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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2011 12:31pm-1:01pm EDT

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great. things. come to. your knees. so to. moscow.
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hello welcome to the podium in this week's episode we'll be exploring. the city has completely changed over the past two decades and today each evening the capital is transformed into a fairgrounds of colors and bright lights. as we explore various nighttime it was just. logs starting off here at the magnificent. after decades of appearing in monochrome finally seeing itself in bright strong technicolor. every evening the russian capital changes its look dramatically as the city transforms itself into a brightly colored face around as the largest city in europe moscow is alive twenty four hours a day traffic jams at one am streets full of people late at night and restaurants and bars open around the clock. traffic changing trunkless the capital today is packed with bright billboards neon signs and illuminated buildings from stallin state with seven sisters stretched. to the glittering landmarks of the kremlin in
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the christ the savior cathedral the russian capital is well worth exploring it's not a visual feast. i like the fact that unlike many european cities moscow is lit up all night lonely the lights dunghill shortly after midnight even if you take a walk in the russian capital at three or four o'clock in the morning you'll still be able to see the elimination. in my opinion moscow is a little bit crazy to daytime while at night the lights make it much more glamorous amazingly beautiful. when it's famous imposing towers and bright stars the kremlin and neighboring red square is an image known to millions around the world illuminated landmarks one of the season present spectacular images visitors will never forget the area surrounding red square is also known for many other peaceful buildings too i just love this building the good apartment store it always a. suspect that. is just to
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located right. about. him it's one thing however wonderful it looks day i would not like but. in a similar style to the great nineteenth century train stations of london in my opinion this illuminated building is one example of architecture that is more impressive at night from a distance i think it looks like it's made from gingerbread you can see why it's a must have photographed. a few nights later and the twinkling lights of coombe switched off no they haven't forgot to pay the electricity bill more than fifteen sites just good the bolshoi theatre is university building and many others are taking part in a special event called the second flight. an international festival with a difference hundreds of technicians electricians and artists a working on the project with dynamic projections at the forefront of the idea it's an event to.
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especially. a special jury consisting of arts and culture presenting very some. of them are striking and fools. spectacular. and marvel at the. many venues in the russian capital. is one of them the three hundred sixty degree panorama is something to be seen. in the world but how is the image of. the look and feel of. these questions. chris christie you know you've been here.
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before you came here i was. i expected it to be very frustrating. because if you go on the streets. if you were to give any tourist some advice about where to visit. definitely.
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it's very beautiful i think you should come to this hotel here you have to talk you can see the city downstairs it's very beautiful it's values amazing yes yes this is really great. i think you know just taking cap and right around the city is not so essential as they kept to spent five hundred dollars that's approximately fifteen euros twenty dollars and taken right for the city and there you would see it offerings you know the one thing i've noticed about you know living in moscow over the past six years is its obsession with branding whether it be neon lights or huge billboards that's a problem here in moscow. it's a little bit too much so you know i think it's people were doing it i would prefer a little bit less. yeah you got much more you got much more lights much more advertising much more too much in your head you know you good thing or bad stuff i think for me personally it's tiring because you get it's like this whole. tension
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you know you cared for something from here something from the day something flickering there you know it's too much and it makes me really tired well it's great to meet you chris and thank you good luck with all your policy projects here must come a party with me next i will look forward to thank you you. make some trouble in the southwest along the river located through the run from goopy park and the the santa if you want wonderful views of the city you might spring is the place to come also a well loved spot for wedding ceremonies and find dozens of seventy nine food stalls spoken townsend's of this is to come here every week while the views from the area aspire hills are just peaceful i think it shows some of the best images of the capital of the city seems so relaxed and calm from here in the distance the skyline you can make out the science academy the listen the stadium. the city and the majority of silence the famous skyscrapers. of course the seventh largest of
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the box is the university building located right behind this. building was designed by architect. as opposed to the main building the tallest building in the world outside of new york city and that's part of its construction. the central tower is two hundred forty meters tool thirty six. in a total of three kilometers of corridor and five thousand rooms a celebration of moscow's eight hundred sixty fifth birthday the moscow state university building is transformed into a twenty five thousand five hundred square meter screen with a spectacular light show masterminded by david atkins the show which entered the guinness book of world records for being the world's largest ever show featured a flaming phoenix and innovative graphics depicted in the building structure.
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movie on and let's take a look at other ways we can explore the city lights the restaurant after the famous character from the books on the roof is located on top of the central city tower business center it has a sensational glass roof and offers views of the litter kremlin historical area and other breathtaking sights. the history of the lights illuminations of the russian capital. lights. displays a. street a live in a she's. a house is a collection of photographs of. what the city looked like at night centuries ago. and if you want to explore the city at night you can take part in city game there are several projects including. take place in moscow. to find secret locations in the city after receiving. clues in toast from the internet
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the team which is the first to decipher and find all the spots when you see the pockets. tonight. for i'm told offers highrise extraordinary excursions the sky is the one and only limits the curious tourists when you build a typical city ground level walking tools when i explore the capital from a different viewpoint. it all started with my interest in photography so i climbed up various structures to take pictures of interesting but first i discovered abandoned buildings radio television towers and then started climbing routes and decided to share the experience with other people. through the eighteenth century there was an informal ban on surpassing the height of the kremlin's tourist bell tower and even today there is no unified city of regulations as to how shy new buildings can be. decidedly enjoying high life on a rooftop is becoming more popular the capital's panorama is alluring at night
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a city totally transformed into a sea of colored lights. every year that blaze of light and confidence swells as a true symbol of growth and development moscow's is truly a heaven for those aiming higher than the sight seeing and as one of the most vibrant cities of europe you might well be dazzled by the desire to joining. what. side but unfortunately that's that's all we have left on this week's program about moscow by night i'll see you again at the same time next week not again around the russian capital and all that for me and the rest of the current by now.
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maundering. historic old. friendly. dynamic. two friends. wealthy british style some. of the. markets. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look up but global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today. the top stories from our to you tonight please. protesters across america failed to stop their spread as authorities lead demonstrators in the heart of the occupy movement out of the cold literally piece of confiscated power generators and gas
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heaters and protesters camped out in new york as temperatures hit subzero. a stern warning from the arab league it's calling on syria to stop the bloodshed dozens of civilian deaths are reported in fresh anti-government cracked the league syria committee is due for another round of crisis talks with damascus. and history repeating itself amount to build the biggest financial permit in russian history maybe back to his old tricks after serving time for millions of the savings this time his sights set on investors in ukraine. as catches dimitrios got ladies weekend sports. hello there welcome to the sports update is very good to have a company again. this sixteenth pole position red bull becomes the first team in formula one history to start that many times from the front in
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a single season. on the hale say didn't bell scores a hat trick i says hamas to move to within touching distance of leaders in it in the russian premier league. and champions back on track regarding top how the spartak moscow in the case chelsea and their three game losing streak. so let's start with football well we will finish the first stage of the longest ever russian premier league season among the top eight to one hundred three against car names made the game for them. opened. the hands of the first half. of the boks. doubled eighty minutes in with a blistering longer but the old one go back in injury time. so they're unreachable there and could even move one place up next week.
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in the meantime cuban won the russian southern russian city to beat at seacrest in their away and also seen that souray with a brace in saturday's other doubly. entertained like so much of it at luzhniki stadium became approaching and i was marking the russian capital and to the house that remember this year the top eight teams last thoughts against play charger for the title there zinni. in our spartak moscow and. and the other had trick from say to do in their heart says. response in the moscow region for male learned men and the right for a pal to kick in the game but finish go to frederickson saved short remains until this thirty four minutes when wagner finally broke the law but with about fifteen minutes to go in the game the brazilian strike it turned from hero to zero and the picked up straight red card for this challenge on murdoch judah which
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despite that loss the home side never lost control things to do. striker going go crazy scoring three times in the space of less than ten minutes in our late stage. return to the twenty three year old is also the top scorer in the champions league group stages for three games before new victory leaves second just two points behind leaders suneet. so everything failed to beatrice still at points were shedding tears on after goalless first half of a torrid but chatty was left on mark in the pounds i read just after the break and they tell him made no mistake they're giving rubin a one with pace to give it a six minutes to level matters as mark seem to go to have slammed on from that badly defended cross one or how tender and rubin failed to spot fifth place while
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bristol city turned. much to city have retained their five point lead over closest travels at the top of the english premier league on saturday following a comprehensive win against wolves three want to tended in favor of roberto mancini's men another managed to side united registered a one nil victory to have a term thanks to go from. chelsea and arsenal show their thrilling performance at stamford bridge between the blues by five goals to a free program per se with patrick for his men in other games. from bottom blowgun drew at norwich sunderland and thus the bill also shares the points two goals each while bolton want to home from swansea with their eight defeat in ten games and finally we're going went down to fill them in their relegation zone clash. over to the us nowhere so far finally back on a winning track in the kontinental hockey league the reigning champ bones and one
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of three games heading into last night's clash with spartak moscow and set at the top of now reports the one closer to making that four. both teams and early game being on a poor run spartak won only once in their four made home series with a disaster as goal difference minus ten while the game and cup holder so i want you i had just do wins from eleven measures including a three match losing streak despite enjoying possession territory from the very start so are the life wasted their opportunities well the hosts were counterattacking and waiting for a chance and they received one on the fifteenth minute and finally broke the deadlock backs alexander to come out as they was the quickest on the rebound after a slap shot four minutes into the second period and the red unwise doubled their lead marks all horsa pass to staff and who send the park in the top corner of the net with a wrist shot however the bashkirs side got back into the game just two minutes
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later as this lockout dives get iran the nan and slid back with his backhand to cut the deficit to just to go to one after forty minutes of play in the decisive period it seemed like the muscovites will withstand and will secure the cushion but for millions before the end even to get an off rifled it home will rashard for an equaliser and the game went to overtime where the visitors were lucky to cloud to win as many not doubled his telling style spots like say one guy suiting who is flow is for all the game failed to deflect the shot i don't think it's better when you're under pressure concentrating and. thinking of getting it right so much better and everybody i think one percent again you know we lost but that's the talk in this season sometimes you up sometimes you don't so you just get a move forward never a good feeling to put back three. or you just have. to get someone and hopefully.
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get. the win grants or aspired for celebrity alive who return home in a relatively positive moment. well sport dark suffered defeat on the mystic guys and will try to get back on winning track on the road. not tennis circuit or has become the first player to advance into the final of the end of the season double to championships in istanbul that's after beating samantha stosur in three sets in the same is it was the australian who took the opening set seven five three eight of a storm back in the second and want to confidently six three with czech also claimed they decided by the same scoreline so. beaten in the tournament. in the final that the russian class better than that over in straight sets in the semi. to former one now where a ball have become the first team in history to achieve sixteen pole positions in
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a single season that's after sebastian vettel successful efforts at the practice for the inaugural indian grand prix the german claimed his thirteenth poll of the year only want short of nigel mansell nine hundred ninety to record this hamilton finish with this second fastest time of the day but will start the race from the fifth spot after three place this will see to slip into the front row on sunday as was witnessed in qualifying another long justin watson will be on the second line. eleven process. is good good to be here i think it's a very interesting race a challenging circuit looking forward to tomorrow and here first time in india so excited to race tomorrow. we set low cardinals are the twenty eleven baseball world series champions after seeing off the texas rangers in the deciding game seven an incredible run from the brink of elimination culminating in trophies. and the cards
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eleventh league title the efforts of game six were still lingering hometown hero stepped to the plate again in the first time of the game. so the range is cut off just like the start of texas failing to put up any morons have to while the cards kept piling on six so how attended the rangers have now come up short titled saga for the straight guy phrase was name was quote serious and the crowd that's a facilitator for this race twenty eight year old with the cardinals getting the pot to start it for the second time since two thousand and six was used can't come the day feeling great vibes about last night texas is too tough we're going to make sure you compete because if we got beat tonight and it was a good story we want to it's a group makes us a greater you know so it's just a big or a club i mean they really brace something that is legitimate and
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a breeze effect but now it's time to think about game six and it's part of historic run and i mean it's hard to explain how we made it happen except the club is great guts. the first month of the n.b.a. regular season has now been canceled the tame still not on the same page with the players union in negotiations the biggest issue or amending a state revenue splits with the players wanting a larger sad than the fifty fifty proposition that the onus suggest. made concessions were dropped our body armor seen from fifty seven thirty two point five . which is. premier parts of the. national scene which right now it's still not enough for the middle east to feel is still there still can be close it's not practical possible or prudent to have a full a full season now we held out that joint together but in light of the breakdown of
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talks there will not be a full n.b.a. season under any circumstances. ok that's it from me and that sports desk for now whether it's next good bye.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are today.
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police crackdowns and anti corporate protesters across america failed to stop their spread as authorities lead demonstrators in the heart of the occupy movement out of
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the cult. warning the arab league calls on syria to stop the bloodshed as dozens of civilian deaths are reported in fresh government crackdowns on protests. and history repeating itself the man who built the biggest financial pyramid in russian history. with his sights set on investors. welcome it's nine pm saturday evening here in moscow i'm kevin zero in here at r.t. tonight in our top story for you us police are upping their efforts against the occupy movement gripping the country for a second month now in new york where the corporate demonstrations began offices literally leaving protesters out in the cold forces there swept through zuccotti park where hundreds have been camping out and they confiscated power generators.


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