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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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smiling little girls and streets with the palm of your. question on the call keep calm. and looking back you are one live from the center of moscow baghdad with us but take all the time. in an interview with the russian television president the syrian president bashar al assad one western leader says not to meddle in his country's domestic affairs claiming foreign states were behind smuggling weapons to protesters. and nato ready to depart libya but concerns rise over the huge gun problem as a former rebels fight for power and arms control never colonel gadhafi may have gone but his most influential son saif islam threatens to spill the beans on
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western leaders backroom deals if he gets his day in court. and israeli air strikes on gaza leave at least ten palestinians dead as opposition grows against the government's excessive military spending thousands of israelis from the true streets of tel aviv this week to demand the forty's to put welfare before war . and the denver round up of the u.s. cities authorities lose patience with occupy wall street protesters the government's imposing a curfew and seizing him along. and up next our special report on the female sex tourists flocking to the island of bali. yeah i think if western is more fun. because it will be them then yeah you know if. there was anyone know i think years at those i think everyone
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knows. if you hook up with a japanese woman but for again you're truly very lucky to get star lucky lucky with the good looking like it almost everyone's assume i'm really horny equally this is that was just about if you want to have sex go and have sex but do it for yourself not just because he wants to and. don't be ashamed that you like it they. just like kids and they tell you how they should sex they do it all over the world so why can't we. remain so strong. about money. soon because. that's how low the. teens.
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that's on the. feelings and how you can show. that's like a bad knees. kind of flame to me easy to have. but i don't like. the japanese or what they called me anywhere very serious and traditional in the past they would follow their own culture. they had very strong customs and traditions i didn't value there's a mix of cultures. or whites japanese and so on there are no cultural taboos or regulations just an overall tourist lifestyle. if you sleeping around sweden you get a bad reputation that's. here yeah of course you can take it. like you should appreciate sex is a good thing to have. it's get
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a really good i'm very. very special. yes i have usually i practice safe sex. sometimes if i'm very drunk both lose control and i don't use a condom. so a lot of those. meditation they have known me for a while and trust me they don't want to use condoms either. they trust their intuition that my energy is good so they don't want me to wear a condom. never being tested but i trust that i am healthy and disease free because i reckon the europeans to be healthier than people from asia they are more diligent about medical check.
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the first reported case of aids in indonesia occurred in bally and. it was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and the patient was a foreigner who was in valley at the time everybody. knew about that run case involving a foreigner and. my colleagues wanted to find out how deep the problem was and valiant added value so. how far ahead age are obese brats across badly. we tested four hundred glob samples and one came back as a tribute positive but as. it was from an indonesian. knees in fact it was obviously an h.l.v. wasn't just a tourist problem so. i went to australia. to observe
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and learn from the aids cases there. are not even a nine hundred eighty seven they had many cases that had reached the hospitalization stage. and i wondered if we had as many cases where would we find the hospitals here. if we don't have the same medical facilities in indonesia let alone bally. you know we can't be pessimistic ok but i'm afraid if people don't change their attitude it's just a closed mind it. don't
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acknowledge the situation the way. the disease will continue to spread out of the like which sat in the media at the un we can witness an aids tsunami in the next five to eight years and not a start. they are very asking mary stuff like that. it's kind of serious to see your parents but it's not like a promise of like ok so it. can be here. but for me. and i understand because. there are many many.
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good for you when i. ask. and it's a respect because. for so. many planning about your future. that is again by your profile and yet i must say i like that among the many japanese women i slept well there was one who i felt truly loved me i get the girl i love church. she asked me to go to japan with. the have an hour outside. the box. do you really really looking at. the all the country only.
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now well yeah i was but i want to know the meaning of the country you know. and you know i want to. see. too much money everything. past. it was she claimed. to. be. married. into a very. young i married a study which was. different. from a from a marriage. school
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and from there. to. the deadly of the law and then she said she'd find me a job at a restaurant up there because i ended up working at a restaurant in a shibley artistry. for six months i thought i was undergoing unpaid training like dad yeah. that's just one for system in japan is different from here get out to die. soon as you start work that's not the show you begin to get a salary so i. couldn't tell you what i did you know that of eight year old i asked the manager he said they have been paying my salary to my wife since i started working there. sorry. i thought i was shocked. at how come my so-called wife didn't tell me employed my salary that. she said
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i give you a lot of money every time i was in bali a lot of that back then she transferred a stack of receipts so every cent she spent on me and valley was recorded in there . and in total. i still older. son i was so stressed during times of yeah i guess i heard about you and i realized she had brought me to japan to work so she wouldn't have to anymore so fucked up without telling her i am going to bed i took up a part time job at another place. so there i met another japanese girl get a bit less cool she was ten years older than me so treat us some more like older my whole story and she really fell for me that i am and we made
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a promise to each other separate your book cut a long story short i returned to. say you have somebody. to. tell sort of like about it and once i go back i called my first wife and said step out of atomic oh i'm in bali now the local i started was i as a doctor she was over least domes but i was back here to look for the good but she couldn't do anything that's managed by evil but to get at the sight of. me and get back inside. the media put up me about two weeks later a roommate came to somalia to get me she how to meet my second wife place her name is a room at sea the mate was like i was on my honeymoon in bali with the second boy in the article about me and dad. we stayed in the valley for about
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a month before returning to japan together is i learned in india. i think for them they see they do see that boy or maybe an ice in a french girl girl took them. to their country they can be set for life but it doesn't always work that way because the culture isn't different these guys because of the rural background think that if they go with a white woman they will go in an airplane and they will be in another aisle another place and they can travel but they don't realize that if to pay for everything there and suddenly the whole dream bursts they suddenly realize they can't do what they're doing here and buy me. look the main thing is that there is love and if there is love well it doesn't matter where we are so whether i have to adjust to the food or to the cold climate is
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a relevant as long as she's there i will like the place if i marry her it won't be because she's read sure whatever it will be for love it tell america i am here i would never take him to sweden because that would never work it depends what it was for here mavis serious here for second comes season but if you marry beach boy. you know if you do get married it will be. because i think i could do it but i don't think you could you think he would crash and. make. was like i can see life here because i've been here already. if i was here but some friends here. one of them sees a thing about the year. and i die because of one easy thing about the lights of such
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a person so they don't show the same in the same way. we broke up when it was time to come in here. my wife second wife had never lived in the past may get it i doubt she can even live in violating. their place and i have never lived in surpass i think that she and i were from really different cultures. it was a four year course but i left after a year you know what i didn't want to study anymore every day every day was stressful if. not just for your appearance. but for me to me. throughout history so i was always stressed about school. i missed indonesia.
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i don't like her for the way. they are. now coming here of course i want to know in their. profiling and you know the only reason. i work. and give like one hundred days oh relax i don't have to do really saying i love working but now it's like i haven't seen us for a one year so. i mean it will be ok if there is something i mean because you never know what i want history. you can see other people. and what you can see other people with. you.
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though. yeah. it's the kind of an oh shit. i don't really know i was seriously ill at an. outing you come or come to the gate because i'm all of that and i'm still alive still and like. me and i like young and then they call me lad it really was the real meaning wagon because like my little brother they like to.
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so you been to new zealand yes where we are selling some self. good coffee. along with. chris thile only fifteen minutes he says about fifteen days. and then and six o'clock i remember. when he was a really good. girlfriend c. because his catholic paper on before was of course i want to. have a. life and. then the zealot you went to parade yes we. started from
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a. bad . man to maintain its. also with the rest not felt. like their life they won the war they were better. bormann i've had one going on. there really wanting a plan and. it's been nice all right the man. i think business when you're. so she took out a terrorist and then she left you. stay there it hurts. and that's how i relate relate what would have been like. to. be. the man. can't. help myself i can see. what that means i couldn't find it in my
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partner were things like this the nobody talked to me. yeah all about me i have lived together two years with the new zealand struggle. but the still still the same i mean i'm still the style of life. these make the correct thing. to i never marry a local when you met. and all i get right here. know something i've been away. for so scant it. amount to seven if i'm more than thirty yes or not so it's not maybe when
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i won that's got. i'm still a front really. but i still can't do it. because. i get up when my dad to get up at five and. yes. now do you feel lonely you don't miss the companionship. that's all she would you want to continually listens. to your body tired caper and. ready. to grasp. i have known i have known the. oh boys you know what in the fifty's.
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and sixty's good service and good says because. of something different but the beach. folks seem so with. sixty different receipts so kind of for us. this is because that is part of it life is that you begin to anything you have afghan. it's always been that sort of element anyway i mean women coming here looking for. young boys i mean that's been around for forever and. i think it's all to do with major high percentage price in europe it's not really paradise. for those women i guess it is i.
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call it on the beach. if. it's going on. sunday i would love to have some to. the people. in the beach boys find a customer to read because i'm really. the first artist ever. to customize the city. powers to the i want to go to. the. we. used to.
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the woman. so much i want to marry some three foreign women. when i was a good one so i have three foreign wives and then i'll stop fishing for women and then when it's not a safe. bet i'll start a successful business and this. month window.
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to get to the truth. before you let it. be for you. my daughter. and you will wait for. the war. when i meet teen or twenty years old i'll look for japanese women that's what my friends say they'll do when they're at that age will find a foreign woman and go abroad with the teacher where in the good life most likely.
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didn't. do. culture is that so much in common good news going to make me a lot of people a variable again is the world's most populated as the world reaches still another
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population benchmark to debate continues as to whether the planet.
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