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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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welcome back as our to live from moscow news a recap of all our top stories colonel gadhafi son reportedly agrees to have himself over to the international criminal court and exchange for his safety over some leaders in the west that means there are links to the old regime yep get a very public airing. the french president says allowing greece into the euro was a mistake after even leaders harbored out a deal to stave off the debt crisis threatening to engulf the entire result holds are now pinned on asia as europe's bailout fund boss heads to china to ask for help . at russia's legendary bolshoi theater a real france and it's pretty soviet glory with a ground ball on friday six years of massive renovation work marred by countless delays scandals and allegations of corruption. and just a moment our weekly entertainment show where we find out that moscow really never
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sleeps that's off the short break. military. history. friendly. dynamic. plans.
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hello welcome to the podium in this week's episode we'll be exploring. this is he has completely changed over the past two decades and today even the capital is transformed as well fairgrounds color as a white light so joining me as we explore various lights i mean it was just sites and blogs starting off here at the magnificent. after decades of appearing in monochrome and my skin is finally seeing itself in bright striking technicolor. every evening the russian capital changes dramatically as the city transforms itself into a great new toilet tank rounds as the largest city in europe moscow is alive twenty four hours a day traffic jams at one am streets full of people late at night and restaurants in boston turned around the clock. traffic changing trunkless the capital so used to bright billboards neon signs and illuminated buildings from stallin street was
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seven sisters grateful to the. the climbing in the christ the savior cathedral the russian capital is well worth exploring it's not a visual feast for your eyes. passionately i like the fact that unlike many european cities moscow is lit up oh like gloom the lights dunghill shortly after midnight even if you take a walk in the russian capital at three or four o'clock in the morning you'll still be able to see it in an indication that you notice you are in my opinion moscow is a little bit crazy in the daytime while at night the lights make it much more glamorous amazingly beautiful. but it's famous imposing towers and bright stars the kremlin and they bring red square is an image known to millions around the world illuminated landmarks would have a season present spectacular images visit his will never forget the area surrounding red square is also known for many other peaceful buildings too i just love this building the google store it always
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a rise me of love that inherits especially when the lights pacing is just perfect to located right on red square about. him it's one thing though however wonderful it looks that way i would not like to be the person that saves those light bulbs out of the still. innocent the start of the great nineteenth century train stations of london in my opinion this eliminates building is one example of architecture that is more impressive at night from a distance i think it looks like it's made from gingerbread you can see why it's a must have photographed. a few nights later and the twinkling lights of coombe switched off no they haven't forgot to pay the electricity bill more than fifteen sites just in the bolshoi theatre is university building and many others are taking part in a special event called the second night. an international festival with a difference hundreds of technicians electricians an artists a working on
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a project with dynamic projections at the forefront of the idea it's an event to remember. exciting for all especially as red square is being turned blue. a special jury consisting of piste is a part of culture presenting their recent wards to the witness of the mistry king and phyllis provoking work. as a range of spectacular skyscraper pozen i'm just enjoying a cool cocktail and marveled at the views from learned. many venues in the russian capital of the sensational vistas of the city at night this resort town city space park is one of them the three hundred sixty degree kind of rama is something to be see now by some of the best rooftop bars restaurants nightlife in the world but how important is the image of the capsule and muscovites obsessed with the look and feel of contemporary life and can my time illuminations simply be too much to
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discuss these questions a move that's nice to speak stressed chris great to see you really see you know you've been here last year for eight years yeah what do you think the first in capital would look like before you came here i was critical of you know years ago i came here i prank called me and he said come to moscow check it out you know it's a lot of energy where he was from new york is very well i came from. i expected it to be very dark and very frustrating and depressing and my first impression was like that actually because if you go on the streets eight years ago you went to the streets people are very bitter taste like a salad nobody was smiling it was time for our series the wire and the end of october it just started to get when i was really bad but i started to love the city and also now if you were to give any tourist some advice about where to visit in moscow join the night well with a day definitely of course as. i like to read and if you didn't look at the great stars on top of. their very romantic because special event it's nice.
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it's very it's very beautiful i think you should come to this hotel here you have to talk you can see the city downstairs. it's very beautiful it's fair use amazing yes yes this is really great. i think you know just a cap and right around the city is not so essential as to spend five hundred rubles that's approximately fifteen euros or twenty dollars and they can write pretty city and you with your offerings you know the one thing i've noticed about you know living in moscow over the past six years is its obsession with branding whether it be neon lights or huge billboards it's a problem here in moscow yeah it's a little bit too much so you know i think it's people were doing it i would prefer a little bit less but yeah you got much more you got much more lights much wetter ties ing much more too much in your head you know you wish i could think of myself but for me personally it's tiring because you get it's like this whole. tension you
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know you hear something from here something from the whole day something flickering there you know it's too much and it makes me really tired well it's great to be kristen thank you good luck with all your policy projects here must go to my party with me next i will look forward to thank you for your. example we travel in the southwest direction along the mosque original locations through the run from cookie park and the screws the sand if you want wonderful views of the city at night skywriting is the place to come also a well known spot for many ceremonies and find queues dozens of seemly and food stalls welcomes townsend's it is just you come here every week while the views from the area aspire hills are just peaceful i think it shows some of the best images of the capital in the city seem so relaxed and calm from here in the distance the skyline you can make out the science academy the listening stadium for the visit
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she comforts must the city and the majority of silence the famous skyscrapers of course the seventh or largest of the la marks is the university building located right behind us. the spectacular building was designed by architect never rudeness as a post-war neo classic tower the m.s.c. main building was the tallest building in the world outside of new york city at its heart of its construction. the central tower is two hundred forty meters tool thirty six stories i and as such insane a total of ten thousand three kilometers of corals and five thousand rooms the celebration of moscow's eight hundred sixty fifth birthday the moscow state university building was transformed into a trance of five thousand five hundred square meters screen the spectacular for tonight show masterminded by david actions the show which ends with the guinness book of world records for being the world's largest and a laser show featured a flaming phoenix and innovative graphics depicted in the building structure.
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moving on and let's take a look at other ways you can explore the city at night because in restaurants and after the famous carriage from the swedish children's books casa on the roof is located on top of the central city tower business center and has a sensational glass roof and his visa bill is a kremlin story calls almost without you the area and other breathtaking sights. the history of the lights illuminations of the russian capsule how we discovered and studied the newseum called the starlights this is not only see displays of lamps lanterns and other light sources but also trying to switch them on and control the street they live in a she's. a museum the house is a collection of photographs of the old moscow she can witness what the city looked like it might see chewies you go. and if you want to explore the city at night you can take part in a city game there are several projects including encounters that's in combat the often take place in moscow during the weekends main idea is to find secret
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locations in the city after receiving clues in toads from the internet the team which is the first to decipher and find all the spots when you see the. just so. tonight i'm meeting mikheil for i'm told off his highrise extraordinary excursions the sky is the one and only limits the curious tourists when you build a typical city ground of a walking tools when i explore the capital from a different viewpoint. it's all started with my interest in photography so i climbed up various structures to take pictures of interesting but first i discovered abandoned buildings radio television towers and then started climbing readers and decided to share the experience with other people. through the eighteenth century it was an informal ban on surpassing the height of the kremlin's tourist belts out and even today there is no unified sense of regulations as to how shiny new buildings can be as moscow is getting decidedly to enjoy the high life on
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a rooftop is becoming more popular the capitals and the roma is wondering at night city totally transformed into a sea of colored lights every year but blaze of light and confidence swells as a true symbol of growth and development moscow is truly a heaven for those aiming higher than the sightseeing and as one of the most vibrant cities of europe you might well be dazzled by the desire to join in. what's amazing sights but unfortunately that is all we have left on the streets programme about moscow by night i'll see you again at the same time next week from now again around the russian capital and so that for me and the rest of the current by now.
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great. play. comes to a. unique. so different but the only one. moscow. on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street since they are. ladies and gentlemen your chance to choose instead to get with your example the status of the human experiments give it spring will be obsequious you'll probably see this rap music because it just goes to the movies really trying to make sense of global economy and it's on changelings us financial table these are the reasons he's planning to maintain our confidence in long kids and taking on the rich it's going
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to be seen trade imbalances recession look even emissions close to collapsing is something i'm looking for close to home some people would love to fail so we played the game feel a little like these u.s. crash and seven and smashed ceiling it seems to me this is like christmas in the transition in streaks the i.m.f. and world sports mail just programs increase when it gets world economies. and discover its music. communicate with the why don't we. test yourself and become free to. see what nature can give you on our.
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top stories are hard to colonel but often sung reportedly agrees to have been self over to be a trial for a criminal court in exchange for his safety over some leaders of the west that means there are links to the old regime could get tapped kerry public eric. the french president says allowing greece into the euro was a mistake after either. leaders hammered out a deal to stave off the debt crisis threatening to engulf the entire year or so of hopes are now pinned on asia as europe spill out of the fun boss has slipped trying out its. russia's legendary bolshoi theater reopens it had screen soviet glory with a ground ball friday six years of a massive renovation of our party by countless delays gavels and allegations of. one of those stories of fifteen minutes but first all the latest in sports with andrew.
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hello there nice to have you company let's start with a quick look at the headlines short distance world number one wozniacki crashes out of the w.c. a championship was of on rio his chances of survival hanging by a thread. greenies easily extend their leader the top of the russian premier league after a rain or thrashing of vulgar. louis cardinals comeback in the brain this embrace falls world series into a decider against the texas rangers. stop the tennis i will number one on a mostly us he has been knocked out of the season ending w.t. a championships in russian it is a one reopens chance of progressing to the semifinals are looking slim to say the least she squandered three match points against these great grands prix yesterday to decide he said seven five and that means the russian will only make this an easy prize brandes girl loses in straight sets to patrick and beat of it today if he'd ever wimbledon champion already she could have
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a place in the last four after she knows that caroline wozniacki wozniacki looked drained on court that day and even had to have her blood pressure checked at the end of the first set which she lost six four and she faded bradley in the second leading not sixty to go the competition the upside is that she will remain the world's number one after rival racial rapper with not blank i think. that's a great achievement for me to finish. so it's amazing actually. i think it's a great achievement especially because the second year everyone looking for targets are interested. meanwhile victoria azarenka was the first player to reach the semifinals from the white group the better russian made short work of li na sweeping the french open champion aside in straight sets to make it two wins from to say. in the competition. switched to football and sent some pay to have
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extended their late a five point to the top of the russian prime illegal after an easy three nil win at home to volga as any didn't have to wait long to get their noses in front and this one who's taking the lead just after two minutes and it was fitted physically knocking it in alexander who could all go belly up just before the break you could finish it. and then down colors of each put the result beyond any daggers he scored from the penalty spot in the second half well after his coaching lead he said he was pleased his side didn't take their foot off the gas until the final whistle as any now prepare for their champions league match was shot by the nets next week but will be without strikeout alexander mccall to read. the latest from moscow will try to cut the gap on the need to take points as they welcome back as they welcome the sorry lonely spot at the army men haven't lost in over a month while striker said you don't buy it in the form of his life scoring six goals in his last five league gangs however these men will have one eye on wednesday champions league clash with present sport in turkey is
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a big thing dad would give the army many plea chance to qualify for the latter stages of the competition from routine are also in action tonight xander side have won their last three league games this game also being played before the weekend to give the side more recovery time for a year a pulley clash with spurs next week we modern england match the city have hard car services fine to two weeks' wages after the page refused to support the initial four week penalty a club had found the argentine guilty of refusing to play and for the breaches of contract during a champions league game against by munich in september however the p.f.a. who represented ted let's join the clubs and. only inquiry says the evidence shows he only refused to warm up as a result and can only be fined a maximum of two weeks' wages. in the meantime russian billionaire roman apple remote which has been dealt a major blow in his bid to move chelsea to a new stadium the club wanted to buy back the freehold of stamford bridge and then
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probably sell it to raise funds for a bigger a more modern a rina but the current shareholders group own by fans voted otherwise and that means the blues will stay put at the venue that has been their home for one hundred six years with a capacity of just over forty thousand stamford bridge is only the eighth largest stadium leadership. on basketball russian side because them have got their first win in the season generally a late rally so then began a task to write any stamboul sixty eight points to sixty four the hosts control most of them were ahead at the end of the first green periods but a final quarter surge from the russians for them time an unlikely win and we did i can lead the sixteen points. by the russian side and i fourth in group d. which is the advice i wanted to flashy sedan and barcelona who both called wins last night and they keep one hundred percent back all that seaweeds from. that's why sucking in last night's loss go darby soared enormous not their two game losing
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streak with a gritty two new victory over t.s.r. their second win a with our rivals in less than a week watching it was constant thing for topper. this second must go darby between in our mind says scott didn't turn out to be a match to amanda as the blue and white simply the results of their first clash just seven days ago with little effort in a low scoring game the house easily put their noses in front when they were warning and for in freefall play in the fifth minute and maksim saw the off on him self unmarked on the sport and fired it into the net denominator helma renames was weekend central moscow with some of their top flight encounters operate at the much bigger and more comfortable mega sport irene at nearby but i figured i guess that they gave in there because they got that place where bass playing but if you play a lot plays that or any change up then. people wind up begin to be glad that it's
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just played. a game seated in the second and third he waits with few scoring opportunities for both sides eight minutes before the final wasn't safe cosco the just slightly induced i'll take a from the nama decided to drop the gloves and change sports to boxing if i should have fired up at blizz to attack but then i was alexander you don't think it was like a brick wall between the pipes to record a third shot out of the season. the army man stepped everything for an equaliser the goaltender leaving to go wide open for dinner watch a q off the game the janet yellen scored an empty netter to seal the final to nothing when. the most votes are there might have been less tension in the normal for derby but still the game was very tough and we were eager to win tonight after two straight losses fortunately we won and we played much more accurate in defense of me since the guy wasn't easy to win a calendar was drawn so that we have lots of cross city clashes in the first part
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of the campaign next year we'll have less encounters with our rivals. after the game both sides kept their positions in the ranking. you know my bro colspan two loss rant and seed third in the western conference behinds qassim and in a minute well to scott i live in points behind blue and white in the six place his name are cheap. hello from the states baseball's world series will go down to the y. in a game they have to win this newest cardinals but i tend nine extra innings victory over the texas rangers to tie the best of seven contests and force at the side sin lewis had to fight back from to run deficits in the ninth and tenth innings and i lost the batsman david freese easy to see run triple here in the ninth to send the gang to an actual innings at seven seven and then in the tenth texas took the lead again with a josh i wanted to run higher much good. but lewis running one small but in
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single the eagles doing his side level after ryan. r.b.i. granted that. and then in the eleventh three so your victory for the silo shot the center for the st louis back from the brink of the series tied it three games all the teams returned to the post stadium on friday the winner takes all clash. to eat with the bar feels good. you know i feel like i wasn't part of a circus out there down some walls of my. home a little bit. well i just want to offer to you know we tried a little we had some great bees and tied it up and know we just don't. let the fines or team you know their game the way we just cope coming back and we've been doing that for you know
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a long time and it was scary next to me from day one has taught me so much and stories of just how to go about this game. mcelroy has made an impressive start to his bid for the sport's biggest cash prize and u.s. open champion seizing a one straight lead after the opening round of the mega rich shanghai mosque is the northern irishman hit eight birdies five of them on the back nine who stayed clear of bag mr card in a time of the sixty four in china twenty two year old is said happy with have solid his plays at the moment fair enough like roy will be hard to catch if he keeps his nerve however american demand is breathing down his neck man had seven thirty and was a whisker away from posting his eight on the eighteenth hole. still great part i was short of that day belong to stan correy is why the gang to his eagle on the four final hold this an unbelievable shot by the shanghai masses is not sanctioned by any of us who were offering any rankings points but he still attracts big names in
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treatment and major campus. and all of the cries of a photograph is something that. can only europeans or scotland richie ramsay has a two shot lead at the end believe the first round of sixty five for him which included this fifteenth. in frenchman gregory cover a second. round was a spiritual force or a up my alley and we've got it straight here maneuver your ball in the when you know it's over marion you control your spending and take great if my short game is really an ace and i stay patient hold me because a music it's a kind of force suits me and george playing it so that's how the sport is looking for the monkey thought morphy thanks rick.
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the legacy that survived the russian revolution and nazi bomb. the bolshoi is by looking more splendid than it did for over a century. a grand decorum czarist times this dazzling the audience again after a six year refit. a long awaited resurrection of the bolshoi theatre on hockey. on.
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