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scientists worry the planet can't cope cost their eyes to a new world where humans many believe models provide the best option. to stay with us here in our next hour we visit a remote set of russian islands where a population of just seven people live cheek by jowl with two hundred best documentary the islands braving the storm is right now. russia's for east the north east york is sailing to the most remote part of the sea of a halts. if you know from the interior or intrigued by the remote places a little bit with. the nike yacht leaves behind busy sea lanes to set sail for the most uninhabited stretch of water. for a yachtsman in this part of the journey is very dangerous there for me unless. the
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monkeys captain is accompanied by six tourists. the aim is to reach the shan top islands and find the archipelagos biggest quality of seals isn't it lonely out here where the only one failing. to travel is on board hope to get to the orleans by the of the noon of the following day but a few hours later the weather turns for the worse. great clouds in a cold piercing wind portend a storm moved in two hundred kilometers and left to reach the shanta arlen's there's no way to floyd from the weather if the vessel is cool top in a bad storm anything could happen it could capsize the waves might toss it on to a sandbank if it's close to the shore. of course this is
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a dangerous area for her men are the greater risk here or more for anyone trying to get through this two hundred kilometer stretch will have to cover it in one go the newborn or floor of course if you haven't gone too far away from the shore you can turn around and go back. in any case it depends on where the bad weather gets you it's up to the captain to make a decision. the yacht has a month's supply of fresh water and fuel on board however every. trip across the sea of a cult is fraught with danger ships crush it every year in two thousand and four a yacht called disappeared near the shores of the shanty arlen's with three crew members on board before it's always unpredictable here if you're not prepared things could turn to the worst it. is fifty five years old and he is a professional sailing teacher the first visited the shanta orleans when he was
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very young building a yacht was his hobby now he uses it to take tourists to the shanteau limbs. makes a stopover of chicago foil and named in honor of the famed soviet pilot on the island is russia's only center that specializes in capturing white whales the travellers decided to wait here until the storm has passed. everybody there is very difficult it's great that you arrived safe now if you must search akala welcome to and if you love the thought that the next a captain is an incredibly brave man oh it's hilarious. the head of the facility first came to this island with his parents when he was a young boy after completing his military service he returned here and spent many years working as a fisherman now he is in charge of a team catching white whales so for scientific purposes of there's
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a sense dolphinariums in russia and the poor old. they spend most of the time underwater where they can hold their breath for twenty minutes they just go underwater and stay there until you lose track of the focus of the number of males and females we catch depends on the customer we don't take big ones because they capacity for adapting to new environments is not good. at present there are some twenty white whales in the facility they take about a month to be tamed during that time they are expected to get accustomed to the trainers and allow people to feed them each instructor trains a small group he feeds the mammals and observes that behavior if a white whale refuses to eat for a long time it is released back into the sea. which
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to me is the most difficult process but once the animals undergo be adaptation in a new place training is easy each animal has a distinct character some are bold others are timid each one requires an individual approach but. since the white whales have not yet become accustomed to few mins they are very apprehensive of them they don't show up on the surface but eventually one of them agrees to be fed fish from a human hand. but the one you know you hold it by the gills and be quiet for a moment it should come up to you to fix if it is a mile it will instantly pop up also whether something's coming yeah that's him down there. and you thinking wow look at that. don't they look great and if you don't mind and
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is too hungry i'm speechless they wonderful. can become stronger the travelers to start to hurry on and reach the shores of the shanty or looms before the storm hits. the long beach area do you feel that you know if this is how the c. of a cold screech everyone. always you know the way you. people in the sailing. with the weather it's strong winds whip up waves up to three metres high the yacht could capsize at any moment to see if a halt is the cool to see in the far east if someone falls overboard they could well die of exposure. with one hundred kilometers to cross until the sham toilets there's not a single bay to hard from the spill. as luck would have it to know he has not yet
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moved far away from their previous stop on the. call of. the seafarers spend several days in the tiny fishing village on a small spit of land. stuff only we have been waiting for the storm to subside for almost three days since the thirty meters a second wind almost knocks you off your feet local fishermen have given a shelter and this an elderly aunt is buying into nearby vessels or about the situation is better than being on the high seas right now it's. the fierce storm is a remnant of a powerful typhoon that originated in china thousands of kilometers away even if the weather gets better it will take the fois seas several days to calm down completely. this is the second day we've been sitting
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around waiting for the sun to shine before the bombings broken down today was a first catchable had fish food is running out. if this is exactly their magic genii were after when we set out. five days later when the weather improves the seafarers decide to resume their journey. says uncle scap said. this to more than two hundred kilometers to the shanta islands the captain is charles to the coolest fall from the coast any closer would risk the old running aground the crew keeps on track with the help of the g.p.s. navigator and america's compass. go if it isn't so bad
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now you're going to proof the waves are just one metre high of the time to head for the shantanu islands. we have resolved to move on because of stable atmospheric pressure in the last twenty four hours we are fine full to the shore for the shelter it has given us now we are an open sea she offers them up with. a curious port of killer whales is attracted to the small boat this part of the sea of a cause is rich with simon in the summer they spawn in the rivers of the shutoff islands providing plenty of food for the killer whales. were allowed it's the size of all boat. it's underneath oh look it's coming up now now the.
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killer whales the most colorful as belonging to the dolphin family they come to new groups that have an intricate social structure when chasing sizable prey they can swim as fast as fifty five kilometers an hour they're not afraid of people although they rarely attack some. of us jerry goes down it goes. it's a mail soon car. fuku. molly shannon toyland greets sailors with its rocky shores the shanta islands were discovered by russian explorers in the middle of the seventeenth century in the language of the indigenous nif people shantelle means island.
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the participants in the expedition decide to cut the route short to get to that destination as soon as possible they head towards the opacity straight during high tide the water around the shantelle islands rises by several metres low tide rushes a gigantic mess of water back to the sea of a halt the currents in the straits between the islands a stronger than anywhere in the world the slow moving yachts runs the risk of being thrown back to shore because of the powerful currents underneath the counter flows create a swirling vortex as a result the boat looks as though it's sitting on boiling water. there are massive currents here and storms give rise to big chaotic always making it difficult for small vessels to seal the sailing here is a dangerous side from that there are rocks in the middle of the strait if you
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ignore them you're in for a good deal of trouble for you for the first call. centuries ago the shanta islands were part of the mainland but later the advancing sea separated them from it the archipelago occupies an area some two and a whole thousand square kilometers roughly the same size as luxembourg anyone wishing to see the many natural wonders will take several months to see them. question is that so much money could be going on a company and a lot of people there is an operative is the world populated as the world reaches still another population benchmark the debate continues as to whether the planet. downloads the official cation to your i phone or i pod touch from the i.q.
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sample to. watch our life on the go. video on demand r.t.s. live broadcasts and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the t.v. dot com. it's .
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the your to reach is a safe way of the crew called set up camp by the beach it is blocked with driftwood that washed ashore and the shoreline is too narrow to set up the tents that. would offer of all these frequent storms dr grifo and from the shore the driftwood ends up here go to sleep until if that has been a long journey this place is not suitable for a stopover. it's a block to all sorts of things or go fishing. the captain decides to journey on woods even though the sun is setting he wants to get to a separate bay by the bolshoi river for an overnight stay neither waves nor wind can
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reach it. the toy changes twice a day. the difference in water level can be as much as eight meters during that the water receded and the. bank the captain sees the opportunity to check his yacht for any damage. well while the captain most asleep on the job the tide turned around and left is here. now that had so much ground we can't possibly get to. have to wait twenty five hours before the next high tide and then we'll continue our journey. and have a great many animals but the pose the biggest threat to humans. coming
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here make a point of camping out in the open territory that can be easily monitored. twenty five twenty five fraud your three six hundred eighty. three with the station is the only place on the show where people live all year round it's situated in the middle of bolshoi. the station's message of. monitors the weather reports data to the mainland morse code is the most reliable way of transmitting information over long distances. all the best to you. the weather conditions on the islands are quite challenging summer is short and in the winter the island's a cut off from the rest of the world by severe storms. when far
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away from civilization your self preservation instantly kicks in if. you have to tread carefully to avoid slipping sprain your ankle. or using an eye for an axe you need to be careful you must always remember that this place is far removed from civilization if there is an emergency help won't be coming for quite some time. foodstuffs and fuel delivered to the weather station twice a year locals take good care of themselves they grow vegetables on a small plot of land and they also bake bread people here can only prepare a few items at a time in the preheat oven three tins of baked for forty minutes. oh no our modern captain is always welcome here. he brings
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food and news from the mainland the meeting is celebrated with a traditional tea party and the guest is treated to a local delight bread with cloud very dry and sandwiches with red caviar. this delicacy is considered an every day food here on the islands which are rich with salmon. anatoly devant uke is the island's oldest resident he has many stories about severe storms and unexpected meetings with baz. coming here in one thousand nine hundred he was the weather station chief for several years when he quit that job he decided to stay here for good. since then he's been making a living by hunting and fishing he has been to nearly every remote part of the.
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close to the weather station of the remains of a steam engine it was brought here by way liz in the early nineteenth century. and they were whalers from north america where this is where large amounts of facts were rendered nearly three to one grinder was used to mincemeat wood there were lots of whales but there was no element tricity only machines the power's all prevention the meat grinders world driven by bel air two belts were used. yes not in. anatoly dover juke is sixty two years old when he sets out for the forest he always takes his trusty rifle with him to ward off any bad as. if you carry a rifle with you you won't come across anybody for months with him but the moment you don't a bear is bound to appear that's why you need this or not with cuba aboard. the
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bears on shantel island or a big threat but they tend to come off the anatoly food supplies rather than the hunter himself. and i mean there in my case it was march of about following the law i had made sure she couldn't get inside the store house so she sent her cub there and the cubs threw out what i could find in the store house when the two men outside had a big feast. as a fountain all of the shanteau islands there are a total of two hundred living here the trails nearly always lead to the miles of small rivers where fish boom it is that an encounter with a bear is most likely shantel bears are inquisitive but not aggressive. yeah he's the boss and he's behaving like one.
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well i mean those steps and mounds if you will a working lunch like ground which is it looks like a clumsy animal but he would catch up with you in no time and. even if you get out of your wits you'll still not be as fast as him into i mean if. they're not interested him anymore. the bad has retreated to the forest the captain of the yacht to allow the travelers to go ashore and cook dinner. my mom will catch some fish leave it for her and just how do they like it right oh boy let's go could be spied for him thank you sweet fish. a small river flows into the sea of a halt the storm has turned into a lake by blocking it with a mass of riverside pebbles a large school of salmon approaches the shore as the fish try to head off a sporting but it is impossible to catch any during the spawning season salmon stop
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eating and ignore the bait the travel is only happy to finally land some freshwater fish. words to get a read on best seem to be only too willing to get caught i can't help it on the lawn. there are families she she had them when i did. there are dozens of fresh water and salt water fish to be found in the shallow. among the hunchback simon flat fish and trout. in the morning do you know i keep it through its main destination the clue to cheap oil and. put it put it. we are approaching who teaches island it's in a northeastern strait going up and up we can't see anything because of the fog so we have to rely on navigational aids if we are lucky enough we might see
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a colony of seals you know. with the hope of the g.p.s. the york makes its way through thick fog and drops bank up by the are looking to. program on the waiting for the signal. to. go off and they say i'm going to say well go ahead sir. all in this home to numerous rookeries here seagulls cormorants and other birds make the nests. but the most interesting attraction of the island is the vast colony of seals the travellers a lucky to take a picture of them. when the animals sunbathing on the beach they are reluctant to go on the water during low tide this is the best trying to get close to them. but i
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didn't insist on this call when we were still on board we noticed some biting seals we were going to see try to get close and touch them. several species of sea mammal inhabit shantel islands the rain seal is one of the most common they feed on mollusks and ground fish for a long time seals were the target of hunters but now the practice is bad and. the seals do notice the people most of the rushing to the water but they don't head out too far hundreds of inquisitive always pop up all over the place the animals are puzzled rather than scared humans are a very rare sight here. ah. seals can be very aggressive they can even fight that's why the tourists treat these creatures with
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care. just look at this little tail and flee. i'm sure the seals move slowly but they are excellent swimmers they can dive down to a depth of five hundred metres and so to food. the nikkei has covered almost seven hundred kilometers it still has to cover one third of that distance again to come full circle but then the return journey always seems easy.
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as member. on his story they tell a story which has achieved its first full membership to a u.n. agency but the u.s. meantime cut nearly a quarter funding in response. to. syria's president claims the campaign against his regime is being funded from abroad and warns that the west not to mess with his country. of the russian tycoon two of the world's a wealthiest man. take the billion dollar dispute to a london court and spare no money on little. with seven billion people now calling the home scientists worried the planet can cope cost their eyes to a new world where humans could once.


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