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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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tonight from russia to love an alleged spy is allowed to stay in the u.k. after a tribunal decides to refer with the politician polls because genuine. call reject sam-i five claims cathy is that was a honeytrap with her lawyers say the case against it was based entirely on speculation conjecture and prejudice join me i've been in for the full details in just a moment. stones and petrol bombs sold the british embassy in tehran protesters will lash out against london's decision to slap more sanctions on iran over the nuclear suspicions. and russia's new radar keeps watch on the country's western most border
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with planned force it was strike forces plan if nato fails to guarantee its missile shield is the day against moscow. hello it's eleven pm tuesday night here in moscow you're watching r t with me kevin zero in on the top story a case based on prejudice and conjecture that lawyers for a russian woman suspected of spying have lashed out of britain security service for pamela over ruled a deportation order and said catch is a tool of the can stay in britain she was accused of trying to siphon information during an affair with a british m.p. she worked for a bennett's been following the case for us in the. the cotton panel of three judges including a former head of the british security service ruled the balance of probability she
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was not and is not a russian spy is not certainly not we need her to reach this point she was arrested twelve months ago back in december last year on suspicion of being a spy and since then according to her lawyer she's been living a cash guest nightmare and she's been living under scary strict bail conditions the home secretary off her arrest a year ago said that she should be deported she was given the chance to contest that ruling but during that those whole proceedings she was never actually allowed to see or hear the evidence against her that the m i five said it had the m i five security service said it was too too sensitive in terms of national security for it to be made public cording to catch is that to me it is law is the m i five case against her was indeed based more on speculation than fact that crisis was built entirely on speculation to track you down and conjecture it with amateur poorly without you we hope that the government would like very carefully on today's judgement which must raise serious confounds as to the standards of professionalism
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and competent stay within the security staff there she was accused of being used as a honey trap by the russians intelligence services tapped up from the time in some petersburg where she studied international relations and specifically targeted british member of parliament in order to gain access to top secret documents how the man in question was my can call a member of parliament and also he who had a seat on the parliamentary select committee for defense and also russia that we do know also that they had an affair for four years and also we do know that she was working for him as his research in poland so potentially had access to these documents but that's about all we know so in terms of concrete proof and concrete evidence that's about all we heard so her defense the bulk of it throughout the hearing was to try and show that her relationship with mike hancock was indeed a genuine one. even though he was three times her age and actually the court in its ruling did actually say that it decided that it her relationship with him was
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injuring and genuine on both sides and of course those three judges who did hear the evidence behind closed doors they also said that we have seen nothing which satisfies us that she was recruited as an agent always tast or acted as one and so they are very much convinced on balance that she wasn't a spy and therefore has been allowed to remain in britain and will not be deported . of course one of the london eye of a bennett there protesters in the iranian capital have stormed the u.k. embassy compound during an anti british demonstration militant students clashed with police and threw stones and petrol bombs at the windows there also said to have taken down the british flag burned it and replaced it with the iranian one iran resolved to reduce diplomatic relations with the u.k. after its decision to impose further sanctions on tehran let's just discuss these latest developments as catch up with a political analyst chris bambery is in london for us chris. what do these protests tell us about the mood among iranians there big treated by foreign countries indeed how widespread is this apparent anti british feeling we're seeing right now do you
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think. we have to see that as the. sanctions against iran and there is talk of some restraint against the run over this nuclear program we should remember that really in nationalism runs very deep in people one memories of when for instance britain and america wants to in one nine hundred fifty three to overthrow a democratically elected government which had nationalized american oil interests and installed the shah of iran and that nationalism is runs very deep and really is who maybe no enthusiasm present i was in about many of them would rally against any notion of sanctions against iran or did a british or american need to straight against the russians that's the first thing and second there is a history here as well and move i remember when bobby sands the ira hunger strike and died in one nine hundred eighty one the arena sent a representative to his funeral and actually named the street there is a the embassy after bobby sands it still names there's a history there and i think it's also interesting that the americans were very
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quick to come to the aid of the bridge because for the americans it most reza rate memories bitter memories of humiliation in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine hostage crisis when the american embassy in tehran was taken over staff were held hostage and the jimmy carter administration was actually in the field effort to try and rescue them i know. rancorous in washington and since the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution since the hostage crisis i would argue the americans have been looking for vengeance against the regime in judging by what we've seen today the british embassies are a danger that things could desk to the level of what you just talked about in only seventy nine well i think. to my mind was relatively well orchestrated i'm not sure how serious the police were in defending the embassy i also think in some ways it was more street theater where the flags been taken pictures of the queen was of been taken away let's see how this plays those but i think it does. feel
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that there is going to be some need to attack on iran or even an israeli attack on iran and questions after we asked why for instance the israel israel to use i need to air base and so i didn't have to carry i was afraid to wear a dummy run to test would be able to carry out a straight against the ryan why the israelis have been testing a new missile i think also the hypocrisy of america and britain who between them have enough weapons to destroy the world many times over wake suring iran about nuclear weapons it does not have or does not yet have. in iran and there is a feeling that britain and america are very selective in who they choose to criticize they have not said much about the reports of torture and mistreatment of detainees in. occupied of course it was a so it is. we've only got a minute or so i just wanted to ask you while you're on the on the line what you
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think the political ramifications are going to be judging by what we've seen today of this storming of the embassy. to further isolate iran. britain was forced off the block with these financial sanctions which are very serious so i think yes there is good for the ramping up of sanctions which so far have not been very effective but i think these are much more effective which are coming in and i think they're. the softening up process and the americans and the british do have plans for eventually for a military strike is whether or not the kind of and i would be very frightened of any attack on iran because this is not iraq in two thousand and three the people of the round in my opinion would a pause an american. intervention with some fairly. catastrophic consequences across the region and i think those people who are committed to peace and don't want to see a war should be concerned about this pressure in washington london paris to stop any talk of for the sanctions or any talk of a military strike against iran briefly chris should or rather be doing more itself
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to try and appease their concerns over its nuclear program well personally i'm going to. japan this year without nuclear missiles and i would like to see i do as the any country of. the whole of the government in tehran can say we have a peaceful nuclear program just like you guys do in the west but i think actually they've signed up to mother the way. tests and in many ways they'd be more open than the americans have who really need them promises of a test or in a ballistic missile test a reintroduced an underground you could test and therefore i think the americans. is the cause of why they are they are very secretive they are refusing to and inspectors on to the size and yet the attack there really is for the same thing so when it comes to the world of politics it's a movie world but we shouldn't forget it is the americans who will of the only
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power to use these weapons and the by far we have the biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world and the questions we ask of them why they are not scaling down our strong and let me be sure i asked the britain why they were replacing the nuclear try that missiles are a ton of great economic difficulty or maybe that money could be better spent elsewhere chris bambery a political analyst thanks for your thoughts on r t appreciated it. and there's more ahead for you of course foreign news here on r.t. from moscow we got a record turnout of egypt's poll in the wake of violent protests but thousands are boycotting the vote. a second day of the egyptian parliamentary election wraps up with questions over the didn't miss the of the vote with official results coming in only at the end of the week join me in this now in cairo for more details. and while brussels hustles for a solution we report from the euro zone's third largest economy in dire straits a big increase in the bridge these days by beijing interesting report coming up.
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russia's assessment of the cause of the syrian and rest points the finger of blame firmly at unarmed opposition foreign minister sergei lavrov also says it's time to stop dealing in ultimatums and to get back to peace talks a u.n. investigation earlier stated that syrian forces had committed crimes against humanity in their brutal treatment of anti-government demonstrators almost four thousand people have been killed now after months of arm rest used tightly we cannot make screws on the syrian regime and is considering an arms embargo that's something moscow strongly opposes the middies consultant peter he said the arab league has become a tool things for western states. what we have here is the ultimate the the sort of tip of the iceberg on the spring which is over influenced by western infiltrating into syria so when the international court of justice or
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the un or geneva start pointing fingers at the regime within syria they've got to understand that a lot of that trouble is flared up from the western side we know now that the french are training the militia both on the turkish side of the border and also in lebanon so they're very much involved and they're just intimidating the situation you've got to understand the cold war. never finished the crusades have never finished and so much for the arab league you talk about the union of the islam movement they're supposed to be brothers and sisters they turned their back on their counterparts in the balkans they turned their backs on iraq afghanistan in two thousand and six lebanon in garza two thousand and eight and nine and totally turned their back on libya they're doing the same game again you've got to understand that the arab league is a puppet to america a puppet to united nations all being a puppet of the new world order and they are actually playing the cards so it's
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going to be a one sided gain what about the war crimes from the west of blasting libya and all these other countries with depleted uranium killing a million people in iraq c'mon where's this going to end russia cannot keep a close eye on your of the atlantic area with a new radar in its western most region in the baltic territory of kaliningrad that's between lithuania and poland flicking the arms which president were very upset it can be more than just a response to nato's missile shield in europe. or cover reports. the signal russia is trying to send is pretty clear russia sees this radio location system here as an adequate response to nato supplants to deploy an anti-missile defense shield in europe which russia sees as a threat to its national security and has been saying that. the reason for its of the deployment of the a.m.d. to europe is in fact to be able to defend from potential nuclear threats coming
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from iran and north korea however the m.v. shields will be covering a large part of russian territory so russia does see it as a threat and with russia wants right now is for nato to present its legal reason down proves that the entire missile defense shield is not posing a threat to its national security. fortunately of spoken assurances are not enough when we hear that european missile defense is not against you i want to say friends that the radar that came online today is also not against you but it is for you to tackle the issues we're facing today but if your signal is not heard we will deploy other defense systems including tough countermeasures and deploying strike systems wanted further measures could include russia deploying strike system school scandal along the russian border if the nature of fails to hear russia's position and the worst case scenario would be of course for russia to pull out from the thirty dick
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arms reduction treaty that it signed with the united states this would seriously damage the reset of relations between russia and the us that's the treaty symbolized when it was signed this is not the kind of scenario that's present bid if wants to pursue he says that russia is still open for negotiations with nato and that's this particular radio location system could be used both for the benefit of russia and nato if the two come to an agreement. two days into egypt collections which have seen a massive turnout millions cast the vote for the country's future protestors on tahrir square none the less boycotting the polls that they see as a favoring the military rulers who replace president mubarak will stay in power regardless that is useful with about forcing. many fewer people out on the streets almost no lines at polling stations on this second day a lot different than what we saw on monday a lot of people excited to go out and vote however some people back here on tough
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creator and around cairo that we spoke to actually took a stand to boycott the vote saying that they wouldn't take part in the elections that were actually legitimate they were that were being controlled by the supreme council of the armed forces or scouse other people that we spoke to it seems the council really split into two sections where the people that helped me to vote even though that they expected there would be irregularities and that it would exactly be the most legitimate they felt that if they just stood by and let this vote passed without having their say the men of all those months of coming out here on to talk would go to nothing there's been examples of parties campaigning up into the last minute even today we saw cars with megaphones campaigning right from the polling stations we heard rumors in fact about children being told to take pamphlets and go to these polling stations and hand out hand slips as people were entering the booths the muslim brotherhood is known to have set up laptops right outside polling stations and help people because we're hearing that the actual system that was created is very confusing
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a lot of egyptians don't actually get the actual system what they're excited about is actually being able to take part in this election which a lot of analysts are saying is most certainly a real election and it's real kind of that's the problem is is that they're voting for a part of the men that essentially will have no power we heard an announcement from the head of the military just before this vote that the parliament won't be able to appoint the cabinet it will be able to dismiss the cabinet so the real question now when we take to the go into this third round which will have. in sometime next year and then a parliament will go into session in march as what will they be able to do for the new egypt if the power is still in the hands of the military a corresponding listen our developing news tonight can finally breathe a sigh of relief with eurozone finance ministers have been just approved this next vital rescue package e.u. creditors have been given britain assurances from the country's key politicians that they will back the necessary cuts needed to ensure the bailout without the eight billion euro loan installment athens would have run out of cash before the
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end of the year finance ministers we are also trying to bolster the system in general in case the bigger players go italy is seeking to balance its books too of course its borrowing costs have been hit a record seven point eight nine percent well over the figure that forced portugal to ask for help because our two sort of first reports next to eastern influence is going someway to filling the void. and the fashion capital of the world where you can be sure to sponsor an emerging trend but right now it's the economy here that's been getting i'm a cave with the west seeking east an inspiration funk is silly and you're going to want to so that they get the italian business model with a. fine and expensive production business here is saying this competition from its chinese counterparts but their emphasis on fast see good book along some of the
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high streets here in the chinese influence isn't hard to spot with you know its economy struggling countries like china think better time to snap up the bug and such is the acquisition this year at the well known italian fashion brand series c by a chinese luxury clothing retailer for the interest of china. very store so. i suppose the. opportunity. to catch the west struggles it's been the emerging crepes the brics that is brazil russia india china and south africa the defeated pairing ahead this is really kind of a moment where you might look back and say this is a chance where emerging markets finally got their opportunity to become much bigger players and much bigger powers around the world take a look at the g.d.p.
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growth to china and italy well thessaly stagnating economy has resulted in a great slump china in comparison has been full steam ahead emerging as a major manufacturing base but was chinese business is a preview of strong competition china's being cautious when it comes to buying up your debt the you must be told that more to the valuable. help me industries you start arriving all blonde is chinese investments and western companies and infrastructure grows so you to just china's control and influence across the entire european economy with the chinese trade and investment delegation g. to visit europe next year further investments seem extremely likely. that we call it. could be a very very. you know a bit of
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a. financial crises as the crisis continues to readjust the mic leaders on the global stage emerging economies such as china looks set to remain firmly in the spotlight surface r.t. . the only daughter of former soviet leader joseph stalin has died story online from us tonight find out why she considered herself a political prisoner of a father's legacy had never truly managed to escape the shadow it's interesting story we got to see dot com if you want a bit more about from one extreme to the other the story of the russian woman who supersized her lips all a bit to look like a cartoon idol jessica rabbit has jessica rabbit this is the result of the surgery successful not even fight over online the next stage of extreme make over what she's got planned to get great pictures as well from us twenty four seven are you choose to. go to some other world news in brief and first
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off norwegian anders breivik admitted killing seventy seven people in a massacre in july could escape a prison sentence this after a psychiatric report claimed the mass murderer was mentally ill and therefore not responsible for its actions if the court accepts the assessment could be detained in psychiatric care now the norwegian confessed to the attacks in oslo and also on the island of toya but plead not guilty to terrorism. pakistan is to boycott next week's talks with the united states on afghanistan's future and cut key nato supply lines through its territory it comes after an alliance airstrike on saturday near the afghan border which killed twenty four pakistani soldiers islamabad says the incident violated its sovereignty and the mandate of international forces in afghanistan. around seven thousand pro gadaffi prisoners are being held behind bars by former libyan rebels that's according to a u.n.
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report which says the detainees did not have access to a legal process because police stations and courts remain closed the findings show that the prisoners are accused of working for gadhafi regime and that may have been subjected to torture and poor treatment. no the moving story tonight michael jackson's former doctor conrad murray is being sentenced to the maximum term of four years in prison the judge refused probation saying he remains dangerous for showing no sense of remorse by mary was convicted of involuntary manslaughter ministering a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic which killed the pop star bike in two thousand and nine. ok let's check on a story now about a canadian ice hockey team who proved they can be just as tough off the ice as we're about to see but if you drunken russians at a wedding reception we're looking for trouble that's what they found when the cold against a group of men they were in town was in pre-season training with. us despite having
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numbers on the side the russians learned the hard way that they were messing with the wrong guys when talking would defuse the trouble the canadians made light work of flooring the fog's compound or they were left nursing more than a hangover the next. in five minutes the cars reports top tips to help europe dig itself or the depth of first the business news with current. hello and welcome to business here in r.t. with mcqueen americana is your host the first new sedan for four years rolled off the after us production line on tuesday russia's biggest carmaker needs the latter grantor to be a success country will shortly be joining the world trade organization which could threaten the recent turnaround in the company's fortunes business r.t.s. i mean acosta reports. the profit on top of my roof it's the see above about stuff in the atmosphere from feeling insecure about their future russia's largest part
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maker is once again on the quiet while many people in the country are excited about russia joining the w t o it's a major concern for the auto industry import duties will be reduced from thirty percent to fifty percent making the market more attractive for foreigners and offer a new variety to consumers of looking the for cheap deals now investments and losses the car industry increased by twenty seven percent in the first nine months of this year and the government is eager to get the mourners in full the full extent of the end of the month when the deal with the massive manufacturers will not be fully known until seven years from now which is a problem that will take all the posts to be complete and all the regulations finalized but some say it's unlikely that the government will lead it's full playbook smiled pushed out of the markets in the past it rested after vos from bankruptcy pile for cash loans and guarantees but they are saying that after the
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boss may find it difficult to maintain their share price given the stiff competition that's on its way and some analysts even predict that it will be swept away by the laws of new york the full point turn it's all the main goal right now for off the boss this to improve its operations and the structures business so when push comes to shove it can deliver and stand its ground against international everyway. let's look at the markets now european stocks gained on tuesday after data showed a strong rise in u.s. consumer confidence the footsie closed up half percent those highs on tuesday when the index rally two point nine percent banks were among the biggest decliners with lloyds banking group shedding two point one percent and h.b.c. losing half percent germany's dax. ended in the block as well diamond among the biggest losers on tuesday after. the automaker tooth pulled from dubai. and not
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a successful day for the russian stocks that closed in the red following my six biggest gain in seven weeks on monday that's up to moody's investor service warns of downgrades for europe their backs let's take a look at some individual shareholders on why six among them a loser for energy major is that saw sharp gains in previous sessions hydra lost under two percent gazprom shout over eight percent make a tame cave bucked the trend the company's nine months net profit almost tripled to two hundred seventy nine million dollars. in general ricky leaving on the whole ball of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us in europe but this particular evening. we have some retreat from yesterday's euphoria was probably too strong. moderate. or one person on the scene and financial and metals and mining sector feeling most of profit taking.
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and that's it for now from the business team but you can find most tori's on our website just log on to our team dot com slash business thanks for watching. wealthy british style. that's not on the title of.
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markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. kids he. says.


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