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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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welcome back you're watching r t m r from ask you here's a quick recap of all our top stories as nato packs up its libyan mission that helped kill colonel gadhafi his key son it could blow the whistle on deals the west wants to bury if he gets his day in court international prosecutors say they're holding indirect talks with saif al islam on possibly surrendering to the hague where he's wanted for war crimes. larry in greece and joined the euro was a mistake the french president doesn't hold back in his beleaguered e.u. colleagues after readers signed up for another massive rescue deal europe is now turning to asia for a cash kickstart for the bailout fund cheap having to chart out so i asked for help to save the euro. and the bolshoi is back you're looking at live pictures now of what's going on in front of the bolshoi theater
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it's the day millions of the of her lovers have been waiting for as moscow's allowed market leaders sets the stage for its first performance at six years that's after a massive refurbishment once again you're looking at live pictures from proportional oil or gas arriving for tonight's show. all right away to beats next as moscow out looks at where to go for those who like a big night out during the small hours that's up next.
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military. history. friendly. dynamics. two different. months ago. l.o.l. welcome to the podium in this week's episode we'll be exploring roscoe by night this is he has completely changed over the past two decades and today each evening the capital is transformed into a fairgrounds of clothes and bright lights so joey martin rees as we explore various lights on in the sites and blogs starting off here at the like an episode
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from the. after decades of appearing in monochrome is finally seen itself in bright stretching technicolor. every evening the russian capital changes its look kinetically as the city transforms itself into a brightly colored playground as the largest city in north moscow is alive twenty four hours a day traffic jams at one am streets full of people native knights and restaurants and bars open around the clock. traffic changing trunkless the capital today used to bright billboards. signs and illuminated buildings from stolen status services just strikes christmas to the glittering landmarks of the kremlin in the christ the savior vigil the russian capital is well worth exploring it's not a visual feast for your eyes. i imagine five that unlike many european cities moscow is not our own not flown the lights turned out shortly after midnight even if you take a walk in the russian capital and three or four o'clock in the morning you'll still
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be able to see the elimination that you know since you are in my opinion moscow is a little bit crazy in the daytime while a night lights make it much more glamorous and maison the beautiful. famous imposing towers and bright stars the kremlin and neighboring red square is an image known to millions around the world illuminated landmarks one of the season present spectacular images visit his will never forget the area surrounding red square is also known for many other peaceful buildings too i just love this building the google store it always reminds me of love that inherits especially when lit up at night but our taste is just to located right on red square about. him it's one thing though however wonderful it looks day i would not like to be the person that spreads those light bulbs out of the store. in a similar start of the great nineteenth century train stations of london in my opinion this illuminated building is one example of architecture that is more
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impressive at night from a distance i think it looks like it's made from gingerbread so you can see why it's a must have photographed. a few nights later and the twinkling lights of coombe switched off know they haven't forgot to pay the electricity bill for more than fifteen sites just the bullshit face a mosque is university building and many others are taking part in a special event called the second night. and international festival with a difference hundreds of technicians electricians an artists a working on a project with dynamic projections at the forefront of the idea it's an event to remember. exciting for all especially as red square is being turned. a special jury consisting of poppy figures of awesome culture presenting very some . of them a striking and fools provoking work. has a range of spectacular skyscraper bars and i'm just enjoying a cool cocktail and marveled at the views from. many venues in the russian capital
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after a sensational distrust of the city at night. is one of them the three hundred sixty degree panorama is something to be see. some of the best. restaurants nightlife in the world. but how is the image of the capsule muscovites obsessed with the look and feel of contemporary life and can my time illuminations simply be too much to discuss these questions a move that speaks cast chris christie you see you know you can hear mr fahy is yeah what do you think the person capital would look like before you came here i was. eight years ago i came here. he said. it's a lot of energy he was from new york came from. i expected it to be very dark and very frustrating and depressing and my first impression was like that actually
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because if you go on the streets eight years ago you went to the streets people were very. well nobody was smiling it was raw. it was really bad but i started to laugh the city and also you know if you were to give anything for us some advice about when to visit her during the night well in a day definitely of course. if you did and look at the stars on top of. the four specially that it's nice. it's very beautiful i think you should come to this hotel here. you can see the city downstairs. it's very beautiful it's values amazing yes yes this is really great. and. i think you know just a cap and right around the city is not so expensive as they have to spend five hundred over since approximately fifteen euros treasury dollars and they can write
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pretty silly and there you will see it offerings you know the one thing i've noticed about you know living in moscow over the past six years is its obsession with branding whether it be neon lights or huge billboards it's a problem here in moscow. it's a little bit too much so you know i think it's people were doing it i would prefer a little bit less but yeah you got much more you got much more lights much more accurate eyes ing much more too much in your head you know you miss a good thing or bad stuff i think for me personally it's tiring because you kids it's like this whole. tension you know you get something from here something from the day something flickering there you know it's too much and it makes me really tired well it's great to be a christian thank you good luck with all your party projects here in moscow for my party with you next i will look for it thank you for your. example we travel in a southwest direction along the moscow river locations for the run from cookie park
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and the screws the sask if you want one little views of the city at night star ratings is the place to come also we will not sponsor when the ceremonies and bike use dozens of sea believe in food stores becomes townsend's it is just to come here every week while the views from the area aspire hills are just before i think it shows some of the best images of the capital of the city seems so relaxed and calm from up here in the distance in style and you can make out the science academy to listen to stadium in order to match the comforts moscow city and the majority of silence the famous skyscraper has of course the seventh or largest of the la marks is the university building located right behind this. the spectacular building was designed by architect never rudeness as opposed to a classic tower the n.s.u. name building was the tallest building in the world outside of new york city at the start of its destruction. the central tower is two hundred forty meters school
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thirty six stories high and i six can see in a total of twenty three kilometers of corals and five thousand rooms a celebration of moscow's eight hundred sixty fifth birthday the master state university building is transformed into twenty five thousand five hundred square metres screened in the spectacular for the light show masterminded by david atkins the show which ends at the guinness book of world records for being the world's largest and amazing show digital straining phoenix and innovative graphics to exist in the building structure. moving on and let's take a look at other ways we can explore the city at night carlson restaurant and offer the famous characters from the sweetest children's books carson on the roof is located on top of the central city tile business center it has a sensational glass roof and his beautiful is a criminal circles a mosque and actually the area and other breathtaking sights. and history of the lights illuminations of the russian capsule and we discovered in studies and museum
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called moscow lights this is not only see displays of lamps lanterns and other light sources but also a transit system on a controlled street and live in a she's. in a house is a collection of photographs of old moscow she can witness what the city looked like at night centuries ago. and if you want to explore the city at night you can take part in a city game there are several projects including encounters that's being combative often take place in moscow join the weekend's main idea is to find secret locations in the city after receiving clues and codes from the internet a team which is the first to decipher and find all the spots when you see the. tonight's a meeting mikheil for i'm told offers highrise extraordinary excursions the sky is the one and only limits for curious tourists when you build a typical city ground of a walking tours when i explore the capital from
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a different viewpoint. that it all started with my interest in photography i climbed up various structures to take pictures of interesting people but first i discovered abandoned buildings radio and television towers and then started climbing routes and decided to share the experience with other people there for through the eighteenth century there was an informal ban on surpassing the height of the kremlin's tourist belt out and even today there is no unified sort of regulations as to how shall i new buildings can be as my must go is getting decidedly tall and enjoying high life on a rooftop is becoming more and more popular the capital's going to rama is alluring at night the city totally transformed into a sea of colored lights every year that blaze of light and confidence swells as a true symbol of growth and development moscow's is truly a heaven for those aiming higher than all the sightseeing and as one of the most vibrant cities of europe you might well be dazzled by the desire to joining oh what
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a maze inside but unfortunately that's that's all we have left on this week's program about moscow by night i'll see you again at the same time next week from now against around the russian capital until then for me and the rest of the current about for now. great. things. come to. germany. so different but the holy war. moscow. wealthy british soil it's time to.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on our. legacy that survived the russian revolution. the most surely is by looking more splendid than the didn't truly rich centuries. the grand the core of czarist time use is dancing the audience again after a six year refit. a long awaited resurrection of the bolshoi theatre. on the marquee.
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the headlines in our team as nato packs up its libya mission that helped kill colonel gaddafi is key son could blow the whistle on deals the west sponsor barry if he gets a say in courts answer national prosecutors say they're holding indirect talks with saif al islam and possibly surrendering to the hague where he's wanted for war crimes. letting greece join the euro was a mistake the french president doesn't hold back and is believed to be your colleague now through never signed off on another massive rescue deal well europe's now turning to asia for cash get sarge with a bailout fire chief heading to china out to ask for help to save the euro. and save the bolshoi is brackets today millions of theatre lovers have been waiting for doesn't also cause a lot of theater sets the stage for its first performance in six years out for a massive refurbishment right now you're looking at live pictures from the bolshoi guests are arriving for tonight's party. are you more news in about
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fifteen minutes time but for us it's all the latest in sports with richard. oh i'm welcome to school today great to have you with us i was hanging by a thread of it as one of the always fades out of their own families to see he's made the last all of a couple a championship season assemble a. couple more fly and spokes in legend atomic each corpse is called time on his career another two hours things in the ring. one flying philippe ferrari's brazilian strips formula one champions lost in the itself and practiced first ever growing three. star tennis invaders one of the all his hopes of making the semifinals of a complete ca championships in istanbul are hanging in the balance the russian's
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destiny is out of our own hands and lost hope of ever needed was a really fruit of the last four states are gone scratch in straight sets of the coal miners she is still when a sense of when that's when i'll be all things are. and all there's a huge mansion of white group where there are legal action against. cars going very well at the moment the stalls and he said with the sentence six games to one when about one will advance to the semifinals meanwhile victoria azarenka will be for them to make it three wins out of the free in the group stage she needs some alternative money on the dot to lead. them to the russian premier league informal being are in action against hostiles piece on what's already a charity and of whom saw it in some believe the earlier in the second half of a joy it was short lived as mike's even for the glory of equalized just five minutes late just a couple of minutes left to play in that match meanwhile serious due to kick off on
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a rant and makes a bad game play all in a coming up believe any. so that's two points if they take on an early sponsor acknowledge a community service these men haven't lost in over a month while strikers say to do india he's in the form of his life's going six goals in his last five league games it's a scar we'll have one on wednesday's champions league clash of clans from sport in turkey a tree would give them a great chance of qualifying for the last stages of the competition. i see the point says eat and i have five points clear of the top of the table after beating the lowly albany's not good for the mill patrols who stayed on thursday night some petersburg side didn't have to wait long to get the news and fronts to the lead on just two minutes to see if it defies all in the example of a problem double the lead just before the break. down caught lots of which put the result beyond any doubt whatsoever. of injury scored from
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a penalty spot since i last once had kosher join the splits he said he was please his side didn't take the fourth stopping us until the final whistle so unique night after the final champions league managed to shakhtar donetsk next week there'll be one striker alexander closer called who's injured. and while russia had courage to go back out has made the squad an event as friendly against greece as they continue their preparations for next year's euro two thousand and twelve finals in poland and ukraine and of course the dutchman will have to do the injured cannot call of in his place has given i was on the court in his first call up to the national side a twenty year old strike out places club football for denominate sco however has been almost a prolific form this season eastlands three goals in twenty two games was undermined since an unchanged squad want to pick some guy and the work of a notable absentee is a serious crime moscow golden eagle i can think of and still recovering from a knee injury yeah it's for
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a few more months at least. meanwhile in england most of the city have hard cost her business find a two weeks' wages players union refused to support the initial four week penalty but clubs have found the argentine guilty of using to play for her breaches of contract during a champions league game on munich in september however of a professional footballers association representative is during the club's internal inquiry says the evidence shows he only refused to warm up as a result you can only be fined a maximum of one week's wages. or a bunch of mancini refused comments on the tape his ruling saying it wasn't his problem however the italian has important matters ahead of him as he prepares his team to play one hundred on wondrous on saturday citizens made it was just four days ago out molyneux belief car proved to be a stronger can't read leaders as they eased to a point to win of the f.a.
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can't win as a five point lead at the top of the table and in scoring for fun so far this season city to find a back up announced on thirty three occasions and just nine league games per month she has not underestimating baritones. every day that would break as to what is really the program last year we all wish. it was a. wee. wee bit there for today about the in the last two for me as they are just on the floor for. about it probably will be that we think that it was sure we can play not the one that said that i guess you know we think that we can play a fifty percent against world selected from don't play seriously and i guess you need to do it with you you can have a program. boxing legend with college costs as his much talked of my retirement is just around the corner crying in a way it says is that another couple of points left in him for eventually hands up his gloves and at forty klitschko once again retained his w.b.c.
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belt as poland's tamasha about nick in september we also held the double b o crown eleven years ago his career record stands at just two defeats and forty three wins including incredible altie knockouts will power from his sporting exploits to the time for this those appeared steve agree and it's probably politically and to train them to go broke i mean it is thirty five and the trolley hopes of their fans will be just as happy when you mention the fences multiple titles on his own. if only one ferrari's felipe a masseur has pitched champion sebastian vettel to a faster slant sign in friday's practice and have a first ever indian grand prix on the clarence lewis hamilton is a quickest and a much slower morning session but was not the rule the roost in the afternoon shaving off more than a second from hamilton's time however very tells less than our hundredth of a second behind his former champion fernando alonso rounding off the top three rory
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hamilton had to sort of force was the end of a. goal for rory mcilroy as a shrug off a poor start of the second round so eventually increases lead to two strokes of heart through a stage of the lucrative shanghai masters young the northern irishman enjoying a one shot advantage out of the opening round in china but struggled early on a twenty two year old go get a fourth hole and. then sank his driver the nine for a double bogey however the u.s. open champion paul is again back together over the back nine for birdies saving the day from uncle roy who finished off three under par sixty nine. reason eleven on the par overall two shots ahead of north so mule look. career in catapulting himself into contention things to a brilliant nine birdies his round of sixty three was the best of the tournament so
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far thirty players in all are doing battle at the invitational tournament a mind building two million dollar prize attracting the biggest european names including ten the champions. world squad so i psaki one last night's moscow dieties more than ominous game losing streak with a gritty victory rivals say their second win over their rivals in less than a week while watching that one for us was constantine part of. this second must be between in our mind says ca didn't turn out to be a match to amanda as the blue and whites who believe the results of their for us clash just seven days ago with little effort in a low scoring game the house easily put in those in front when they were awarded it for in free fall play in the fifth minute and maksim saw the o. funk himself unmarked on the sport and fired it into the nat deny was how my renae is leaking in central moscow that some of their top flight encounters are played at
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the much bigger and more comfortable mega sports arena nearby if the latter bring their bigger and i guess that they gave in there where they got that place where hockey is playing but if you play it was lazy not earning ha jock then. it all went up to get the big thing that had its you played. against the tight in the second and third you it's with few scoring opportunities for both sides eight minutes before the final buzzer says cost and installed data from dinara decided to drop the gloves and change sports to boxing the fight should have fired up the players to attack but deny was alexander you don't think i was like a brick wall between the pipes to record his third shot out of the season the army man stepped everything for an equaliser cooling the goaltender leaving to do all white open for dinner or to kill off the game the janet yellen scored an empty netter to seal the final to nothing when i had the most but there might have been
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less tension in the normal for a derby but still her game was very tough and we were eager to win tonight after two straight losses fortunately we won and we played much more accurate in defense i missed him so that wasn't easy to win the calendar was drawn so that we have lots of cross city clashes in the first part of the campaign next year we'll have less encounters with our rivals. after the game both sides kept their positions in the ranking. you know i'm a broke oath there to los wrong and seed third in the western conference behind scott st peters and in a minsk well to scott i live in points behind the blue and white in the sixth place his name is not on our team. why we're on today and what is next that's what we hear all the headlines.
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in the grand central. bank president. beatriz. taj mahal hotel. hotel. the. church of. babyhood clearing collection among the plaza among. the muslim brothers and.


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