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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2011 9:01am-9:31am EDT

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it is a just after five pm here on monday in moscow this is artsy with me research it is historic day for palestinians at the un the united nations cultural body has accepted the nation of palestine as a full member over two thirds of unesco members a general assembly in paris just now said yes it's the first time the palestinians have achieved full membership and when body but yes go now faces a twenty two percent budget cut the u.s. a balance of cut funding if palestine was admitted washington says it can subsidize any organization that accepts palestine as a member israel is also strongly against them all this comes ahead of next month's vote on full palestinian membership you do stay with r.t. for the latest update our correspondent is coming your way later this hour. now
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a serious president has told russian television the forces fighting his regime are armed and dangerous and putting civilians at risk bashar assad also said he's ready to work with the opposition parties that have emerged during the months of uprising against his government. reports. strong words coming from syrian president bashar al assad to where the conflict this country's been going on for almost eight months now in that interview to the russian channel he did say that any attempt to destabilize the country will result in what he called an earthquake that will reverberate not just in the region but will have a global implications he also stressed that syria is most definitely not libya it's a different situation altogether and he did voice out what he and his government think is a real cause of the conflict in his country. today we have hundreds of soldiers police and security forces among the dead how were they killed during peaceful demonstrations because some slogans being shown no they were shot and this means
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we're dealing with people we don't know whether the weapons reach syria from israel or in you know the state that possesses such weapons but there is evidence of mines and grenades that were put in place is packed with civilians this led to casualties in a number of cases the information obtained during the interrogation of terrorists smuggling to syria from neighboring states become pain was funded from abroad and we have a list of those who are responsible for this since the the uprising started in march of this year the government has tried to put forth some reforms and the president had said that they're planning parliamentary elections in february of next year and also they put forth this so-called multi-party law which allows other political parties outside of the ruling baath party to participate in parallel to that though those reforms that the government wants to put forward their protests of course continue according to the u.n. about three thousand or more than three thousand people have already been killed since march and i we were i was in and in syria just about two weeks ago talking to
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those protesters who are continuing to go out into the streets the government again maintaining that these are the armed forces inflicting the violence that the protesters say in fact they have by and large have been peaceful and that it is the security forces firing upon them and it is true that some of them are calling for this no fly zone to to end the violence that they see however it. so we said that there are opposition voices such as the national coordinator council which shut tries to bring together the different voices in syria they're saying that while they're very critical of the reforms they put forth by the government saying it's not enough they're also wary of calling or rather and door saying a so-called no fly zone because they do see this could just result in more bloodshed they don't want to see that in their country now the arab league of course has had been actively trying to find a solution as well trying to us speak with syrian officials they put forth a plan to president assad he said that he will be a willing to talk to all of the opposition voices including those formed during the conflict however these are words for now they want to see actually go shushan table
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and that's not to say that i mean there the external pressure is increasing that even if there's a lot of hesitation to any form of foreign intervention words coming from the western leaders as well as china and russia who as we know had vetoed that u.n. resolution calling for sanctions on syria all of them are calling for a dialogue for real results to see that the violence really stop and that's really the main focus right now of the pressure coming from the outside they just want the violence to stop. the occupy wall street movement shows no signs of slowing and the u.s. as of now enters its second week scores of activists have been arrested across america for refusing to pack up. and russia has voiced concerns over the crackdown on the treatment of protesters by u.s. authorities. the way the occupy wall street protest is a handled is an ample illustration of double standards quite a number of our counterparts from western countries are pursuing we will never put
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up with a situation when i wish them partners who have the right to ask questions refused to discuss their own problems which there are plenty and which keeps growing. statement comes in response to building criticism from some western countries as russia moves towards its presidential election authorities in the us to try to enforce various curfew so over the weekend to prevent demonstrations from escalating further more than seventy protesters calling for political and economic changes have been arrested in the states of texas oregon and kind of police in denver used pepper spray to disperse the crowds there. were also used to chase away protesters who say they are ready to withstand the pressure. so a busy week in the united states with multiple arrests and clashes between police and activists forced out of their camps here the twitter feed from the lucy
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catherine office she's been at the heart of the protest since they began bringing all the latest developments and she tweets here that police have arrived at the camp of the occupy wall street protesters in richmond virginia detaining people there so far ten have been arrested and follow her twitter page for all the latest information. the russian billionaire owner of chelsea football club roman abramovich is appearing before a london court it's in connection with a five and a half billion dollar lawsuit being pursued by russian businessman boris berezovsky the oil tycoon but his off skeet claims his former associate illegally forced him to hand over the money and now he wants it back better reports on one of the most expensive disputes in history. this will be the first time or manob remove it sure mr a is the body guards are calling him opens his mouth in this hearing up until now he's get to resolute silence in stark contrast to his rival mr b. . whose appearance in the witness box have been loud brash and passionate after all
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there's a lot at stake here he's suing mr a for three point five billion pounds for breach of trust and breach of contract he says mr a intimidated him bullied him into selling his shares in sydney the oil company for a fraction of their true value the hearings trying to establish the finer details of those deals that went on but it appears none of that was actually put into writing after all it was ninety's russia it's not so much what's inside the court that's caught the attention here is the extravagant operators around these two men they show up to court in shiny my barracks in the sadie's they're flanked by vast onto rogers at least fifteen people each inside the court room which is massive it's divided into two warring factions each man is represented by three rows of lawyers legal age translators body guards each behind a computer screen outside the court room in a free corner is a big burly man with dark glasses and an ear piece these are two of the world's
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richest men although the rumor is that barry spare is of ski's ports is dwindling but to give you an idea of just how much money these men have for mr hayes legal fees are thought to be the in the region of between four and eight million pounds. after it's either been reporting right there will still ahead for you this hour here on are looking for a spacious new home scientists a way of mankind's options for exploring other planets and cultivating a new life away from the seven billion people now here on earth. now let's go back to our top story here in our t.v. successful admission to unesco of palestine as a fully fledged member let's. but i guess now in the latest update from arthur trying to push for standing by in paris i don't know courtesy you other part of the palestinians have already had already gained the elevated status of observer entity at the un general assembly just today that mission to unesco have any bearing on
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palestine's vote for full un member member where we are as we look at the top leaders as we look at these live pictures continuing from peristyle over to you and yours would empower the. world heritage by the by the pyramid in egypt more thought was the night that it will remove its funding for you know. washington is the biggest contributor to the organization to promote as almost a quarter of the new budget in other countries which today are piloted by the membership of the u.s. e.u. like romania and germany was built in because we just need a two thirds majority vote now there are warnings but time and cultural value that you know mark. it for us all this funding but we're ending up with the worst of both worlds even in the us. how little i mean when you are in bodies still not getting funding all of your own bodies anyway you know in the first agency to qualify and applied for the trials because they had to be didn't find their
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countries or prepared to go against their will you various us lobbying leading up to this for a while but for the last minute to get countries to thoughtless by getting in but it seems the politics have had the courage to go with their own convictions palestine israel is doing everything to avoid solving by letter from the go shaded for two days solution and they will try the cost of going through a review with all the boys so trying to get the donors are. all right daniel bush a better life for us from brussels many thanks indeed. let's check out some other international news for you this hour time for the world update here on out see a suicide bombing in the southern afghan city of kandahar it's claimed at least. a truck laden with explosives was detonated near a checkpoint several people were wounded in the blast and in suing gunfight between insurgents and security forces so far has claimed responsibility. for
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nato to wrap up its mission over libya by midnight on monday it's marking the official end to over seven months of military intervention the responsibility for national security will be handed to the country's interim government it now faces the difficult task of collecting countless weapons and firearms from civilians weapons use became widespread during the eight months of civil war that ended with the violent death of libya's former leader moammar gadhafi. in yemen huge blast rocked. the capital so now he has to shut down the city's international airport officials say that explosive devices were planted inside twelve fighter jets it's not clear how insurgents managed to get access to the heavily guarded area yemen's capital has seen months of government rallies with protesters demanding an end to decades of president. now the frontrunner
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stands presidential election has claimed victory after preliminary results showed he had gained an overwhelming share of the vote with almost all the ballots counted . as received more than sixty percent support acting president. who has been running the country since two thousand and ten will step down for the winner of the election is seen as both a democratic milestone in a vital chance to repair the country's dangerous north south divide in april last year unrest in the capital ousted former leader. it later led to ethnic violence in the country south in which rampaging mobs killed hundreds of minority. portugal has been struggling to stabilize its economy despite a bailout from the eurozone earlier this year and while the e.u. is breathing a small relief over the new deal to prevent greece from collapse the storm is far from over and as a teaser nicholas go reports from portugal the people there are not happy with
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painful austerity cuts they continue to india. no jobs no money no chance for the future these messages have been brought by teachers striking in portugal they can never have stability. in the school. even if they are working for ten fifteen twenty years they are always earning the same and don't have a place in school a stable place in one school it's a political choice of financial cuts in education health and social security that's a political choice in early conflicts a child. like legendary atlantis portugal seems to be sliding deeper and deeper into the depths of economic apathy what started off as a purely financial crisis is now turning into malevolent force which threatens to drop the four chickies their basic human rights earlier this year portugal got an emergency bailout from the e.u. to deal with debt the third country to do so after greece and ireland but for some
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the seventy eight billion euro price tag is too high to pay for the hysteria to cuts it goes well beyond the classroom and strikes at some of society's fundamental principles like access to justice. the government isn't paying lawyers who provide free public legal services so there are some who've been doing it for years for free by the courts cannot be reduced to canonical entities to solve problems of large corporations they must play the role of providing legal services to citizens and promoting social peace. and this is cutting corners in education and the legal system is not enough the government spends years are hitting the portuguese where it hurts the most in their health care. what is your capacity then do we start. doing subsidies barrier the government much as to my. yes there will be
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a lot of people who will model because we know that at the same time we've begun. even. and it's more pain no gain these territories failing to stop portugal's economy plummeting with the poor in the front line prime minister has said that he wants to keep the lower income families away from the cuts not really sure that's possible fortunately now has a really big budget problem for child needs money and needs it now so they are going to have to cut like time services slashed taxes hiked but portugal's still on course to have a worse debt ratio than greece that's startling enough but for the people trying to survive there's dignity you called me disasters all right here it. was but. everything i we are covering and so much more and it's just whatever to oxford on a couple of items waiting for you right now the russian cargo space ship progress
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successfully at the international space station two months after its predecessor crashed you can check out this dramatic footage. also on our mutual try to. find out how the level of radioactive contamination around japan's crippled fukushima nuclear power could be an astonishing five. greater than all four of his . discoveries. communicate with the wind. becomes very. nature can give you.
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the official. your i pod touch from the. video. and. calm. down there are twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow on the final day of october it's been revealed that the world's population has reached a whopping seven billion it's raising concerns over the potential over crowding of our planet experts warn that in just a few decades the problem could become manageable with dire environmental consequences but the news is inspiring some to seek a new new home or somewhere far far away as aunties peter all of our reports. so
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when next mercury too hot. too cold mars that's will do nicely as the population of earth passes the seven billion mark some of suggested the red planet as a replacement for our current blue warm however in these times of tightening purse strings the cost of going to mars could be a problem in the months of a one man expedition to mars and back would cost it is safe to say over three billion dollars preparing for these flights would cost about forty or fifty times more than a two way ticket in other words we're talking about colossal expenses regardless of the price those who have been into space say the time is right for mankind to yet again boldly go where no one has gone before everybody realizes that it's time to reach out and explore the universe beyond low earth orbit we have for many years
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just for ten years at least we have been on the international space station in very close and we haven't been somewhere else or with people since the lunar landings which ended back in one nine hundred seventy two there's no shortage of take is to be the first to set foot on mars and potential red planet trailblazers have started their training young surrogate is still just a teenager but he's putting in the hard yards in the hope that he can help create a potential new home for humanity millions of kilometers away not martin i want to be the first to travel to mars and to other planets as well to the moons of jupiter saturn you can leave there in future we're still a long way from science fiction becoming science fact with human setting up home on the surface of mars even if we put the huge cost of a martian settlement to one side there are some serious hurdles to be overcome not least we have no idea if life existed there previously and if it is. whether
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whatever killed it off could be dangerous to us why should we even think about finding a new home this. earth resources are finite therefore we will eventually have to either restrain population and production growth risking losing both or we find foothold on other planets no matter how much it cost us with the retirement of nasa space shuttle the only way for people to get into space at the minute is the russian soyuz rocket currently with the science available our chances of a global relocation anytime soon a pretty much zero however took the way in central moscow the mars five hundred project is simulating the effects a mission to mars would have on a crew in search of a new home sure but you know there is one of the as a reason why the experiment has been so popular the world is still a place for dreamers who dream of exciting projects that unite people international projects. is not old enough as it stands we might have to learn to deal with the
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soaring global population but young surrogate will keep on training hard in the hope that he can do it for the dreamers. r.t. . all right now let's all get a whole year in r.t. we're asking for your views about the growth of the world's population if you go over to r.t. dot com you can take part right now in our latest poll of today's question what what happens now of the human population has reached the seven billion mark so far the most popular responses will drain the earth's resources in or die out the answer will need it world war three to curb the population that comes in second others believe we are stronger than ever as a species or just a few if you believe we should find a way to move to mars fast to go online past your. own r.t. don't miss our special report at this time we travel to the islands off russia's
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far east coast more about that after i update you with our main story after the business next with korea. our welcome to our business update this south thanks for joining me russia seems to be all set to join the world trade organization it's agreed a final report on its accession russia's chief negotiators said there were still a number of technical issues to resolve those will be completed in a week or so also has to finalize agreements with georgia which until last week was the only country to continue to oppose russia's accession however it now looks likely both sides will agree to a proposal mediated by the swiss clearing the way for russia to potentially join by december fifteenth. the russian ruble has strengthened by over eight percent in the last month to around thirty to the dollar that investor risk appetite has seen a recovery following steps to tackle debt crisis analysts say
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a side effect of the rally could be a turnaround in the capital flight from russia. there are more reasons to expect stronger rather than the week. world prices are high russia is exhibiting twin surpluses while the current account surplus is very high and the we have a substantial fiscal surplus overall i think there are reasons to believe that even until the end of this year even after the one the recently have there is still scope full appreciation this year and furthermore i can say we've had tremendous flows of capital from russia thus far in two thousand and eleven. there are reasons to believe it could be celebrate or even a reversal in capital flows could take place if that happens even more reasons to expect full strength. let's have a look at the markets now all prices are heading lower on monday europe's move last
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week to resolve greece's debt crisis sparked a rally on global trading floors now traders are turning their attention to a weak expansion of the global economy some market watchers expect a jump in crude prices to push gasoline prices higher and undermine demand. and stocks and europe's drop as traders await more news on plans to tackle the eurozone debt crisis banks are following the proctors post point nine percent in london after the bank said its third quarter profit increased by five percent beating estimates mining stocks are weighing on the sea with the downturn forcing the next try to losing over five percent and the russian markets are declining as well as crude oil metals fall hurting the outlook for companies in the world's biggest energy exporter let's have a look at some individual shambles optimizing the south banking stocks among the main retreat is with the country's biggest lenders bank losing over three and a half percent fertiliser who are. raised earlier games it's considering
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a premium listing on the london stock exchange bucking the trend russian british form of entertainment. b.p. the company has acquired a forty five percent stake in brazilian project for one billion dollars. to russia's biggest companies are getting together with the brains behind singapore's changi airport to create an aviation hub in russia. burbank basic element along with will hold asteroids and investments worth half a billion dollars in the region which is to host the winter olympics in two thousand and fourteen ventures planned to be up and running next year. the russian government is putting some numbers to the help of my offer to the euro zone presidential aide or categorical which says this could mean up to ten billion dollars for the debt fund this would be done through the i.m.f. and by a bilateral agreements with individual countries speaking to our explains why russia should want to bail out the former wealthy west we. put it in the european
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package why the international monetary fund why because most of the money could be used in different other ways but we would lose it since we are interested in this to be to europe for us to reach in europe to be in the months where our exports the need to finance our own programs own needs. and you can watch the full interview with our current of our coverage later in the week on interview with sophie shevardnadze. internet group mail dot rue is launching a new micro blog service a russian compared to twitter twitter is increasing its audience twenty five times faster than the most popular blog service in russia live journal despite by prospects analysts warn that it's difficult to make money online call blogs even twitter and posting losses. that's all i have for you this hour but don't forget you can always find most stories on our web site the address is dot com.
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the big. culture is that so much maybe is going to be made in a lot of people in the area but this is the world populated as the world reaches still another population benchmark the debate continues as to whether the planning .
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to eat. to the loom is. just so the band . subsist on. the book.
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just after five thirty pm here in moscow with all its. headlines now. which has achieved its first full membership to a u.n. agency but us go now faces the loss of one fifth of its funding for the u.s. cut off from the palestinians were. firing back syria's president claims the protest this regime is being funded from abroad and warns the west not to get involved and the head of nato has ruled out imposing a no fly zone over syria some demonstrators in the country have been calling for. the russian tycoon two of the world's wealthiest men. take their bitter dispute to a london court and spend money on. robbing him of a billion dollars and he wants it back. with seven billion people now calling.


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