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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2011 9:00am-9:29am EST

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palestinians face a new year nightmare israel warns of another deadly onslaught against more about her gaza hitting the region with renewed air strikes. iran says it's ready to strike ships sailing through quote its maneuvers near a vital oil route following its drats to blockhouse it to the west insist on tough sanctions also. people became very draconian jaring those times very sort of progressive and they would have supported the government to bring in the army to see the proper amount when britain boiled over archie's countdown to twenty twelve continues with more eyewitness testimony from our reporters as we remember the
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summer the british people said enough is enough and. live from our studios in central moscow you're watching archie with me and you so now it's good to have you with us at six pm here in the russian capital our top story this really warplanes have launched two air strikes on what the army called terrorist sites in central and northern gaza killing at least one person and injuring ten others the israeli military earlier confirmed is preparing for a new large scale of fence of against the palestinian territory which hasn't recovered yet from the assault three years ago argues paula slayer reports from jerusalem. the situation along the israel gaza border has been tense for several days now since monday full palestinians were killed and many more we injured in a number of targeted. a strikes carry don't bodies radiate force at the same time
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several rockets were fired by palestinian militants onto southern israel now on wednesday evening news radio on me admitted that it was considering a possible launch scale military operation into gaza it said that this operation would be very neat and different to the last operation that was carried out the three years ago and would aim at increasing israel's determines in the area kind of michelle from us as political view achieve has called on palestinians north to target israeli civilians because of the fear of a massive israeli retaliation now back in two thousand and eight nearly one and a half thousand palestinians were killed in a three week operation that these rabies referred to as operational cost made four out of five people killed were civilians what we're hearing from the israelis now is that should they go ahead with another operation this operation will be short and it will see the use of more firepower but it's not clear that the timing is right for tel aviv to go ahead with another invasion of gaza certainly the natanya
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who government is isolated on the international front movement of was three years ago and one more point to whisk using more grains the congo of today is also very different to the cairo of two thousand and eight when the for me gyptian president hosni mubarak was in power the leadership in egypt today is much more likely to go to the aid of hamas if indeed it is to attacked by israel at the same time palestinian militants have more weapons at their disposal including antitank missiles that are capable of inflicting a lot of damage on israeli tanks so it's not a done deal that israel is going to go ahead with an operation but certainly the fact that the israeli army has admitted that it is considering such an operation has people here or on standby. well gideon levy who's a columnist with one of israel's biggest newspapers says his country will face difficulties of its sides to wage another bloody war on gaza. three years ago
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israel had the card bludgeon not only carte blanche the west had plowed that israel and didn't say a word against the city but this time we are facing a new egypt and gaza ease in the backyard of egypt and i'm not sure that egypt will remain indifferent visa via another thing but having said this i'm not sure that this is enough to prevent an attack because unfortunately israeli politicians in general are not always react in a most racial and logical way the current government of israel has no serious intention about serious dialogue with the palestinians maybe some photo opportunities but nothing more than the send the p.a. the palestinian authority had just launched another proposal for israel to get back to the negotiation table they even gave up the precondition of freezing the settlements which is a minimum. condition and they had suggested just symbolic release
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of one hundred palestinian prisoners to get back to negotiation table it would these were to say no. we have more opinion reports and a timeline of the gaza offensive three years ago on our website there you can also find out how the israeli palestinian conflict is developing at r.t. dot com. arab league observers in syria have split into groups and are now heading to three more uprising hosp ott's they've already been to the flashpoint city of homes where they found quote nothing frightening serious fourth largest city of her ma is among the monitors next destinations reports emerged that on wednesday six people were killed there in a fresh outbreak of violence expert terry a we don't think our mission will yield any plausible results. don't you see the syrians lived in them only it is to show that they had nothing to hide. thinking they'd find nothing but clear out room leak
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has been one of the most but fair to call them nice asians in the arab world for a long long time doing nothing on palestine doing nothing to prevent the war in iraq and now it's being used as a name here by the west so i don't take the arab league as such too seriously so we shall see what happens if it. laertes he spoke exclusively to ross's u.n. ambassador who says carrying out promised reforms may be too difficult for the assad regime well it's caught up in a civil war with extremists a full version is coming up for you later this hour here's a preview. when there is a crisis all sorts of extremist terrorist elements show up for us and several days ago there was a horrible terrorist attack in the mosque on the day before that raid the minister of defense of lebanon said that they detected some al-qaeda groups are moving into
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syria from from lebanon so i would be surprised that the you know some terrorist elements from libya or other places found their way into syria some reforms were announced. some of them we have pretty far reaching would you expect that those groups reforms can be implemented it is situation when the the crisis is sort of teetering on the brink of civil war even under normal circumstances in any country the forms of such a magnitude on all these are very implement but i mean the point i'm trying to make is that the sooner the crisis is the military clashes stop. in a better position the international community will be to demand that the city in a sort of is move along the reform track as quickly as possible. well italy had a currency christmas present its borrowing rates have plummeted in recent days
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allowing it to cheaply raise some much needed money to service its debts but prime minister mario monti is not popping the champagne saying more is needed to be done to calm the markets and that means more cuts well let's discuss this further and whether or not it's good or bad news with johan van overtveldt who is the editor of two were belgium's leading business magazines also wrote the end of the euro the uneasy future of the european union so tell us italy's managed to sell bonds at a rate lower than the one which forced bailouts in other countries does that put europe's fourth largest economy in the clear here no not at all the intention was to raise eight point five billion euros italy could raise something like seven billion which is not bad but any case below the target that was set and secondly the price the interest rate on those seven billion was seven percent now given the fact that italy has already
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a government equal to one hundred twenty five percent of g.d.p. and given the very poor growth prospects of the economy this is an interest rate that will lead to a rep it escalation of interest burden. will undermine the health of the public finances of the country for do so indeed mr monti as big. job to do to get things in the clear so brussels policy of centralizing power by appointing technocrat government isn't bearing enough fruit is it. no no it it might help it might lead to a somewhat more let's say serene or calm discussion if you compare the personalities of mr monti to that of mr berlusconi for example but at the end of the day even these technocratic government still have to get approval from the parliament so in terms of the political game if you allow me the word things don't change with the technocratic government so that might help but it is certainly not
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the ultimate solution for the euro zone problems speaking of the word doomsday duke a is reportedly making full on preparations in case the euro does collapse and that includes closing its borders and evacuating ex-pats from stricken countries what such moves mean for both and the rest of the e.u. but i think the u.k.'s overdoing it a little bit if indeed it is corrected it just taking that kind of precautions because the situation in the euro zone is indeed looking not good at all but looking at the very at the break of that is becoming very eminent now sounds a little bit exaggerated to me at the moment now of course there's the u.k.'s correct if we get to a situation where do you. break up that would have enormous consequences not only for the euro economies themselves but certainly also for a country like do you say because the euro zone is by far the most important
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trading partner of the u.k. but i think we're still some distance away from real breakup of the eurozone it's been. a very tough year for the eurozone and its currency twenty twelve is widely expected to open with some make or break decisions what do weights the euro as you see it well i think things are quite clear at the moment in terms of what can be expected for the coming year first of all i think we will see an exit of greece given the sea. to ation in which the greek economy find itself has become really unavoidable secondly in terms of what will happen inside the euro zone a lot will depend on the attitude that is taken by the european central bank will they intervene more or less that is one of the key questions that need to be answered and it's very hard to predict what the answer will be in terms of what will happen to the euro zone next year right live with us on the line from brussels your
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hundred one over the bridge chief editor of two of belgians leading business magazine and author of the end of the euro thanks for that. well we're revisiting the key moments which show how the world is ending twenty eleven very differently to how it began as seen through the eyes of artes global correspondents august was a hot month for britain not least of all because it was shaken by the worst arrest in decades as thousands of rioters rampaged through key cities or smith witnessed the chaos that left in an indelible mark on the country. we first realized what a big story this was going to be in the night. that had been localized. to say the six but we were tracking the news and we literally couldn't believe what
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we were hearing we decided that this was a story that we had to go and. we went initially to the. field where we couldn't see anything it was already dark it was quite nice and then all of a sudden of the darkness came a group of around two hundred. running across the retail dressed mainly in black. hooded top so and so you couldn't see their faces and gradually we realised they were smashing everything they could find. for me as a journalist it was an incredible story we were out on the streets every night wearing what i've come to call my riot. black jackets with everything i need in the pocket so that i can get away quickly if necessary. and i need the relationship.
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between the people and the police it's people say a modern state should know. we really only two of. the whole of london was on fire. you would. arrive in the area and you'd be able to see the flames on the smoke rising from two streets away. the right says had set fire to a car or broken into a shop. or even on one occasion they set fire to an enormous coffin. house. arrest grads to different parts of london to. around london following it. almost anywhere that you went in the more areas of london that was. we went
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round and also days areas to have a look what was going on and there was streets that were just completely. you know certainly for ordinary people but it seemed for the police. we were talking to the police and it was clear from what they were saying that they had no idea what to do about the situation they just didn't know what to do they were. they eventually settled for the two nights was. just to show that presence and then running away again really running away and it wasn't until the fourth night that they really. controlled. on the second we went to hackney west some of the rest was taking place and it was literally shut down. and the police were not really less than anyone three they had surrounded the town and when you got into the town. people and just smashing into
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shops and grabbing whatever they could. but not just young people. just. the other frightening thing was the effects that it had to own society if you had talked to people two weeks before the riots about whether bringing in the tree to take control of the streets was a good idea everybody would have said no it's quite a liberal society when you get down to it but the people on the rise. and immediately genuinely felt that bringing in the army would have been a good idea and that using water cannon on the streets of london and other cities which would have the proper about immediately so people became very draconian jaring those times very sort of repressive and they would have supported the government to bring in the army to sort the problem out. the studies have been done
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now into why the riots happened and a variety of reasons have been put forward maybe it's to bad relationship with the police in these impoverished areas particularly amongst the black youth who say that they are stopped and searched by the police sometimes multiple times a day for having done nothing some people say that's because young people in england particularly feel that they have no prospects there's no jobs for them unemployment amongst young people is running a twenty five percent now they've got no hope for the future. those two things remain true and so i see no reason why this kind of thing wouldn't happen again. well there's more testimony to come on the world's big advance of the year from our reporters who were there if you missed any of the series so far they're available to watch right now arts. threats are being ramped up
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over a vital oil shipping route which iran's threatening to block the country says it's ready to confront any military ships crossing the security perimeter of its large scale war games being held in neutral want or a sneer at the hormuz strait iran has already spotted a u.s. aircraft another battle seps in the region rather of the islamic republic threaten to stop oil sit ments through the channel if you western backed sanctions hit its fuel exports america's vowing to use its navy stationed in the persian gulf to stop the iranians from entering passage while political analyst chris bambery believes the west is putting the world is putting world peace on the line with its stubbornness over sanctions. that americans could probably force using their military which in the govt would probably force open the straits of hormuz but that would mean war with iran and that would be a huge huge escalation and was threaten world peace and therefore i think the
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iranians are really challenging the americans sensing weakness we know that both from british sources that there are plans to attack iran and israel is aiding all in america to attack iran over the question of its nuclear program but i think again in a comparison with iraq in two thousand and three iran is in a much stronger position iranian nationalism should not be should not be underestimated even opponents armitage about who rallied to support iran given britain and america's history in iran there's a long history of unfortunate british and american intervention in iraq so i think we're witnessing quite a dangerous escalation and it's the sanctions which the west will talk or importance of iran which is responsible for that situation developing i think we should be clear about that is the west who've racked up this situation every step. you can find more on all our stories here in our to me on our web site r t v dot com here's what's lined up there for you right now from seventeen thousand dollars
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doormat to defense spending on carnival costumes we tell you the wasters were winning russell's process of same blowing public money. and scoring big these two teams of elephants have indeed mastered passing and suiting all part of a three day elephant festival held in the hall check out who won the jumbo game at our home. slowly but surely visitors are returning to libya with tripoli air traffic on the rise but what greets you at the gate are heavily armed militia the first sign arriving passengers get of the country has a long way to go to restore trust now sex on a boy girl reports the extremely diverse formal rebel groups must urgently
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consolidate and transform into a civilian political force. flying high but still running low almost two months after the lifting of a no fly zone over tripoli the city's airport au-prince far below its capacity of the passenger traffic keeps increasing every month as more and more airlines uprooting tripoli back on their schedules the tripoli airport is once again buzzing with visitors a felons have a ready within service and more expected to follow in the coming months but while the flight controllers and customs officials are back of their desks it's still the militia who call the shots here and the rebels themselves admit that the situation is still tribal and to cede control to civilian authorities they're no longer flashing the. guns to get make it very clear who is in control here the rebel brigades from the western city of the entire captured the airport in late august as
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the rebels over in the capital the control of this key facility how the town with the population of some pity thousand rise to national prominence since then is in turn militia has successfully styled itself as the save guards of libya's future the sword for forty two years our country had nothing no state institutions just one insane person i ruled us now we have a historic mission to overcome our difficulties of the transitional period we can build a new country not ours will be of course. is one of the top guns in tripoli these days formerly a colonel in the get off his army he still keeps the good offices army cap in his office his subordinates are now holding the deposed libyan leader's son safe will islam. we are against any dictator but if history repeats itself we will wage a war but we will let the rule of law decide his fate. didn't god the
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zintan misrata these libyan c.d.'s one after another rose against gadhafi as regime . then militias now represented the real axis of power in the country as their various and their legacy and agendas as the tribes on the only base knew tricolor the prospect of civil war in libya is always there and it has a hole which has been there but has been effectively mastered by the very strong centralized rule of the gadhafi regime but of course now that that has been the stabilized we see this all of the tensions there in the fabric of libyan society coming to the fore another militia commander in charge of tripoli rebels is preparing for an interview it's been a month since he changed his military fatigues for a business suit bob dylan maker is now trying to transform rebels under his command into a political force a laptop has replaced every rifle as his main tool internet is his new front line
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of the armed assistant at his door is a sign that the political process is still in its very early stages but. we've seen many examples in the past when people's revolutions were stolen and we are very clear that our struggle is far from over gadhafi may still come back in some other shape or form and in that case who have to take up our weapons and defend our revolution. guns are still a common side on the streets of tripoli of their prevalence has visibly decreased the city's covered with posters calling on the rebels to turn them in the design element of militias has so far failed to translate into national reconciliation the competition and monk various brigades may have become less visible but not less in towns the nato alliance would like to build up. on any division within the groups or the parties that they have revolutionised against the qaddafi regime and according to my own understanding they would like to see certain provinces being
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divided inside the state of libya back in the arrival hall is in town rebels are screening passengers bags under the posters laughed from the old regime to get out his golden framed portrait that maddest at the airport the hearing is gone he should have he may have glued the libyan society for several months if his killing to form a unity appears to have died as well actually the work of art tripoli up ahead for you as promised our exclusive interview with russia's ambassador to the u.n. but first three three house the latest business news. thanks as twenty eleven comes to an end of business r.t. looks back at the highlights of the year and we're focusing on the oil deal between exxon mobil and ross nav to work on the russian arctic shelf the joint venture not only any hopes b.p.
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had of reviving its own deal with ross now but also caused friction within the russell british university in k. b.p. but in the course of explains how the drama unfolded. it was a love and hate relationship from the get go which eventually became an affair both parties would like to forget that's the hobs of seeing a v.p. we're going after each other for years the russians represented by a r. and the brits in b.p. what have gotten a divorce if this were a marriage there irreconcilable differences involved this fits over the company's corporate governance and strategy but in business just like a marriage if there is money at stake it sometimes keeps parties together but when rosneft came into the picture and seduced b.p. they are once said revenge b.p. wants it to partner up with russia's oil major and the share swap and explore the russian arctic they are said any deals made in russia should go through the peak
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they took them to court and froze the deal there was a way out b.p. could include sank a b.p. in the project but rosneft refused and the deal went belly up while each side was blaming the other over the failed deal ross never found someone new and that was exxon mobil this new couple is now seen as a powerhouse that will not only develop oil and gas reserves but also open up one of the last on concorde drilling frontiers the arctic shelf has an abundance of mineral resources so the potential is huge both companies have already invested hundreds of billions of dollars and the money is expected to come back to fold now when it comes to the jilt of partner b.p. it's currently embroiled in lawsuits regard than the deal that never was so as the two halves of think a v.p. are going after each other ross nafta has obviously moved on securing the deal of the year. now despite the crisis russia's top banks managed to boost their profits
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central banks as the country's first the largest lenders is today fifty two percent . increasing profits for the first eleven months of the year less compared to single digit growth for large banks in developed countries the regulator says aggressive lending most of growth. now into equities in europe they are quite upbeat so there's our banks and telecoms all the main again as a mother and frank first. sale is sad mixed results the auction was oversubscribed but you'll remain comfortably higher just on the seven percent a level most economists believe is unsustainable. and moscow stocks are recovering all the steel in the red both in the my six and on the r.t.s. we take a look at the main movers on the my sex to see the financials are suffering most burbank is down around one percent noise nichole though is a bucking the trend it's up two percent plans to invest three billion dollars in production next year's part of its effort to welcome to become rather one of the
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world's the five largest miners. is among the top gamers the company is planning to increase production by more than four percent next year. and the headlines are next on r.t. . more news today violence has once again flared up.


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