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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EST

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europe's currency christian the first setback an eleventh hour talks to save the euro as the east twenty seven members refused to accept block wide route changes leaving the currency club to sort itself out. israel unleashes a series of airstrikes on gaza targeting militants causing civilian casualties. at least three palestinians have been killed and several dozen wounded in the latest wave of violence the worst in several weeks more from tel aviv in just a few minutes. that's what's in a name western media is quick to equate russia's post-election rallies with the
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arab world turmoil as moscow says it's being overblown and out of date. the russian markets are extending the more details join me in twenty minutes to the business that. broadcasting live from the russian capital you're watching r.t. it's d.-day for the euro with intense talks among the leaders in brussels suffering its first set back some of the twenty seven members have refused to accept you wide changes and controls in the seventeen you resent nations will have to hammer out their own solution to save their currency but president sarkozy is a part of the naming which wanted exclusion from instructions saying it would harm in london's financial business now the seventeen countries which use the euro six others who want to join are working on
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a march deadline set of tighter budget controls and fiscal rules britain is threatening to derail that to brussels correspondent takes a closer look at europe's critical twenty four hours of talk talk and more talk even the politicians know it wrong oh no i'm not believe that you more because too often we did not live up to our watch. yet another d.-day for the euro another big question mark hangs over brussels do years and politicians have what it takes to hit the euro crisis nail on the head once and for all the diagnoses is that the euro which should inspire confidence is not inspiring this confidence if there is no deal on friday there will be no second chance. and this time germany and france are not taking any chances it's either tough love or not thing they want a treaty change to pave the way for a fiscal union that will bind the euro countries closer and force the nationally
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unhealthy economies to get their act together tougher punishment for deficit sinners and greater fiscal oversight by e.u. institutions and no matter how tough the rules the question is will they change anything implement proposals talking about that will find a country for failing to it he wrote about debt and deficit well you're basically taking a country that's bankrupt and you're going to follow. yet even some euro skeptics acknowledge that a common currency system does have its good points it is an instrument instrument is only as good as the way that you use it and ability it has to do things we have to briefing the old system merkel and sarkozy know it's a race against time if they can't get the other ten and non euro countries on board for a treaty change they want the seventeen era zone countries to forge ahead with more
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fiscal integration to support monetary union lest anyone forget it took eight years to negotiate the original lisbon treaty on top of that the u.k. has threatened to use its veto if its interests are not protected amending the treaty which is the e.u.'s rulebook and virtual constitution opens up a potential political minefield needing the support of all member states. anger in some countries over e.u. enforced sturdy measures but even if changes get through these hurdles once again wouldn't change anything you will never solve this problem as long as these currencies. these countries with the currency that doesn't fit their economy this is what all the fuss is about the euro that's what's backers it represents a three grand idea of a single currency what some would call the united states of europe but now the problems have become simply too big to ignore question being asked is are they also too big to solve the possibility of
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a euro collapse is now an actual threat and here's another question is the euro even worth saving some say yes the alternative existence is a possibility that we're to break down but i think a lot of or most policymakers most citizens at large rapidly see that the breakdown will be more expensive than maintaining what we have today and to make the to undertake the necessary structural changes some say no it was always going to end it was pretty clear there was always going to end in disaster with very very bad effects even for those countries which are not members of it and the blame for that should be laid fairly and clearly with the european political establishment whose obsessive pursuit of a united states of europe has got us into this mess and if the eurozone does survive what will it look like economically and politically if i knew also that i'd be a wise man. r.t.
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brussels but even if leaders do agree to rejoin the way the e.u. works treaty changes can't happen overnight something financial analyst michael ross says could see this summit becoming all talk and no action. every week we have a new emergency meeting every week we have new hopes every week we have new disappointments and in my opinion this e.u. summit will lead to nothing because i cannot hear anything with george which comes close to a solution the only thing that they are producing there in brussels is just to feed a catastrophe of rescue efforts and this will lead next week more or less to chaos catastrophe and collapse of the whole system possibly because as long as we don't have any solution for this you are a problem and we are short in time at the moment we rule from bad consequences in the coming future i think most of the politicians among this year or family
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don't really know what is on sick they behave like first class passengers in a titanic that is already sinking and what politicians say right now ok we have time nothing everything is all right but this ship is sinking and there is no solution to keep it alive. but a financial fallout is also being acutely felt across the atlantic reports later david and goliath standoff with occupy protesters some believe victory maneuvers on the cards against activists and ten thousand records. the latest israeli bombing of gaza has left at least one palestinian civilian dead and dozens wounded. stepping up its assault on the last militants but the campaign is putting more innocent lives in the firing line. as the latest from israel. early this morning friday at least three israeli airstrikes targeted
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a had mass training camp in the gaza strip now in some of the shrapnel from one of those bombs that hit nearby homes at least one palestinian civilian was killed and some thirteen have been injured most of them women and children this follows an israeli airstrike last night thursday in which two high ranking palestinian militants were killed while traveling in a car in a crowded area in gaza city that was the first israeli strike in a concentrated area since the israeli gaza were back in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine now the palestinians have responded with a barrage of rockets there were five because some rockets and grad missiles quiet on southern israel the south of israel is in a state of high and residents have been ordered to remain near a bomb shelters throughout the course of today and this comes as various faction groups in the gaza strip point for increased revenge attacks against israel we also are hearing from her massive it's ordered its operatives to keep a low profile city and this is the most dramatic escalation of violence that we've
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seen between israel and gaza in civil weeks now where three israelis accusing the gazans the gazans accusing the israelis and the scene does seem to be suited for a return to violence the israeli palestinian peace talks have yet again stored despite international pressure and largely over the issue of israeli settlement building like we witnessing from tel aviv is an increase in settlement construction so much so that the united states which is israel's closest ally has actually criticized the israeli government for its moves in this direction and now the israelis for various sides have also by targeting these two high ranking palestinian officials and there's a strike there is day resumed what seems to be a policy of targeted killings because certainly hasn't been any kind of targeted killings since two thousand and ten and this is causing many to say that there's an inconsistency in the israeli policy of this. several weeks ago that is released more than a thousand palestinian prisoners in
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a prisoner exchange deal with hamas now we witnessing it once again targeting militants at the same time we're hearing from various human rights groups that they particularly concerned that the israelis are again putting civilians in the firing line relationship in the region is the coming more fluid all of this does set the scene for a real showdown. professor on the other suso the islamic university of gaza says israel kills palestinians with no respect for international law. has been targeting the gaza strip many times for the boss many years. i think it's a continuous policy of those who are the army to keep the situation as it is to kill as much people as they can in the gaza strip. we would like to try people the way they like this is not a way to deal with palestinians even if they were responsible for the killing of israelis. it's not are we to use it at all i think the israeli
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army has killed thousands of palestinian people and no one has convicted them their israeli side say and now they are trying to accuse somebody to justify their actions it's a justification i have to this moment which people praying to believe there has been a calm and a truce between palestinian factions and the israeli side what come to be is. proved there israeli military will keep its own action against the gaza strip and this would lead to more violence. the coverage of russia's post-election rallies has been in sharp focus in the foreign media some even likening it to egypt's tahrir square protests but as artie's and the sonali reports that i went in russia happened twenty years ago. dr dear dear skya. u.s. senator john mccain to each dear vlad the arab spring coming to
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a neighborhood near you but is it seems russia's so-called slavic spring came and went twenty years ago. mccain and hillary clinton really would like this to happen and you see it in their relations to other countries where these revolutions benefit the u.s. and of course they're pushing for this but don't think it will happen there we're talking here like protests during the collapse of the soviet union hundreds of thousands were out on the streets people. always in. these and they will. get. most of the few thousand out on the streets of moscow after these elections move beyond off to either not remember or be unable to compare some of this though it is funny how it worked out the middle class that exists today does so because of the politics of this government if they rebuilt the country four years ago there was
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a much smaller middle class if any. a middle class egyptians would dream of its revolution praised as democracy by the west so the military takeover was. we have only one demand that the military council and the army go back to their barracks and start protecting the country that they've demonstrated they're incapable of leading the country over the last nine months to hooters certainly proved twitter and facebook are fierce tools when planning protests some thirty thousand have already signed up for a moscow meet on the weekend but russia should have been on mass and to egypt and to rebuild from scratch can take decades tens of thousands of young people are preparing to come out onto the streets and voice discontent and that. means millions want it's a safe bet many of them remember all too well the turbulent ninety's what chaos mean through such a large country and dark willing to go back and start over and he's now
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a r t moscow. secret e-mails showing the u.s. state department discussing paying for information on the russian elections have been revealed russian news website life needs of tain the correspondence with election watchdog dollars they show washington discussing payment for activists who describe the violations losses backed by american and european funding but claims to be independent one of the e-mail shows the u.s. state department praising god us and promising more support president has ordered all reports of election violations to be thoroughly investigated. more than the documents so you can judge for yourself at r.t. dot com also have the details of the post-election protests in moscow long video footage of what else is online today. another secret cia prison in europe remain here is the latest country to be revealed as hosting
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a facility used to torture americans terror suspects we report online. nato has reiterated its refusal to take russia's security concerns into account on the phone the issue of european missile defense moscow's conclusion after a top level talks with the alliance in brussels foreign minister sergei lavrov says the us led is prepared to cooperate on the shield and taylor is deploying an antiballistic system in the borders with russia which it regards as a threat the alliance has rebuffed kremlin requests to guarantee it poses no danger washington claims the show. this is a study done with commit another team has been hearing from other this who strongly doubt that. there is no threat right now neither country has missiles that can
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carry nuclear weapons and only one of those countries has a nuclear weapon in the first place and also you what it would be very difficult to imagine a country of that size aiming a ballistic missile at the united states because it would be like marking the their country for annihilation with a big x. is a ballistic missile is ballistic that means you know where it came from we're using a defense that doesn't exist against an aggressor that this point doesn't exist the worst thing to look like is that you're weak on defense so if people say we could build a shield as some people say then why not do it that so i think the idea is those political pressures at home if they don't continue to push that way this administration will give use as weak and it doesn't want to be viewed as weak right now from a strategic perspective going into a national election. for some world news in brief it out first to somalia where at least nine people have died in clashes between government forces and is the most insurgents hours of violence ended when militants withdrew from the capital
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mogadishu which remains under government control there are so bad groups have been waging a five year insurgency against the state which they claim is corrupt their campaign has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians since. tragedy has returned to the virginia tech university in america where two people have been shot dead happened during a routine least traffic stop when tackled it up and killed an officer before fleeing the second body was made to discover. the gunman genea tech was the site of one of america's worst ever deadly rampage is when a student massacred thirty two people before killing himself. so balance footage has been shown on french t.v. overnight children made cruised former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss cari of attempted rape but media show sitting in a staff court all talking to colleagues also can checking out of a new glimpse of what eric assault charges cost of his job but we were eventually
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dropped after an agent's considered. brilliant state t.v. is showing footage of an american spy drone the mitchells claim was downed by the military last week revolutionary guard says it was captured by. ground in the afghan border iran confirmed six years ago that the u.s. was sending surveillance aircraft to spy on its military and nuclear facilities pentagon says iran is unlikely to recover data from the drone. but artie's you tube channel has more developments in iran and other stories from around the world. more news today violence has once again flared up. and these are the images the
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differences between the g.m. felt that they both at the cio. but they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one career you ask one question you could be uncertain and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career. well into the future of science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style science. that's not on. the. market why not.
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come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. a policeman has been killed another four people injured in the north caucasus republic of dagestan it happened on thursday when police officers arrived at the site of a road accident and they caught him on the it's unclear who the attackers were parties are still working at the crime scene russia's north caucasus region remains one of the most volatile in the country and has been gripped by almost daily violence between authorities and extremists. american anti corporates occupy protesters in boston braced for victualling the deadline for them to leave having passed a couple of hours ago police say they don't intend to move protesters just yet. cation when the fiction take place most were police interrupted
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a mass demonstration in washington d.c. arresting seventy campaigners. part of a three month long fight against corporate excess which has already seen thousands of arrests you know determined to stick it out the harder it gets. the occupy movement are facing not only pepper spray but things like the el rad sound cannon the long range acoustic device which can blast your cranium with one hundred forty decibels shaking your skull so hard even earplugs won't stop it this weapon has been tested on palestinians in the occupied west bank by the israeli army so civilians in the us are now up against basically military style policing what's behind it is a mentality among our police forces our local police views common civilians protesters as common criminals just ahead the gloves are off with people of elena's guests in crosstalk katie's head in the business.
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thanks gary it's been a challenging week in russia the tends to model the parliamentary election has at it's a capital outflow and lots of volatility in the stock markets but beyond the headlines to happen some positive stories but securely in the banking sets up which saw a wreck hold results from the c b the company's c.f.o. explains why the country is still a good place to do business russia is obviously criticised for things that it needs to modernize itself its legal system and and other things but what russia cannot be criticised voice for the state of its public finances if you look at you know that the g.d.p. is less than ten percent. the this year the government will end up with a fiscal surplus rather than deficits if you look at every major developed nation the much more sorious state of affairs russia is as politically stable as you know
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much much more stable than any western country where you know the government seems to be changing every other day so here i would i would see it i would see that this is well overplayed but but of course russia's russia has its own unique set of risks but in my mind very significant changes as well two thousand and eleven has not been the best and sounds of mergers and acquisitions in russia with values fall below that seen during a page in two thousand and seven but global bank has predict that could pick up next year with consolidation at home on phones looking at the log ins a bold. one would be in market consolidation so for example in the banking sector where you have thirteen fourteen hundred banks there is a need to consolidate in order to have both the required capital given some larger regulatory trend such as movement to basel two and hopefully basel three as well as the need to have sufficient liquidity to grow the balance sheets or in market
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consolidation for some of the old economy sectors will continue second and we expect to see outward investment by russian companies and shareholders into europe and the united states taking advantage of the situation in those markets to become more global in nature. so let's have a look at the markets crude prices are down as the e.u. summit found to secure the full backing of the twenty seven nations the treaty changes to help fight the region's debt crisis was a nascent fiscal policy however the twenty three members agreed to form a new fiscal compact as they would provide extra financial support to troubled members of the region. long sleeves try to just end the ninety eight dollars a barrel and bronzes i have a hundred and seven dollars. and she says extending the losses author of pools of discord at the e.u. summit is take a listen to industrials not under pressure with he thought she construction
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machinery down two percent i'll find out jews are among the main to klein is in hong kong the bank of china is losing a three point two percent well hey just b.c. is also down over two percent. and news from europe all weighing on sense of it here in moscow the russian mafia is all suffering. at the thirty first hours of friday's tries. in the my six are losing over three and a half a sense at the moment. let's have a look at some individual semi's in the my six all majors are down a bit cheaper crude. with ross left almost full percent in the red financials also under pressure with speer bank down three percent is net profit almost doubled during the first eleven months of the year which ng nine and a half billion dollars to russian accounting standards and restaurants holding ross in sa is no exception the company posted almost nine million net loss for the first nine months of the year against
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a similar profits in two thousand and ten russia's biggest investment companies have lost tens of millions of dollars in the third quarter of the stock market collapse in august and september they also yes in the eighteen percent and thirty percent respectively during the period according to a vet of a senior news paper troika dog losses extended one hundred million dollars in part because of a portfolio over valuation at the end of the sum up the london eye of the t b capital which invests in russia so losses of around sixty million dollars although some funds have done a lot better so for instance metropole and outs on which managed to maintain the level balance sheets. trouble is leaving russia could lose the opportunity to buy alcohol in the country's juicy phrase stolz they say i told me new rules only constructing a secure last houses to store alcohol because the locations are in tightly
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controlled and c. fulls the g.c. free operators warned that revenues could full pull to the sons if the notes accept it. but if an hour join me if fifty five minutes via next business updates goodbye . culture is the same or different i think you should visit israel on the mark when
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the old organisation finding a new mission this is how the arab league is being described by some particularly when it comes to syria others are not so appreciative. to lose.


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