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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EST

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one question means one career if you ask one question you get the answer and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career. if you're just joining us a very warm welcome to you this is. your headlines now sanctions on syria and one sided pressure just one russia's foreign minister condemns the west for ignoring atrocities committed by opposition groups. said the gangs want to create. pave the way for foreign intervention in the country. supporters of the former ukrainian prime minister stormed the court building where conviction is being appealed. to seven years behind bars for abuse of power while in office.
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and barack obama hails the end of the occupation. of american troops to withdraw by the thirty first of december but many people there say that often nine years old u.s. forces left behind political infighting destroyed infrastructure and security. we discover how to avoid being caught in a giant web programmer look at the threats posed by the internet you watching.
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hello again oh welcome to spotlight the interview show on our team i'm doing on and my guests on the program today is scott goodstein. social networking has become more than entertainment millions of people who go online every day turn the internet into a means direct from surfing the net in search of freedom of information they turn
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it into the most powerful to all money foolishly dozens of social networks are at the service of those who know how to use them for whatever they want from a revolution to end advertising. it's a good rights technological achievements of course but how dangerous is what are the major advantages of the new social media world compared to the price will have to pay there is the man who knows everything about social networking the mastermind of iraq obama's victorious campaign. good. researchers see more than a half of voting age people in developed countries use the web for political purposes barack obama was the first politician to take advantage of it during a presidential campaign calling his example. congressman and governor and even dictators signed up to twitter and facebook to promote themselves but at the time
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social networks are often used for a value the arab spring uprisings and the summer writes in england were organized and poured in aided by facebook the same thing is going on in america now as the occupy movement also emerged from social networks. so welcome to the show thank you thank you very very much for being with us it's actually it's a privilege. first of all because they said some say that you are one of the key people in the barrenness election campaign. when you actually run for president what was actually a row my my title was external online director and so we had two divisions of how do you organize the entire online community one division one is when you come to barack obama dot com what are you going to do are you going to fundraise are you going to be involved in. different activities but my
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job was how do the rest of the internet is a pretty broad title how do we set up embassies in places like facebook and my space. you tube how do we get people. outside extra from from our web site to become involved and active in the campaign and could we give them treatment so that they would be more understand wanting to participate maybe come into the website at a later point and and then take additional steps either just vote for us or volunteer contribute. these mass amounts of low dollar contributions from learning about us and taking action in these social networks i get a feeling that doing many people well they really tend to overestimate the row of the internet social networking probably these are the people that say that you were the key figure in the campaign what was the to me what it was exactly how do you estimate it the exactly the on social networking ok so i think that the campaign
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alternately. mccain's campaign manager said that once mccain was wrong on the economy that he couldn't win the good news for our campaign was is that we actually won overwhelmingly meaning that all the different pieces and components were responsible the one thing that i think social networks added value to was over a two year period we had the entire primary against hillary clinton and then to keep people involved in active for the general election that social networks added some value of keeping people engaged throughout a very very long campaign in the united states not many people like politics let alone want to stay involved and active with your campaign in your message over a two year period and i think that we brought some closeness to some folks over that period but ultimately i think barack obama was right candidate the right message for the right time. and and won overwhelmingly not just social networks but
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literally the entire campaign can we compare the room the influence. the social networking of the social internet media social networks if we compare them to traditional print media electronic media. yeah so we still spent in the obama campaign still spent millions of millions of dollars on t.v. advertising drives. a certain amount of viewers but what we've seen happen is this slip of of the amount of people watching television versus getting their news online or or getting there whether my family is very traditional they used to watch the news in watched whether before going to bed now that's no longer the case now you can get the weather and sports scores and things like this on your phone and so with the rise of people taping their favorite programs d.v.r. steve those things like this you've seen more and more people skipping through these political commercials so could we actually make up some of that value through
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other means and where those other means millions and millions of americans have turned to online and now even mobile communication for where they get their daily news and so how do we actually organize and advertise and advocate in these forums and so that's where hopefully social media and online strategy is making up for the lack of amount of people watching t.v. in a traditional family well as far as i understand television still is the most influential . media for how all of this is going to continue what it was going to guess i don't believe anymore i really think it is changing the state's sure because at this point the most influential is person to person contact right so if i can actually reach out and talk personally to every single person like barack obama going to little tiny town halls in iowa new hampshire and things like that me line live you
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know i mean like when i was knocking on doors or you know my grandfather would not sure so that's number one so what you're now assuming this is eighteenth century but also show networking is is is modernizing that tactic of me being able to tell my friends that i. personally endorse a poor titian a product or a good or service and so. the problem with with television was is that you couldn't reach every single person that you wanted to in a one to one communications now you actually have a social network where you have the ability was so many people majority of americans at this point are using some form of online communication e-mail and social networking the number of these people that use this means of communication comparable to to the number of voters who listen to vote is sure i mean you're you're talking about mass portions of the population and especially the younger population as the younger population grows up this becomes an
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essential tool where. you know social networks the first real political campaign that was used in was maybe two thousand and six two thousand and seven you tube was the first time used in two thousand and six but by two thousand and eight we really sort of changed the way that people are expecting politicians to respond and at this point i can't imagine a politician anywhere in the world not engaging with base voters through some form of a social network it may not be facebook or my space like it is in the u.s. it may be a different social network in russia in brazil. you know june twitter it's very very very proud twitter's one russian president is all about all of a twitter and also people interact with views it became such an easy adopted format because we use it and as soon as mass population decided to start moving how they get their news from different places on line it's such are that now we have to
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think about how are we communicating so politicians are going to adapt to where the population is it didn't make sense before really two thousand people the only one of the news they were opinions they were common which is the blogging today is becoming. we're influential the professional jews no i don't i don't want to i still think that there is a need for finding out real facts and doing research to opinion journalism but i think that most people are interested in like you mentioned twitter knowing people's opinions in real time and so i don't have to wait any more for tomorrow's newspaper to learn what people's opinions are around a story when a major election like the gyptian election happens i can turn and read about the egyptian election in real time from a people's opinion so i think that the human interest stories happen faster and more real time from different sources and my opinions in the people that i'm
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following on something like twitter or even looking into blogs from from different regions of the world i can find out a different type of filter but i don't think it replaces in any way investigative journalism and i think investigative journalism now has more sources to to go after the iranian elections. watching things happen in unfold in tight here square whether traditional reporters are being. pushed into one if it's pretty specific area i can go around that and actually learn more about what's happening in the rest of the country says scott goodstein through the line directly behind the rock about to come for. support and i will be back shortly after the break so stay with us we'll continue.
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wealthy british. market. was really happening to the global economy. the global financial headlines.
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it's a bit. above the bat . welcome back to spotlight i'm arguing arvin just a reminder that my guest on the show today is scott goodstein external online director for the brock about two thousand and eight election campaign scott you mentioned the middle east north africa lots of people say that these were revolutions these were events and mass protests that were internally reminded organized online. what do you think what was the true old social network and these revolutions i don't think in
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a lot of places around the world social networking had been sort of given credit i think the obama campaign social networking got a lot of new credit because it was something that was there was new ultimately obama was going to win that campaign based on his candidacy the right candidate the right message and lots of people very upset with the direction of the united states in places like. going out and organizing in egypt i truly believe that social networking was was the impetus for a lot of that revolutionary change it got people excited and motivated that they were not alone in their feelings against the government it kept people involved and it actually forced people that they could actually go out and organize the tools have become very powerful as far as i'm upset about something i want to organize a group online can find other people that are very similar to me and i can push more information out even when they turned off the phone lines you saw some interaction between google and. phones voice and twitter to create the ability for
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you to call a number and then push your tweets out so it was almost impossible to shut down the people's voices so once we gave. the tools to the average citizen the average citizen had a choice of what to do with those tools will be very interesting to see how the elections ultimately turn out the leader mr mubarak he tried to switch off the internet the treaty. right to disconnect the people from the internet from social networking why did the work. that seems to be easy gets what you're going to get. as i start to mention the concept of turning off the phone line so no one can receive a text message or sending out a false text message from the government saying if you go back to work we'll give you a bonus didn't even pretending to give a bonus didn't work and what it was is you now have the ability to quickly disseminate information through other channels so twitter became
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a useful channel for those that didn't have their phone they could still check twitter through the internet or through the mobile web and so you saw the ultimate li people were able to use these networks in very different ways and and continue to use them it was fascinating to watch and i think us as americans learned that the entire world is now expecting and actually demanding that the internet becomes free and open for all of society to use it was it was empowering to watch would be very very exciting i mean when you work with things like that did you really get to give this this god complex or something like when it was through even the james bond movies when you pull the strings and see the actually. listening to you i mean i think in the u.s. we see you being used around a lot of the workers struggles right now they're in around collective bargaining agreements in places like wisconsin and ohio so you can organize very very locally so it may not be as powerful of international messages as getting rid of mubarak
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but in wisconsin getting rid of governor walker and organizing very complex civic participation around recall efforts and getting people very locally in places like an osha wisconsin to find their neighbors and have their voices heard it's fascinating to watch and then alternately to see hundreds of thousands of people to . taking action locally no matter whether that action is going to here square or overthrowing our own governor walker in wisconsin what about the occupy wall street how much is it influenced by the so it's interesting to watch each occupy as its own sort of. the walls three or organization so there's occupy in every city going on in the united states some fascinating ones to watch are the ones that are in my opinion from my home city of cleveland ohio where they're actually taking very very focused actions around the banks. and making sure that people don't lose their
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homes and so people are now doing twitter and text message and blogging around citizen journalism in people that are affected by the collapse of the banking industry in very specific places so there's really impressive content that's coming out and change the dialogue the fact that i'm sitting here today in moscow and you're asking me about occupy means that they got their message out means that people know that something is fundamentally wrong now i'm of the romantic side i don't think the occupy folks need to come up with all the answers to the solutions what they're doing is showing mass upset with how our government is being run it's now would be interesting to see the politicians if they actually start responding to the occupy movement. you. don't worry we're with big politics today what's your what's your current. work with
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a number of local political campaigns spent a lot of time with the labor unions in the united states as well as nonprofit organizations organizations like the national advancement association of colored people. the national council or. the largest latino philanthropic organization in the united states we work around the health care about health care for americans now focusing messages to organizations on how they can have better member to member communication so when. there's an attack on workers' rights in the midwest like there was in ohio we can actually focus and organize workers to use these tools to rapid really respond to show up in organized and state capitals in columbus ohio or madison wisconsin is it isn't done more for then it was doing the election committee what are your clothes for twenty twelve are you going to be back so i don't i don't know yet but i'm still i'm still obviously active
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engagement for a number of u.s. senators a lot of us governors. and right now my goal for two thousand and twelve is to build up all of the base coalitions on the left so the environmental communities in the. community the. labor communities the african-american communities the latino communities and make sure that they have member to member base communication so that alternately it's not necessarily just about the election it's about how you govern after the election how do you win things on the local level well it's obviously a fact that the lootings in london this summer we're organized through twitter and facebook so these services can sort of the evil. so do you think that this is the reason to introduce some sort of strict. the stricter regulations these beams of information and i think people will always now work to find the truth and
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that there will always be bad operators in most places have governed different things around text messaging in the united states there's very specific text messaging spam was however our most recent election in two thousand and eleven that just took place a few weeks ago there was illegal text message spam giving false rumors around different campaigns in northern virginia and i think that this is a wake up call that while text messaging people were so excited about barack obama using this is a new network in two thousand and eight it didn't take more than two to three years before people really used it for evil spreading of gossip and rumors and i think that any of us that operate as digital campaigners need to stand up and make sure that these gateways are used for good i don't know about necessarily laws i think that there are plenty of laws in effect that these laws need to be enforced so if you're doing illegal text message spam in your country you should have to obey those laws and be charged accordingly. is there
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a way is there any means to actually censor these sites without blocking more like the transit in china that. we've had people try and block them in the united states several times and on closing down phone lines or jamming phone lines it's illegal it's breaking federal communications laws in the u.s. i do think that we should demand for an open and free internet and then as far as political making sure that you know who the messaging is coming from so laws around making sure that if you're sending out a message that has a paid for so you know which side of the message is coming from or the ability to link back to a website outside that i think it's amazing that the entire world is demanding a free and open internet and i hope that more people in the united states are also focusing on. free and open internet and it doesn't become controlled under any type of telecommunications revision when people meet large fry in there and they all
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always ask the would we have to buy real estate or dollars a year as a whatever you know when people meet people like you they probably usually ask you about what's next for we have twitter we have facebook do you think liz giants are here to stay for a long time or there will be new services that will expand and actually kill them i think that the concept of social networking is here to stay because i believe it's the same concept that my grandfather when he wanted to stand in a public square are not going to door and talk to somebody one on one about an issue now this is this is the modern way to do it i do think that it's evolving into more geo location based services i think mobile apps will be the new tools that everybody now has a mobile phone that can watch video so i no longer have to worry about putting video up even on my website to avoid a press process now i should be able to text message out to my constituents direct
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to consumer video messaging which you couldn't do two years ago or four years ago so i do think that where it's evolving is going to be mixing mobile communication so people are worried a few years ago about their email strategy now they have to worry about their mobile strategy so just when you've got a handle of e-mail we're going to see emails dying and now it's moving on to to mobile communication how can we use the mobile phone the only devices with the eight hundred twenty four hours a day everybody is using their alarm clock right now how do we make sure that we're actually organizing on the mobile phone. mobile it's also very good to give users a ours whether you know people or people judge through their star you throw their mobile phones at. the football players when they don't like the way they say. thank you thank you very much and just to remind them. my guest today was scott goodstein external online directory for live iraq about two thousand and eight election day
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and that's it for now from all of us here spotlight will be back when i'm so let's stay on our teeth and take your. project. to. the beat.
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