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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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this week's top stories head out nato has officially announced the end to its military campaign in the beer leaving the country's security in the hands of a new government there are concerns about the heavily armed population that's been left behind. e.u. leaders signed off a massive deal to avert greece's debt crisis and save the euro critics say the move is a mistake it's just a day and never the book testifying. america's anti corporate protest to suffer snowstorms and police pressure left one activist critically injured squads are sweeping through occupy wall street camps for looting tents are arresting those who used to go. and russia's legendary bolshoi theater reopened after a six year old suspect spread renovation the ground the garden night was attended
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by russia screamed the world's down don't put up with. israel and oppressed ministration have agreed to come forward with proposals on territorial issues within the next three months but something more empty promises released quartet's efforts to resume direct peace talks doomed to fail when next we asked one israeli politician what's hampering the negotiations. with me i have yelled a young israeli politician and author and also the daughter of washington one of israel's most revered chiefs of staff thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. in your opinion has the american president barack obama and the united states let down the palestinians by threatening to veto the statehood bid at the united nations years certainly and i'm very surprised because. i thought.
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the key in using and to force. to negotiate. i didn't take into account reporter could do a year will go all it can all do now because of elections still obviously is contribution was. to ignore the process can some of the blame be put on israel the argument that is well through its settlement building and its expansion policies and its occupation could is will not be harming the reputation of the united states really goes together or we didn't go into the you were or the gun it's. in. we're not wanted to include to save the world but we are not successful in saving all since we saw on the other hand we're very dependent on america in we get. budgets for
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good for armament so we had some kind of fusion. i don't think can be dissolved but we never heard such an extreme government in israel. who feels nick to use altogether so i don't think. i think we instead of opening up beings as. strong power being the able. we have the pull and instead of opening and being generous for our own sake we're closing morgan more the possibility to even begin negotiations israeli leaders are against the palestinian bid and accuse it of being unilateral but essentially israeli occupation unilateral of course everything that we do does you need to go after sixty seven in. the only crime that we had.
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something happening was doing or slow. and it was a sincere nation or for. so you know. if there was no settlement in the provisional for. everything is the only plausible palestinians will most likely end up leading to the united nations general assembly for statehood is a good thing for israel of course it's good because what we don't understand. maybe we will understand. the international way because we keep saying that is the from the cinema's iliza we can sort if most of the countries of the world raise their hands full with ballots i don't think we can ignore you and i think it will show it will work to
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a direction of justice do you think this will be prime minister benjamin netanyahu commitment to peace talks is genuine and will result in something if it would have been generally we would have been sitting together. i didn't. i didn't know what he wants nobody knows for two really wants it's very clear that he doesn't want palestine and he doesn't want. mince. is very is. is not a mineral. so you mentioned the assassination of the form it's really prime minister yitzhak rabin and you have said that there are certain streets in jerusalem you're nervous to drive down and public rallies for example sometimes you acquire security guards are you concerned that they could be any other assassination other high profile that lift when israel unfortunately no because. we're not could. really take
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decisions so it's almost more subdued but i'm more concerned with the activities of the said against palestinians in our against in israel i think vision is really that. we will not be able to stalk. stealing. to see harassing it's preventing them form a normal. army and police are not. successful in a coping with food so my feel is the next palestinian. by jewish extremists more israelis do not want to serve in the israeli army in one thousand nine hundred eighty there was twelve point one percent who did not want to serve and the projections are that twenty twenty they could be some forty three
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percent now we've spoken to soldiers and former soldiers who believe that the i.d.f. conducts and just wars for example the most recent war in gaza and also that it can no longer be relied upon to protect the state of israel what are the implications of this i don't think it's harmful because it first of all a lot of those who don't want the north. ideologue. the not really conscientious objector wants their ways i mean young people don't want to waste from their point of view with three years in the army and begin their covielle so afterwards there is economic instability and people young people who prefer to have a direct line to higher education or jobs only still very. little middle for corn is all together and of course one of the reasons that most people
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are looking forward to peace is because we think that having an army so big and compulsively sylvie's is a terrible waste of human will soul service what about the way the army has been internationally are you not concerned that the reputation of it with all the help the border is declining internationally i don't know i don't think so i think it's true about the entire world i think of him that cannot. is becoming more and more sophisticated of course when the war the. choice of war people no less listens to the us i mean it could be here it can be as a story it confound i.d.f. because he blamed for the fact that israel has angered its former allies egypt and turkey and the country is becoming more and more isolated i think it's more
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political picture than the military because. corporation. we had with turkey on the way on the military was very very very low post and they didn't want to stalk people even now. with egypt there were . army something the day of police all of the egyptian army. we didn't have only yields of peace we didn't have really any clear collection so important into it by all means that are very harmful to egypt just to smoke just to israel one of the biggest achievements in your father's lifetime was the peace treaty with egypt he was one of the architects are you afraid that it could collapse i don't think it can it can collapse it can be meaning but. it will it will not collapse into a wall. and i push through
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a no wall situation then in. peace if it cannot be maintained what will happen after the arab spring well things get worse for us for i don't know israel is good it's only a spring i seem clear it's a failure. of two elements one is a over centralized wall in the form of dictatorship with all its army all religious a likely near iran in egypt and syria all just extremely right wing capitalism i think this systems are collapsing and in israel we have an infrastructure that basically social democratic so it will go through a formation but it will not collapse in egypt tunisia be our. don't even work in our work or here is in their. ability to we form
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from inside someone will have to go either the army would use it so we civil society should take over what. they've got to we shape them since a foreign. ideology because obviously they were not poor dictators but the. dictate all here in the world so i can foresee i hope because the students and the young people who are so involved i hope they will get the chance to be helped by maybe your opinion cantle use the form. of civil society or the world to just build institutions to replace the ones that will wharton called. dictatorial what is what missing when it comes to its response to these challenges
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facing the region people of afraid and this is something that we have to call people still of the. whole of course people are afraid of being we take seriously we're not going to did israel is saying i'm going to destroy you. and i have the capacity to do we all when the hamas says it people are afraid to take it seriously they think this may. because it happened to us once maybe it will happen again it. is something that has to be addressed very deep and there is this sense of since then it's. alliance with the world we can't have the whole world against proust and have self-confidence we should self-confidence form the element of being unjust and if we are just the world would
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not be against us and if we could all name all senate justice we would be strong enough to avoid any projection of destruction of the elderly and thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. if you. are a. on . a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls. play at. least in chance a good chance to choose the city good book the status of the human experiments good . to see if we pursue a program to see this rap music or to expose movies allegedly trying to make sense
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of global economy and it's all changed things as financial temple the reason to maintain our confidence in markets and. wants to be seems way to balance is recession look keep the missions close to collapsing in some close close close. some fail so we played the game feel a little like thing is us crush them and smash the ceiling is like putting construction things three feet high court strikes me on just programs increase the total economy. in india she's available in the movie joint b. which owns the home of villas the gateway her to the grand imperial truly the taj was close coromandel you can oh well it's hotel close leisure good to see don't need to go on cliffs brotherson the canal was hotel as used to retreat.
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this week's top stories here on r.t. nato has officially announced the end to its military campaign in libya even the country's security in the hands of the new government there are concerns about the heavily armed population that's been left behind. the leaders signed off a massive deal to avert greece's debt crisis and save the euro zone critics say the move is a mistake that is just today then it's been fantastic thing. america's anti corporate protests to suffer snowstorms and police pressure on activists critically injured squads are sweeping through occupy wall street firms with heads resting refused to. russia's legendary also need to reopen the six year expense innovation granted on a night was attended by russia's president graham wells renowned for the us. stories less than fifteen minutes but now let's get the sports news with you and
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all the money in the world. exclusive the russian premier league yeah millions and millions almost your yearly salary kerry but i'll tell you what they are there they're in the top eight that means they're going to be fighting for the title this year in the extended eighteen month long season and of course the big smiles in the spotlight most comes morning yeah absolutely a three to win over luck on the tee. of course last night and they are looking good as well third in the league now good for a title charge as well more of that coming up in just a second. great to have you with us this is sports day we have got plenty ahead this sunday morning here in central moscow including. title contenders roberta corliss secures his first win as
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a stand in manager two on the rust off victory also ensuring his side will be one of the talk eight teams fighting for this season's crown. hopes dashed will be no turkish delight for of euro zone up until the u.t.a. championships with russia's last representative in istanbul pulling out the semifinal stage. podium dreams we catch up with the man the terman to secure russia a first ever olympic triathlon medal next summer. let's get going with football where it was touch and go for a week's put on jihad lasting sure a deal in the russian premier league regular season if position the finish crucial for the mega rich club as the top eight teams this year will play off for the crown . and seeing off the rust off at home for when either first win and half a dozen games during your call for getting things going in the first half. the
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other big name sounding somewhat with then doubled on g.'s lee ten minutes from time not only am i love consolation strike in injury time leaving the final score two one to the home side though will be well aware improvement is needed in next month's round robin title stage. you boys are already insured wiil be in the top eight title hunt this season but just for good measure they went out and won their city darby with f.c. cross the door on sunday the league's third top scorer last seen at are already eyeing a double away from home. than taking it to know me. i . hate moscow door between sports talk and lockable t. finished off they did grid thing for the home side sport tax mushing the real women's twelve match unbeaten streak at the luzhniki are emmanuel m n e k with
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particular reason to smile the nigerian international helping himself to trick his first couple coming with barely a quarter of an hour gone on the clock his. third half a dozen minutes after the break ensuring the red and whites would go level on points with their opponents in third position. on the action continues later on sunday with two games off for consideration the first of which sees the moscow attempt to leapfrog cross torn rivals for unlockable teeth into the third spot in the hour away to rock bottom f.c. charm after dark clearly something out of character willing to offer their points tally in some. ok let's talk tennis for russian of arizona over what's stop short of reaching the w t a championships final on sunday better russian victoria azarenka now with a chance to become world number two if she beats patrick a veto in the decider the twenty two year old seeking to have the cup on the left
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of her trophy she went about it the right way in the seventies forcing. all over the court in the opening said i was a rank eventually taking it six two on the following in contradiction straight to far from the script either six two six three the final score so no word. number four us rank it can move up to world number two a career high position. of course is if she wins after defeat of her though she's got a rise in the number two ranking herself the czech start forced to grind out for three months in the last four days the right shot to take you said seventy five but after about the left handed defeat of a began to right this ship rallying in the second set to take it six three the twenty one rule they continue to pick apart in the third five seven six three six games to three. to form
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a one where red bowl have become the first team in history to achieve sixteen paul decisions in a single season that's following champion sebastian vettel qualifying efforts up in or indian grand prix the german claiming his thirteenth paul of the year just one short of nigel mansell zn one thousand nine hundred two record lewis hamilton finished with the second quickest time in new delhi but he will start the race from fifth after three place grid penalty for failing to slow down for a double yellow flight which means another car was stationary on the track at the time that will see teammate mark webber move into the front row on sunday so no alonso in jenson button will start from the second line while rushes italy petroff was eleven fastest in history. to be here i think it's a very interesting race a challenging circuit looking forward to tomorrow and your first time in india so excited to rest tomorrow. now
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a very royal guest was on hand to mark the opening of the volvo ocean race as the round the world event got underway with a sprint on saturday prince coral thought of sweden stepping on board the ocean recently else but it was abu dhabi ocean recent who took top honors in the import race olympic silver medalist skipper in the walker ensuring only got six points to start things off the vessel supported by prince philip not too far behind little five points there telly camper emirates new zealand early favorites were forced to settle for four points third place but stage is just the start of the thirty ninth always nautical mile race a run the globe this year's edition is widely considered to be the most competitive in the event's meet your history. possible where the first month of the n.b.a. regular season has now been canceled the team owner is still not on the same page
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with the players' union but biggest unresolved issue being the revenue split with players wanting a larger share of their fifty fifty proposition but the owners are suggesting. concessions were dropped you are pushing the seven fifty two point five. percent. right now so it's still not enough for the middle east to feel as though it has to be closed and practical possible prudent to have a full season and now. we held out the joint hold together by the light of the breakdown of talks that will mark the fall season under any circumstances. finally russian athletes have never won an olympic medal in triathlon a sport introduced to the modern games in sydney in two thought isn't a bronze medal is now the official target set for the men's team for london twenty
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twelve roman coster if met up with the steadily proving he's got the pedigree to do just that. is up for. this season was very successful for me i reached the podium three times of the world series i want to stage of the european cup and the championship of russia i think that's a decent result unfortunately because of cramp i was unable to win a medal at the finals of the world series. alexander briefed on court as one of russia's two triathletes who are currently in the world's top ten there are hopefuls to win in the olympic gold in place in london been called the latest major success was in august when he won silver at the world series stage in london which earned him an olympic ticket for two but it's well you know what i usually come up short in the running portion of the event i know i'm strong in it but i have to learn how to relax and spread out my strength evenly over all three disciplines
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when that happens my results will also improve. despised finishing in a commendable second place in london behind the english champion alistair brownlee and in front of his brother jonathan brownlee alexander and the rest of the russian see and know that it's the olympic performance which will matter most at the end of the day as they continue helping each other to become stronger athletes but with. my team mate to meet three polian ski who's also in the world's top ten constantly pushes me to train harder and i'm sure it's reciprocal on his side plus we both feel pressure from foreign athletes who are surely not to why we're training. at the moment are there are eight russian triathletes among the world's top fifty which is a far cry from only one person in that ranking just five years ago three is the maximum number of olympic licenses that immense team can get with three hundred calls and polonsky the obvious takers of the first two tickets however there are at
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least six more quite capable athletes competing for the remaining tickets to the games where the russians hope for at least one piece of silverware. of course there is a medal after all sports authorities are investing quite a lot into our preparation process and they would like to know what we're aiming for in london our goal is at least a bronze alou medal from our man and i think it could be either polanski or go from cough which one does do help him especially in triathlon we could see both of our athletes on the podium and xander everyone cough is in relaxation mode at the moment recuperating after itself but successful season however his and the rest of his teammates lives are about to change as they enter the final preparation phase for london next year ramon cost of artsy moscow that's your sport but i'll be back in just under two hours time with more sporting opitz now it is the weather then
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carrie johnson is here with all the news at the top of the hour. we'll come to the. soonest punish trip to a magical land where pesticides are the floodlit anymore for school children to live and learn without ever opening a paper book for einstein's theories and the laws of physics no longer apply and we're big can't always be figures don't be afraid to take my hand and enjoy the ride on technology update here on r.g.p. .
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