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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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europe's currency aggression though a big setback in the eleventh hour talks to save the euro summit. first signs of cracks in the summit as some e.u. leaders refuse to come on board to find a solution to the eurozone and debt crisis will join me for more here in brussels. on leashes a series of airstrikes on gaza targeting militants but causing civilian casualties . at least three palestinians have been killed and several dozen wounded in the latest wave of violence the worst in several weeks more from tel aviv in just
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a few minutes. and once in a name western media is quick to equate russia's post-election rallies with the arab world's home islands basco several big overflowed and out of date. a very warm welcome to this is r.t. a live from moscow with me alice had its d.-day for the euro with intense talks among e.u. leaders in brussels suffering its first step back britain and hungry refused to accept treaty changes leaving the rest of the club to work help their own currency saving solutions live to brussels now all chorus of that has asked syria tessa america the night of intense talks there in brussels clearly there's going to be no unified solution. yes well the marathon and i think it's still to come as they
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continue with their talks in the scoreboard right now is seventeen plus six that means the seventeen a euro zone countries plus six of the navi euro members are for this accord they say they will come up with a fiscal compact fiscal agreement however britain and hungary have refused to come on board and it's sweden and the czech republic said they will have to consult their problem it's a clearly no single unified agreement yet but coming into this this was rather expected i mean considering the last negotiation of the original lisbon treaty it took eight years to come up with an agreement on that so coming into this the leaders had had backup plans a plan b.'s merkel and sarkozy had said if they can't get the twenty seven members they will push through with the seventeen and now they've got seventeen plus six but the thing here is that the u.k. has veto power so it may use that to stop any e.u. treaty changes what cameron was saying that he doesn't want to see a treaty with it a treaty especially if the interests of the u.k.
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is not protected and even then anything that is implemented now or that is agreed upon now it will take effect sometime in march next year so that will still be a few months before these changes can actually be seen and as for the changes it's the same as what they've been reiterating coming into this summit stricter rules more punishment for those deficit sinners and if we remember italy and greece are still part of this new accord which means those countries will still be taking more cuts will be still be suffering from the budget the tightening that the e.u. is imposing on them now whether or not this will create stability in the markets whether or not this will google will show a long term solution to the euro that will calm investors for more than twenty four hours that has to be seen in terms of the euro's future really is on the line here whether we like plea to hear some concrete decisions. well as a day goes on as as talks continue i mean the buzz around here in brussels is that
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it can go on and on and so there are at this point there still is no point where it can be said that ok there will be a final solution to this crisis and if we i talked to a lot of the experts here from both sides the euro skeptics and euro crowds it seems that the opinions are not just different not just coming from both sides but are increasingly polarized so they're getting stronger on their stand and it's clear that this being one direction that the euro is going to take is still on. the cells all talk talk and more talk even the politicians know it volatile words oh no i'm not believed any more because too often we did not live up to our words. yet another d. day for the euro another big question mark over brussels do years and politicians have what it takes to hit the euro crisis nail on the head once and for all the diagnoses is that the euro which should inspire confidence is not inspiring this
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confidence if there is no deal on friday there will be no second chance. and this time germany and france are not taking any chances it's either tough love ordinary thing they want a treaty change to pave the way for a fiscal union that will bind the euro countries closer and force the nationally unhealthy economies to get their act together tougher punishment for deficit sinners and greater fiscal oversight by e.u. institutions and no matter how tough the rules the question is will they change anything new and implement proposals as not talking about that will find a country for failing to it here to new rules about debt and deficit well you're basically taking a country that's bankrupt and you will say well we're going to follow you. yet even some euro skeptics acknowledge that a common currency says. does have its good points it is an instrument an instrument
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is only as good as the way that you use it and ability it has to do things we have to briefing the old system merkel and sarkozy know it's a race against time if they can't get the other ten and nine euro countries on board for a treaty change they want the seventeen era zone countries to forge ahead with more fiscal integration to support a monetary union lest anyone forget it took eight years to negotiate the original lisbon treaty on top of that the u.k. has threatened to use its veto if its interests are not protected amending the treaty which is the e.u.'s rulebook and virtual constitution opens up a potential political minefield needing the support of all member states despite anger and some countries over e.u. enforced a sturdy measures but even if changes get through these hurdles once again would it change anything you would never solve this problem as well as these currencies.
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these countries with the currency that doesn't fit their economy this is what all the fuss is about the euro that's what's backers it represents and for me that grand idea of a single currency for what some would call the united states of europe but now with the problems of becoming simply too big to ignore the question being asked is are they also too big to solve the possibility of a euro collapse is now an actual threat and here's another question is the euro even worth saving some say yes the alternative exists as a possibility that we're to break down but i think a lot of or most policymakers most citizens at large are happen to see that the breakdown will be more expensive than one tenth of what we have today and to make the to undertake the necessary structural changes some say no it was always going to and it was pretty clear there was always going to end in disaster with very very bad effects even for those countries which are not members of it and. blame for that should be laid fairly and clearly with the european political establishment
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whose obsessive pursuit of a united states of europe has got us into this mess and if the eurozone does survive what will it look like economically and politically if i knew also that i'd be a wise man tesser cilia r.t. brussels on its cross live to paris santo to play idea line a professor of political science at paris where. you know many thanks for speaking to us here an aussie as we were talking after a heated debate on iraq as has the french president insisting that there be no two speed europe yet can't agree as a whole and seventeen year is a member in a few others are working on their own financial treaty are we really seeing a fatal split and here well it's clear that there's no agreement for you know twenty seven countries which is not surprising even among the seventeen countries in the euro zone but very different situations between greece on the one hand and
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germany on the other so it is a major split no doubt about it. bridges oppose for very specific reasons that it's opposed because it doesn't want to be in tax and financial transactions but from a legal point of view of course if one member of the twenty seven members of europe is against changing the creatures then it's difficult to change to keep it so it is a major speech and didn't you go and do you believe that tighter fiscal regulations for the euro zone will actually be the sharp shock tactic needed to tackle the debt and and help prevent it in future. well actually if we can reformulate the question slightly you know last week the former chancellor of germany homewood schmidt to go very important speech the social democratic party conference in which she mentioned . well this isn't in one thousand thirty's or you could also mention roosevelt all this is in one hundred thirty eight. alleged to
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a reduction of the debt no problem about this but it led to a huge depression so. maybe tackling the debt is one issue but creating the conditions for boosting the economy of europe is more important question if the debt is stacked called but then you have a huge recession what's the good of taking the debt. and let's talk now about britain not coming on board at this stage it won't accept changes that could affect london's financial industry and is is ready as it's shown to be to block the intrigue new group plan might be u.k. you regret not getting involved at this stage. well it did really depends how things turn out but what your group leaders doing now are and mostly they are adopting a plan which is mostly a plan. that germany wants and then france are valid to the german position
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it's not likely to work to boost the economy so from this point of view since britain still has an independent. central bank being out of the euro might be a good thing for it but britain has other problems and i know britain really regret it because things are not levy likely to work for the eurozone if discipline is the only discourse that is put forward and not boosting the economy. and to think that keeping a closer eye on a year a country some time to fiscal policy will that be enough to actually save this currency from going under well right from the start there was a problem because. different because i'm is adopted a common currency. for the various countries cannot devalue it so the euro is and incredible stress. quite frankly i can't say whether the euro will be
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saved or not there must be a mechanism to help the poor countries face their difficulties otherwise the contradictions will lead to kind of explosion of the euro i mean. what do you think that some of the new mechanisms being proposed now will new debt rules are promised never to do it again i mean they are one thing but that's not actually helping to pay off the debt itself what do they need to thing to do today to get the money flowing. well actually you know the european central bank which is basically now are helping banks get liquid it is. helping banks but it's not helping countries so it's not just a matter of dealing with their debt. could be they could be a solution for the debt although that central bank has to be involved directly that way to another country but if we go on asking the same questions that were asked by
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people making thirty is this call. it in programs and so on and not dealing with the economy itself. would be a minor problem so the key question is not just paying off the debt but what to do with the economy and it's so surprising that there is the expertise are there to deal with this problem but european leaders seem intent on repeating the one nine hundred thirty s. mistakes made by booming in germany or roosevelt in one nine hundred thirty seven focusing on the day and worsening the economic situation. money can flow to the banks but it should really be invested in common. programs within europe otherwise there's no solution their pay their land professor of political science and parents we're seeing that in many things they thoughts thank you. how these latest israeli bombing of gaza has left at least one palestinian civilian dead and dozens wounded
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tell of the is stepping up its assault on hamas militants but the campaign is putting more innocent lives in the firing line is the has the latest now from israel. early this morning friday at least three israeli airstrikes targeted a hamas training camp in the gaza strip now in some of the shrapnel from one of those bombs that hit nearby homes at least one palestinian civilian was killed and some thirteen have been injured most of them women and children this follows an israeli airstrike last night thursday in which two high ranking palestinian militants were killed while traveling in a car in a crowded area in gaza city that was the first israeli strike in a concentrated area since the israeli gaza were back in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine now the palestinians have responded with a barrage of rockets there were five and some rockets a grad missiles fired on southern israel the south of israel is in a state of high alert residents have been ordered to remain near
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a bomb shelters throughout the course of today and this comes as various faction groups in the gaza strip point for increased revenge attacks against israel we also are hearing from her massive it's ordered its operatives to keep a low profile city and this is the most dramatic escalation of violence that we've seen between israel and gaza in civil weeks now with the israelis accusing the gazans the gazans accusing the israelis and the scene does seem to be suited for a return to violence the israeli palestinian peace talks have yet again stored despite international pressure and largely over the issue of israeli settlement building like we witnessing from tel aviv is an increase in settlement construction so much so that the united states which is israel's closest ally has actually criticized the israeli government for its moves in this direction and now the israelis for various sides have also by targeting these two high ranking palestinian officials and there's a strike there is day resumed what seems to be
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a policy of targeted killings because certainly there hasn't been any kind of targeted killings since two thousand and ten and this is causing many to say that there's an inconsistency in the israeli policy of his. several weeks ago that is released more than a thousand palestinian prisoners in a prisoner exchange deal with hamas now we witnessing it once again targeting militants at the same time we're hearing from various human rights groups that they particularly concerned that the israelis are again putting civilians in the firing line the relationship in the region is becoming more fluid all of this does set the scene for a real showdown. or press the honey albus use of the islamic university of gaza says israel kills with a respect for international. has been targeting the girl the story many times for the past many years. i think it's a continuous policy of those who are in the army to keep the situation as it is
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don't kill as much people as they can in the gaza strip. would like to try people the way they like this is not a way to deal with palestinians even if they were responsible for the killing of israelis it's not we all use it at all i think the israeli army has killed thousands of palestinian people and no one has convicted them their israeli side and now they are trying to accuse somebody to justify their actions it's a justification i have to this mornin which people trying to believe there has been a calm and a truce between palestinian factions and there's really a side what come to me is. prove there is radio military will keep its own action against the gaza strip and this would lead to more violence. more coverage of russia's post election rallies has been shop a case in the foreign media some even life. square protests but is anything now
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a report that moment in russia happened twenty years ago. dr dear dear skya. u.s. senator john mccain to each dear vlad the arab spring coming to a neighborhood near you but is it seems russia's so-called slavic spring came and went twenty years ago. mccain and hillary clinton really would like this to happen and you see it in their relations to other countries where these revolutions benefit the u.s. and of course they're pushing for this but don't think it will happen there we're talking here like protests during the collapse of the soviet union hundreds of thousands who were out on the streets people who are. always in. these and they will walk through. most of the few thousand out on the streets of moscow after these elections look young enough to either not
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remember or be unable to compare some of the story is funny how it worked out the middle class that exists today does so because of the politics of this government if they rebuilt the country four years ago there was a much smaller middle class if any. a middle class egyptians would dream of its revolution praised as democracy by the west so the military take over. we have only one demand that the military council and the army go back to their barracks and start protecting the country they've demonstrated they're incapable of leading the country over the last nine months. the hooter's certainly proved twitter and facebook are fierce tools when planning protests some thirty thousand have already signed up for a moscow meet on the weekend but russia should have been a lesson to egypt to rebuild from scratch can take decades tens of thousands of
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young people are preparing to come out onto the streets and voice discontent and that means millions won't it's a safe bet many of them remember all too well the turbulent ninety's what chaos means for such a large country and aren't willing to go back and start over and he's now a r.t. moscow. now secret e-mail showing the u.s. state department discussing paying for information on the russian actions have been revealed a russian news website lightnings obtained the correspondence with election watchdog goalless they showed washington discussing payment for activists who described dating violations of all this is that by american and european funding that is going to be independent one of the us state department praising call us a promising support president it has all the reports of election violations to be thoroughly investigated all prime minister putin has been on foreign powers against meddling in the country's political facts. but we've got more on the leaked documents for you so you can judge for yourself altie dot com we also have the
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details of the police action protests in moscow along with video footage his what else is also unlikely today another secret cia prison in europe remain in is the nation's country to be revealed as heads to a facility used to torture american terror suspects we report on a blind. date who has reiterated its refusal to take russia's security concerns into account on the forney issue of european it missile defense that's moscow's conclusion after top level talks with the alliance in brussels foreign minister sergei lavrov says the u.s. led bloc isn't prepared to cooperate on the shield nato is deploying an anti-ballistic missile near the borders with russia which it regards as a threat the alliance is rebuffed kremlin requests to guarantee it because this is
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. a danger washington playing the shield is aimed at rogue states like around the world rarebit he's been hearing malice from the town. there is no threat right now neither country has boosted missiles that can carry nuclear weapons and only one of those countries has a nuclear weapon in the first place and also you what it would be very difficult to imagine a country of that size aiming a ballistic missile at the united states because it would be like marking the their country for annihilation with a big x. is a ballistic missile is ballistic that means you know where it came from we're using a defense that doesn't exist against an aggressor that this point doesn't exist the worst thing to look like is that you're weak on defense so if people say we could build a shield as some people say then why not do it that's all i think the idea is those political pressures at home if they don't continue to push that way this administration will give use as weak and it doesn't want to be viewed as weak right now from a strategic perspective going into
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a national election. some more world news now this hour first to a deadly fire at a hospital in eastern india that killed seventy three people mostly patients hospital of being accused of abandoning the patients and fleeing when the fire broke out their school scramble to save those left behind saving most patients succumbing to choking smoke the blaze started in the basement where flammable materials were being stored it took firefighters five hours to control the flame us the two. renewed clashes in somalia between government forces and islam isn't surgeons have killed at least nine people hours of violence ended with militants who drew from the capital which remains under government control the hour should bomb group have been waging. against the state which they claim is corrupt and a campaign that's killed tens of thousands of civilians. exposure
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has wounded seven un peacekeepers in southern lebanon the blast occurred in the city of tire with local media claiming a french u.n. patrol was the target they have been several attacks on peacekeepers in lebanon since the summer including last month's bomb explosion at a hotel used by u.n. staff. iranian state t.v. is showing footage of an american spy drone that officials claim was downed by the military last week the revolutionary guard says it was captured by electronic ambush and grounded near the afghan border around confirm six years ago that the u.s. was sending surveillance craft to spy on its military and nuclear facilities the pentagon says iran is unlikely to recover data from the train. i village the dishes of all moscow out programs coming your way see it up next though let's get a live business report with kids.
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thank you alice now there is an east to west divide on the markets today in europe is a flat out of the e.u. summit which saw a majority of the bloc commit themselves to tighter fiscal rules to save the euro but here russia sharply down that also seems to be for political reasons what we hearing more about that in a moment but first let's have a look at those numbers the sell off of both the all ts and the my sex appears to be speeding up in the mid session but the bulls are down more than four percent let's have a look at some individual moves on the my sex all mages are down and made cheaper crude with both ross laughed and luke all around five percent in the write up are not jews are also under pressure was spared by down four and a half the sat is that profit almost doubled in the first eleven months of the get reaching a nine and a half billion dollars to russian accounting standards. europe is. twenty
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three members of the e.u. have agreed to form a new fiscal compact to rein in the deficit as those have been the offer of more support for the most indebted nations oil prices are likely light sweet is trading under ninety eight dollars a barrel i'm grant is that over one hundred seven dollars per pound for more analysis of the markets let's cross to the new bush show on the business desk. now the russian market seems to be moving to the beat of its own drum at the very well what's going on is the protests russia doesn't have france's if you like a culture of regular protest which means that if for example look. russia doesn't have france's protest culture means that news of tomorrow's thirty thousand strong rally really has shaken the markets that has investors frightened you can see that from the r.t.s. yesterday we had a fall which was accentuated today we had a sharp falls this morning the other big news of course is the euro the continuing
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euro crisis we're seeing short falls again today next week if the protest turns violent tomorrow we do expect further falls in the market but on the opposite side if everything goes smoothly we can expect a serious further rebound. thank you daniel that's it for me for now and the rest of the business same but you can always buy more. common for business. to go.
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box that. it's all designed to keep you close in your own small world as a present. though you. somebody in there for a couple hours like that in a stress position. you have this fear of the unknown and this stress sort of building and. i've seen interrogations go on ten twelve hours they chose songs i remember from marilyn manson and metallica slayer the two songs would be angel of death and raining blood to me those are more coming up here into iraq to baghdad. charlie poole to the bodies to the floor which is the rock n roll band it was fitting for the job we were doing.


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