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from. the future of under the microscope. the future. top stories are not. really generals with hundreds of thousands protesting there. across the country. sounds the alarm a u.s. missile shield in europe. if washington continues. to. credit rating downgrade.
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interest rates debt market collapse is now imminent. reports on why so many around the world are still suffering from hunger in spite of . i had to describe chicago's food market for theater play up was up i thought it would be easy to get the necessary information by asking a few special i stock brokers. was was
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. but it wasn't like that were none of the people i asked were able to spin the norms that rule the stock market. was. really i mean. i began to believe it was something that couldn't be explained or conceived by the human mind therefore it was something absurd the way in which the global grain production was being allocated was simply in comprehensible situations unbearable to everyone save a bunch of profiteers. was us. this is by hands or this way this is cell cancer this way. this is
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a quarter of all sounds a bit but trying to your bidding a quarter of a cent it would be off the halves. was. mr victor lespinasse as a player on this account of grain rockets. the chicago grain market is different from other stock markets as we know them. here it is food that is bought and sold wheat corn rice soya all of oil milk animal and fields and even pigs the mix of. us. might be at the desk in you fiction order into the pit you tell your broker hook up by. two hundred at the market. will buy the two hundred and then he'll flash you back what two hundred and say. seven and a half. so or you could say you could tell him cancel the order
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fear. thank god thank god thank god thank you chicago market is the biggest in the world and it's. put on the table every day of the south at the time it was created. as an open and loud auction where the area's farmers' crops to merchants. hasn't changed much since them. with.
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as the world notes the cost of. how. many cases have come to me my traditional dishes for hunger pains me in the. central plateau and trying.
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to live. up. to. his image of the rest of my life spot spicy food prices. because i'm right and it's the place gets him severely breaking his leg my son called war. my son is. global warming and biofuels have been accused of causing the food shortages that led to a dramatic increase in prices. unpredictable
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droughts and destroyed rice and wheat crops while a big part of the u.s. corn harvest is turned into fuel for cars and not for people. but classic theory of supply and demand offers a limited explanation as to why over the course of two years the prices of rice have gone up by two hundred seventeen percent of wheat by one hundred thirty six percent of corn by one hundred twenty five percent and of soya by one hundred seven percent there are sort of theoretical ways describe it or say it's greed and there's practical ways ascribing to say this capitalism. is certainly a food system which is has always been somewhat corrupt and is now at this point perhaps more crisis and more corrupt than it was ever been before and here in history. in wealthy countries an increase in food prices means more expensive
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products in the supermarket however in poorer nations it means hunger and death as most people cannot afford them. i don't know that's that doesn't enter into my thinking i don't know i don't think about that i just i'm trying to figure out what the market's going to do. rather it was logical or not to me is beside the point. because what counts to me is what is the market's reaction going to be because i'm a speculator i'm trying to make money off the movement in the price of brain. prices maybe may have become
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a little. may have become too extended but the market acts really quite rationally it just takes some time for that rationality to come to fruition and to correct until the market was corrected another seventy five million people were added to the list of the planet starved raising the total number to nine hundred twenty three million. and this happens at a moment when there is more production than ever in the last decade and there's still enough food to properly feed all the inhabitants of this planet or people have for argue that it's because of increased demand for for meat and dairy products and that's simply not true is superficially a negligible consideration. it is because of speculation because it's a commodity that is a commodity like light silver or gold they can be negotiated and hoarded to some
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degree and we're seeing that taking place the high rise. is because food has been put on the global scene and this is believed that's not stopping that's famines we have to bring food out of the international trading system we have to bring food back into national and local food stuff and if you. are yet. let's see. let's get a. sense. of.
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india is the world's second biggest rice producer following china it is also third in terms of wheat production. so it would be expected to find low hunger and malnourishment indicators in india. yet there are more people starving in this country than anywhere else over two hundred million and to complete the paradox they are mostly farmers. families while growing off of weight. because grain is being sold to the depths but at the seeds this negative that we call it is the reason the hunger in the world. all.
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of them. to specific examples. of. what. can. imagine how predators state has the highest levels of child malnutrition and therefore the country's highest infant death rates. the situation is critical as an africa's ethiopia. but this explicitly of the children they have money that is to india and this is the. good but then i sent them because of the in my people the sixty percent and you can convert them into no multiple six minutes to be are going to be about that. so these
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children have more probability of dying in normandy and it wasn't under five more to be given much. in the crisis has done but the one p.p.b. to be put to use earlier is also has the goods and we decide that it impacts on the internals on something but each family member. dr vandana i go well works for unicef. the organization has set up feeding centers in cities and villages in collaboration with the government. and now. there are voluntary workers monitoring the children's weight and health thank you. for what. was coming.
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and. they are in charge of feeding them since their families are too poor to do so you. know this is a. lot of these children. a mother city she votes in feel good morning she lifted know it took all night she did battle seven. so there we will need to complete it she just had after purposes of mourning and it is the baby in that it could quite be feel for the boy nineteen months or be. it b.c. he's acknowledged your perch here it's a bit inspired here and its mission because i actually. see have made up on circumstances in there john but his hundred and. there
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indicates that this a distance deviously if you like at least as she needs to show you they were happy that you made it completely. and believe you. you mean. you knew. i don't party is how can we get tries before five q.'s if we've cost three four rupees now they cost five to sixty rupees how can people buy it. if there is only one person working in the family how he can only get so much so what can the people do ask for a loan should be my vegetables should they buy wheat we also need money for doctors
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don't we need money to go to the mill even nothing with five kilos of wheat what can one buy with just one salary states. that poor people have a big problem very warring that you can see now people have one two children and they can't even take care of them the children are always hungry the situation is dramatic. what can the poor do spend money on doctors of feed their children well i'm very worried. that. if. i develop more negative i get sixty rubles about one euro a day if. i spend forty to forty five rupees
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a day. about. buying in the market the prices are very high. a kilo of oil costs eighty rupees it is very hard for us to buy it at all the field five kilos of wheat or sixteen rupees. prices have gone up a lot since last year. if there is one person working and we eat twice a day there is nothing left. for lame olive garden we can eat less a little bit again but the children can be left without food on a little regardless of the layout ahead. a few things other than a coming a little bit of. the
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residents depend on the state for food. in every town and village little state shops have been set up selling food at very low prices google know a little bit with ninety rupees we buy thirty five kilos of food and we get along with that we go to the shop with our family coupon and they give us the equivalent amount. which. this is the biggest eight provision program in the world. we're made record of klugman so we don't want to be portable for a few million pounds of even race power and workload for classes sixteen million comes up for grades which means the foreclosures are going to be the biggest for
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the greens grading company in the. in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven india was forced to adapt its national provision system to the commands of the world bank and the world trade organization . providing cheap food to the people was against competition and the free market. as a result beard was greatly reduced we had in the numbers of food distribution system p.d.s. the world bank forced us to dismantle it as long as the system was in place the farmers have a guarantee. everyone for the good of all of the food piece of paper ash in part because india's identity up with that russian party what's your corner shot and get the one on to the laws of. the world has been dismantled and so that the
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corporations. that's why most people are hundred to leave the fifteen years ago that is like seventy percent of india's children are malnourished well india has a growth rate let's. look. at the same time the world trade organization convinced india into canceling the limitations imposed on imports. so important products flooded the market causing considerable damage to india's farming economy. before but look you we were going to do a producing ninety's on person as well but for the even if you were importing only thirty percent but now we are importing forty seven percent he said with gentle almost say. when food prices rocketed india like other countries limited to its exports in order to feed its own people i will first responsibly boost won't be so if the price of the kind of thinking that was really
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or the mission has been for this to really do a place is begin to grow so we really have a please put a ban on. the export of off rice for some time so that the prices go stays. this provoke the wrath of the world trade organization which accused the country of causing a lot of damage to the free market and i thought it was an utterly illogical decision was a very bad decision in a world where free trade is is is always trying to grow and the world is smaller and trade is becoming freer i think that the process that india adopted was really. quite illogical. was the mr lisbon and scandals with first device thousands of tons of rice and wheat in the future in
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other words a prize crops that don't get exist gernot trading the actual cash physical grain you're trading promises for grain to be delivered a month or six months or twelve months or eighteen months in the future so you might be trading grain that actually exists but you might just as well more often be trading grain that doesn't even exist yet. so you're trading promises and you're trading back and forth and if you make a promise to buy at a certain price at a certain time you can tassel that by selling that same contract back into the market and that's what happens with most contracts are never actually delivered upon are traded back and forth and they cancel each other out.
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magine assets that the phone watches you every single month. and waiting for you to stumble. i saw a man with a video camera so i moved over and he phoned me. you know we realized they were following everyone from illegals in the morning. the only chance to get rid of him. is to reveal him. me general operation on our chief. for.
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food. please. her. mother's.
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pig a slug.
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all. i had to push for a ten year old boy. to train them how to tell we as aussies developed the orders for them to kill. we never explained to them why it's ok.
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most people at the point of looking down in time to pull the trigger became conscientious objectors. i don't remember squeezing the trigger man i don't remember seeing him go down all i remember is that we shot him. it's. the other side are soldiers to and soldiers the soldiers and they're trying to kill us we're trying to kill them and that's just the ugly face of war just. nothing honorable and killing. i went to the war zone and i started seeing how i need to change. in the only way to do there's not a rival killing other person that's why i'm applying for a concert subject.


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