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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2011 10:01pm-10:31pm EDT

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this is r t i'm sean thomas glad to have you with us the u.n. security council has unanimously voted to end of the no fly zone over libya in four days and end the nato led military campaign in the country this plan was proposed by russia last friday after colonel gadhafi is def nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen has hailed the v. alliances operation a great success that is despite thousands of civilians being killed during its campaign in libya arties going to church can has more details from washington d.c. . has been operating all this time under the u.n. security council mandate for march now with russia's initiative the council has voted to and that mandate and complete nato operations by the end of folk tobar as we heard from russia's and voyage to the united nations nato is expected to fully comply with the resolution we expect the nato council to act in accordance with this decision of the this unity council of the united nations and to suspend its
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operation at midnight. so we hope that indeed a new chapter is being opened in libya. and the libyan people will be able to take advantage of the new situation to build a new libya they desire the vote comes at a time when the head of libya's transitional government asks nato to prolong its air missions through this ember and add military advisers on the ground the nato ministers had been scheduled to meet on wednesday in brussels to finalize the termination date of the operations but they abruptly postponed the meeting until friday presumably to weigh in on libyan interim government's request for an extension u.n. diplomats here were saying this latest resolution lifts the no fly zone is an end of a face that raises questions as to what the next phase will be some analysts say maybe nato is planning to stay in libya in one form or another anything is possible at
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this point the grounds as we know for the nato mission in libya have kept changing throughout the whole campaign from stopping a potential mess accordingly to killing qaddafi now nato has many times been accused of violating the u.n. mandate the announced goal was to protect civilians but scores of legal civilian diety nato strikes the country is in ruins now it's also brimming with weapons which is of great concern and danger not only for the libyans but for the whole of the your national community and we know russia is now proposing a plan aimed at making could obviously military stockpiles secure a plan that will provide help prevent the smuggling of levy and weapons because it's just too much of a danger and for more on that here's my colleague and he said now we. arties going to change you can reporting there and now with all the be declared it liberated and nato order to move on iraq a path to stability still lies ahead human rights activists want to know whether the price the libyan people had to pay for a future without is justified it's
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a high human cost and this is a high price. they don't take her with these things what i've been working with seventeen off against what's been going on in afghanistan these days and what's happened in libya it's an example of you know that they automatically care with the human situation or they are not taken care of with their life or the people i think it's a high price and the high cost and the consequences of that it will continue for so long that the case of this is what they call that humanitarian intervention it's not even within the region completely it's against a human of the material really a real concern that this situation may be will explode. libya i mean internally between the tribes between the different political groups. communities. and you can always find out lots more on what's going on in it libya
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on our website including the ongoing hunt for the remnants of gadhafi regime. broken legs and other severe injuries the country's prime minister fears for his life saying the media is presenting his severe beating as a suicide attempt. and u.s. troops may be moving out of iraq but the cia is staying behind find out why it. rain cold and police crackdowns have not been enough to stop thousands of americans from protesting against what they say is corporate greed and financial injustice more than a thousand have been arrested since the protests began six weeks ago but. reports from new york the occupy wall street movement is as strong as ever. we now have all of these giant tents that have popped up across the park liberty plaza like to call it that raises some interesting issues spoken to at least three different protesters who now came out today or last night to be more accurate specifically
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because they were shocked to see this kind of level of crackdown in their own country for centrally nonviolent actions a recent new york times poll in fact one that came out today says that eighty seven percent of residents now support the occupy wall street movement which is a huge jump from last week was about sixty seven percent and while it has rallied a few more people to the cause so to speak it has been sort of interesting to see how it's changed the nature of the protests here some of the organizers that have been here in new york from day one said that this sort of they do a lot of this nonviolent training where you know they ask people to stay home and sort of make their get their message across without actually getting aggressive with the police and a lot of that they said went out the window last night where several hundred if not a thousand protesters marched across new york getting a little bit more aggressive with police shaking barricades in some cases pulling netting the infamous are in genetics out of the police hands and what many protesters said to me is that they were really surprised by the sort of mild
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unusually mild response by the police force here because remember this is the same police force that a pepper sprayed wimmin drove scooter over a scooter over an attorney's leg and beat several protesters down so again they were very they don't know what exactly to make of this you know is the police force calming down because the mayor and the city has realized that this has gotten too big to sort of continue the bad kind of p.r. with the crackdowns or is this a sign of something to come in a lot of the mood here in the park is quite wary they really think that the something immense is going to happen in the next few days where there will be some sort of crackdown a massive crackdown to essentially stop the occupation they just they don't know why or why there is this suddenly. in the storm so to speak there is a mass sort of action plans along the line the likes of what we saw with the brooklyn bridge rally or times square but they're doing a lot of sort of defensive training because again as i mentioned the general mood
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here is that something is going to happen they're putting together in place the text messaging alert system because twitter is so notoriously unreliable in terms of when things are actually getting out of hand and that's actually one of the text message alert system is one of the things that was able to get so many people turned out and oakland when that devastating action took place or reported for us there now our correspondents in of us are following the protests and posting what's happening on the spot check out our tease twitter feed or underscore com meanwhile i wouldn't susan oakland have published video footage on the web revealing the intensity of the police crackdown this is video showing how an iraqi war veteran was critically injured scott olsen is seen lying on the ground when a group of people rushing to help him at that moment a flash bomb was thrown by one of the policemen seems to be deliberately ending at the activist take a look at that again meanwhile amnesty international has urged police restraint
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calling the heavy handed tactics people look at us from the protests before you. try. the latest show of force by the police may have had an unexpected effect with solidarity protests springing up across the country joshua holland a san francisco based editor and senior writer at alter net says it was citizen media that helped put the spotlight on the issue. there was a study done in the spring which should show that mentions. unemployment and foreclosures and the kind of mainstream economic concerns had taken a back seat to discussions of the deficit and debt and the occupy wall street protests along with president obama's shift to talking about jobs has resulted in a dramatic change in the media landscape here more recent study found that this whole visit this whole distorts had shifted back to talking once again about you
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know unemployment that we have a very severe unemployment crisis student loan debt the types of things that really impact the middle class and states you know what we saw in oakland was instantly posted to you tube and it was captured with flip phones it's worth noting that none of. the kind of mainstream broadcasters really showed footage of that intil it already appeared on you tube so this is you know see this in media at its at its finest you know i have covered these these protests in the bay area and every single time i go down to both occupy san francisco and occupy oakland the crowds are larger than they were the challenger for. french president nicolas sarkozy has admitted greece admitting greece to the eurozone ten years ago was a mistake because the country provided the e.u. with false economic figures his comments came after an eight hour long urgency
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target in brussels where you leaders finally agreed with banks to write off fifty percent of their greek debts the e.u. also promises to loan athens another one hundred billion euros while the ballooning bailout fund is in line to expand to a trillion euros the third component of the package is recapitalization european banks so they can cope with possible losses the euro reached its highest level against the dollar in seven weeks following your agreement but johan van overtveldt who runs two of belgium's leading business magazines believes that the latest measures are no medicine for the greek economy and eurozone leaders are just too afraid to face the truth. it's just buying time this is really not the bazooka everybody has been asking for i would describe it as a water pistol this of course prevents for the moment that we really get to a kind of. relation of degree to the depth level which is now growing in the direction of hundred and eighty percent of g.d.p.
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but you cannot call this a structural resolution to the difference real problems they are a little bit afraid to really bite the bullet here because if you look at it closely there is only one solution for greece and the truth have been put on the table already several months ago that is for greece to leave the euro zone but that is a decision everybody's afraid of and what has for example not been discussed now but which is very much on the mind of several of the european leaders is that there is a huge problem brewing in portugal because this country is going down to greet the greek road quite rapidly now so if one does the action today on greece one immediately has to put a similar kind of action into operation with respect to portugal. europe's proposed a bigger bailout pot will need some foreign cash to top it up the head of the fund is now due to travel to china to try and attract some backing but economists there say the e.u. is trying to get others to do what it should have sorted out itself lent detail in
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who's going to pay because you're talking about one trillion euro and this is a lot of money if i have right now doesn't have that money and we are talking about the european financial stability fund and to the countries like china. india even brazil you to lend to your peers ability to fund you if you don't have money. to raise the money or prevent already some what china would do would be i think david by a token amount of. your peers that believe the front but i do agree with you for playing a leading role because this is this is what do you believe there should have. while e.u. leaders trying to save the euro project ordinary greeks facing savage austerity cuts as a result have been forced to seek new measures to keep afloat in the crisis as sarah
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first reports bartering has returned as people find imaginative ways to help each other out in hard times. they say that time is money for a country where cash is now in short supply time has taken on a whole different value. quick change want to services and sometimes they give a painting lessons for free but they take your for free also somebody else is. the time banks just one of a growing number of service swapping alternatives that are providing people in greece another way to cope with the tough economic conditions services can include anything from language classes to babysitting all home cooked meals. for a country in crisis building social unity camp reve exchange me hard price is a terrible thing in the crate sphere it divides people from public sector workers from private sector workers it divides richer workers to poor workers immigrant
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workers from home work the boss networks have been a great way of bringing together large groups of people the populace slogan here in greece now is no one's alone in the crisis organizations are arranging swap shops to exchange clothes and one town in greece is even started its own bartie currency it's huge huge everything we do without money like looking after people are making things by ourselves nicky gives me and her friend alexandra he's also a member of the time bank and lesson one of the free services she provides and in exchange alexandra helps out with the gardening so the time is repaid it's an amazing way. of receiving finally by giving to the other. because many greeks struggle with wage cuts tax increases and with unemployment in the country now cripplingly high there's been huge interest in the
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time banks and bars and networks this place is in the cave of materials there's no wonder really that this idea of swapping gets in services has proven so popular it's building solidarity it's a time when the economic situation is extremely uncertain. it's not to respond to. crisis in the sense that it's going to overturn the terrible economic policies that are being imposed by the troika it's giving people support to feel that they can do something. with the tough economic times leaving many greeks feeling there is real value in projects like the time bank with the greek government drowning in debt these creative solutions are offering any support but encouragement to the people here which at a time of deep recession approving priceless commodities so i see
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athens. and a little bit of more international news in brief for you this hour. least eighteen people have died in a twin bomb attack in baghdad with twenty six injured the explosion occurred in the north of the iraqi capital in a mainly shia district as in previous attacks the second bomb went off at the scene of the first targeting police and rescuers there has been a resurgence of militant attacks in baghdad in recent weeks with the deadliest one killing twenty eight over two weeks ago. a prisoner swap deal has been carried out at the egypt israeli border twenty five adoptions have been freed from israel and repatriated at the top of border crossing in exchange for a suspected spy he was accused of espionage and arrested more than four months ago after volunteering at a refugee legal aid group in cairo during the revolt that overthrew. mark the deal comes after tension between the two countries had been rising in recent months.
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government has ordered the evacuation of residents living close to a volcano which has suddenly begun erupting and exclusion zone of around forty kilometers has been declared around the hudson mountains about sixteen hundred kilometers south of the capital some say i'll go with helicopters needed fly in to rescue some of the people there the volcano last erupted almost twenty years ago causing huge damage to local farms killing an estimated one and a half million sheep she lay has around three thousand volcanoes with five hundred or so considered to be active. moderate islamist party has won the country's first democratic elections after the arab spring uprisings official results show that in one nine hundred seats in the two hundred seventeen member of parliament three times more than its nearest rival the secularist for the republican party which was banned under the former regime says it wants to form a new government within a month over one hundred parties took part in the elections nine months after
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president. diem ben ali was toppled in a revolt. a thirteen year old boy has been pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed building four days after a powerful earthquake hit eastern turkey rain and snow are hampering further rescue efforts in the town of their seas to find more survivors in this quake also left thousands homeless and with many still without shelter and waiting for basic aid the number killed is now over five hundred but hundreds remain unaccounted for with many believed trapped under the buildings which crumbled when the quake struck. and it is six twenty here in the russian capital you're watching t.v. up next the interview with peter oborne a writer with the daily telegraph in london about the chances of britain pulling out of the e.u. in the light of the ongoing economic turmoil that's in. just a moment here at r.t. .
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i'm doing what peter oborne chief political commentator for the daily telegraph and he just published a pamphlet entitled guilty men a term uses to describe those trying to drag britain into the euro zone peter thanks for speaking to r.t. this term guilty men use a term used to describe in one hundred forty s. those who appease the nazis i seriously comparing brussels and the eurozone to hitler's third reich is not the comparison i'm making what that brilliant pamphlet
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short book my written by michael foot and what they were analyzing was afraid of policy in the one nine hundred thirty s. that's what it was about the policy of appeasement which led to the this moment here now what we have what we're trying to do in this part of that is to live another failure of policy which is the attempt by the british governing elite to push britain into the euro and. we base exceeded in that period we would now be in the same situation as greece and there are absolutely destitute was certainly victorians brain would utterly dependent on the whim of the international markets and the benevolence of the i.m.f. and of the european union so who are these men and. why they guilty the guilty man i'm delighted to name them i think it's important that we do name them a range of tony blair the british prime minister time his close ally peter
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mandelson close friend of very pascoe another russian oligarchs ken clarke michael heseltine the conservative. politicians nick clegg the deputy prime minister danny alexander the show achieved actually the treasury many of them retain unbelievably very powerful positions in the british ruling elite a decade ago euro skeptics were hounded out of plan society label xenophobes racists fascists was the effect on these people's lines it's very interesting just examine the sheer ruthlessness of the pro your movement at this time they were planning to hound out of jobs the people who were euro skeptics brutally he was the policy director of the institute of directors a key. business organization and took she took an anti euro large she ended up
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losing her job and the. stories were spread that she was mad dislocated and they were tough they were ruthless the it was a kind of read for part of the supremes the talk of the british establishment and the ideology of that was was was you the european union and the euro captured the new labor party time it captured the lib dems at the time british foreign office was a major manifestation of this drop which is a disgraceful the treasury of course did hold and gordon brown not publicly but behind the scenes did work to block block the euro would you say is the most sinister aspect of brussels rise to power. it's in many ways the your opinion is such a facet clee incompetent organization that it's quite hard to take it seriously if you can't give it a cancer. can't. it's sort of fantastically retain in sort of way so on the other hand there is
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a ruthlessness to it and if you have a any sense of humanity or any sense of compassion what is happening with the euro now which is the imposition of a very dogmatic monetary policy on a whole set of diverse nations is horrific i mean the destruction of the greek economy businesses the creation of mass and unemployment in greece. is really horrendous and it comes from the dogma you have to have a single currency and a single monetary policy and i think economic policy across a very diverse continent germany is just deepened exposure to euro zone losses even further and it seems like there's no turning back to they really think this is making economic sense here or is it more political face saving if you read the
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english mountain climbing guide mountain rescue it says turn back if conditions turn against you and it applies to us all sorts of things for intervention support generally iraqi. piece of advice might well be useful but afghanistan but it also applies i think to the euro zone i mean the euro zone was an experiment the euro skeptics advised against it. but they've gone on ahead but it is not creating financial chaos it's creating the potential of a great financial cataclysm and it's also just wiping out industries across europe as an extraordinary pace a terrifying if the u.k. had joined the euro as and what would have happened would have been another greece i can tell you what would have happened if you joined it would have been even worse because we. we had a boop site anyway it would be bigger in the first we've had
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a small show interest rates would have been less than they would otherwise would have been the first half of the. the first decade of the twenty first century and then they would've been higher than we want to go afterwards so we did have a bigger booth and we had a bigger bust we had we wouldn't have been able to pay our debts on the international markets we've now be we now be controlled by the i.m.f. for taking orders from the e.c.b. . and and by the end from brussels that we would have lost the ability to control our own economy we'd have lost the ability to project ourselves internationally it would have been a complete and total economic and political disaster if we had joined the euro ten years ago peter oborne thank you thank you very much.
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closer is that so much and if you're going to make it a lot of people here you look at this if you feel your leaders say they have a plan to cope with peter sauber get problems and to build a firewall against at least. for. the. chance to. see.
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the legacy that survived the russian revolution and nancy ma. the most choice is by looking more splendid than the din for over a century. the grand decorum czarist times is dazzling the audience again after a six year refit. a long awaited resurrection of the bolshoi theatre on hockey thank.
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you. broadcasting live from moscow this is from thomas it's. the u.n.
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security council approves a russian motion to end of the no fly zone over libya and the nato led military campaign but the country's new leaders face trying to run a country with a population that is to the teeth. yet more arrests in new york where wall street protesters and counter bruising tactics from police during a show of solidarity with oakland activists after an earlier crackdown there critically injured the u.s. war. french president nicolas sarkozy says allowing greece into the euro zone a decade ago was a mistake because the country was simply not ready he was commenting as e.u. leaders finally agreed emergency rescue measures for greece which will get another bailout loan of one hundred billion euro and half of its debts to banks. and coming up now on our debate show cross talk where peter lavelle asks his guests whether the.


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