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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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video them to. the palm of your. home. tens of thousands of people take to the streets in syria's third largest city of poland's demanding international protection a city which has seen some of the fiercest battles between state and opposition was the first destination for the arab league's monitoring team that began its work in syria this week comes amid reports of government tanks withdrawing from the area. fair and clear prime minister putin promises transparency in the upcoming presidential election after a series of massive protests against the legend fraud during the parliamentary vote his words come amid reshuffles at the top with the leading prime minister tejas taking up a new government post. will be in charge of the country's economic modernization and. in the. three years after israel's onslaught on gaza
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palestinians continue their fight not for their lives this time but for justice in court the twenty two day war left around fifteen hundred palestinians dead. coming up max and stacey and now hone in on the bankers who they claim are the victims of the global downturn and instead of the jobless millions left in its wake cries a report is up next.
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i am x. times or welcome to the kaiser report so no the one percent is tired of being current. states ever tell us more. humbug that's the sept spode of the kaiser max he seemed genuinely scared there. bankers join billionaires to debunk imbecile attack on top one percent so a group has been formed by bernard marcus eighty two co-founder of home depot called job creators alliance he says if successful business people don't go public to share their stories and talk about their troubles they deserve what they're going to get when he was asked if he was worried about speaking out might make him the target of protesters he said who gives a crap about some imbecile are you kidding me well this is a story about people who are subsidized by either the government or by becoming
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wealthy by ignoring what are called economic externalities now in the case of home depot they recently took the advice on i believe it was rain forest alliance about sourcing wood from endangered forests but that's a recent development for the entire growth period of the company they sourced wood from unsustainable areas raping the globe of much needed wood and trees to make this guy wealthy so he's a forest rapist well you know home depot has a very good model it was a model that was tried by other people and it failed however this group are claiming to be job creators but in fact the likes of a home depot or a wal-mart in particular destroy five jobs perhaps for every one job they create in america but they can still point to that one job and say you know at least we didn't destroy six. jobs really destroyed five let me cut in because home depot was one of the first so-called category killers where they were able to focus on one
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area within retailing and build that out leverage that one area and put thousands of thousands of mom and pops out of business as you were just pointing out and in so doing they distort the entire fabric of these economies thus leading to the social unrest that we now have but it's also attracted of course many many many bankers who are just they're on top of an organization they're managing the company it's not rocket science it's not innovation it's not creating any real wealth or jobs for the industry they have john a allison the fourth that should tell you what silver spoon was born in his mouth a director of b.b. and t. corp the ninth largest u.s. bank he said quote it said of an attack on the one percent let's call it an attack on the very productive this attack is destructive they're not productive they are essentially parasites on the overall economy and when they're incredibly narrow
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focused businesses collapse as they invariably do in home depot practice business a few years ago because they were too narrowly focused then the government bails them out so again of a productive parasites with a bailout yet but i'm talking about bankers home depot that's one story let's put that to the side let's talk about the bankers here who are allying themselves to these guys who actually run companies and businesses that sell and produce things here a bankers who have over the last two or three decades. been responsible for one of the grossest missed allocations of capital in the history of capitalism now that is an utter failure of the job just because they were able to steal to a hollow out the economy and steal lots of money basically from the a fragment of society that doesn't make them somehow geniuses right while the financialization of all business in america by bankers as you point out this home depot is essentially a bank general motors is a bank sears is
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a hedge fund you know exxon has a bank yes these are banks and hedge funds parading around as companies that do something other than just engage in financialization and then finally on this story asked if he were willing to pay more taxes and a nov thirtieth interview with bloomberg television blackstone group c.e.o. stephen schwarzman spoke about lower income u.s. families who pay no income tax he said you have to have skin in the game i'm not saying how much people should do but we should all be part of the system schwartzman himself only pays fifteen percent capital gains tax on his wealth and shortens a peg you know followed his career for twenty years just as a guy does a lot of deals using borrowed money that has no risk in the game he says all these people need to have skin in the game himself force one has zero skin in the game because all borrowed money at rates near zero whatever he makes a mistake he gets bailed out you need to get a real job somewhere cement and stop a little in your mouth in public because you're a disgrace you have but max the us is an empire an empire based on the military and
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wars all around the world at the moment and who has more skin in the game then the very poor namea one of schwartzmann children that have served in the us military need me one of john a allison the fourth children who have served in the military put more skin in the game for supporting this lifestyle that they have thanks to the world's reserve currency backed by the world's biggest. ever military operating machine so when talking about aside from being on top of being an overrated businessman he's also a coward well many of the top one percent are and so let's see just how good the billionaires are breakthrough malaria vaccine tantalizingly close these are the sort of headlines we saw in the last two months or so when bill gates foundation and glaxo smith kline came up with a new vaccine they say r t s s in order to vaccinate against malaria now eight
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hundred thousand people die from malaria every year most of them children and most of them in africa but this new vaccination is actually a thirty year old vaccination that used it was developed for adults but it doesn't work on them so they modified it to work on children now glaxo smith kline says that they are going to charge for the cost of production plus five percent profit because they don't want to set a bad precedence that they're just going to give it away right well bill gates bill gates foundation of course comes out of the crucible that is microsoft which is a twice convicted predatory monopolist and copyright and intellectual property terrorist so he's taking all what he learned from that business any and bring it over to global drug business which is already rife with copyright abuse and trademark abuse so why would you have a twice convicted pro trying monopolist you know running the global health services for the huge profit. well no unless of course you're delusional well more
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importantly the actual according to doctors like the head of doctors without borders a vaccine that works only half the time is not a shot in the arm malaria needs anything lower than seventy percent in terms of immunity is considered a failure and in this case doctors up without borders are saying that it actually is only immunizing thirty percent of children against severe malaria the form that kills so bill gates needs to inoculate himself against himself. but it also goes with what you see happening so we started the show with all these bankers claiming that they're the victims but they have such a powerful seat they have so much power that they can sit down with obama and dictate what the policy is so that they are not victims of the bottom ninety nine percent here we have the same thing that since bill gates became involved in malaria ten billion dollars has been donated and dedicated to the fight against malaria this is one hundred fold increase in the last ten years but it's going to
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in a business model applied to a situation which is not very good because listen infection surge raises doubts over gates' plan to beat malaria so reduced immunity and mosquitoes growing resistance to insect insecticide is blamed so the mosquitoes are already developing resistance to all the stuff being used the usual pattern for youngsters in central africa near their equator where malaria is concentrated to suffer repeated infections throughout childhood which provided they survive them gradually build up their immunity so most adults get up to six cases of malaria a year but they it's just like having a flu right so here you have bill gates coming in there trying to turn a business or a job that would require x. number of dollars but make it so that it requires to one hundred times more dollars to justify is enormous fees and as institutions these and all the people supporting him and their fees so have taken the bloated banking model and applied it to health
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it so they're taking one model in the banking industry that's proven to be catastrophe and they say well let's move it into the drug business because it works so well in the banking business let's grant him global pharmaceutical business that's equally felling like the bank business and we'll have those twice convicted predatory monopolies ronit wow it is also you know bill gates is involved with monsanto which has the terminator seeds which of course means they can't repeat reproduce every year so farmers can't save the seeds to just replant for free the. following year the same thing with this vaccine is you have to do it every single year so they haven't said what the costs will be and they refused to tell what the costs will be so of course even a dollar they say will be too much for most african nations anyway well that's why groups like the swedish pirate party are an attempt to inoculate the world against the types like bill gates because he has a view of private property an electoral property which is goes completely against anything nearing free market capitalism or free markets at all it's all about
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monopoly pricing so the swedish pirate party and other pirate parties and the pirate movement are needed as a counterbalance to the destructive elements that are bill gates yes so here you have a case where the policies being use are actually killing end up killing more people because while the malaria goes away it sinks by up to ninety percent when measures are first introduced but then it comes back after two years even stronger and wipes out more people just because they don't have immunity are limited to look at the street you're saying that they've increased the cost by a factor of one hundred and net net more people are dying from malaria no i'm saying it's a misallocation of capital there's ten billion dollars worth of money of people wanting to do good they see this man bill gates who gets on c.n.n. he gets on c n b c he gets on m s n b c he gets on fox and they say he's a good man he's a benevolent billionaire this is what he's doing and so all that ten billion
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dollars of capital goes to him because they think he's a good man he might think he's doing well within his own framework of life which is through the patent and copyright cartel he thinks he's doing good but in fact the evidence on the ground is suggesting it's actually harming doing more harm than good but he himself is his own cult of thinking i bill gates care about these people want to save them it doesn't mean that it is saving them but this ten billion dollars. of capital that would have been available to you know maybe drain the swamp so do something different that is instead all going towards this patent copyright cartel once in singapore just go out there and kill all the mosquitoes in another novel area well you can never defeat those little critters so finally here and people wanting to do well kenya sound buru people violently evicted after u.s. charities by land so members of the some people in kenya have been abused beaten and raped by police after the land that they lived on for two decades was sold to
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two u.s. based wildlife charities a rights group and community leader have alleged of course these two charities want to do good they have bought this land thinking like here is this capital we've raised that we want to help people in africa and you know starving people around the world we want to save these forests from being chopped down so they bought the land and gave it to the government however there are tribes that have been living there they've just been forced off the land and they have been beaten and raped including by the police and three people have been killed while those suffer from wealth blindness when you achieve a certain quantity of wealth you become blind to other human beings and the act of chopping them down and murdering them doesn't factor in your conscience and this is why bill gates does what he does and this is why what the story you just described occurs as it does but it's also a command and control environment you see everywhere the likes of stephen schwarzman have a command and control solution for the financial crisis bill gates has
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a command and control solution for the malaria crisis and now you know policy all across africa where it is killing almost a million people a year malaria they have to they're basically having the u.n. world health organization forced bill gates solution upon them right so it's anything but free markets and capitalism it's dictatorships monopoly value and top down hierarchical approach to problems and command control walls. never thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max so go i want to tell me why stay right there. see.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time to get a london and speak with thomas mountain the only independent journalist living in eritrea thomas welcome to the kaiser report welcome back well it's good to be on the show max all right thomas mallon and it's that time of year for peace and goodwill toward men how are we doing in terms of peace and goodwill toward men in the horn of africa it's pretty desperado merrick's though life is getting worse
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there are the famine though good and is getting worse the the abuse of the somali people the war on the somali people is getting worse and the one bright spot is a reach for where i live the island the food and africa's horn of hunger is just had sanctions passed against that again by the united nations in security council i now a name that we often hear when people talk about africa and goodwill of the same sentence as bill gates and he's held as a great philanthropist in helping africans has he helped or harmed people in africa well you know bill gates has gotten so far. a malaria vaccine just so happens that the malaria vaccine doesn't work unless it's combined with a another medicine that's the patents held by j.f.k. glaxo smith kline which the strong suspicions that bill gates has got major investments and in other words you get their vote malaria vaccine for free but you've got to buy the g s k's medicine to go along with it in other words you know
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you donate. a billion dollars in tax deductible donation for a malaria vaccine to maybe make ten billion dollars in profits off of. selling a medicine that every five years the patent has to be renewed on because the malaria develops resistance to all of this yeah it's amazing how we're seeing this patent and trademark laws change in ways that are just a strong economy. people around the world in the united states for example there are about two hundred twenty five thousand people who work in the hollywood film and t.v. industry but they're get their forcing or the lobbying congress in the us to impose copyright restrictions and to destroy the architecture of the internet in ways that will completely obliterate its ability to create jobs going forward as it has without the intrusion of the m p a in the our i am so here in africa of course bill gates being
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a technologist using the same track kone and patton and copyright laws to destroy the agriculture industry and to impoverished africans another name we're less than a cherries bob geldof who stood in front of a bag of monsanto corn and said this to a nation from monsanto was a great act of charity for it helped even one child survive then the slavery of terminator seeds was unleashed onto the continent another intellectual property patents instrument of agricultural terrorism monsanto is anyone doing anything to stop the terrorist monsanto in africa whoa you know the reality is for example in retreat retreat is reduced malaria mortality by eighty percent in the last decade and they've done it by basic public health they haven't done it through fancy medicines with fancy with these patents that are pretty draconian and yet this is the biggest breakthrough in malaria mortality in history and malaria is the number
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one killer in africa but you know max i think some of your viewers might be interested in just a little bit about why the horn of africa is so important you know we talk about the. point bob bowman deb the strategically critical horn of africa because every day about a third of the world's oil passes through the streets between the red sea and the indian ocean and all the trade between europe and china pass and asia passes through the horn of africa every day so the united states and its western lackeys are pretty much determined to hang on to the. because the day that the western powers the bank haters ships and the financial terrorists in the west lose control of the horn of africa they're going to this marks the day that it's the end of their beginning of the end of their empire so a lot of these things that are going on in the horn these days are pretty much a sign of the desperation we see that's facing the you know the bank peter ships in the west yeah let's follow up on that a little bit a bomb ascent troops to uganda south sudan d r c a central african republic
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what's going on is it just so in the horn of africa is really the model isn't it for this kind of corruption and militarization of throughout the continent is not some while give you an example earlier this summer the united nations famine early warning center issued a report saying that millions of ethiopians in southie opiah were starving a few days later the international committee of the red cross announces that they're being blocked from doing any aid work in that region in southern ethiopia a few days later the british government announces they're getting sixty million dollars in emergency food aid to ethiopia well now no food aid is being allowed into south you know people are people starving what's that money being spent on the very next day the ethiopian government announces they're spending one hundred million dollars buying two hundred battle tanks from the ukraine in other words they're buying tanks to prevent aid from getting to the starving people and this is all being funded by the bank paper ships in the west so that's just one example another example is in somalia in two thousand and six ethiopia invades somalia
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destroys the union of islamic courts which has brought peace to somalia for the first time in fifteen years and creates a half a million refugees in their occupation of somalia and the warfare there until they're kicked out two years later by the somali resistance headed by al-shabaab ethiopians are replaced by the african union supported by the west and the united nations who create another half a million refugees by flattening fifty square kilometers or thirty square miles of mogadishu so now you've got a million somali ref. sitting in a refugee camp and what a blow and behold this summer the world food program and other western aid agencies announced that they're cutting aid to the somali refugees which they created the minimum age was cut by seventy percent in other words they're going to give thirty percent of the food they allow they need to survive and they're going to starve the somali refugees in the process and in a few weeks later what do they do they're crying crocodile serious saying oh we need hundreds of millions of dollars to provide the somali refugees a what if they need to eat and all the while they're spending millions of dollars
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buying tanks helicopter gunships and artillery for the troops that are occupying what would be shoe but you're creating the refugees in the first place well i mean you say it's a double standard but the same policies by the same countries in the west the us and britain in particular are applied to their own populations so it's not so much a double standard as it is a consistent standard and let's talk about china. china is also in africa and i think competing with the u.s. military are they what are they doing what's the model there what will tell us about china's presence in the area while china and generals played a very positive role in africa they haven't come in with their military they've they've come in with economic development and putting billions of dollars into infrastructure in a reacher they put in a very modern high capacity cement plant they put in the infrastructure for a modern communication system in a richer and they doing things like this all across africa the one black eye china seems to have right now is that this seems like they're going back in and trying to
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exploit the natural gas resources in the old and southeast ethiopia and in two thousand and seven they were in there drilling and looking for natural gas you know which would basically end up supporting the genocidal militia than ours eamonn power not a suburb and the fighters of the ogre to national liberation front attacked ethiopian compound that was protecting them killed seven i think six or seven chinese engineers and basically shut the project down no we're hearing reports that the chinese are trying to come back into the region so please that the chinese are out there listening don't go and especially don't. good or good in these days we heard that the ethiopian government is carrying out ethnic cleansing in the regions that they're patrolling as oil company that the chinese an established in ethiopia is trying to explore and develop the natural gas resources weary of stories about basically scorched earth policies where the fathers of the families are driven off the land come back home after the ethiopian military pulls out and finds their children eaten by hyenas i mean this is a sort of thing to china really has got to stay out of and we hope that they get the message i don't thomas family frnt that there's two models in africa there's
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the u.s. is in the area there with guns and tanks and warmongering and typical u.s. . seizure of assets china is there more on a businessman side of things and cutting deals and these two have run on parallel courses but as now china becomes more militarized and as the chinese economy gets more stressed. do you see any spy flashpoints in africa work china and the us are actually going to be in a mormon militarized conflict for resources in africa that would be something we haven't seen do you see this at all developing whoa ensued on the sudanese or fields in the border region between north and south sudan and i.b.a. were developed by the chinese it's a chinese built pipeline that's taking about half five hundred thousand barrels of oil a day out of the sudan now the united states does not want sudan involved in the in our oil production in africa china has some major investments in angola but the sudanese oil fields is china's only major controlling stake in what's going on lo
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and behold we find out that the south sudanese army the sudan people's liberation army their salary is being paid by the united states one hundred million dollars a year is being paid funding the south sudanese army and on top of that the so-called ethiopian peacekeepers that almost ten thousand of them now are surrounding the be or field supposedly to keep the peace the same army that's conducting genocide in the den is having their entire expenses and salaries paid by the united states so united states very much wants to see the sudanese or. fields shut down and china kicked out of africa and the united states which gets twenty five percent of its imported oil or fifty percent of twenty fifty percent of its imported oil twenty five percent of its total oil from africa continuing to maintain its control over a very very important strategically critical all resources of africa they want they don't want china there and i think to suit what's going to happen in sudan the storm clouds that are gathering over sudan is going to. play out in a very very regrettable way so as
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a percent to say i don't want to transit looking for twenty twelve is more overt war zone in africa well you know what happened in libya is a good example the libyan government was about to set up the african development bank where they were putting forty two billion dollars into. a fund that was going to give interest free or low interest loans to develop infrastructure in africa to build railroads and build roads to help south africa solve its chronic energy shortages and you know low and behold you see the nato attack on libya and the destruction of the qaddafi government and now all those up in smoke so i think the military intervention in africa is definitely a threat i think the us foreign policy is crisis management that they create a crisis and they manage their crisis the better loot and plunder the resources of africa which is exactly what's going on today and i think the one bulk work against this is is sort of a write in little retried live or retransmit say all roads to peace in the heart of africa run through a smarter reach or why live because reacher is doing its best to bring peace to
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africa to bring economic cooperation africa and what do we find united states leading us in security council trying to destroy that more sanctions and destroy our economy all right thomas mount runtime thank so much for being on the kaiser in part great to be on the kaiser report max right now is going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and think you have heard our time i guess thomas mountain if you want to follow us on twitter or facebook you can find us at kaiser reports and if you'd like to send me an email please do so at kaiser report. at r t t v are you guys are saying buy up. mission. critical three. free. range month free. three stooges.


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