the result of this. it was this this massive increase in the top one percent. is fifteen times greater than the bottom percent we get them so this graphic and just take a look at the college tuition and fees this is the college tuitions the green line here over six hundred percent and medical expenses up over two hundred fifty percent but there's there's been a couple of other expenses also gas for example is up one hundred sixty percent.
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since reagan came into office basically the one thing that hasn't actually two things haven't gone up one thing is wages and visual wages from the time ronald reagan was president until today have gone up one dollar and twenty six cents and the cost of diamonds hasn't gone up a lot so i guess you know newt gingrich has something to be grateful for but this is a giant gap right here and it really took a spike in two thousand when george bush george bush was elected this gap right here might have something to do with why there's so many people in the streets are . crazy alert residents of siesta key in sarasota florida are trying to figure out how a giant lego man walks up the shore on their beach eight foot tall one hundred pound fiberglass lego man was found lying on the beach tuesday with the words no real
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value are scrawled across its chest and had residents full of speculation about where it came from. so i figured it probably fell down but we're going somewhere so i don't know where i did think it was from the u.f.o. people i really do. whether aliens would use lego's to begin their assault is unclear but we can officially rule out the lego company a representative quickly released a statement denying responsibility for the stunt even though the incident coincidentally coincides with the opening of lego land florida last month even stranger this isn't the first time a lego man has washed ashore around the world back in two thousand and seven a lego man appeared in two thousand and eight a lego man was found washed up in england a peculiar dutch artist named ego leonard rumored to be responsible for the lego man incidents and his name was scrawled on the back of the beach lego man either that or our worst fears have come to fruition lego.


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