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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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at least twenty five thousand people take to the moscow streets protesting the results of last sunday's parliamentary vote that gave the ruling united russia party the majority of seats. the biggest protests in town for nearly two decades without incident the protesters are praising police restraint joins me and you see now in central moscow from. dreams of a unified europe in doubt as the u.k. rejects a new e.u. deal to stay the euro leaving the other twenty six member states to settle the plan among themselves. and seeking a solution to gazans flee war torn palestine seeking better opportunities in libya
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despite that country still facing a turbulent future. it's six am in moscow i met tressa good to have you with us here on r t our top story tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the russian capital protesting the results of sunday's parliamentary election opposition groups n people angered by the outcome of the vote gathered for an authorized demonstration in the scout several rallies were held in other cities across the country the biggest protests since the turbulent one nine hundred ninety s. correspondent nice on our way as the latest. moscow's biggest protest in some two decades took place without incident very peaceful and in fact protesters are praising police restraint of course there was a lot of security the ministry of interior has put the number at some twenty five
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thousand people at its highest point throughout the day some of the opposition speakers today claiming there was hundreds of about one hundred or one hundred fifty thousand people here clearly that's not the case earlier in the day some protesters did meet at revolution square which was what organizers wanted the original location to be there was no permit for that but a lot of those thousands did peacefully make their way to below through a square which is where the protest took place and moscow wasn't the only city which saw a protest they began out east and one of us stopped took place across central russia and in st petersburg as well there came out we do know that there were minor scuffles with police and that there were ten arrests but here in moscow that was certainly not the case very peaceful and it seems a lot of the organizers are very happy with that in terms of these protests they of course began and they're calling for free and fair elections on monday when it was clear what the results were that happened on tuesday as well there were several
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arrests this of course has been the biggest and from the government what we've heard was from the president from the prime minister that people of course have the right to come out and voice their opinions and make demands if it stays out within the law what we heard in terms of what we heard was a little harder criticism from prime minister of a dinner putin about outside comments about russia's election specifically speaking about secretary of state hillary clinton and her comments that elections in russia were neither free or fair and some interesting developments have come out which really do back up the prime minister's statements goalless which is an organization that monitored some of this election. e-mails came out from life news and it you can go on to their web site and actually see some of these communications that happened. between the u.s. state department and goal is to observe this election and there you have some of the observers asking how much they would be paid for each violation that they found with that said the central election committee did say that there were minor
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violations they did up hold the outcome of the vote but did say that they would launch some kind of investigation but you clearly have back and forth between the west and russia about these elections prime minister vladimir putin has made it very clear that he believes that certainly the secretary of state has stepped over a line and you also have the media covering it in very different ways you saw fox news showing videos of athens greece which of course has had protests all year long maybe more entertaining certainly painting a better picture of chaos but most certainly not moscow as you can see clearly the greek alphabet and palm trees in those shots you had c.n.n. showing pictures of a nationalist rally which took place a year ago they to be fair did later file a correction on that but a very different picture painted by western media as to what was happening in moscow this week it certainly wasn't chaotic and this was the first day that we saw tens of thousands of people come out onto the streets in terms of the opposition
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and there was leaders who was organizing these protests well there are a lot of different faces some of them not even connected to political parties but those that are most well known are probably bodies themselves who has been in russian politics for years who is a former deputy prime minister and he openly is known to be supported by washington's national endowment for democracy and he was that these protests today he was detained actually earlier this week and another i think it's fair to say up and coming star is alexei love on a he is a blogger very well known here in russia not so much in the west he was detained and will say detained for fifteen days so he didn't come to this rally a lot of his supporters were here what you don't hear a lot about him is about his nationalist line you know a lot about his anti-corruption work you don't hear about his speeches about russia is for russia and so on but if you look. a bit closer you can see in some of his speeches that he made earlier this week at protests there were some statements that could easily be clipped be classified as hate speech one of his quotes was i will
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cut their throats so really some of the people that came out today don't necessarily associate themselves with a political party they came out for free and fair elections but a lot of different parties here today and a lot of different faces of opposition reporting from moscow and he's an artsy russia's election results have been criticized by washington prime minister putin calling on western powers not to interfere in the country's internal affairs meanwhile the head of the state duma foreign affairs committee constantine coast says by slamming russia u.s. politicians are playing to their interests. i was very much surprised to see the recent comments by hillary clinton and these comments. very much out of the framework which was drafted in the preliminary conclusion by parliamentary assembly and all we see in the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe which was issued the next day after the elections the conclusions are not
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fair and they believe that these conclusions by hillary clinton are not free from the political interests of the united states of america because the united states of america are in their competition with russia on very many important issues and this is great that if and when you can create additional problems for your interlocutor for your partner at the negotiation table then it may be easier for you to reach your own goals so for me the statement by hillary clinton some other statements by by the european union by nato by other representatives in the west is just a part of the game this is not about of democracy in russia this is not about elections in russia this is about jus policy this is about making russia a little bit weaker and more in order to make yourself a little bit stronger and this is absolutely unacceptable. you can always log on to dot com for more insight and analysis here's what's
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a click away right now because make this so finds a planet that could sustain life for a mere six hundred light years plus. out of this world the apparel bill eighty four ariza lamborghini two mercedes collide in what's being called the world's most expensive pile up with the damage estimated at around four million dollars find out what happened at our t. dot com. is.
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the official. from the. video. in the palm of your. home the idea of a united europe stake in a hard hit from the u.k. britain's decided against joining a new e.u. pact aimed at tackling the eurozone debt crisis leaving the other twenty six member countries on their own prime minister cameron blocked the deal saying he was protecting his country's fiscal and interests and sovereignty now instead of a pen european pact sanctions can be agreed between individual member governments hungary also originally said no to the new treaty but has since gone back. and that two other states are planning to hold consultations with their national parliaments
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on the matter the new plan could take months to finalize and a referendum may be required in countries including ireland here in manchester on the merkel called the treaty a breakthrough but some remain skeptical that it's a solution to the crisis economics professor arielle claimer says the deal doesn't address the immediate needs of hard hit town trees like greece is short of a dozen disaster. she just didn't need the euro is sitting in a union part that's really the message i'm getting from this. to stop the. fixes that's certain it's not going along which is you know we're going to get a sensible position to take. the because i don't see the dissolution. to get up there. and get some it's. going to help europe the greek you this meditate to the elites three countries you meet east move we
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don't know so it will only mean just that all these countries that make marks adjustments. proposed change due to me we still i have nothing to do with the problems or at least the spain portugal ireland and also it's really. has not been addressed. qaida colombia's far guerillas and the occupy london movement activists in london angered at the police to document that list them among the established terror networks although authorities later admitted the comparison was over the top it left occupiers questioning why their peaceful protest is being branded as a crime artie's either better reports. tense dreadlocks even didgeridoos but all the occupy london protesters really terrorists the city's police force seems to think so it sent a letter to banks and businesses in the financial district warning of the terror
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threat posed by occupy activists it puts them in the same bracket as al-qaeda well i'd say to anybody who believes it to come come here and have a look for themselves and see that we are totally peaceful protest it's preposterous to say that the backlash of criticisms force the police to admit its wording was too strong but it stands by its warning to big businesses to remain vigilant issuing this statement we've seen crime linked to protests in recent weeks notably around groups entering office buildings and with that in mind we continue to brief key trusted partners on activity linked to protests this is the building in question occupies so-called bank of ideas activists moved in here nearly three weeks ago it had been empty for months the apparent terrorists now use it for meetings and lectures on how to solve the current crisis they can even count celebrity backers and politicians amongst their guests and a huge number of people want to see a different kind of economic system that's what people here stand for and i want to
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come and lend solidarity to that the u.k. is complicated laws on squatting mean the owners still haven't been able to vic the new uninvited tenants since the building wasn't in use the activists don't see why they should leave is it fair though to occupy private property. is it fair that there's nearly a million buildings empty out there in the u.k. and people freeze to death every winter i would counter that with so far this is the only building processed his have occupied can belong c.b.s. it was empty before it was taken over as the swiss banks a conviction order for this building beefing up security at its main offices just across the street as they fear the protesters could spread to both u.b.s. and the financial services authority refused to comment but they clearly heeding police advice security is tight in the money district. a small group of people recently stormed the offices of a mining company during a national strike they claim to be part of the occupy movement those here though
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deny any links but that hasn't stopped police tarring them with the same brush it's just unfortunate that some people actually have done that and it's causing police attention and it's going to label us as people will you will get a few bad apples when you hear it in any organisation and they've said well that they're all like it they're not main it's just not true the original occupy camp hopes to keep its protest peaceful a victim anyone using its name as an excuse for violence they might not be al-qaeda but any minority prepared to step the wrong side of the law could play straight into police hands either bennett's artsy london. while the occupy camp in the u.k. capital is still standing activists in the u.s. city of boston have seen their tents taken down police swept through the square where the occupiers were camping in taking down ten cent and arresting dozens the city had set a deadline for protesters to leave by midnight thursday but police took no action
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till today boston has been the latest encampment to be cleared out as demonstrators are told they must leave their camps now or face prosecution a three month long occupy movement against corporate greed and inequality has already seen thousands of arrests more details on the story available at our website r t v dot com well stay with us here on araa to you still to come all for one demonstrators around the world call for the release of one of the u.s. most well known prisoners arguing his murder conviction was racially motivated and . a cause for optimism a conflict over election results in the caucuses that threaten to turn bloody now seems to have come to a peaceful resolution we'll tell you more. but first to the middle east where three palestinians have been killed including two suspected militants after a series of israeli missile strikes on gaza city at least fifteen other civilians
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were wounded in the attack the military targeted a hamas training camp located in the densely populated area israel's apologized for the civilian deaths saying that palestinian rockets stored near the camp triggered a larger explosion last responded by firing a barrage of rockets into southern israel no casualties there yet meanwhile thousands of palestinians continue fleeing the conflict in their homeland seeking opportunities in other countries polity paulus leader explains some even think a post-war libya would be a safer option. here is we've gone says dispersement. thousands who hoping that the war in libya can also be a move spines from the haulage ships. war on the doorstep. we don't have any source of income prisoners are in better conditions in us that's why people want to run away from here. the queues here are long and full of hope while on the side of i'm
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happy to do any type of work that it doesn't make a difference just to get some income so my children can survive. the united nations puts unemployment in gaza at forty five percent to win three gazans live in poverty and every year the ministry of labor says another thirty thousand people join the ranks of jobless ever since israel imposed a siege on gaza nearly five years ago the private sector has all but ground to a halt but i'm interested in the economy and gaza is dependent on israel it's the way israel set it up all the materials we need for industry and construction have to come from israel through the israeli ports and airports we have no direct relationship with the outside world before the palestinian uprising in two thousand tens of thousands of gazans worked in israel they pass through here areas the largest border crossing between israel and gaza but as you can see now only a handful of people trickle through in today now. was a painter and would earn about thirty american dollars
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a day enough for his family to survive on but in the last seven years he can't cross the border and with no work this side his children often go to bed hungry he was one of the first to sign up when a call went out for people interested in going to libya to register i don't care if it's libya or not i'm ready to go to mars for the sake of getting food for my children i can't give them more than twenty cents a day to survive on can you imagine that i must says is well promised to lift the blockade on gaza as part of the recent prisoner exchange that freed the captured israeli soldier but israel says it made no such promise this is to control the control of the control of the people in gaza. today the freely with the good. what. israel is the main goal was to be in the zone for the siege in gaza and this israeli government did not deny that israel says the siege is for security reasons and is afraid materials like cement and steel could be used to build
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weapons and military fortifications policia r.t. on the israel gaza border. demonstrations have been held in cities worldwide calling for the release of a man who till a few days ago was america's most high profile death row prisoner momi abu jamal was incarcerated thirty years ago for killing a white philadelphia police officer a crime he still denies committing earlier this week a court reduce the sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole his supporters claim the former black panther activist is an innocent political prisoner david lindorff an investigative reporter thinks the case shows the shortcomings of the u.s. justice system. first of all he clearly had a trial that was a sham there were in this document it clear evidence that a lot of the prosecution witnesses were perjuring themselves and the other thing is that he has almost no way to get out of jail now short of
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a new witness coming forward because of the way our system blocks appeals by by people who are in these situations well it really highlights the fact that you know first of all most of the people on death row in the united states are black and all of them are poor or you know find rich people on death row the united states of the of the three thousand six hundred or so people who are on death row i think you'd be hard pressed find one rich person though it highlights how american justice is really you need to punish the poor and punish minorities and execute them in the cases of. capital punishment cases. stay with us here on r.t. still to come this hour tis the season to shop. trading making selling is the way to make a living to have that you feel good and then and that you are looking for something else resident as people on the streets of new york if spending money is that important to getting in the holiday spirit. but first
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a post-election standoff that threatened to explode into violent unrest in the republic of south a set has seems to be resolved peacefully the outgoing president has agreed to step down and paving the way for a new poll in march artie's marie if you know she now has more. they thought of course who's been governing the caucus republic of south center for ten years has an announced his resignation on saturday emphasizing he has made this decision this isn't to step down to avoid violence and to and the political standoff in the region indeed following the presidential election here in the firm but the situation here has been very tense and very dangerous following the opposition candidate victory in the presidential runoff another candidate and that'll be really who was expected to win this vote and who was considered as the key favorite of the presidential vote complains to the supreme court of south thirty about violations allegedly committed by all the joy of his team and later the courts
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ruled too and not the outcome of the photo and moreover to bar the host so from participating in the next poll should do it for march that was something alan joyce the former education minister said to never accept it she declared herself president elect and submitted to rowing complain to the supreme court hundreds of her supporters have taken to the streets of the capital to involve two sides been involved in this conflict have started negotiations where russia has played a role over mediator eventually as we can see that the court has agreed to step down to officially pass the presidential powers to prime minister it's been very tough and difficult but eventually as we can see it's been resolved peacefully. turning out of some other stories making headlines across the globe always three people dead following a violent clashes in the democratic republic of congo following the results of presidential elections being disputed in the capital kinshasa protesters blocked
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roads and threw stones at police to disperse them with tear gas tensions came to a peak when opposition leader etienne chasey k.t. rejected the results of the vote and declared himself president wired police who have been deployed throughout the capital to bring the situation under control. a light aircraft crashed into a school near the philippine capital shortly after takeoff killing at least thirteen people including two children no classes were being held at the time of the incident at the school firefighters identified two pilots among the dead according to officials crewmembers declared an emergency after taking off from the mill airport but failed to return to the landing strip before crashing. the two thousand and eleven nobel peace prize has been presented to three women in norway's capital for their nonviolent struggle for women's rights prize was awarded jointly to the president of liberia ellen johnson sirleaf activist leymah bowie and pro-democracy campaigner towel call carmen the winners were presented with
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a medal and diploma prize money of one and a half million dollars will be divided between the three. and stargazers have witnessed a spectacular lunar eclipse the celestial display was most clearly visible across parts of asia saturday night at the phenomenon's peak the moon took on a dramatic red color lunar eclipses happen when the sun and moon are perfectly aligned with the earth between them next time it's due is twenty fourteen. and with just two weeks till christmas holidays cash registers around the world are ringing like jingle bells but should shopping be the true spirit of the season laurie harf inist also known as the resident asked people on the streets of new york if we're buying what we really need. there's no doubt we live in a consumerist world are you sick of it this week let's talk about that it's
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christmas time so i think it's normal. to to buy something you know why is it normal to buy so much more stuff just because it's geez this is birthday. good question there's no thanksgiving it's black friday so i think that sort of a cultural shift what does it say about us as a culture that when we're so obsessed with buying stuff. that we need to get a life and i think it's because the human nature has a longing for something and they've decided to fill it with things instead of a spiritual focus to those things get in the way of our spiritual quest i absolutely believe so because i think distraction is one of the keys to getting humanity our focus if this isn't important anymore so you have it you feel good and and that you are looking for something else yet and then you feel bad because you bought something that you didn't need yeah this is happened way before you were born that's how it is yeah times with additional money was made it was made to
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train it's just the volume of strange without them onerous like buying trading making selling is the way to make a living so we're prehistoric caves covered in neon lights with logos plastered all around us they are right now around us but the technology was available you thought sure would be i believe in recycling i believe in you know not consumerism but go to your local salvation army exchange what does it say about our culture that we are so disposable. that we are exactly that and we're looking at life in a really shallow way how do you think history is going to remember this to how i am an age as consumers i'm going to be a part of that yes no look it's very wasteful because i'm i live in france and my family are very careful with their money my family and. they think twice about buying stuff so i listen to them it does make me more careful but i'm afraid i'm consumed with. your job in the time that i've been at times here whether or not
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your sick of the pressure of our consumerist culture the bottom line is when it comes to buying stuff you don't need maybe it's best to just say no. i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in a few moments stay with us. wealthy
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british scientists are some expert on the tireless fight. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on r g. twenty years ago the largest country in the disintegrating to. see. what had been trying. to teach began a journey. for where did it take them. on
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. morning news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. shining corporations are old today. i'm going to.


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